Tr Vineet – Immediate Past President Round Table India

Do you believe in Magic?  Like when you open an old antique closet and you find a lamp with a genie or when you find an old carpet and the moment you step on the carpet you start flying, looking at the world from a different place!

I didn’t either.

No I’ve not found the lamp or the carpet but I’ve found something very close …its called the JEWEL of the President of Round Table India.

From the moment I wore the jewel exactly one year ago it is as if I have become a different person.  There were hundreds of pictures being clicked the moment I adorned the Jewel.  People wanted to talk to me, shake my palm and be introduced.  I felt something different, but then maybe it was just me!

I was being constantly watched in meetings, socials, even on facebook!  I wasn’t complaining!  . What I said. . What I did. .. what I wore.    Complements lavishly flew.  People were excited to receive me, host me, just spend time with me.  Normal? Definitely not normal?    My views were sort, my opinion mattered, my wish just like a genie standing in front of me was received as a command.

I was living a life and lifestyle I had never known before.  That’s when I figured there was a magic spell around me; the spell of the President’s jewel.




Being a Tabler for 12 years, I had seen various aspects of this movement.  However this Jewel put me in a unique position to observe our family from a distance, like from sitting on a Magic carpet.  I realized that the Jewel was only a small part of the overall magic.   In fact our whole movement is magical, where with a flick of the wand a pumpkin turns into a sparkling coach and the mice into fine white horse.  It’s a wonderland where Alice explores strange happenings or should I say like Harry Potter full of mystery and adventure.

There have been times where I have been asked to talk about Round Table and believe me I have always done a really bad job.  To be fair to myself I have never seen anyone do a good job.  Maybe you can’t, it’s not possible to explain magic, what is in store for Alice in Wonderland.  All of us who have become members of this organisation is not because of flashy stories we’ve heard about how great this movement is but because some we believed in someone who has told us – here’s the tiny key, open that door and get into the fairy tale!

Fairytale!   Is one word if I have to sum up the year.

I thank all the Tablers, Circlers and their family members for the wonderful warmth and love given to me during the year.  Like the central character in a Fairytale I was always afraid that I would roll off the bed and wake up.  I guess the time has come to wake up and realize that the fairytale journey for me is over with a life time of memories and gratitude to this magical movement.

I’m signing off as the President of Round Table India with a sense of great pride and satisfaction that as a team we have probably left the movement a little better than how we started.


20130714_232353 IMG-20130719-WA0023 IMG-20130719-WA0028

Tr. Vineet Parikh

Immediate Past President
Round Table India

Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change – Photography exhibition


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National President
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Dear Tabler,

Climate change has many faces.

A man in the Maldives worried about relocating his family as sea levels rise, a farmer in Kansas struggling to make ends meet as prolonged drought ravages the crops, a fisherman on the Niger River whose nets often come up empty, a child in New Jersey who lost her home to a super-storm, a woman in Bangladesh who can’t get fresh water due to more frequent flooding and cyclones…

Its not only human faces.  Its the polar bear in the melting arctic, the tiger in India’s threatened mangrove forests, the right whale in plankton-poor parts of the warming North Atlantic, the orangutan in Indonesian forests segmented by more frequent bushfires and droughts…

These faces of climate change are increasing every day.

For most of us, climate change can often seem remote and hazy – a vague and complex problem far off in the distance that our grandchildren may have to solve.  But that’s only because they’re still fortunate enough to be insulated from its mounting consequences.  Climate change has very real effects on people, animals, and the ecosystems and natural resources on which we all depend.  Left unchecked, they’ll spread like wildfire.

Between now and Earth Day ie 22nd April 2013, let your Table collect photographs of people, animals, and places directly affected or threatened by climate change as well as images of people stepping up to do something about it. We’ll tell the world their stories. But we need your help. We need you to be climate reporters.  

Ask Tablers, Family and Friends to send you pictures and stories that show The Face of Climate Change!  On 21st and 22nd April, organize an interactive exhibition of all the photographs.  To increase the participation your Table can offer exciting prizes to some of the best photos and stories as per categories deem fit.  Share the experience with the local media and get them to partner with as well.

Together, we’ll highlight the solutions and showcase the collective power of Round Table India. In doing so, we hope to inspire ourselves to double our efforts in the fight against climate change.

As Round Table India let’s spread awareness about the faces of Climate Change!

Small Things Make a Big Difference

Best Regards,

Tr. Vineet Parikh

National President

Round Table India

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Round Table India National President Tr Vineet Diary- Post 09

Blog post #09…jotted on 6th March 2013

It’s been several months that I have connected to you.  Too much happening too fast!  I guess.

I have a few blogs written but not published.  Somehow I did not like what I had written.  It seemed all too ordinary, not able to bring out the essence of the trip, the emotions both mine and that of the local Tablers.  My literary limitation!

Thanks to various Tablers for pushing me and coaxing me into restarting my diary.  Today I’m going some beautiful moments spent during the last several months.

November and December were very eventful periods for me personally.  My time spent was distributed among Business, Tabling and Personal commitments.  Among all the travels within India, I took off time travelling to US and China respectively.  Had to miss a few important Table events, disappointing quite a few friends for not being able to make it there.

People ask me how many days have you travelled? How many table meetings?  How many projects inaugurated?  Unfortunately I don’t have a count.  Neither do I intend to keep one.  What is important is was I able to make an impact?  Influence any person or Table to do better?  Did my presence add value to the occasion?

To quickly run through the last four months…I had the pleasure to Travel to:

Area 7…Area consists of mostly Tamil Nadu and parts of North Kerala. 

Had the pleasure to visit Coimbatore & Salem.  The visit was action packed; drove straight to Salem from Coimbatore on Friday.  Project visit, Go Green Plantation, evenging social, joint Table meeting we did it all.  However the high light was the longish picturesque drive to a remote location in the forests of Nilgiris where the Salem Round Table 84 had identified worthy an organization to be supported with new classroom block.  The warm hospitality of the schools management and the local supporters was overwhelming.  We had to finally rush out to return in time for the evening social with all the city Tables of Salem.

The next day we made a worthy visit to the school project identified by Coimbatore Tables as the National AGM project.  This project truly symbolized teamwork and a true drive.  Here was a project which was abandoned due to various reasons, a place where few would like to venture and we had the Tablers of CCRT31 persistent on taking up the project.  Slowly we had more and more Tables of Coimbatore join the initiative and finally when the Tables of Erode 98 and 211 joined, it was taken up as a National AGM project.  Evening we had all 7 City Tables social in Coimbatore where each Table gave a wonderful presentation of the year so far.

A7 Project

A7 salem smart175 go green A9 IMG-20121127-WA0003 A9 IMG-20121127-WA0008 TEJ_4848

Area 9…Area consists of Andra Pradesh.

One major agenda of the visit was to recognize and applaud the efforts of the organizing team of Wah India – World Meet 2012.  It was truly a rare fortune for Round Table India to get the opportunity to host the biggest event of Round Table International.  The organizing committee had worked very hard and tirelessly to ensure that our international guests witness the most memorable meet ever.  The Tablers of Round Table India, had worked very hard and hence it was befitting to have a dinner hosted to felicitate the team behind the wonderful event.

We then moved to Guntur by an early morning Train along with Area Chairman Kishore.  Never in my wildest of dreams did I know that that day was going to become one of my most memorable day.  We were welcomed at the Sattenapalli railway station.  We first visited the main campus of Sri Saraswati Sisumandir School where a grand reception was awaiting us.  We were welcomed into the campus with NCC Band, march past and flowers being showered as we moved into the premise.  The talent, discipline and conduct of the children was most impressive which was exhibited over a small function where the local management gave an insight on the school and its managing institution.

We then moved to Dhulipalla village for the inauguration of the school block built by GRT86.  Here too the school children presented a cultural and traditional program which drew all of us sitting on the dias to leave our chairs and join the wonderful children in the Andhra traditional Kollatam dance and Gujarati Raas.

We left Dhulipalla with these unforgettable movements and headed towards Amaravathi village which was 35 kms away to inaugurate the second school project.  We once again received an overwhelming reception.  It had become difficult to match the enthusiasm of the school management and students time and again.  However hats off to the management and their express of gratitude to the local Table and inturn to Round Table India.  This is the goodwill and assets that we create which is invaluable.  Post the function we had the opportunity to visit the local Shiva temple which had a unique legend… the linga here was growing longer and longer towards the sky. Then the local king planted a nail in it’s top and it stopped growing.  However the shiva linga bled and those blood markings are now revealed as stripes on the linga.

The evening was spent interacting with the Tablers over a formal business meeting of the Table.  The next day we moved to Vijaywada where the Area Executive Meeting of Area 9 was scheduled.  Participating in AEX meetings is always exciting.  It gives a first hand insight of the region as well as areas that need to be addressed.

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to be invited for high tea by Sq. Lg R. P. Venkatesh and his lovely wife Past President LC International Seetha.  Their house was wonderfully done and the most amazing was his two rooms, one room was decorated with a vast collection of Ganesh idols from small to large in different forms and postures, while the second room was decorated by umpteen number of artefacts and mementos collected from their various Travels within Round Table and Ladies Circle over a period of time.  It was a delight to visit their house and enjoy their warm hospitality.

Evening once again was time to unwind with a wonderful social hosted by the Vijaywada Round Table 68 and a quick business meeting prior to the social. I nearly missed the train that night as my co passengers reached the station leaving me behind at the social. By the time we realized I had only enough time to sprint from one end of the railway station to another to board the train, challenging my fitness. I am often asked what the secret behind my fitness is, I got an answer!

I think I will stop, giving myself as well as you the reader a break before I can come back and continue my chronicle.  So stay tuned for the next blog where the journey continues…..

Small Things Make a Big Difference

Best Regards,

Tr. Vineet Parikh
National President
Round Table India

National President Tr Vineets Diary Blog Post NO# 8

Blog post #08…jotted on 21st October 2012

This is becoming quite tough…keeping up the energy to write…week after week…event after event.  However the bond and connect that these chronicles have been able to generate has been phenomenal.  I travel and meet so many members of our fraternity; Tablers, circles, wives and their feedback and acknowledgement of reading and appreciating the notes drives me once again to open the computer and start writing!

This time I will cover my experience to Bhubaneswar (Area 4) where we hosted the 2nd National Executive Board Meeting of the year on 12th and 13th of October.

While deciding the location of the 2nd NEX I wanted to move out of the major centres and move into the Tier 2 and 3 cities and hence Bhubaneswar seemed to be an ideal choice.  Further I though it to be a good idea to spread the meetings over all the regions of the country.  The COB happened in Mumbai ie Western India, the 2nd one in Bhubaneswar ie Eastern India, the 3rd in Coimbatore ie Southern India while the 4th will be in Chandigarh ie North India.  Finally we shall have the last and final meeting at Mysore just before the Change Over Banquet.

2nd NEX Meeting is always an anxious moment for the President.  It is the completion of the very first quarter.  As compared to the 1st NEX meeting the agenda and content of the meeting is quite different.  While the first one is short ie just a little over half a day, the second is 2 full days of meaningful discussions.  The first is more about what is planned ahead while the second is more about what we have already achieved.  In the first the Area Chairmen have still to take over while the second the Area Chairmen are already in charge!

We could not have asked for better hosts than Bhubaneswar Round Table 53, the oldest Table in East India outside of Calcutta.  As expected they left no stone unturned to give the Board members a very memorable experience.

Both the days were utilized to conduct the meetings.  Each Member of the board gave a brief report on the achievements so far and major plans ahead.  This would then lead to cross-functional discussions between various members and in most cases evolves into new ideas and action plans.  It’s called the power of the collective.  We have the best minds of Round Table India captivated in the meeting room and are challenged to do more, do better and commit to make the movement better by the year.  It is definitely a proceeding to witness and a sure delight for the young Tablers of the local city.

It was a wonderful personal experience for me, having successfully completed the 2nd NEX meeting with meaningful discussions and decisions.  I feel extremely lucky to have on board some of the best guys ever.  The comrade and teamwork within the board members is exemplary and hence it is no surprise that the meetings have been full of energy and positivity.

The Hosts organised a wonderful social on the first night.  It’s a great opportunity for the local Tables in the city and Area to interact with the NEX members.  They had invited special artists from different parts of the country.  One group was the Prince group which I believe has won various awards and competition on TV channels.  They had other entertainers who could play various instruments and also involve all the Tablers thereby making it a very participative evening.  We had quite a few Tablers exhibiting their hidden talent to the surprise of others.  A thoroughly memorable evening.

The second night was an evening of cricket but with a twist.  They had specially tailored rules to make the cricketing experience lots more fun.  We had various teams from the NEX as well as the local Tables of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.  A thorough enjoyment for everyone!

While in the city I had the opportunity to briefly interact with the two other Tables of Bhubaneswar.  Firstly Bhubaneswar Midtown Round Table 93 who had organized a mega dinner to roll out and launch Auto Expo 2013, a huge initiative by the Table and the biggest Autoshow in East India.  They invited me to the dinner and it gave me an opportunity to interact and brief the elite audience on Round Table India and its activities.

Secondly, I also had the opportunity to attend a meeting of yet to be chartered table of Bhubaneswar Knights Round Table.  They shared with us the joy of the wonderful journey and experience over the past several months participating in various Round Table activities and initiatives.  It was a sure delight for several NEX members who were present during their Secretary’s presentation.

I am now looking forward to the next big event ie the National AGM of Round Table India Wannacome in Coimbatore from 27th to 29th December.  I hope you have confirmed your participation and registered for the event since it promises to be the Biggest and Best event of Round Table India.

Tr Vineet Parikh

National President

Round Table India




Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


National President Tr Vineets Diary Blog Post # 7

Blog post #07…jotted on 7th October 2012

Sunday at home, plans to watch the West Indies – Sri Lanka T20 finals with friends from my home Table!  Kids screaming to Dad to take them out…Dad being Lazy… maybe in the afternoon…not now!

Last month was a month of International Tabling.  Started with my visit to attend the National AGM of RT Nepal.  This was a wonderful experience.  It gave me an opportunity to study the fabric of Tabling outside of India.  RT Nepal and RT India have very close ties.  RT India is the mother association of RT Nepal, still there are so many differences in the way we do Tabling.  Nepal has 19 Tables and close to 250 Tablers, could equate the strength to one of our Areas.  The AGM was an opportunity for respective Table Chairmen to give a brief presentation on their activities.

Nepal is blessed with great country side and the AGM was a place called Godavari on the outskirts of Kathmandu.  The place was large and beautiful.  I was accompanied by our National Vice President Tr. Harish Shenoi and National Honorary Tabler of Area 5, Tr. Pankaj Vats.  RT Nepal extended their utmost hospitality to all three of us hosting us for the 2 days.  We also had the opportunity to meet International Tablers from Switzerland, Estonia and Finland who were on the Pre-tour organized by RT Nepal prior to the World Meet in India.

Similar excitement of International Tabling had started in India as well with 70 participants for the Pre-tour organized by RT India covering North India.  Over and above these participants were many many more Tablers landing in various cities from Mumbai to Banglore to Goa to Chennai to Coimbatore to meet there own friends and business associates while ensuring that they meet local Tablers. I was receiving BB & FB updates, photographs and emails from tablers across India spending time extending their hospitality  and enjoying their moment of International Tabling. I must say that our International friends were overwhelmed and delighted with the hospitality and care extended to them during these various encounters before the big event.

When I landed in Hyderabad for the World Meet, I met the north pre-tour participants at the Airport who had landed at the same time from Jaipur.  They were exhausted and drained from the fun they had had in Area 5.  They were all praises for Tr. Manish Kapoor (Pre-tour convenor), Tr. Jaideep Singh, Tr. Mohit, Tr. Sanjay Porwal and many other Tablers of Area 5 who took wonderful care of the guests.

The rest of the week was extremely hectic specially for me and our IRO Tr. Ashwinni Hemdev who had to represent RT India at the various meetings and events.  The most wonderful learning for me personally was the importance and respect for time.  No matter till what time in the morning the delegates would hangout and enjoy they would be there in the meeting hall at 8.30 am for a meeting to start at 9.00 am.

On 26th September the events started with the Inaguration function which was one of the most elegant evening ever witnessed by me.  The inaugural address was crisp and there was a good show of Indian dance and culture.

27th September 2012

The next day  saw early morning start of the Round Table International councillors meeting at 8.30 am, a meeting time that most Indian Tablers are alian to!  In India our formal meeting time is 10.30am and yet the meets do not begin till noon on most instances.  The councillors meeting saw a quick discussions on various motions, accounts and many other routine matters lying in front of the Board.  We got a perspective on concerns and approach by various Associations from across the world.  It also gave us an opportunity to compare the activities in India with those of the rest of the world.  The evening was time to enjoy some good music and dance with all the guests.

28th September 2012

Morning started at 8.30 am once again and with me rushing to reach the hall in time to give a welcome address on behalf of the host nation.  The second day was the formal AGM session.  The day started with each association asked to give a brief about itself in just 3 mins!  We had a very large spectrum of type of associations, those ranging from just 2 Tables to those having 300 plus Tables.  Many of the associations are facing a fair challenge to keep up the activities and membership.  However I am so happy to share that India was one of the few countries that is exhibiting growth year on year.  We are among the top 6 associations in the world in terms of membership strength and the only association in that league having a steady growth.

The AGM also saw elections for the office of International Vice President where Tr. Moffat from RT Zambia emerged the winner, probally the first black President of RT International.  Zambia is a small association with only 4 Tables and hence it would be a matter of great pride for the entire Nation.

The evening was the most exciting event of the whole meet…The Nations’ Night.  This is a unique event which is part of the world meet.  Each country is given space where they set up stalls from their respective countries.  Tablers are dressed in their national attire, have tons of local food, beverages, candy, chocolates, wine, alcohol and local hospitality.  The energy and goodwill that is genererated is electrifying.  Men, Ladies and kids are criss crossing visiting different stalls, exchanging notes and clicking pictures with one and other.  Young kids and men are seen collecting pins from international friends!  No amount of money or an event manager can create this.  I strongly recomend each passionate tabler  to experience a Nation’s night at the world meeting.  It is definitely the pinnacle of International Tabling and the vibrance of this great movement.


29th September

The day was relatively easy.  We had regional meetings to start with.  India is part of the Asia-Pasific region consisting of RT Nepal, RT Srilanka and RT New Zealand apart from India.  Tr. Chamika from RT Srilanka was to take over as the Regional Chairman from our own Tr. Vivek (Babbu).  We spent a couple of hours discussing and brain storming on how to grow the moment in the region.  There are large parts of South East Asia where there is a huge potential for Tabling.  India’s initiative to RT Singapore has been appreciated and applauded by the entire Round Table International fraternity.  Our IRO Tr. Ashwinni has also been invited to join the World Membership Committee which has been formed few years back to focus on membership growth.

Evening we witness another exciting event, known as the Banner Exchange.  In a formal sit down setup, 3 dignitaries viz a) convention convener Tr. Sudhanshu Shah, b) host nation President ie RT India President Tr Vineet(myself) and c) RT International President Tr. Stijn are hosted on a podium, similar to a wedding reception, here the international delegate from each country would walk up and exchange Banners and some goodies from their country and exchange a few notes based on their interaction and experience being together.  It was an extremely proud moment for RT India to learn of the wonderful time Tablers have had in India not just during the Wah India Meet but events before when they have landed in the country.  Hats off to every Tabler of RT India who have gone out of their way to extend the hospitality to our guests epitomizing “Atithi Devo Bhava”. 

The Banner exchange was followed by the Gala Dinner, an exquisite formal set up with 4 course Indian sit down dinner.

The dinner was once again followed by a late night of dance and music till it was time to take the shuttle to the Airport to catch the morning flight back home.  Oh did I mention the the money I had to pay for the overweight luggage?

Before I end would like to applaud and commed the efforts put in by each and every member of the Wah India team led by Tr. Sudhanshu Shah and Tr. Himanshu Gupta.  Friends do take a bow!  I must compliment the hard work put in by the World Meet – Wah India team to put togather a wonderful event.

I would like to share the lyrics of the Wah India Team Song made by Past President Vaghesh Dixit for the Organising Team of “Wah India” and was sung during the world meet quite a few times….

(On the tune of ‘Hum Hongey kamayab’ or ‘ We shall overcome’)


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Tr Vineet Parikh

National President

Round Table India







Reported BY

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


National President Tr Vineets Diary Blog Post # 6

Blog post #06…jotted on 2nd October 2012

Its been a quite a while since the last post!  Its only because things are happening faster than they can be captured into words.

Let me go back to my last post…which was my last journey that I shared?  It was the Area AGM visit to Hyderabad.  Well lots have happened after that.  Area AGM in Udaipur (3&11), Area 5 at Massuri, National AGM of RT Nepal and the penacle of Tabling, the RT International World Meeting in Hyderabad…Wah India!

I recall my thoughts travelling back from Area 5 at Mussoorie on Shatabdi Express from Dehradun to Delhi, after one more action packed Tabling weekend….I realized that I am falling back on my diary.  I though why not make effective use of my travel time.

For those who might not know, Area 11 was carved out of Area 3, exactly 3 years back.  I had the honour of being the last Area Chairman of the undivided Area.  At the time of spinn off, the Area decided that to maintain the bonds of friendship both the Areas would continue to hold joint events which would ensure enough reasons for Tablers of both the Areas to meet and enjoy the comradeship developed over years.   A 3 year roadmap was finalized and this joint Area AGM for this AGM was the last.  Next year onwards Area 11 would embark on it own journey hosting and holding its own AGM.  Further this AGM was my own home Area’s event and hence I was travelling with a huge gang of Tablers from my Table as well from my home city Ahmedabad.

Thursday 30th August 2012

As already mentioned in my previous blog post, I celebrated an overwhelming Birthday, with umpteen birthday greetings from Tablers, circlers and friends from around the world.  I got unprecedented greetings and wishes which made me feel extremely special.  The National Secretary/Treasurer Deepak reached Ahmedabad in the evening and I had the opportunity to host him for a small birthday celebration at home before I proceeded for a dinner with my extended family.

Friday 31st August 2012

After seeing off my son and daughter to school, Deepak, Niyati and I started our road journey towards Udaipur.  Road journeys are always fun and it’s a great time to catch up with your co-passangers, even if its your own wife!

As we drove past the hills to the city of lakes, the weather suddenly changed with clouds and drizzles. Everyone’s status updates from enroute udaipur changed to lovely weather and beautiful drive. Lots of tablers from Mumbai, Pune, Surat had also come to ahmedabad and were driving togather with the tablers of Ahmedabad.

In Udaipur since Deepak, tushar n I took opp to visit the project site of the school of udai trs. In a small village on outskirts of the city. They had done bhomipoojan in june and it was coming up fast.

The AGM was a great opportunity to catch up with some great ol friends from Area 3 specially Pune, Nagpur, Sholapur etc who I had not met in a long time.  The informal night setup was wonderful and classically done.

Saturday 1st September 2012

The day was for the formal AGM sessions.  Tablers had the opportunity to witness the proceedings of both the Areas, followed with the formal Chairman’s Banquet in the evening.  Both were very well arranged.

I have to congratulate the hosts Ahmedabad Dynamic Round  Table 170 and the convener Tr. Ruchir Gupta who left no stone unturned to play a perfect host to all the guest.

Sunday 2nd Septmeber 2012

Time to bid adieu to all the friends and return home but not before a 4 hours drive with fellow tablers.

Tr Vineet Parikh

RTI National President







Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


National President Tr Vineets Dairy Blog Post # 5

Blog post #05…jotted on 6th September 2012

Its two weeks since I connected with you.  Why does it feel like ages?  Yes a lot has happened over the fortnight!  Hmm…where should I start?

I celebrated my 3xth J Birthday.  I wish I could hold back the x but you know time waits for no man!  But this years Birthday was extremely special.  I was flooded with Birthday wishes and greetings from across the country.  The personal phone calls, the text messages, the blackberry messages, the Facebook posts and of course the emails….Made me feel special and loved…

Friday 24th August 2012

Friday evening at home…….thought of earning some brownie points with the kids had the perfect formula in mind, took them to the gaming zone at the newest mall enjoyed dashing cars with my daughter bursting in giggles as we took a hit at my son’s cart. Rounded it all up with some pizzas n spagetti n coke….(pls papa, mamma is not there ;). As I tucked my kids into bed my son asked where are u going papa? Hyderabad I said and he was so pleased to say so u’ll come home with my favourite fruit biscuits……Sure…

Saturday 25th August 2012

Those heartless early morning flights, which makes you wake at 3.30am… is that morning or still night?  Had to catch one of those to Hyderabad to attend the Area 9 AGM.   Thanks to Tr. Vamshi from Hyderabad Round Table 8 for personally receiving me at the Airport and taking me to the venue, Hotel Avasa !

Unity in diversity is the term often used for our country.  Round Table India is quite similar.  Each region and area has its diverse own ways of doing things.  The format of Area 9 AGM is quite different from what we often see in the other parts of the country.  The day started with the formal AGM session which went on till lunch.  A crisp, short and meaningful AGM session. After lunch lot of people had the opportunity to either unwind till the evening informal night with many crashing into their respective hotel rooms while many local dwellers  went back home or to their offices.  I myself took time off and visited a close friend in the city.

The informal night was just like all other Round Table events, as good! Interesting skits performed, which showed the effort and hardwork put in by the performers.  Each of us has our professional lives and family front to take care of, to take time out for this great movement, to minutely plan and execute the various activities and projects gives us little time for ourselves and it is overwhelming to see the enthusiasm of tablers and circlers specially in Area 8, Area 9 and Area 5 who plan, rehearse and put up such a great show at their informal nights finished and accompanied with great props and costumes.

Sunday 26th September 2012

It was time for the formal lunch banquet where outgoing Area Chairman Tr. Siddharth Karan celebrated for the wonderful year gone by with Tr. Kishore Kumar raring to go and roll out his plans and team for the year.  The Banquet was followed by the 1st Area Executive Meeting of the year.

The Wah India team also one of the most enthusiastic lot and Area 9 being host for the AGM were all excitied and showing a lot of confidence, sharing the small details and plans of the BIG event.

Well it was soon time to rush to the Airport to catch my flight back home from a short but action packed weekend in Area 9. And not without my son’s fruit biscuits from Karachi Bakery…..

Stay tuned for the next Blog post for the next weekend with Area 3 and 11…a joint Area AGM.  Once again exhibiting unity in diversity…

Tr Vineet Parikh

National President

Round Table India






National President Tr Vineet’s Diary – Blog Post # 4

Blog post #04…jotted on 20th August 2012

Looking outside the window of my return flight , I see the sight of the beautiful Mandovi river with boats buzzing with action.  I then see the beach and nice clear waters. Unfortunate for me the only encounter with the real Goa has been my drive from the Airport to the Hotel and back!

Thursday 16th August 2012

My journey began with my overnight stop at Delhi.  I had imagined that night before proceeding to Agra would be quite hosting and little chit chat.  However the Tablers of Area 5 had a different idea.  Tablers of DMRT43 and DMRT149 who ganged up at Tr. Amit Gupta’s house for a great evening of fellowship.  The evening gave me a great opportunity to interact with Anjum, Mohit and Yogi who shared with me the plans and agenda for the Area AGM.  We informally talked about the happenings during the course of the year.  Tr. Ritesh Bansal who is the convener for the Area AGM talked and joked about various aspects of the Area AGM.  We also had various Circlers of DMLC89 present who were hosting past LCIndia President and Past LCI President Cr. Sita Venkatesh.  Co-incidently it was her birthday and we had the opportunity to have some delicious cake.

Friday 17th August 2012

Taking the train to Agra to be part of Area 8 AGM.  Area 8 consists of centers mostly in Uttar Pradesh and one of the 3 Areas with membership of less than 150 Tablers, 12 Tables and 2 Cicles.  Somehow this was my first opportunity to attend the AGM of Area 8.  Area 8 over the last couple of years has been infused with a lot of new blood which has been very well nurtured by the Area Leadership.  Their participation in National level events has been most encoraging since last one year.

Being a relatively smaller Area, I was not sure what was going to be in store!?  Via-AGRA was the name of the AAGM.  Tablers from the host Table KHRT125 Tr. Dhruv Dalmiya and Tr Rishab were at the Railway Station waiting to receive me.  The first major event for the day – the Informal night which was a skit competition.  Every Table including the wives prepared a comedy skit.  It was indeed one of the best laughter challenges that i have experienced.  The efforts taken to prepare the script, the dressing, the props added to the excitment.

Saturday 18th August 2012

The day started with the formal AGM session.  The arrangements were flawless.  Tr. Ankur Jain conducted the AGM most professionally.  The highlight of the AGM was declaration made by Sq. Lg. Tr. Vishal Garg of a monetory participation of Rs. One Lakh to each Table which executes a FTE Project.  Definitely a one on one of its kind in Round Table India.  The formal session was over by lunch and everyone asked to rest since one more evening of fun and entertainment was lined up.  The formal banquet was equally elegant.  The arrangements could match up with any National Level Banquet (if not better).  Tr. Ankur handed over the conveted jewel, satisfied with progress in the Area, to his successor Tr. Aditya Murty.  Aditya in turn was all prepared and geared up to pick up the batton and run.  He made a wonderful presentation of his theme and his plans for the year.  We are sure that under his leadership the Area will contiue on the growth trajectory.  The formal banquet was followed by a live Rock group performance.  The lead singer was amazing, least to say.  He kept everyone dancing on their toes till 2 am which was followed by another 2 hours of fun and dance lead by the DJ.  Finally at 4 am when I had no more energy to stand and dreading I would miss the train which I was scheduled to take to Delhi, retired to the room.

Sunday 19th August 2012

I could catch up on an additional 3 hour nap on the Train from Agra to Delhi and a connecting flight to Goa, reaching Goa in time to attend the Formal Chairman’s Banquet of Area X.  Area X has also been going through a similar growth as Area 8.  Tr. Vijesh Saigal, the Area Chairman had put in a lot of efforts to nurture and foster friendship and fellowship in the Area.  He has ensured that each and every National initiaitive is adopted and carried forward.  Indeed it was celebration time for Area X.  It was amidst great pomp and glory that Tr. Vijesh Saigal handed over the coveted green collar to Tr. Prakash Kapadia fondly called as PK.

PK was raring to go.  He had a handful of initiatives that he lauched at the AGM viz. Area Directory/ready reckoner, Area Supply House, Fellowship Torch, Fellowship Basket and so forth.  He left the audience mesmerized with the efforts and preparation done by him.

The formal function was once again followed by celebrations coupled with music and dance.

Monday 20th August 2012

My morning alarm was a call from Area Chairman PK asking me to rush to the hall to attend the Area Board Meeting.  The Board meeting was very well attended and each Table Chairman and Area Convener laid out their elaborate plans for the year.  It was a shear joy to witness the enthusiasm displayed by each member.  It was finally time for me to return excited witnessing the New Area Chairmen committed to make a difference to Round Table India.

Tr Vineet Parikh

National President




Reported BY

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


National President Tr Vineet Blog Post No# 3


Happy Independence Day!  15th of August .. the day India got its independence from British colonial Raj. In the year 1947, after over 200 years of foreign rule …..the sacrifice, the blood sweat and tears shed by hundreds gave us this freedom of breathing in Independent India today. Let us togather salute the deeds of our freedom fighters and thank them for giving us the dignity and pride of being a citizen of Independent India.

I just came back from Flag Hoisting and independence day celebration at Round Table Wipro School built by our Table in 2001.  Its so much fun going back to the School again and again!

I don’t know what it was prior to independence and neither do most of the people that I interact with.  My images of pre-independence are that from grandparent’s stories, school books, movies and various tv serials.  However even after 66 years we have a long way to go specially in terms of meeting the overall objectives of Independence.  Most parts of India (including urban spaces) do not have bare minimum infrastructure.  The other day I was in Chennai, being hosted by Tr. Sanjay Goel and suddenly while we chatted the power went off.  Sanjay and Anjali (his wife) were quite cool, it was the daily power shutdown of one hour, they called the secruity to inform him to turn on the Genset.  Most unfortunate but this is the state in most cities in the country.  The villages are even worse.  I’m so glad that as Round Table India we are able to make a difference to our country, however small and insignificant it may seem from the outside.

Saturday 11th August 2012

This weekend the excitement started with an early morning flight to Chennai with Tr. Shreanik Dugar receiving me at the airport and taking me to Palm Groves a wonderful restaurant cum hotel,  serving authentic southindian food to generations. He then dropped me to Round Table India House where we had the Trustees meeting of Round Table India Foundation (RTIF).     Round Table India was represented by Tr. Tushar Agarwal (National Projects Convener) and me both ex-officio Trustees.  During the foundation meeting I had the opportunity to interact with other trustees and distinguished tablers of their time PP B. V. Ramanan, PP Ilango, PP Jaykumar Ramdas and other eminant Past Tablers from across the country who today contiue to contribute to the activities of Round Table India as the Trustees of the Foundation.

For those who might not know, RTIF was started in the early 80s by few Tablers and ex-tablers then.  The Foundation has built a sizable corpus which supports the activities of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India.  The Foundation contiues to be managed by ex-tablers and ex-officio members of Round Table India.  Each year the Foundation contributes about 60 Lakh rupees to the activities of RTI and LC “India”, and this outflow increases year on year, thanks to Tablers and Circlers of India who continue to contribute to the Foundation by becoming Louis Marchesi Fellow (LMF) and Golden LMF.  All it takes is a humble donation of Rs. 5000 or Rs. 15000 for LMF and GLMF respectively.  This money inturn helps increase the project grants to Tables and Circles.

After a fruitful Trustees meeting we moved to a near by venue where Area Chairman Elect Tr. Gitesh Agarwal and NPC Tr. Tushar Agarwal had planned an Area level Project Conveners Conclave, a first of its kind in Round Table India.  I was delighted to see wonderfull participation from most Tables of Area 2 including Tablers of Pondicherry who came down specially to be part of the conclave.  The forum was used to expose each Table Project Convener on activities and grants available from RTI.  The participants also shared their practical experiences and various new ideas to take Freedom Through Education to the next level.

The evening saw Madras Esplande Round Table 30 celebrate holding its 900th meeting since inception.  They had invited all the Table Chairmen till date and shared the major achievements in the respective year.  It was a very nostalgic moment for the Past Chairmen and a humbling experience for Todays Tablers.I Congratulate Chairman Tr. Varindra (Bobby) Singh for a great meeting and function.  In true Tabling spirit, the celebration dinner after the meeting was full of fun and entertainment keeping everyone glued to the place till 2 am!

Sunday 12th August 2012

After a short sleep or should I say nap, I had to proceed to the Airport to catch my flight to Delhi where another eventful day awaited me.  The first item on the Agenda was visit and inauguration of Round Table India Shiksha school Purkhas, near Sonepath (Haryana).  This school is one of the 4 Pilot projects built with Procter & Gamble.  Each is a model school, complete with elegant building, and modern teaching amenities.  This school has been built at an outlay of nearly 65 Lakh rupees.  Each and every Table of Area 5 was associated with the project contributing money as well as resources as required.  The Area Chairman Tr. Anjum Arora has been the true leader supervising its execution in person, successfully handling and overcoming all the challenges that came up during the course.  The hand over function was attended by eminant personalities including the Education Minister of Haryana, the Honorable Speaker of the Haryana Assembly among others.  It gave us a good forum to share the activities of our movement with them.  The function finally ended at around 2pm.

Immediately the Tablers of New Delhi Round Table 24 where waiting to receive me and hold a lunch meeting at a restaurant onroute from Sonepath to Delhi.  During the meeting the Chairman Tr. Vikash Mittal shared with me the activities of the  Table and its plans for the year.  NDRT24 and my home Table ART40 had the opportunity to be joint hosts to a Area 3 and  Area 5 joint Area AGM few year back.  Further Tr. Puneet Gupta of NDRT24 and I were Area Chairman of Area 5 and Area 3 respectively in the same year and hence shared a unique bond with the Table. However ours is a transient organisation hence most of the faces that I saw in the Table were new and it was like meeting a very new Table!


The evening once again was an opportunity to witness the Inauguration of the Joint Table and Circle ie Delhi United Round Table.  The function was most elegant and well planned.  The newly appointed Chairman Tr. Naynesh Pasari spoke very well and gave us a glimplse of what is in store for the Table in the upcoming year.  It was a great delight to meet the new and energetic bunch of Tablers.  It was quite a contrast where I attended a 900th meeting of a Table,three and half decades old on one night and the first  meeting of a Table newly inaugurated the next night!

No Round Table evening is complete without good food and entertainment which keeps people having a good time till late in the night!

Monday 13th August 2012

Another exciting weekend comes to an end with me taking the morning flight bavck home!

Being exhaused by lack of sleep, it was only after 2 days that I could get myself to pen down my episode of the weekend that went by.

Tr Vineet Parikh

National President

Round Table India

National President Tr Vineets Diary – BLOG POST 2


National President Tr Vineet is on the Travel spree every weekend and this time the Lucky Area was Area 1. But Kerala was the Epicentre

Heres his experience in his own words

Here I am writing to all of you after a span of 2 weeks!  Last weekend I decided to take some time off, spending time at home, before the kids refuse to recognize me.  It also gave me the opportunity to connect with various Tablers of my home city Ahmedabad and my home Table Ahmedabad RT40.  I had the pleasure of attending the Table AGM of Ahmedabad Frolic RT199 and host a fellowship for my own Table during the week, fortunately we had the Rakhsabandhan festival holiday aswell in Gujarat that gave me time with family.

Friday 3rd August 2012

Come Friday it was time to continue my journey visiting Tables and Tabling centres.  It was Area 1 once again but this time around it was the Kerala part of the Area.  Most of the places scheduled to visit were new to me, which added to my excitement.  I landed at Cochin in the afternoon where the Area 1 Chairman Tr. Bejoy Vargeese (BV) was there to welcome and receive me at the airport and taking me straight to Trissur, which was 2 hours away.  As I reached Trissur we had the opportunity to spend some time with few Tablers of TRT88; Chairman Tr. John Thyail, Tr. Paul, and of course BV and me.  We got chatting and gave me a great insight to Tabling in that part of the country.  TRT88 was hosting the Area AGM and Paul the AGM convenor shared with me the exciting plans for the event and how the Table has been going around over the past several months.  The passion, the excitement and the joy of hosting was evident. and It is feelings like these that make our organisation so fun to be part of . The sense of ownership and making a difference.

In the evening they had the official meeting where the Secretary Tr. Sunil Salunke gave me a formal presentation of the Table’s activities.  After the meeting it was time to unwind and network with the Tablers and get to know more about the city, the traditions and way of life.

Saturday 4th August 2012

The next morning we moved to Kottayam for the joint Table AGM of Kottayam RT79 and Kottayam Rubber Town RT121.  However during the day I had the opportunity to visit the project sites of KRTRT121 along with Chairman Tr. Jabyson and incoming Table Chairman Tr. Dinesh.  It was news to me when I learnt that the Tablers run a permanent school for children with Special needs called the Sparsh Round Table School.  The school was wonderful, with great infrastructure, excellent location and a wonderful garden.  The Tablers shared with me the journey, history and major milestones of the School.  The circlers too were full of pride with a great feeling of achievement and understandably boasted of their contribution towards the growth and success of the school, which today enrolls nearly 55 children annually.  No mean achivement for an association, which is transient in nature.  Definitely one of its kind.  We then went on to visit the Golden Jubliee FTE school block built Jointly by the Table and the Circle.

Once again in the evening we had the joint AGM for which the National Vice President Tr. Harish Shenoy also joined us.  At the event I had the opportunity to meet some great Tablers of yesteryears, past NST Murlidharan, past TTE Marmen, several past Area Chairmen Sq.Lg. Venugopal, Sq.Lg. Abi Ruben, Sq.Lg. Sujoy, and Tr. Sejoe.  Once again after the meeting it was time to unwind with music and dance with the Tablers and Circlers of Kottayam.

Sunday 5th August 2012

Sunday turned out to be a very pleasant and relaxing day.  I had an opportunity to witness what Kerala is known for.  The Tablers of Alleppey organised a Lunch social at a luxurious Hotel on the Backwaters.  The only access to this was through a 15 mins ride by boat.  The weather was wonderful, a little cloudy, no rains and pleasant temperature.  On reaching the hotel we had the backwaters flowing on one side and paddy fields on the other.  What a sight We where then joined by several Tablers of Cochin apart from the Tablers of Alleppey, who had the opportunity to unwind on a Sunday afternoon.  At Alleppey I learnt about the Snake Boat race that takes place annually in August.  We witnessed several snake boats practicing as they passed by the hotel.  For those who don’t know what is the Snake Boat, it’s a long boat with ends shaped out as a snake, you have close to 100 people on each boat rowing the boat in musical synchronisation. It was a joy just to observe them practice.  I believe that the actual race is even more thrilling.  Hopefully will be back someday to witness the great race.

In the evening we moved to Cochin where the Tablers of the 4 Tables of Cochin took off time to meet and greet me at the local club.  We exchanged banners and also had a open house discussion on various initiatives of Round Table India.  Tablers shared some of their experiences with me, both good and bad about the various facets.  One important topic that was brought out was the diminishing significance of Greeting Cards and whether Round Table India should continue with the same?!

I was then taken for a dinner to enjoy a traditional Kerala cuisine.  Definitely a great opportunity for me to experience the local food.  Thanks National Honorary Tabler Koshy Titus for hosting me for dinner.

The night compared to all the previous nights ended early where BV took me to his home were I caught up with a good night’s sleep.  Thanks BV you have been a great host taking time off to co-ordinate my visit and accompaning me through the weekend.  We had long candid discussions on Tabling in general.  In you, I made a new friend that I will cherish for life.

Monday 6th August 2012

Another exciting weekend comes to an end.  As I sit at the Cochin airport waiting for the boarding announcement, lots of emotions cross my mind.  I immediately decided to start penning my thoughts before I loose touch with my emotions!


Tr Vineet Parikh

National President

Round Table India








Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181