“The Dirty Cap”/ initiative of Vizag RT 77

What’s with Shrawan and Caps??

Yeah…whats with our VRT 77 chairman Shrawan and caps?? The first time around he was the chairman, he got the YELLOW CAP introduced in the table as a small token of appreciation to the first person who arrives at a table meeting. This was introduced so that quorum forms early and meetings start early.

This Yellow cap initiative later on became a national initiative and took it present form of the Early Bird Pin.

Things went on smoothly, there was a mad rush for these yellow caps and early bird pins and quorums were established on time and meetings happened to their fullest time.

Now after 6 chairmen down the lane, our man ( Shrawan) becomes the chairman of the table again!!!! Now, he wants to penalize the people who come late for the meeting!!!! what does he do??? and lo!! THE DIRTY CAP is born…..

THE DIRTY CAP is given as a relay to every tabler who comes in after the grace period of 15 minutes of the meetings announced time. an old monkey cap is given to the tabler to be worn until the next late entry comes in and tablers can use post its to stick their choicest adjectives on to the monkey cap!!!! and I am sure things will get dirtier over time with this cap….

The last meeting we had quorum established much before the notified time and barring the tablers who had given their LOA, 90 percent of the table was well within the 15 mins grace period!!!!!

Try it in your table….. it works!!!!

Shashank Dutt Kancharla,
Vizag RT 77