Vizag Round Table 77 shines at 17th Area AGM of Area 9

It was another year full of milestones for all of us at VRT 77 for the year 2017-18 under the Chairmanship of Tr Naveen Perla . We had a balanced performance in all facets of tabling this year and our IPC Tr. Naveen really went the extra mile to get the best out of each and everyone of us .

We had a lot of reasons to celebrate . The main reason being that we witnessed a sportingly contested election and  our very own Tr Umesh Padia was elected as AVC for the year 2018-19 and secondly , it was once again raining awards for VRT 77 under the chairmanship of Tr .Naveen Perla for the year 2017-18 .

Congrats to Tr. Vivek Maheshwari for a successful year in office and wishing Tr. Madhukar all the best for the year ahead .

VRT 77 won the following awards at the Area AGM . A whopping 14 awards and recognition’s .

  • Best Table Magazine award
  • Award for extention .
  • Award for GO GREEN
  • Award for community service
  • Award for twinklers
  • Award for projects .
  • Award for Publicity
  • Special recognition to Tr . Shashank for blogs
  • COM for LAPD
  • Award for best secretary
  • COM for fellowship
  • COM for most promising tabler -Tr . Guruvansh
  • Balanced activity award .
  • Award for best chairman

Kudos to IPC Tr. Naveen and the entire team of VRT 77 for all the efforts put in . We at VRT 77 have always strived at aiming for higher benchmarks and we will continue to do so year on year . Congratulations to everyone .

To celebrate at the informal night we had DJ Candice Redding of Tomorrowland fame belt out some major English hits followed by DJ Manish of HORT 212 who belted out some major Bollywood chartbusters keeping our feet tapping till the wee hours of the morning . The added attractions were the dhol beats by the dhol wallas and the fire juggling act . . Area AGM is a time to mingle with fellow tablers of the area taking fellowship truly beyond table numbers so it was fun bonding with tablers and ladies of other tables too . All in all , another AGM to remember and another milestone AGM for us at 77

Calcutta South Round Table 17 at Area 4 AGM

The 39th Annual General Meeting of Area IV was a huge success. Every year, The Area AGM is the most sought after event because it allows all tablers to mingle with each other without any pressure of out competing anyone because well – the awards for the year are already decided! Despite the rain, hundreds of tablers and circlers came out to the beautiful resort for the AAP ki ADAALAT themed AGM.

Thanks to our AAGM convenors, to all of the enthusiastic tablers, to their dedicated circlers, to our hard-working Area Board, and to Round Table India for allowing us this beautiful platform to meet old friends and new alike!


Round Table India Area 11 AGM in Jodhpur

It was 9thArea AGM of Area XI on 10thand 11thof August, 2018 at ITC, Jodhpur. The host has kept no stone unturned to give us the best memories / moments for life.

On 10thof August, 2018, the day started with warm welcome with the punch line “Padharo Mhare Desh”.They have given us flowers, juices and food to eat. The process of registration, kits and allotment of rooms was swift and flawless. Thereafter, Table AGM’s of ART 40, JRT 302 were organized in Akbar Hall and all the arrangements right from stage, projector, food was perfectly managed by the host.

Post lunch, we had 1st Area Executive Meeting of Area XI for the year 2018-19. There was healthy strength of 10thArea Board at the AEX. 11 out of 16 Chairman’s and many convenors were present for the meeting. Area Chairman elect had done a detailed discussion with regards to his plans, budget and important events proposed during the whole year. AST elect Tr. Ankit Parikh has shown a first AEX report which was appreciated by the whole floor. The Chairman’s and the Convenors has also revealed the first quarter plans with the Area Board. Sq. Leg Amit Garg was nominated as NHT for tabling year 2019-20.

Thereafter, GRT 254 has also conducted their Table AGM which was perfectly managed by the host. In the evening, there was a live band from “Moongfali Group”which has set the tone of a great bonding and fellowship amongst Tablers and Circlers.

On 11thof August, 2018, the DESI SWAGArea AGM started at 11 am in the morning. AST Nilesh Gupta had presented an annual report which was highly appreciated by all. Amazing Sargenting was done by NHT Satyavrat Arya and Sq. Leg Subhash Bansal along with Tr. Naman Gupta. Post lunch, the Area Chairman had given the awards in various categories. The session was break for COB in the evening.

At 9 pm, the COB started where the final category of awards were given by the Area Chairman Vikas Agarwal and Area Chairperson Shalu Garg. Thereafter, there was a change over banquet and the whole crowd uploaded for Incoming Area Chairman Ankit Agrawal and Incoming Area Chairperson Cr. Chaitali Jani. After taking over, they have invited their Head Board, Table Chairman’s and convenors and revealed their theme as well.

We would like to personally thank AHRT 193 and AHLC 113 for a wonderful Area AGM and also thank them for making us comfortable by giving us the best time of over two days.

32nd AGM by Nagpur Round Table 83

Nagpur Round Table 83 had a change of guard at their 32nd AGM held on 20th July 2018 at Hotel Tuli Imperial, Nagpur. Ritesh Saraf took over the mantle as the Chairman for the year 2018-19 from Sahil Jain who was the Chairman for the year 2017-18. The other members in the head board include Rahul Agarwala as Vice Chairman, Kapil Hirani as Secretary, Ajay Chandwani as Treasurer and Sahil Jain as the Immediate Past Chairman. The National Vice President Piyush Daga and Area Chairman Devendra Gandhi from Raipur were the dignitaries present for the AGM.

Pratik Munot, the outgoing secretary presented the annual report of the work done in the past year which included a School project of 2 classrooms and toilet block worth 25 lakhs, 3 community service projects, 2 National awards, 7 Area awards, Fund raiser of Sharman Joshi Play and many more.

Outgoing Chariman Sahil Jain presented the awards for the year 2017-18. The following people were given the awards, Rahul Agarwala – Most Dedicated Tabler, Piyush Daga – International Achievement Award, Sharad Agarwal – Outstanding Publicity, Madhuri & Kapil Hirani – Best Tabling Couple, Neha Thapar, Shweta Tapadiya and Manisha Verma – Outstanding Fellowship and lastly Ajay Chandwani – Most promising Tabler of the year.

Round Table is an organization of young men aimed at promoting community service and goodwill in national and international affairs. Round table is present in in 67 countries worldwide with over 65,000 members. Round Table India has more than 320 Tables (chapters) located in 95 plus cities and towns.

Round Table India is a Zero Overhead Organization and therefore every rupee raised by the organization goes purely into charitable projects and this year as well Nagpur Round Table 83 will continue its work towards such projects.

New Secretary Kapil Hirani proposed the Vote of thanks. Other Round table members of the city, as well as the ladies of the Table also were present to attend the AGM of Nagpur Round Table 83.

Poona United Round Table 144 — Table AGM, Karjat

Table AGM is one event which everyone in our Table looks forward too as it has now become a custom in PURT144 to have an overnight outbound AGM every year. It is family time for bonding, fun, laughter, jokes and lots of masti. This year outgoing Chairman Anuj appointed Tr Mihir Shah and Tina Shah as Convenors for the Table AGM and they planned it well in advance.

Rooms for all couples were booked at Radisson Karjat. We departed for the AGM from Pune on the morning of 7th July and reached the venue by 10.30 AM. The AGM venue was stunning, all decked up with backdrops, awards on one side, Screen on the other, dias for the Table headboard in place, name tags of all ladies, Tablers and square legs on the round tables. The decor was perfect as it should have been for a grand AGM.

PURT 144 was also blessed to have Area Chairman Avinash Agarwal as the Area Observer for the AGM and two special guests – Tr Darshan Kabra, Area Vice Chairman and Tr Prakash Shah, Area Project Convenor as part of our Table AGM.

Soon the AGM started with Ch Anuj convening the meeting with a toast to President Republic of India and toast to Sponsor Table PRT15. This was followed by Sceretary Akshay Badjate reading out the notice and followed by other formal procedures. Newest Tr Akash Sancheti was invited to read out the Aims and Objects.

Ch Anuj then welcomed every one and then appointed Tr Sahitya Dewda and Reshma Dewda and Square leg Vijay Agarwal as Seargents for the evening. Seargents declared the rules and then Chairman Anuj proceeded with the formal part of the meeting.

The first presentation of the AGM was a long secretary report in the form of a video containing all the work done in the previous year to a foot tapping music which everyone loved. Also included along with photos were some smart and hilarious comments on most of these photos by our secretary Akshay. The report was a very good reflection of all the work done in previous year and it was quite a lot! More than 75 fellowship events, 12 non-FTE events, inauguration of the pilot ITC school and lots of recognitions during the year showcased the calibre of a relatively new team at the helm of PURT144.

Another highlight of the AGM was the hilarious Seargenting. Sahitya and Reshma caught on to the Area election mood and did a fab job interviewing each other as candidates – Yogesh Agarwal and Kapil Shah. Our Table which was in the midst of the election storm could instantly connect to the same and laughed along with every joke. Sq. Leg Vijay Agarwal showed once again why he is the guru of fellowship. His lone act of Seargenting depicting a story on how our Charter Chairman Kiran Sanghvi gets kidnapped by Veerappan and how different ladies and Tablers approach Veerapan to release Kiran was outstanding. He did mimicry of many Tablers and Ladies too!! And he was spot on!! It was unbelievably funny and very very different from what we have usually seen.

Next Ch. Anuj gave away all the awards to fellow Tablers for contributing towards the movement through PURT144. Congratulations to all the winners:












  1. a) PINKY JAIN
  5. e) AMIT & MINAL
  6. f) MIHIR (FOR IPL

We also had a retirement amongst us. Tr Amit Waikar retired from a short active Tabling journey but his contribution towards PURT144 and RTI was outstanding. He and Minal are true champions of Non FTE projects for PURT144. They both are self motivated individuals and driven largely by their passion to contribute and do their best for underprivileged. It was heart warming to see a short video on their journey as active Tabler couple with 144. But as 144 moto goes “Once a Tabler, always a Tabler”. We are sure Amit and Minal will always abide by this and keep contributing to the movement as and when they can. 144 wishes them all the very best for all their future endeavours.

After this Ch Anuj gave small mementos to everyone thanking them for all the contribution made last year. Then the moment of changeover arrived. Ch Anuj handed over his jewel to incoming Chairman Saurabh Kataria followed by presentation of year logo and theme of Carpe Diem by the Ch Saurabh. This was followed by another presentation and welcoming his new team of office bearers. Thereafter, Area Chairman Avinash congratulated and spoke highly about work done by PURT144 last year and he gave his best wishes to Saurabh for the upcoming year. After some further formal proceedings and changeover of Club 157, the meeting was finally closed by Chairman Saurabh.

After the closure of formal meeting part, everyone went to their rooms to get ready for the party. The post AGM party went on till 4 AM in the morning with everyone enjoying it thoroughly.

In all it was a fab AGM for all of us. We wish Tr Saurabh and his team all the very best for a wonderful year ahead.

Calcutta Round Table 4 — 58th Annual General Meeting

The new tabling year of Calcutta Round Table 4 started with its 58th Annual General meeting which was held on the 1st July’18 at The Acron Waterfront Resort, Baga Beach, Goa. In the presence of Area Observer and Chief Guest Area Chairman Vivek Dalmia

The outgoing Chairman Tr Vijay thanked each one of them for their support extended and expressed  sheer gratitude for such a fantastic year gone. Tr Rajiv Goenka took over as the Chairman for the year 2018-2019. The  Theme for the year is “FOUREVER .. Dil Se”. He also presented his Head board : IPC Vijay Jain, VC Vikram Agarwal, Secretary Ravi Jhawar & Treasurer Mayank Goyal.

The 4 days all Men Outbound to Goa gave an opportunity to further strengthen the bonding within the table and Chairman Rajiv specifically mention that the table shall remain high on fellowships.


Table AGM is the event that is most looked forward to in the table as not only does it signify a change of guard  , it is a celebration of the year gone by and to wish the new team all the best for the year ahead . Tr. Naveen had really done a lot this year and he pushed each and every tabler to go the extra mile and that had to be celebrated  This was by far one of the best AGM s we have had as there were many highlights of the night .

Firstly , the décor , the whole Neptune hall of the park hotel was transformed into a setting from the classic movie , the good , the bad and the ugly which was an old wild wild west west type  film from yesteryear . The entrance was strewn with stacks of hay and had a wall of all our photos on a “WANTED “ list . The tables had all our “wanted” posters displayed making us look like “fugitives “ who were wanted by the law . As soon as you enter we had the bar which was called the “watering hole “. We had an area earmarked as the RANCH where we could pose as if we were being “hanged “ .  All the tablers ,ladies and Sq.legs , well most of them , came dressed as cowboys and the girls as cowgirls . The backdrop of stage had a cut out from the Good ,bad and Ugly movie . It was as if the entire western movie had come to life as a VRT 77 production .

SecondlyAGM meetings are usually a long drawn affair so this time we decided to have it in two parts . In the early evening we finished off all the administrative and routine matters which take up a lot of time and discussion and we kept all the fun stuff for the night .Here Tr. Naveen mentioned that each convener should be like a chairman for his own facet and should do his best in whatever way he can . When you put it like that , it makes a tabler more responsible for the post he holds .

Tr Ameet started off the evening’s AGM proceedings by introducing the head table and then handed over the proceedings to Tr . Naveen who spoke at length about all the work that has been done and also thanked all 41ers who were part of his board for all their help throughout the year .

There were three presentations that were played . The one that had everyone in splits was the fellowship presentation because that was the most entertaining . A whopping 126 fellowships for the year 2017-18 . The projects and community service presentation was also played . We had a whopping 10 project inaugurations this year . The third presentation that was played was all about the recognitions for the year . The notable recognitions being 77 being awarded the best fellowship table in the Asia Pacific region and 3 president star recognitions and super secretary and treasurer recognitions .

It was amazing feeling watching those presentations and looking back at all the fun we had and the serious work done .

The third highlight for the evening was the sargenting by Shrawan and Ameet . Shrawan had some very interesting things planned for the sargenting . he called out a few tablers for a sergeants act similar to a yoga class where he asked them to close their eyes and stretch out their  arms , breathe in and out to feel relaxed . A video clip showing a girl running was played , The exercise had to continue till a video clip stopped playing . (hahaha ) . The second act by the Sargent was for the newly inducted tablers and ladies . The ladies would be blindfolded and they would have to identify their husbands hand . This was very entertaining as well . Next , we had the sergeants act of a courtroom scene where Chairman Naveen was accused of being “guilty on all counts “ by fellow tablers . Chairman Naveen saw an opening to defend himself but was proven guilty nonetheless (haha , all in good humour ) .  Tr. Adarsh was also tried in sergeants court .

The auction ….. well it never really took off I guess  . All in all a brilliant sergeants act . Next , we had Chairman Naveen give away mementos to his team as a thank you for all that was done throughout the year and then  the awards ……

Most  contributing couple – Tr. Dushyant and Deepti

Most Promising New Tabler – Tr , Guruvansh

Best convenors – Tr . Umesh and Tr. Adarsh (Rolling trophy winners )

Best Floor Tabler – Tr. Shaad Mehdhi

Chairmans Recognition award

– Tr. Vidhan Mittal and Tr . Shrawan Somani

Congratulations to all the winners and to each and every tabler who has put in his efforts .

We had a stalwart tabler in our midst today and this was his retirement AGM . They call him the delegator , the bulldozer but he gets things done one way or the other . Yes , Im taking about Tr . Shrawan Somani  . He and his wife Reena were going to the other side after nearly 16 years of service to the movement . A retirement video was played where we had Shrawan’s brother and his parents speak a few words about him . It was a very heart touching moment . Then there was message about him highlighting his qualities . His wife Reena also had a speech where she spoke about their journey and then the tablers poured their heart out to Shrawan in the best way they can . But was it a toast or a roast ? ( All in good humor again haha) . Shrawan and Reena , we will all miss you . But Shrawan had put it right , he said “ We are retiring from active tabling , not from the system of tabling “ .

Then the next highlight was the moment we were all waiting for , the Jewl change . Tr . Inder took  over the baton from Tr , Naveen . He announced his team for the year and requested everyone’s continued support throughout the year . After a while , the meeting was brought to a close and then the party started .

Tablers and ladies had 3 days of prior dance practice at Tr , Ameet’s place and today was the culimination of all the hardwork they had put in . To start things off with had the past head table grace us on the stage with their version of  The Good , The Bad and the Ugly . It all had to do with the attitude and body language befitting style and charisma of cowboys . It was an awesome opening to the performances , then they danced to willa willa wanda from Bhaag Milkha Bhag . We also had the ladies performing to the latest Bollywood numbers like Tarefan and the foot tapping number zingat  . Awesome performances by everyone which left us spellbound , enthralled and hooting with applause .

After the performances , we had the DJ take over for the night and as usual we partied till the wee hours of the morning . The party eventually wound up by about 4 AM . All in all a fantastic AGM and we look forward to more fun for the rest of the year ahead … All the best Inder !!!!

PRT226’s 7th AGM at Yercaud

It was that time of the year to look back, rejoice and pass on the baton. We, Pollachi Round Table revved up our cars to Yercaud for our 7th Annual General Meeting. The AGM was at a beautiful property named Yellow Lake Resorts located far away from the hustle and bustle of the Yercaud Town.


The Chairman and the Secretary arrived early at the venue on Friday afternoon. They sat down pondering over the joyful moments spent over the last one year. Relieved, knowing that they will be passing on the baton the next day, they opened a bottle of beer and said “Agamotham Cheers” (Colloquial term for “All is well, cheers”)


All the Tablers, Circlers and Twinklers arrived by the evening. We celebrated our Incoming Secretary Tr. Suman’s birthday and then, it was the time for us to rock the night at the Area Observer, Tr. Nagappan’s house. The party that started early night went on till the early hours of Saturday morning. The Tablers of Pollachi were floored by Tr. Nagu’s hospitality.


Come Saturday morning, July 7th, the stage was set for the AGM. The team ensured everything was set in place the previous night. Secretary Tr. Srihari presented the highlights of the year and pointed out the key milestones and achievements of the last year. PRT226 had our 150th meeting during the last year. We completed our first FTE Assist project during the year as well. We carried out renovation activities and lot of other infrastructural support for the Government Middle School at Pollachi. We travelled to 20 out of 22 Tables in Area 7 (apart from 226) to gather support for the 25th Area 7 AGM to be hosted by PRT226. It was a wonderful year indeed.

Chairman Tr. Arun thanked everyone for their support throughout the year. He recognised the Tablers and presented awards for their achievements over the last year.


Area Observer Tr. Nagu congratulated PRT226 for a year filled with wonderful activities and wished them great success for the AAGM. Our Incoming HT Sq Leg. Sathya wished his “Pollachi Mappillais” (Colloquial term for buddies) great success for the coming year and the AAGM. As wished by the sergeant, the AGM concluded with a series of dance performances by Tablers and Circlers.


The cold weather of Yercaud was well spent in the evening by dancing under the sky in a wonderful DJ setup. The Tablers, Circlers and the Twinklers had a joyful and a memorable AGM at Yercaud.


It was time for us to disperse the next day, we did not want the day to end this way. We decided to serve our taste buds with a sumptuous lunch served on a leaf at Mangala Vilas, Salem. Post the lunch, we had a surprise visit by our Charter Chairman Sq Leg GK en route to Pollachi. We couldn’t have asked for a better end to the AGM!




Calcutta Sterling RT 106 @ AGM’s & World Meet

The end of the first quarter of the financial year brought about a couple of Annual General Meetings. The first among these were held in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was the World AGM, and was held on September 4th,2016. Our Table, the  Calcutta Sterling Round Table 106 (CSRT 106) had one of the highest attendees from India at the Annual General Meeting. This meeting served as a perfect exposure to our Tablers to those from different parts of the globe, and to also gain some knowledge and experience as to how things and activities are done globally.

The second AGM was the National Annual General Meeting of the Round Table of India held at Bengaluru, Karnataka. The AGM attended by several Tables across the country. This again proved to be a learning experience as to how things were done in several other parts in a rather more local manner. It also gives us immense proud to be associated with such industrious, energetic and dynamic individuals in our Table, and to see their hard work recognised at the national levels. Our Table won the award for the Best Secretary ( Tr. Amit Pansari), Best Fellowship Trophy Award (Tr Neeraj Poddar), Balance Activities Shield COM1, Best Area Secretary COM 1 (Tr. Vivek Dalmia).

Keeping up the spirit of the Best Fellowship Award, we organised the first fellowship event of this fall. The even took place in a bungalow at Alipore, and was organised as a games night. Several games were played by all the Tablers and their family, and what a night of frolic it was! The event was also attended by the Chairman of the Ranchi Table. The fellowship was such that it gave us all a truck load of memories to reminiscence and be nostalgic about, while bringing us closer at the same time.

What proved to be another fantastic month for us had one more joyous news. We are now joined by seven tireless and enthusiastic inductees, who share our zeal and outlook towards the society, and vow to endeavour in helping us bring about a greater deal of good in the society by being a part of our Table.

Tr. Adarsh Bachchawat,
Blog Convener (CSRT 106)

Salem RT 28 @ Area 7 AAGM

Salem Round Table 28 Fellowship at the Area 7 AGM – EPIC INDEED!!!

This Area AGM of Area 7 was named EPIC! And it truly was. The Area AGM was hosted by Tirupur 117 and Ladies Circle 44. For Salem Round Table this Area AGM was special in many ways.  Firstly it was at Tirupur the last Area 7 Chairman from Salem Round Table 28 gave up his Chairmanship and this was the very 1st AGM that the Incoming Area 7 Chairman Tr. Subbu attended. It was indeed an honour to be part of this Area 7 AGM where you fellow tabler takes up the prestigious post of Area Chairman. I can confidently say that not many tablers would experience this.

It started with the house party hosted by the 41ers at Tr. Manoj’s residence. I must say that I was wonderstruck with the arrangements. Simple and Elegant is the best way to describe the décor. The food was fantastic and the 13 of us that attended had a fantastic time.

The next morning Tr. Velkrishna who played host to all of us prepared a breakfast which was fit for a king. For many of us who are not used to having Non Veg during our Breakfast this was a different experience and a real treat.  We then went to the Hotel Poppy’s where the AGM was schedule to happen. After attending the workshop we attended the well organized AGM and finally after Lunch it was time for the Change of Jewel.

The Outgoing Chairman gave his Speech and Outgoing AST Amol a power packed Presentation. The Incoming Area Chairman gave his speech and then released the PIN and Flag. The Theme for the year “BORN TO WIN” was communicated by a motivational video of all the World’s greats.  The full Moon party at Tr. Ankur’s Farmhouse will not be forgotten for a long time. It had a breakfast counter to cater to the late nighters.

We attended the 1ST AEX the following morning and then after a superb brunch with a live band we returned to Salem with many memories of yet another fantastic Area AGM of Area 7. It was EPIC Indeed!

Kamalesh P
Chairman – SRT 28 (2016 – 2017)