Geometry Boxes & Note Book Distribution By Hubli Accent Round Table 153

The Future of the World,is in my classroom today.
– Ivan Walton Fitzwater

Hubli Accent Round Table 153 & Hubli Accent Ladies Circle 149 donated 70 Geometry Boxes, 65 Pencil
Boxes, 130 Note books and Stationery to Shirdi Nagar Kannada Primary School to 130 students along
with sweet distribution to celebrate Independence Day. The students at this school all belong to a
nearby slum area and were rejoiced to have geometry boxes for their education. The smiles bought
great satisfaction in all of us.The project commenced on 15th of August 2017 in the presence of Area
Chairman Elect, Area X GLMF Tr. Sachin Shah 2017-18, Chairman LMF Tr. Sachin Shenoy, Vice
Chairperson Cr. Shilpa Hiremath, HT Rajesh Bhandari, HT Gururaj Panchalar, Mentor Bryan D’souza,
Mentor Praveen Toppalad, Tablers and Circlers were present for the project.IMG_20170815_104344.jpg

71st Independence Day Celebrationby Hubli Accent Round Table – 153

If we want to reach real peacein this world, we should start educating children.​​​​​- Mahatma Gandhi


Hubli Accent Round Table 153 & Hubli Accent Ladies Circle 149 Celebrated 71st Independence Day with Government Higher Kannada Medium School, Bairidevarkopp, Hubli. Wherein we hoisted our Tri-colour National Flag and donated 760 Notebooks to 380 children of the school along with sweet distribution.

Further In the same School premises we Planted 30 saplings as a Go-Green Initiative. The School staff were very happy with the sapling plantation and the children in full of joy and enthusiasm in planting the saplings, overall the smiles on the faces of the children gave huge satisfaction after completing the projects. The project commenced on 15th of August 2017 in the presence of Area Chairman Elect, Area X GLMF Tr. Sachin Shah 2017-18, Chairman LMF Tr. Sachin Shenoy, Vice Chairperson Cr. Shilpa Hiremath, HT Rajesh Bhandari, HT Gururaj Panchalar, Mentor Praveen Toppalad, Tablers, Circlers & Twinklers were present for the project.

Compound Wall Project At Panchayat Union Middle School, Madukkarai

The School mentioned is located  at the foothills in Chinna Navakarai , Madukkarai hosts about 120 students.
The school was facing issues from rodents, reptiles and other animals as it did not have any compound wall surrounding it. The school was also faced issues from the local people misusing the school premises for  their own recreational and illicit purposes .

In order to address this issue to maintain a healthy and non intrusive environment for the kids studying there Coimbatore Acme Round Table  133 went about constructing a compound wall with gate. The project was completed and inaugurated on 23rd July 2016. The total cost of the project was Rs.5,90,000.
The event was inaugurated by our then Area Chairman Tr. Chirag Vora . Shiva Texyarn Ltd had contributed Rs.3,00,000 through Coimbatore Acme Round Table 133 towards the costs incurred In constructing the compound wall.

“Active Citizen Awareness Program”By Hubli Accent Round Table(Project Cum LAPD)

 Hubli Accent Round Table 153 in association with CMCA Hubli, conducted an awareness program on Active Citizenship to the children of BVK Girls School, Lingaraj Nagar Hubli.In this Awareness program we showed a movie to 130 students and 8 Staff members to make them realize and educate them about the basic responsibilities of a citizen towards our Nation. Basic points which were covered,1) Why it is necessary to vote.2) We should take active part in questioning our local authorities for our basic amenities if not provided.3) Taking good care and retaining the government properties by not

   mis-using them.              

4) Keeping our Nation Clean.5) To promote education to their friends who are not going to school. Many other Points were also covered. After the Movie session a question Answer Module was taken. Sweets were distributed to everyone.


We firmly believe that creating awareness by holding such sessions for the children at their Schools will certainly help in the growth of our Nation & in making them a Responsible Citizen. The project commenced on 1st of August 2017 in the presence of Area Chairman Elect, Area X GLMF Tr. Sachin Shah 2017-18, Chairman LMF Tr. Sachin Shenoy, HT Rajesh Bhandari, Tablers, Circlers & Twinklers were present.  

Donation of Braille Paper Sheets for Underprivileged Blind Children By HUBLI ACCENT ROUND TABLE – 153

Braille paper sheets is a tactile writing system used by people who are blind or visually impaired. It is traditionally written with embossed paper.

Hubli Accent Round Table 153 donated the Braille sheets at Siddaroodh Math Blind School for the Underprivileged. The quantity of Sheets were donated for their whole month requirement for 100 inmates. The project commenced on 1st of August 2017 in the presence Area Chairman Elect, Area X GLMF Tr. Sachin Shah 2017-18,  Chairman LMF Tr. Sachin Shenoy, HT Rajesh Bhandari, Tablers, Circlers & Twinklers were present for the project.


Project Courtesy: LMF Tr. Ritesh Patadia.


Report By:

LMF Tr. Tushar Kavalekar

IT & Blog/ Projects (Non-FTE) Convenor


AREA X, RT INDIA 2017-18

Health Check Up & Medicine Donationon “World Senior Citizen Day” By HART 153.

We must find time to stop
& thank the people who made a difference
in our lives…. – John F. Kennedy

August 8, 2017 is celebrated as ‘World Senior Citizen Day’. Most of us pray for a
long life that is healthy and free of disability or disease. But with the aging, our
body becomes weak and loses the taut muscles. We see seniors every day whose
health is being impacted by such issues as multiple medications and illnesses.
However, it is not necessary to spend the retirement days in bed or hospital.Hubli
Accent Round Table 153 & Hubli Accent Ladies Circle 149 conducted Health Check
up at “Vincent De Paul” Home for the Aged, Bhavani Nagar, Hubli for 25 inmates.
The Health Check was conducted by LMF Tr. Dr Pramod Hiremath and Sq leg.
Sachin Revankar. Blood check up, Blood pressure check, Orthopaedic Check and
general check up was taken up by the Doctor Duo.

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1) Medicines were donated to all the inmates at the time of the check up.

2) 2 Numbers of Sugar Check Meter & pedicure kits were Donated.3) Fruits and
Biscuits were distributed to all the Inmates.The project commenced on 8th of
August 2017 in the presence Area Chairman Elect, Area X, GLMF Tr. Sachin Shah
2017-18, Chairman LMF Tr. Sachin Shenoy, Chairperson Cr. Nisha Shah, HT Rajesh
Bhandari, Mentor Bryan D’souza, Tablers & Circlers were present for the project.
Project Courtesy:LMF Tr. Dr Pramod Hiremath Sq Leg. Sachin RevankarLMF Tr.
Tushar Kavalekar

Report By:
LMF Tr. Tushar Kavalekar
IT & Blog/ Projects (Non-FTE) Convenor
AREA X, RT INDIA 2017-18

SuryaJyoti – Solar Power Plant

Suryajyothi scheme was introduced this year by the NP Tr Manpreet Singh Raja. The scheme had a grant of Rs 1 Lakh from RTIT under FTE – Assist Scheme and rest was to be borne by the respective tables. RTI, based on survey of their schools decided that a 2KW Solar plant would be sufficient for their FTE Schools.

CM Tr Vikas Bhootra took this opportunity and committed MART 100 to take up this project and make the school self-reliant in terms of power ensure that schools wean away from the conventional power, which are highly polluting. This was a small step from MART 100 towards greener future.

MART 100’s FTE school Panchayat Union Primary School at Mannivakkam was chosen for the same and we were 2nd table nationally and 1st Table in area 2 to inaugurate the solar project during the RTI week on 16th November, 2016.

The inauguration was attended by the Area Chairman  Tr Akshay Dugar,  CM Tr Vikas Bhootra,  Treasurer Tr Shravan Fomra alongwith the principal Jancy Rani and other local representative from the panchayat union The 2KW solar power plant has been operational for over 6 months now, without any issue. The school is paying nothing for electricity used till date.

Inauguration of 2 Class Rooms at ROUND TABLE ABHINAV VIDYALAYA – VRT 196 & VLC 129

Friends have you ever had that small dream about a very big idea? Whenever you
think about it, the only thing that comes to your mind is the final destination & not the
tough path which you need to cross in order to reach there. Well with each new
classroom we’re a getting a step closer to one such destination.
Like every year VRT-196 and VLC-129 added a set of 2 Classrooms at Round Table
Abhinav Vidyalaya which had started with 18 admissions in 2 classrooms & now has
over 120 under privileged children studying in 7 classrooms.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kesri Devi Charitable trust led by Prof
Shri.A.N.Tripathi who constantly put their valuable time & ensure smooth functioning
of the school. The trust consists of several retired professors of the Benaras Hindu
University & a few retired judges of the High Court.



FTE Assist Project by Bombay Round Table No. 2

BRT2 completed one more project this year. This is the second project of the year and it was completed in a record time of 40 Days.
Maharashtra Siksha Niketan High School is located in the slums of Chembur, Mumbai and the school had very weak infrastructure.
We thus decided to build a science and computer lab which is a basic necessity for any quality education.
The project was done under FTE Assist with Fullerton India being one of the contributors.
The project was completed in a record time of 40 days and it has benefited more than 700 children.
The inauguration was attended by CSR Incharge of Fullerton India and National CSR Conveynor Tr Vikaash Agarwal.
The school organized a beautiful programme at the inauguration.

Adarsh Vidyamandir’s FTE Block – Area 15

Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision just passes Time. Vision with action can change the World. — Joel A. Barker
Area 15, Round Table India handed over Sane Guruji’s, Adarsh Vidyamandir’s FTE Block Project at Bhekrai Nagar, Pune District, on 29th June 2017.
‘One Area, One School’ – was the vision of our Area Chairman, Tr. Abhishek More for the Tabling year 2016-2017.
The groundwork for this began earlier in the year when we visited the school and learnt that they had to refuse admission to close to 100 students due to lack of classrooms and it was then more or less then decided then that we will take up this school as our Area FTE project along with a Toilet Block this year.
In Square Leg, Romel Bhog, our Area Chairman found an ardent believer that a first of a kind Area School can actually become a Reality. He used his good offices and persevered for months with M/s. Bajaj Auto Ltd. and made them believe that we at RTI are capable of delivering beyond their expectations.
The result was a sanction of a whopping Rs. 50 Lacs as grant for 2 pilot projects. Rs. 30 Lacs was earmarked for the Area School. We also discussed with the trustees of the school and ensured that they support us by funding close to 20% of the estimated costs of the project.
With support of our donors M/s. Bajaj, NNBS and the local community, and armed with the allotment letter received by RTI we undertook the brick laying ceremony with added vigour on 23rd March 2017.
Area 3 IPC, NEC, Tr. Hitesh Kering alias ‘Captain’ alias ‘Popeye’ was given the responsibility to execute this project and he committed that he will complete this project within 90 days, even though there was construction of 2 slabs, a toilet block, and repairing & painting the entire school. “Jab ‘Popeye’ commitment karta hai tho who kisi ki bhi nahi sunta” and standing true to his commitment, the FTE block was inaugurated by Mr. Pankaj Ballabh – GM, CSR, Bajaj Auto Ltd. & Tr. Kaj Kostiander, Round Table International President (2016-2017) in the presence of Tr. Manpreet Singh Raja, National President, Round Table India, Tr. Moriya Phillip, NPC, Round Table India, Cr. Shweta Vohra, Area 3, Chairperson, Ladies Circle India, Tr. Abhishek More, Chairman, Area 15, Round Table India, Sq. Leg Romel Bhog, the entire headboard of Area 15 and many other Tabler’s from all the other tables, on 29th June 2017. Special mention about the most committed fellow Area 15 has ever had the one and only one Tr. Kirti Ruia who was there for every possible site visit and paperwork… an unsung hero who always shy’s away from recognition’s. 
Though the construction was completed in record time, the work undertaken was of the highest quality. Some of the critical components of the project are hereunder:
· The construction was Vastu compliant, thereby helping cross ventilation and natural light in the classrooms.
· Column Concrete was of M30 grade and Slab concrete constructed was M20 grade.
· PCC Work was done in a significant area keeping in mind future maintenance and use.
· 6” Ultratech AAC blocks were used keeping in mind the load of future extensions.
· LED light fittings and branded switches in all classrooms and passages.
· Special Asian Paint’s APEX exterior all weather paint, which should last 7-8 years.
· 8 feet wide passages and staircase for comfortable entry and exit. 
· Powder coated aluminium sliding windows.
· Apart from tremendous branding on the boundary wall and building outside, all classrooms have the RTI logo on an ACP sheet above the green boards provided by us.
· Artistic graffiti work undertaken in the passages to encourage students to learn important facets of education using the BaLA i.e. Building as a Learning Aid Concept.    
We have already started seeing the ripple effects of the work done by us as even though the handover has only happened on the 29th of June, the school has admitted close to 300 new students and we have received multiple requests to execute similar projects in close by areas and this is being considered a ‘Model/Adarsh’ FTE Block.
It was extremely fulfilling to see the happiness of the management, teachers and the school children and they had arranged a wonderful program honouring all dignitaries during the handover ceremony.
Round Table India through Area 15 has been able to impact the school children positively, in the areas close by, for years to come.
In addition to the above, members of the M/s. Bajaj Auto team were so impressed that after checking the quality of the work done at the school, they have sanctioned close to Rs. 2.1 Crores for an additional 12 more schools with RTI. Cementing RTI’s bond with M/s. Bajaj Auto is the most important development post the handover ceremony. 
“A School is a building with 4 walls and the Future Inside.”