Activity Digest / Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

Project: Chess Competition

Date: 4th December 2016

RSRT158 collaborating with Virudhunagar District Chess Association sponsored and  helped organize a State level Chess Competition for school children from all over Tamil Nadu at Jaycees School, Sivakasi . Chairman Tr. Murali, an avid Chess player, moved the first pawn of the first game and set ablaze the day-long tournament. The young minds were given a conducive environment to compete in good spirit. A certificate of merit was issued to all participants and the winners were rewarded handsomely with prize money and a generous applause!

Chess Cometition

Fellowship: “Go Desi” Social By Tr. Rishi & Cr. Aastha Khetan

Date: 11th December 2016

Tr. Rishi Khaitan and Aastha hosted a fabulous social for tablers and their families with the theme “Go Desi”. The gathering enjoyed a laid back, leisure Sunday afternoon at a Farm with a striking food menu and chilled beverages. The offbeat theme added to the elegance of the outdoor lush setting and cool breezy weather.After a long and productive meeting the party kicked off with twinklers and tablers plunging into a pool and enjoying insanely in an artificial waterfall.The icing on the cake, was hands down, the sumptuous food ranging from chaat to noodles, each dish specially home cooked by the hosts. Tr. Rishi and Aastha provided the means for everyone to let loose and unwind. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, to say the least!!

Dec Social - 4Dec Social - 2Dec Social - 1

Project: Book Distribution

Date: 9th December 2016

Chairman Tr Murali and Tr. Ashish Bardia of RSRT distributed 40 books to the school library of Kammaapatti Municipal Middle School, Srivilliputur. This Project has been supported by RTI Trust’s – S.Chand Publications Free Books Distribution Scheme to encourage the Young Readers.

Book Distrubution

Project: Table & Chair Donation

Date: 16th December 2016

Chairman Tr Murali, Tr Srinivasan, Tr Rishi, Tr. Ashish and Tr. Jai Ganesh of RSRT made a Donation of  3 tables and 3 chairs to M Pudupatti Panchayat school at M.Pudupatti Village near Sivakasi. The National Marathon Convener Tr Ajmal Graced the Event. RSRT Chairman Honoured Tr. Ajmal with the RSRT Table Pin. The School Authorities greatly appreciated the generosity of the Club.

Tables&Chair Donation

Project: Sports Kit Donation

Date: 20th December 2016

Chairman Tr Murali, Tr. Kali, Tr, Srinivas, Tr. Ashish Bardia and HT Muthu of RSRT distributed Sports Kits to the Kammaapatti Municipal Middle School, Srivilliputur. These Sports Kits where received by Students who had a special interest and good aptitude in Sports. RSRT made this donation in a view to encourage young talent to participate in various sporting events.

LMF.Tr. Deepak Amarnath
IT & Blog Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

Sports Kit

RTI Week Celebrations @ Surat RT 135

The RTI week was kick started with “CLEAN INDIA DAY”.
Surat RT 135 
celebrated RTI week in association with Surat United RT 265. In presence of National Swachh Bharat Convener, LMF Tr. Piyush Agarwal of SRT-135 we celebrated it by distrubuting goodies and snack packets to SMC “Safai Karamchari” who works day night to keep out Surat city KHOOBSURAT. The workers were very happy to receive them and we were more happy to give them. 

On Day 2 of RTI week “NATIONAL PUBLICITY DAY” was celebrated by catering to public by giving water and spreading awareness about RTI to them. There were huge queues outside Banks and ATMs due to demonetisation, we took the initiative to give water to them and we also installed water cans outside shops. 

On Day 3  under “NATIONAL  LAPD  INITIATIVE”  HRD was conducted by Tr. Amit and Area LAPD convenor Cr. Tanushri of SRT 135 and SLC 72 respectively. The topic of the evening was Communication, and it was  done  in  presence of Area  LAPD  Convener Tr. Prakash Anandani of SURT-265 The duo explained us how  Communication  is important , and also breifed us about the four points it takes to be a good communicater. The LAPD session was well conducted with interactive games jointly with SURT-265.

Along with the LAPD session , we also undertook “NATIONAL FELLOWSHIP INITIATIVE” as a part of RTI week celebrations and did fellowship.Tr. Puneet of SRT 135 made sweet and chilling coffee and served us. Jointly with SURT-265,SLC -72 and SULC 138, and in presence of Area  11  Chairman Tr. Sumit Khuraana, we enjoyed the evening with some smoky Hookah as well. The ambience of the venue added extra charm to the fellowship. 

Next day of the RTI week belonged to “COMMUNITY SERVICE at FTE SCHOOL”. Along with SURT-265 and SLC 72, we distrubuted Hindi and English Text books and snacks to the children at FTE schools built by SCRT 195 and SRT 135 at Kharwasa and Bonand respectively. Under the guidance of Area FTE project convener Tr.  Mukesh  Bhajanka of SRT-135, it  was  satisfaction personified to distribute books and cookies and see the smiles on the face of the underprivileged children. 

Along with the text books distrubution at the FTE school, we also planted saplings at the FTE school built by SCRT  195 under the “GO GREEN INITIATIVE”. With the help of Tablers of SURT-265 and Circlers from SLC -72, we dug holes and planted the saplings. We even educated the children of the school the benefits of plants and trees in our daily life and long term impact. 

“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”,  a national initiative for the underprivileged children, was also done by us as a part of RTI Week at Bonand FTE school built by SRT 135. Again with SURT-265 and SLC 72, we gave the children drawing sheets and were asked to colour them.The children did their job beautifully and the best five paintings out of 90 students were given the prizes.

On the last day of  RTI week  “FAMILY  SPORTS /EXCURSION INITIATIVE”  was  also  done  by  our  table, again with our sponsor table SURT-265. SLC -72  and SULC 138 also joined in along with the twinklers. We had kept an inter table and circle bowling competition which was attended by maximum tablers and circlers. Lots of hooting clapping and cheering were done by the tablers and circlers for their team members as a small token of appreciation. 

Overall it was a satisfying week.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman (2016-17), Surat RT 135

Publicity: Surat RT 135 cash in on Demonetization / install water dispensers at ATM’s

There were huge crowds on the streets these days waiting outside banks and atms due to demonetisation. So we took  an initiative to cater to the public waiting outside banks by giving them water .We also installed water cans at various shops and also spread awareness regarding Round Table India.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman, Surat RT 135

Surat RT 135 distribute goodies to “Safai Karmacharis”

In presence of our National Swachh Bharat Convenor Tr. Piyush Agarwal we jointly celebrated “Clean India Day” . We showed gratitude by giving  goodies to SMC “Safai Karamchari” who have made our city Surat one of the cleanest city in India. Surat Municipal Corporation workers were very happy on receiving it.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman, Surat RT 135


91 people benefit from Limb Donation by Salem RT 28

Limb Donation project by Salem Round Table 28

 Limb Donation projects have always been dear to Salem Round Table 28. The table has been doing its fair share in the previous years and after a long stint we set out to make it big this year.

We identified 91 Beneficiaries with the help of Salem District Udavikaram differently abled welfare association and the estimated project cost was Rs. 3.8 Lakhs. The next big question was how do we raise funds for the event?

This was deliberated and discussed and finally the answer – Go Online. We set up a flyer and a web page to receive online payments and went about informing all friends and relatives about the Noble project. The response that we received for the same was phenomenal.

Individuals and Organisations alike came forward and donated generously for the project.  The Tablers started it off by donated 1 Limb from each floor tabler of Salem Round Table 28.

Our Ladies circle, APEX Club of Coimbatore and Lowellember Moo – a group of friends from the USA also donated and we were able to raise a whopping Rs. 3.5 Lakhs for the project.

The very 1st online donor Tr. Ashvin Kumar – Area Secretary Area 7 was the Guest of Honor for the event. Tr. Amol Area Vice Chairman Area 7 was invited as the Chief Guest of the Event.

The press and members of the Salem District Udavikaram differently abled welfare association was also present along with the Beneficiaries to receive their artificial limbs.

The donors were facilitated with a memento. A big Thank you to SBM Orthotic Center for getting the limbs ready on time.

It was truly heartwarming to see the 91 Beneficiaries walk back with a big SMILE on their face!!

LMF Tr. Velkrishna
Project Convener
Salem Round Table 28




Digest: Projects by Cochin Backwaters RT 131

Project : St.Mary’s School, Narakkal

A new initiative for CBRT 131 took us to St.Mary’s School, Narakkal. As part of an FTE assist program, we custom made furniture for 2 smart classrooms that they were in need of. Apart from furniture, which benefited 48 students, the flooring (tiles matte finish), lights and electrical work were all undertaken by CBRT 131.

MLA Mr. Sharma was kind enough to inaugurate the Smart Classrooms on January 17th, 2017. The children have started using the new facility and are no doubt enjoying the experience.

Girideepthi Tribal Hostel, Perumbavoor

As part of RTI Week, CBRT131  visited the Girideepthi Tribal Hostel in Perumbavoor. Tablers, ladies and twinklers were in good numbers and shared in the joy.

We donated 200 kgs of rice, cassaroles, a dinner set and kitchen utensils to the hostel kitchen. This was much appreciated. Apart from this, a DVD player, executive chairs and 70 notebooks were presented to the children too. A dental camp along with distribution of dental kits followed.

A year on year CBRT 131 Go Green initiative at the hostel, continued even this year. A total of 15 fruit trees were planted in the campus. Trees planted included Blueberry, Pomegranate, Gooseberry, Guava, Mango and Tamarind.

In keeping with the upcoming holiday season, CBRT 131 also donated a Christmas tree so the kids could have fun decorating it during the Christmas season.

Santhawanam Orphanage, Kalamassery

Santhawanam Orphange is one place that is dear to the hearts of many tablers of CBRT 131. We make it a point to visit every RTI week and also at least one time during the remainder of the tabling year. This RTI Week saw tablers, ladies and twinklers serve all the residents of the orphanage a yummy breakfast of Appam and Chicken stew. Everyone from CBRT 131 joined in as well.

CBRT 131 presented the orphanage with a brand new Sony Sound System, a DVD Player, a water purifier, a grinder, 12 beds and pillows. The kids were also given dental kits which included tooth brushes and paste. Sports Equipment which included shuttle rackets, footballs etc. were also given to the kids.

The children of the orphanage also performed some dances that were prepared especially for us. It was very special.

Once the festivities for the day were done, the children got a special treat and a movie was screened on a projector making it the perfect end to a wonderful day!

Raksha Special School

Taare Zameen Par, an RTI National Initiative, is one RTI Week event that we do year on year. A colouring and drawing contest for special children is organized at Raksha Special school. Over 70 children participated and they were all very enthusiastic about it too. The smiles on their faces said it all.

Tablers, ladies and twinklers later distributed food packets which had biscuits, chocolates and chips. Chairman Tr.Alex handed over certificates. Every single child was awarded a certificate and receiving the certificates gave them such a sense of pride.

Govt. LP School, South Chitoor

CBRT 131’s sponsor school the Government LP School at Chitoor had an eventful childrens day this year. Apart from the usual school uniform distribution and awarding of scholarships to 20 students, they had a lot more in store.

The school was presented with the World Cup football, plastic chairs, 2 computer tables and 2 executive chairs. Not forgetting the teachers, they were presented with electric lunch boxes. As part of the Read India Inititive, the school library was presented with books too. A small dental camped followed and all the children got dental kits comprising of tooth brushes and paste.

A sumptuous lunch of biriyani and fruit salad with ice cream was served and all the children and staff were delighted.

The highlight of the event was the playground, which got a complete face-lift. The playground revamp made the children’s day and seeing the smiles on their faces made ours.

Twinklers Secret Santa

Santhawanam Orphange is one place that is dear to the hearts of many tablers of CBRT 131. This Christmas season, we at CBRT 131 celebrated with a difference. Primarily a twinkler activity, every twinkler was given a name of a child who stays at the orphanage. With a fixed budget in mind, they were given the task of getting a Christmas present for their new Christmas friend.  Since the age was also mentioned in the list, the twinklers had to make the presents personal too.

On Christmas eve, all the presents were delivered to the children by some of the tablers, ladies and twinklers in preson. The sheer joy on the faces of the kids, knowing that the present was bought specially with them in mind was truly priceless.

We are going to try and make this an annual CBRT 131 tradition.

CBRT 131 Publicity

Publicity was definitely the name of the game when it came to CBRT 131. The Round Table India Movement got maximum coverage in such a short span of time.

Publicity activities included 5 Hoardings at very prominent locations across Cochin city, table tent cards installed at premium retail outlets and hotels and newspaper coverage in 5 leading regional and English dailies.

No publicity is complete without and online presence and 131 definitely took this seriously. A special cover page was made with the Round Table India visuals and at the same time every tabler and lady of 131 changed their cover page to the said image. The Facebook home screen was bombarded with images of different people changing their cover page to the same image. This definitely raised the visibility of Round Table India.

“Taare Zameen Par” / Kolkata Victorian RT 227

Taare Zameen Par – “The day the stars come out to paint and play”

As the saying goes “extending one hand to help somebody has more value than joining two hands for prayer”

The famed project initiated by KVRT 227 four years ago got bigger this year not only in terms of sponsorships or number of children but also due to emotional reasons. We all celebrated it in a more larger than life manner.  This year we had invited 2000 underprivileged children from different schools and Ngo’s from Kolkata and adjoining areas.

Though the weather played a spoilsport with us but the children came as protectors for us in disguise. They were unwilling to return with just goodie bags and lunch. They wanted to be a part of the event in the drizzling rain. They came running in front of the stage and stood rock solid to dance and sing. The emcee and the Victorians cudnt have imagined such a sight.  The children with their teachers enjoyed non stop music and dance.

The project took days of hard team work. The whole idea behind this project was to make the day special for these young underprivileged children and make them feel special. There was sitting drawing competition, art and craft work, tattoo making, face painting, music and games along with lunch. Around 80 corporates and business houses came forward generously with sponsorships to lend their support in making this event successful. We could see no hesitation in any of the sponsors in writing fat cheque amounts to us until we literally had to close down as we were falling short of space in the hoardings. Publicity was taken special care before the event to create the necessary PR as well as awareness throughout the city. The event organizing team left no space uncovered and gave special attention to minutest details in terms of decoration and other necessary arrangement.

The venue was decorated like a birthday function with lots of balloons, along with banners of sponsors everywhere. The stage had a beautiful backdrop of Taare Zameen Par logo. The children were distributed stationary inside bio degradable bags having the Round Table India logo thus help the Tabling movement to get good publicity. There were acrobats going on at one end of the venue and then live size puppets interacting and playing with the children. The corporates who came delivered brief speech and their happiness to be a part of such a mega project.

The Victorians of 227 along with tablers from other table were spread around the venue and were seen constantly on their heels to make sure everything was going smooth. There was a press conference held in association with leading newspapers of the city that covered the entire event in detail.

The corporate who were present were given branded coffee mugs of RTI from the Supply House as a memento.

All in all the day was well spent. The event truly spoke of its magnitude by the people, the children, the sponsors, Tablers from other Tables talking about it.

We will continue the legacy of bringing smiles to unlimited faces year on year and even try and make it bigger with time.

Tr. Ankit Budhia
Blog Convener – KVRT 227.