Kanpur Round Table 125 Publicize RTI Through Postal Stamp


Tablers of KHRT 125 come out brilliant and Innovative Ideas to Publicise Round Table India

First it was painting of Trucks and Now the RTI Stamp

A postal stamp which will Round Table India’s Logo on it…

Tr Dhruv Dalmia and Secretary Tr Rishab share the Detail of the RTI Postal Stamp to be Launched Soon

The Stamp Effect..!!”

It was a brilliant idea from the chairman of kHRT-125 –

And Yes..all big ideas start like this..

once sitting in office and opening an envelope, the eyes went to the right corner of the envelope-to the bright pink square piece-the indian postage stamp. Incidentally it was some letter from RTI..and

instantly the idea popped up: Why cant we have a postage stamp of our own??

RTI Stamp

As the idea sparkled, it was put to table, and instantly it was agreed..but the biggest challenge was how?

Our Chairman, Dhruv, took the responsibility on himself- of which he is now a champion !! – and started working on it.

What lied ahead of us was a tough task..the government formalities, the designing of the stamp, the approvals  and red tapism of government..but where there is a will there is always a way..lot of time, energy, resources were put to use..lot of designs..some approved some disapproved. History & time were witness to our efforts..but finally with all the inputs we were able to design and have published:

                                                                        “The Stamp of Round Table India”

Yes my friend now RTI has a stamp of its own..what a great way for publicity & fund raising!!

These innovative steps will bring  more laurels to the cap of RTI and yes we the tablers of KHRT -125 would also feel proud to see the stamp in action..

..Maybe one day when we are sitting in the office and would receive an envelope with an RTI stamp on it..with a smile on our face..we would feel being part of history..

so happy stamping..  🙂


Secretary KHRT-125

Tr Dhruv dalmia








Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


5 Replies to “Kanpur Round Table 125 Publicize RTI Through Postal Stamp”

  1. Dear Dhruv

    This is just an awesome idea and hats off to you for your dedication and hard work towards RTI, you have been inspiration for all of us.

    Great !!!

    Saurabh shah
    VRT 196

  2. Dear Tr.Dhruv,
    A salute to you on the effort.An amazing idea and a GREAT publicity for RTI.

    Cheers from all at ESRT 211.

    Tr.D.Krishna,ESRT 211.

  3. Dhruv,

    You are the STAR of our Area and obviously RTI. I am speechless don’t know what to say. I am observing your efforts for the past one year. The spirit of tabling you have has inspired me a lot in many ways.

    Keep shining and rising and all the best for the future..

    Tr. Prashant Gupta
    Varanasi RT # 196

  4. Dhruv, I salute your vision & your motivation towards tabling

    Keep up the good work

    Cheers from everyone at Varanasi Round Table 196

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