6 class room projects by ART 40

A project was 225 km away from Ahmedabad.

Handing over ceremony of Jasra school 6 class project done RT 40 Area XI
Event was graced by many local & state delegates.

200 Children were previously studying which has increased to 850 now in just 5 yrs due to better facilities.



Another feather in Poona RT15’s cap. A very proud day for Poona Round Table 15 as we inaugurated our 4th FTE School Block for this year, at Rachna Vidyalaya, Holkarwadi Pune.

This project is a 5075 Sq ft 5-classroom state of the art construction FTE school block. Ground floor comprising of 5-classrooms measuring 4200 sq ft was also completely refurbished (painting of the Structure).

PRT15 is very grateful to Smt. Pratiba Jayant Shah who in the honor of her late Husband Sri Jayant Shah (parents of Sq Leg Yogesh shah) donated whole heartedly towards the school.

300 students will benefit from the 5- classrooms we have built. We have used the B.A.L.A. (Building as a learning aid) concept of wall art extensively on the school walls which will help the overall development of the children greatly.

A big thank you to Tr. Hitesh Kering and Tr. Kirtti Ruia and ably supported by Sq Leg Harnish Thakkar have made monumental efforts in bringing all this together and giving us such a wonderful FTE school block in 3 months. Also big thank you to our NS and dear friend Piyush for coming to inaugurate the school.

Inauguration of 6 class rooms & 80 bench donation by RT 189

Yet another memorable day in projects for Area 9 & perfect end to the year ….we travelled over 500 km today with team RT 189 for the inauguration of 6 class rooms & 80 bench donation !!

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-30 at 20.05.10
Glad to share this year multiple tables have successfully completed & executed project which needed a travel little more than 500 km….

Area 9 were successfull in laying the foundation for more than 100 class rooms and close to 70 % of the class room have been completed & the rest of the class rooms will also be completed by July end ..

All was possible with the support of our tablers of area 9 , Table chairman , Area chairman Vivek Maheshwari, NPC Mouriya & NP Chris .
Last but not the least thank you Area chairman Vivek for giving me the responsibility to lead the area , NP , Chris and NS , PD for being the inspiration for me to take up the role of Area projects Convenor for our Area9 .


KVRT 227 completed the first edition of Century Ply PRIDE OF BENGAL.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-29 at 15.43.16

It was a flawless event with around 200 audience this event was an eye opener for us, which actually made us believe that round table is a movement which enables you to share platform with who’s and who of India, the founder and CEO of Bandhan Bank Mr chandra shekhar ghosh had all praises for our movement..

Bandhan bank and shyam steel seeing our event has come forward and committed us with 5 clasrooms each for our next yr project, this is what a good event can being in for you lot of accolades /fame /publicity /money for ur table.

This can be surely be practised in all the other parts of India whr we are not doing this.
Thanks to area chairman Ankit, table chairman Chetan Dev and Himanshu Gupta of area 6 for all the help in this event.

“Wheelchair is not our disability. It is our mode of transport” non-FTE by LMRT 255

“Lucky are those who can help, luckier are those who are tablers”

How it began?

It was serendipity to have gotten in touch with some amazing gentlemen who had a great zeal for disabled sports and were accomplished sportsmen themselves.

Thus, began our journey of laying the foundation of Uttar Pradesh Wheelchair Cricket Association. Making the committee and finding the mentors to lead and run the organization is still relatively easy. But the main challenge to sustain an organization is funds.

Round Table a blessing in disguise!

My life changed 180 degrees the day I was introduced to Round Table India. It suddenly opened my horizon and increased my reach to another 4000 responsible citizens who shared similar vision, mission and empathy. During my first Area 8 AGM in Surajkund, New Delhi I started interacting with fellow tablers and discussed this idea of wheelchair cricket. At that time our main crisis was funds for wheelchairs especially for the players who are not from a strong financial background.

It was amazing how intently this idea was absorbed and almost immediately people started pouring in their thoughts for fundraising. Many tables suggested that they contribute directly and almost every table has funds for non-FTE projects. This cause would definitely align with the thought process of every table.

Right after the AGM I put together a presentation and presented to our Area Chairman Tr. Tarandeep Singh and our Area Vice Chairman Tr. Rishabh Jain. Before I could end my presentation Taran bhai had already committed a wheelchair from the Area 8 Head board. That day I realized the power of tabling and the capacity in which tablers can bring about a change.

Area 8 in the driving seat…

After the huge support and encouragement this was floated in the Area and within 3 weeks we had a commitment of 10 new wheelchairs from 10 different tables. It was a really humbling and emotional moment for me and for all the players of the team. It was around that time that Indian Wheelchair cricket team was announced and UP was proud to have 4 of its players in the team, which included the Captain and Vice Captain.

Inauguration by President PLMF Tr. Christopher Arvinth

We decided that such a noble contribution by our Area 8 family must be celebrated in the august presence of our president. During his planned tour to Lucknow we invited the complete team of Uttar Pradesh for a meet and greet and interaction with Round Table Association. Seeing is believing, and when our tablers saw how their contribution was taking shape they were all convinced about this cause and went on to appreciate the efforts of the players and the mentors.

Tr. Chris also expressed his gratitude and was amazed to just think that cricket on wheelchair was possible. His words were of great encouragement for the players as well as for the tablers. At the end of his speech he presented a big surprise by announcing the President Star Medal for my efforts towards the cause of Wheelchair Cricket.

So far that has been the most memorable moment of my life. To be acknowledged in such a way by a role model is a dream come true.

The Indian team went on to win the international series against Bangladesh 2-0 and came out as heroes. They got a heart-warming reception by noted politicians like Pranab Mukherjee, Arvind Kejriwal and Manoj Tewari.

How Round Table continued to support…

The efforts in fundraising continued when some stalwarts gave me the idea to do a charity pin set dedicated toward this cause. The intention was to create awareness and involve everyone in this movement. I personally wanted that each Area in their own capacity could support their state Wheelchair Cricket team. We went on to do a successful fundraising and were able to raise funds to provide the team with rehab and playing equipment.




The Journey is the DESTINATION – Belgium AGM memories by Tr. Aviral Jain of LMRT 255!

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see”


The curiosity and the murmurs about the magnanimity of international tabling events had always intrigued me. Being very lucky to have a profession that takes me to all parts of the world, Round Table added to the pleasure of traveling and working. RTI literally gave me readymade friends all over the globe. Just the idea of this convenience and privilege is in itself unique and comforting.

Earlier the long work days used to end with a dinner with a business associate followed by alone time in the hotel room. Now I am always looking forward to finishing my work and connecting with the table in the vicinity. The process of reaching out and informing them about my visit is enjoyable as well as one gets to witness the warmth and excitement immediately.

Since I have been a part of this beautiful movement I have experienced tabling in Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore, Belgium, Seychelles, Luxemburg and interacted with tablers from Sweden, Finland, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Denmark, South Africa, Norway, Italy, Tunisia and Morocco. The global perspective increases your horizon of thinking and knowledge. Be it the political differences or the RT association differences, international interactions are always a great learning experience.

After attending the Round Table India AGM I always wanted to experience an international AGM and Belgian AGM happened to fit in perfectly with my vacation plan. So along with my wife I started the Europe tour enjoying the hospitality and love of tablers in all the countries. The start was from Luxemburg where the IRO Philippe insisted on picking us up from the airport and takes us for dinner. For me this was the biggest gesture of goodwill.

Amidst the beauty of Europe and comfort of Round Table brothers company we finally reached Turnhout in Belgium from where our pre-tour for the AGM was supposed to start. The energy of the fellow tablers and the high spirit instantly made us forget our tiredness and lack of sleep. Thus began a long day of jungle walk, city tour and finally chilled beers at a local brewery. During this whole time we had the company of guys from Belgium and other international guests. It was a melting pot of culture united by a common mission. By noon everyone became the closest of friends and it seemed that we had known each since a long time. The remaining AGM was a lot of partying and interacting with the members of the Round Table Belgium association. IRO Robbert was an extraordinary host taking care of us and constantly asking if we needed anything. It was home away from home.

Finally at the gala dinner I had a unique experience of pride, passion and brotherhood. I was the only one from India and was told that no one from India atleast in the last 6-7 years has been a part of the Belgian AGM. That moment I was representing India and my association. It was an emotional and a proud moment to wear the Indian Roundel on my pocket.

After a long night of wine and dancing we all finally bid our good byes and retired to bed. The thought that stuck with me was that traveling makes you experience a lot but tabling makes the journey a lot more fun.


“Take only memories, leave only footprints.”