Calcutta Sterling RT 106 @ AGM’s & World Meet

The end of the first quarter of the financial year brought about a couple of Annual General Meetings. The first among these were held in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was the World AGM, and was held on September 4th,2016. Our Table, the  Calcutta Sterling Round Table 106 (CSRT 106) had one of the highest attendees from India at the Annual General Meeting. This meeting served as a perfect exposure to our Tablers to those from different parts of the globe, and to also gain some knowledge and experience as to how things and activities are done globally.

The second AGM was the National Annual General Meeting of the Round Table of India held at Bengaluru, Karnataka. The AGM attended by several Tables across the country. This again proved to be a learning experience as to how things were done in several other parts in a rather more local manner. It also gives us immense proud to be associated with such industrious, energetic and dynamic individuals in our Table, and to see their hard work recognised at the national levels. Our Table won the award for the Best Secretary ( Tr. Amit Pansari), Best Fellowship Trophy Award (Tr Neeraj Poddar), Balance Activities Shield COM1, Best Area Secretary COM 1 (Tr. Vivek Dalmia).

Keeping up the spirit of the Best Fellowship Award, we organised the first fellowship event of this fall. The even took place in a bungalow at Alipore, and was organised as a games night. Several games were played by all the Tablers and their family, and what a night of frolic it was! The event was also attended by the Chairman of the Ranchi Table. The fellowship was such that it gave us all a truck load of memories to reminiscence and be nostalgic about, while bringing us closer at the same time.

What proved to be another fantastic month for us had one more joyous news. We are now joined by seven tireless and enthusiastic inductees, who share our zeal and outlook towards the society, and vow to endeavour in helping us bring about a greater deal of good in the society by being a part of our Table.

Tr. Adarsh Bachchawat,
Blog Convener (CSRT 106)

Salem RT 28 @ Area 7 AAGM

Salem Round Table 28 Fellowship at the Area 7 AGM – EPIC INDEED!!!

This Area AGM of Area 7 was named EPIC! And it truly was. The Area AGM was hosted by Tirupur 117 and Ladies Circle 44. For Salem Round Table this Area AGM was special in many ways.  Firstly it was at Tirupur the last Area 7 Chairman from Salem Round Table 28 gave up his Chairmanship and this was the very 1st AGM that the Incoming Area 7 Chairman Tr. Subbu attended. It was indeed an honour to be part of this Area 7 AGM where you fellow tabler takes up the prestigious post of Area Chairman. I can confidently say that not many tablers would experience this.

It started with the house party hosted by the 41ers at Tr. Manoj’s residence. I must say that I was wonderstruck with the arrangements. Simple and Elegant is the best way to describe the décor. The food was fantastic and the 13 of us that attended had a fantastic time.

The next morning Tr. Velkrishna who played host to all of us prepared a breakfast which was fit for a king. For many of us who are not used to having Non Veg during our Breakfast this was a different experience and a real treat.  We then went to the Hotel Poppy’s where the AGM was schedule to happen. After attending the workshop we attended the well organized AGM and finally after Lunch it was time for the Change of Jewel.

The Outgoing Chairman gave his Speech and Outgoing AST Amol a power packed Presentation. The Incoming Area Chairman gave his speech and then released the PIN and Flag. The Theme for the year “BORN TO WIN” was communicated by a motivational video of all the World’s greats.  The full Moon party at Tr. Ankur’s Farmhouse will not be forgotten for a long time. It had a breakfast counter to cater to the late nighters.

We attended the 1ST AEX the following morning and then after a superb brunch with a live band we returned to Salem with many memories of yet another fantastic Area AGM of Area 7. It was EPIC Indeed!

Kamalesh P
Chairman – SRT 28 (2016 – 2017)


2nd AGM of Lucknow Mavericks RT 255 held

Lucknow Mavericks Round Table 255 2ND AGM – 23rd July ’16

Lucknow Mavericks round table 255 held its 2nd AGM at hotel Ranjees, Gomtinagar on Saturday 23rd July 2016. This was a proud moment for all the Mavericks.

The AGM kicked off with the National anthem, Round Table song and reading out of the aims and objectives of round table India. Tr Ankit Gupta presented the Agenda of the evening and also read the greeting messages received by Mavericks from National President, National Treasurer and Area 8 Chairman.

LMRT 255 outgoing Chairman Tr Khushal Bhargava read his message for the table, quoted APJ Abdul Kalam and inspired the table for the coming year.

Secretary Tr Robin Goel then presented his report for the year. Table relived the business & socials of the year along with the whole array of fellowship moments during the past tabling year. Attendance sheet of the tablers, Area appreciation, awards and accolades of the table were also showcased.

LMRT recognized few special contributions from tablers and gave mementos for their efforts. Tr Piyush Agarwal, Tr Nalin Rastogi, Tr Rajit Agarwal and Tr Ashish Agarwal were appreciated. Treasurer’s report and audited book of accounts was then presented along with the proposed budget for the year ahead.

On the occasion, Mavericks also inducted Dr Ashish into LMRT 255. He showed wonderful spark as a prospect and his keen interest in tabling inspired us to formally induct him into the table and our Mavericks family. All the tablers were elated with his induction.

Incoming Chairman Tr Rajit Agarwal then presented the plan for the year ahead for Mavericks. He proposed the List of Convenors for 2016-17 and all the nominations were supported by fellow tablers.

Outgoing Chairman Tr Khushal Bhargava delivered the Vote of Thanks to all the respected guests specially mentioning Area Observer Area 8 AST Tr Anubhav Gupta from LTRT 207; Tr Ashish Kapoor, Tr Abhishek Agarwal and Tr Suyog from LRT 136

This special evening lasted late into the night with the tablers and their better halves singing and dancing to the tunes of the Live band. Tablers showed a lot of spirit and sang wonderful songs themselves. Indeed, a memorable evening to flag off a memorable tabling year for the Mavericks.

New Charity Pin was unveiled for the year 2016-17 of which 63 have been booked by various Tablers across India.

Tr Robin Goel,
Vice Chairman 2016-2017, LMRT 255

NAGM / Chill Maadi Experience of Ahmedabad RT 40


 It was 23rd September morning where the first feeling came to our gang was that its “Chill Madi” time. Thanks to the wonderful marketing follow up and buzz created by the Bangalore Tables since past 6 months.

We were given warm welcome when we landed at the airport. Breakfast and Juices were ready for us to be served. When we reached Hotel the entire registration desk was ready to help us completing the procedure and getting the accommodation at the earliest.

The AGM Sessions on the first day were excellent. We would like to personally congratulate immediate Past President Suman Vora for a wonderful year gone by. ART 40 would like to personally thank the National Board of the year 2015-16 for the following recognitions:


·        Balanced Activity

·        Best Table

·        Secretary

·        Publicity

·        Table Talk

·        Utkarsh Jani Go Green

·        Table Circle Synergy

·        BOB Chandran Award


·        Baby Shield

·        Internal Extension

·        Project

At the time of COB it was a proud moment for the National President Manpreet Raja to get the jewel from his mother. Great Gesture by IPP Suman. We liked the Breakfree Theme of N.P. Raja and hope light will be on the tablers entire year.

On the next day our team has attended the NAGM Sessions both pre and post lunch. It was good to see various discussions at the National Level in the true spirit of tabling.

Post NAGM sessions ART-40 had a joined meeting with RART-160. The members present were:-

1.    National President

2.    National Vice President

3.    National Secretary

4.    Area Chairman of Area 2, 3, 4 and 11.

5.    National PR and Branding, Supply House, NNBS Conveners.

6.    Table Chairman 193, 199, 201.

7.    Tablers from ART-40, RART-160 and other many tablers across India.


The National Board Members and the Area Chairman have launched the Momentos of the Joint Meeting. National President Raja has given a lovely message for our dear HT Vineet Parikh. He also thanked us taking forward this initiative of Joint meeting as suggested by him

After the Landmark Joint Meeting we have attended one of the best parties at the Moon Gate with the Tablers and Circlers in the cool casuals. Fantastic Music, Nice Décor, wonderful arrangements and lovely dance party was enjoyed by us till 03:00 a.m. in the morning.

Thanks Team “Chill Madi” for giving us such a wonderful memory and all the best to the National President Manpreet Raja for the rocking year ahead.


LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman, ART-40
“Show Your Strength”

Surat RT 135 @ NAGM / Chill Maadi

We don’t remember events,we remember experiences!!

September 2016,we started our journey from Surat to attend the much awaited National AGM of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India.

We reached the Bangalore airport and the weather was cool and amazing,the welcome …warm !!…

Our ride to the hotel was comfortable and the rooms too.

The Persian themed party,Arabian Nights was a different and unique experience.Everyone dressed so differently,the music,lighting and decor was all perfect for that night.

The next morning was the AGM and the dress code ,’Dress your state attire colours of India’was perfect for the event.Tables and Circles from north to south,from east to west we present under one roof,thereby attending the National AGM .Unity in diversity was so evident that day in gathering of few people.

After the meeting session it was again party time,this time the theme being ‘Anything ,but classy’.

Perfect again for the COB.

Everyone dressed in formal evening wear , dancing to the tunes of a rocking DJ post the COB when the people just didn’t want to go back home , was a superb experience.

The next morning again the AGM was to be attended ,the theme being ‘Geek’.

Everyone looking so glamorous the previous night was looking studious and geeky the next morning with glasses and checked shirts.

The photo props and photo booths were so cute and there was so much attention to detail .

The last night was the full moon party with the dress code ‘Go crazy casuals’,again perfect for the event.

After dressing up as Persian,traditional,classy and geek it was time to go carefree and wear what u felt like,and just party.

During all the events the CHILLMAADI team left no stone unturned to give us the experience a lifetime!!

LMF Tr. Deepak Kherajani
SRT-135, Chairman 2016-17 (Be Smart To Win)


Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158 @ the NAGM / Chill Maadi


Date: 23rd & 24th September 2016

RSRT had a remarkable 2016 under the Chairmanship of Tr.Siva Shankar. It was well  recognized by the National Board at the 55th NAGM BANGLORE 2016 “Chillmaadi” where it was in the limelight for claiming a lot of awards and certificates of merit including –

  1. Best Project Trophy
  2. Baby Shield Award
  3. Bob Chandran Award – Tr. Jai Ganesh
  4. Certificates of Merit for Best Secretary – Tr. Srinivasan Radhakrishnan
  5. Anoop Reddy Award: Outstanding Floor Tabler – Tr. Srinivasan Radhakrishnan
  6. Certificates of Merit for Balanced Activity Shield

Tablers of RSRT who attended the event definitely had a savoring experience. The NAGM 2016 at Bangalore beyond any doubt lived up to its theme “ChillMaadi”!

LMF.Tr. Deepak Amarnath
IT & Blog Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

Ahmedabad Frolic RT 199 represents at RTI NAGM 2016 / Chill Maadi

Tr. Amit Garg & Tr. Pratik Lila & attended Chill Maadi the 55th AGM of RTI from AFRT 199.

It was the first COB cum NAGM of Round Table India.

Day 1 :
NS Tr. Christopher Arvinth gave a superb presentation showcasing the achievements & great work done by all the tables of Round Table through the year. Tr. Suman Voora also showcased his own travels interacting with tablers & attending all major events in tabling in last year.

Also awards were handed out by the 54th Board for achievements in various facets of tabling. Tr. Swaraj Lahoty of AFRT 199 was recognized with COM for Best Secretary & Presidents Star Pin.

They day was also marked by Pin Exchanges with fellow tablers away from the prying eyes of the Sergeants.

The evening was the time of handing over the baton to the 55th Board. Tr. Manpreet Raja took over as the next RTI National President with a strong team of 101. He presented his theme of the year “Break Free” with a interesting video.

This was followed by dancing to the tunes of the DJ till the wee hours of the morning.

Day 2 :
The next day started pretty late as quorum was established only after 12 pm. The conveners of the 55th Board showcased their plans for the next year. The pins for the conveners were also unveiled. Fellowship conveners theme for the year shall be “Rock On”.

The team of the 56th NAGM “Danka Naaka” at Coimbatore also showed their presentation. It promises to be another blockbuster NAGM.

NVP Tr. Chris also presented his team for next year with Tr. Akshay Dugar as National Treasurer & Tr. Naveen Raju as National Secretary.

Next the motions  were put to the floor. All the motions were discussed thoroughly with lots of old & new tablers giving their views on the matter at hand.  By the Motions were done everyone was exhausted.

But in true tabling style at the “Full Moon Party” people were back up in high spirits enjoying the Carnival Style set up.

It was also fun meeting & interacting with the National Board members, NLC gang of Enigma & NLC gang of APEX both of which I was lucky to be part of.

On behalf of AFRT 199 we donated Rs. 5000 to “Food For a Cause” initiative of Community Service Conveners. The money was handed over to Tr. Puneet Bansal, National Community Service Convener.

Table Talk Editor Tr. Inder presented Tr. Amit Garg with the TTE Pin for the year for contributing articles to Table Talk.

The event by Area 6 was wonderfully organized. They had made fabulous arrangements, displayed superb hospitality & threw mind blowing parties specially the “Full Moon Party”. Hats of to Tr. Naveen Raju & His Chill Maadi Team.

LMF Tr. Amit Garg
Chairmen, AFRT 199,
Round Table India