Round Table & Ladies Circle India Indian idol 2019 – Sa se sa Tak!!

Round Table & Ladies Circle India Indian idol 2019 – Sa se sa Tak

“Music  gives a soul to the Universe , wings to the mind , flight to the imagination and life to everything “ – Plato

With these thoughts in mind , We organized the Round Table & Ladies Circle India, Indian Idol –  A National Level Singing Competition  for our Members ,   held on 1st and 2nd February, 2019 at Kolkata.

We had a total of  15 participants ( 8Tablers , 6 Circlers , 1 Twinkler ) coming from all over the country.

Name Table/Circle no Area City
1 Tr.Saurabh Agarwal 265 11 Surat
2 Tr. Meraj Yusuf 190 13 Manglore
3 Tr. Siddharth Chaturvedi 257 5 Bhopal
4 Tr. Bhagirath Jalan 218 8 Varanasi
5 Tr. Jagjeet Dongare 119 10 Belgaum
6 Tr. Dr Debashish Sarkar 329 5 Agra
7 Tr.Viral Thaker 159 2 Chennai
8 Tr. Harmeet Singh Sethi 34 4 Kolkata
9 Cr.Nidhi Harbhajanka 65 4 Kolkata
10 Cr.Sakina A Magar 143 10 Hubli
11 Cr. Pragya Bhardwaj 245 3 Nasik
12 Cr. Neha Kasliwal 90 3 Raipur
13 Cr. Sandyasri Balaji 86 1 Kottayam
14 Cr. Rohini S 16 7 Coimbatore
15 Tw. Ojjasvi Sethia 318 8 Lucknow

Results of the  Competition are –

Tabler Cateogry

Winner – Tr.Meraj Yusuf and Tr.Bhagirath Jalan

Runner Up – Tr.Jagjeet Dongare


Circler Cateogry

Winner – Cr.Nidhi Harbhajanka

Runner Up – Cr.Neha  Kasliwal


Duet Cateogry

Winner – Tr.Debashish Sarkar & Tr. Saurabh Agarwal

Runner Up – Tr.Harmeet Singh Sethi & Cr.Nidhi Harbhajanka


Twinkler Cateogry

Winner – Tw.Ojjasvi sethia

Judges for the Indian Idol were Mr. Niraj Daga of Dhwani Fame, Celebrity DJ Akash Rohira and our very own Sq.Leg Neeraj Banka.

We would like to thank and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Presidents Cr.Namrata Shenoy and Tr.Dhruv Dalmia  , NFC Tr.Bittu Gandhi , Cr. Priyanka Handa and Cr.Preeti Agarwal  , AC  – Tr.Manish Lakhotia and ACP Cr.Nirupama Golyan , AFC Tr.Sanidhya ,Tr.Keshav and Tr. Avinash , Table Chairman’s Tr.Arpit Saraf and Tr.Vinit Jain, Chairpersons Cr.Nidhi Kedia and Cr.Nitika jain ,   Tr.Shyamasish Lenka and the always helpful and legendary Bunty Bhaiya  for their continued guidance , support and motivation without which the IDOL would not have happened .

Last but not the Least , We thank  the Participants  who came in from all corners of the country to participate , Nex Board of LC india and entire  Area 4 who made  the IDOL a success.

“The only thing better to singing is more singing “

Inter-table Rock On Fellowship @ Hubli on National Fellowship Day

Rock On Fellowship

City table fellowship of Four City tables HRT- 37, HCRT- 142, HART-153 and HKRT -178 and Dharwad City Table DRT- 60 with the theme ROCKON to celebrate National Fellowship Day. Local Authentic Food Savji delicacy being the highlight of the party. There was Special DJ and Dance floor arranged to enjoy to the core. Tr. Druv Dalmiya was the chief guest of the night. All in all All Five city tablers, Ladies and twinkler found fine bonding during the night.

Tr. Gaurav Khullar Welcomed the dignitaries on behalf of all. AST Sundeep Mani congratulated HART- 153 for Super Cyclothon and also recognized Super Treasurur Tr. Pramod Hiremath. AVC Tr. Sachin Shah Thanked all for the spectacular Cyclothan which had more than 1500 participants. AC Tr. Mahendra Yadav said Khudos to HART-153 for the wonderful event Cyclothon which is now National event. He recognized Tr. Janeshwar Belamkar, Cyclothon Convenor and Tr. Kartik Chavan, Publicity Convenor as AREA- 10 SUPER STAR. National Secretory Tr. Druv Dalmiya appreciated hospitality of Area 10 and he congratulated all for having great year. He also Said cyclothon of HART 153 is one of the best event he has attended.

LMF Tr. Pawan Pawar
IT & Blog Convenor – Hubli Accent RT 153


Team Bellary Vikings RT 152 participate in “Ten Tana Tan”

BVRT 152 team is ready to face the challenge in TEN TANA TAN every year and this year practice for cricket start around one month before.

Tr CA Kiran Jain Captain and Tr CA Pankaj (Vice Captain) lead the team in practice session since one month. Team was ready with Batting, Bowling and Fielding, and all set to challenge any team.

Teams were divided in to four groups. In League matches three teams were placed in each group. Total 12 tables participated in the tournament, and the winner in the group qualified for the Semi.

BVRT 152 won their consecutive league matches and directly qualified for the Semis.

Major Contribution was from Tr Anil (Man of the Match in both the matches), Tr Shiva, Tr Chini, Tr Kamla give their best efforts to make sure team wins comfortably. Tr Pashupati was not in the team but his motivation speech and team support always helped BVRT to give their best.

We lost the Semis, and the journey ended here with the new challenge to come back again with more practice and more energy.

But in the last we enjoyed the day and were back to Bellary by late night Train.

Thanks once again HKRT 178 for successfully Hosting TEN TANA TAN Year after year.

Thanks & Regards,
LMF Tr CA Pankaj K Seksaria
IT & BLOG Convenor
BVRT 152- Area X

“Ten Tana Tan” / Mega Cricket Fellowship @ Area X

Ten Tana Ten” Season 7.

Life is a circle. What goes around comes around. There are many such quotable quotes. A live example is Ten Tana Ten – Season 7. Ten Tana Ten was conceptualised under the chairmanship of Tr Amit Handa in 2010. He appointed Tr Ankesh Jain as the 1st convener of Ten Tana Ten. This year, Tr Ankesh Jain is the chairman & Tr Amit Handa the Convener for Ten Tana Ten – 7. Circle complete.

Tr Amit Handa & Tr Kunal Pawar joined hands to take Ten Tana Ten up to the next level. An event that has evolved from ‘just’ a cricket tournament in Area X to one of the best sporting events in all of Round Table India. It’s gargantuan in size, hosting 12 teams & conducting 16 matches in a single day at 4 different cricket grounds. The fixtures were drawn at the AeX on 15th October, on the eve of Ten Tana Ten.

The scheduled start was at 7am in the morning, a tough call due to all the partying at GLAM! the previous night. Tr Sandeep Harapanahalli performed yeoman service; he landed up at The Gateway Hotel, the convention hotel at 6 am and woke everyone up multiple times. It’s due to his efforts that people turned up at the main ground at 7am, else we would not be able to star before 10am. Take a bow sandy. Tablers of HART 153 were the first team to report in full gear and ready to play at 7am sharp. Kudos to Tr Nitin Shenoy & Team HART 153. They were true gentlemen and perfect tablers in more ways than one.

The tournament was inaugurated at 7.30am with the Area X – Area Chairman Tr Mahendra Yadav & Tr Prithvi of DRT 76, co-incidentally the Platinum event partner doing the honors. A Special mention to Tr Prithvi Raj of DRT 76 – when he came forward to be our premiere event partner. A toast to the spirit of tabling in this instance!

The set up for the main ground had some new features – standees of the logos of each table and circle along the approach pathway to the ground, the food carnival housed under elegant gazebos, a fully covered seating area, a segregated breakfast and lunch area, spaces provided to event partners for demo cars, motorbikes, bicycles, Children’s outdoor gym and sports equipments areas, a cricket coaching camp just for kids and a Live LED display board.

There were several new concepts implemented at Ten Tana Ten -7. We had a Twinklers coaching camp, where in professional KSCA grade coaches gave cricketing tips to twinklers all day.

An all day food carnival was set up at the main ground where several food stalls were set up. We had a donuts, muffins and cakes stall, ice creams stall, Tender Coconut water stall, samosa and kachori counter, Live dosa counter, Live sandwiches & sweet corn counter, an extremely popular Live Kebab station, Live popcorn & cotton candy stall and the biggest hit of the day, a Live Ice Gola  counter. It was amazing and funny to watch grown men go gaga over golas, not just women and kids. Many men took several helpings too! Lunch was a lavish affair with a special Savji menu, the veggies had nothing to complain of, and they had absolutely succulent & fresh paneer dishes and more.

Triumph Bikes had come in with their bikes for display and demo, and kids took full advantage of that, receiving joy rides all day long. Appreciate the gesture from team Triumph for patiently giving joy rides to kids all day long.  We had children’s playground equipment 2 days in a row, Twinklers had an amazing time playing on the equipment provided by me (Tr Basu) on behalf of Achievers gym for GLAM! and Ten Tana Ten. Deepak cycles pitched in with Trek and Firefox bikes for demo rides. Circlers, Ladies, Twinklers and Tablers took several rides on the bikes, thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process.

Ten Tana Ten has metamorphosed from a Cricket only event to an event for the entire family, with some activity in it for everyone.

The matches were phenomenal – the much vaunted cricketing catch phrase proved to be true on that day – Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. Last over heroics, a last ball misfield that resulted in a boundary needed for a tie, 3 super overs, spectacular catches & even more spectacular dollies that were put down, superb batting efforts, amazing bowling, a fantastic gesture by Team HRT 37 & HRT 231 in playing a dead rubber match – in the true spirit of participation.

A Special mention to a fantastic show by HART 153 on the Ethos of Tabling, cricket and a reminder why it’s called the gentlemen’s game. Kudos to Chairman Tr Nitin Shenoy & Team HART 153 for your magnanimity & the living the principles of our movement. A big thank you to team BVRT 152 too, for their kind gesture.

Tr Amit Desai of HKRT 178 took up the commentator’s role and entertained everybody with 6 hours of nonstop humor, wisecracks, jokes and commentary which had everyone in splits. A big thank you to Doc Tr Sachin Hoskatti for the medical kits. A big shout out to Tr Sachin T for the excellent trophies and mementos. Special mention to the newly minted Tr Srinivas Kalburgi who handled the LED display & sound for all the matches. We’re sure team DandaNaka will be giving a special offer to Tr Srinivas for making DandaNaka the theme jingle of the day for any boundary, six or wicket. Tr Vishal Markumbi spent 2 days at the main ground during the buildup of the event, ensuring it was in top shape for the matches. A big thank you to past Tabler Sanket Balenavvar for his timely support.

We would be remiss in not mentioning the special efforts put in by Team KRT 154 & IRT 267 who could not make it on Saturday due to a Bandh in the area. They set out on Sunday early morning so that they could participate in the tournament, showcasing the bonds of friendship in Area X.

They came in as a joint team and played their quota of matches, with a little help from HART 153 & HKRT 178. Our Chairman Tr Ankesh Jain, playing in team KRT 154 won a man of the match due to his performance for KRT 154. The true spirit of tabling comes to the fore again. Team HART 153 lent 3 players to different teams who had players off due to injury. It was indeed a magnificent gesture from HART 153. Truly a team with a big heart.

Team Belgaum Cosmo Round Table 237 won the tournament & they put up a stellar show, with Tr Rohit Desai picking up 3 Man of the matches, best batsman and man of the series trophies. Team HCRT 142 was the runners up and the most consistent team in the history of Ten Tana Ten, being the finalists in all but one edition of the tournament.

A special mention to all members of team HKRT 178 who managed 4 grounds simultaneously, ensuring a smooth flow of the event & seamless transitions from league matches to the Semi finals & the Final. It was an out and out team effort to pull off an event of this size and magnitude. Some were instrumental in getting certain event partners on board. Some were instrumental in getting the grounds booked. Some took it upon themselves to be completely free & available on the date of the event to ensure that we could execute all our plans as well as we could. Each member contributed their time and efforts as and when needed and that has been the secret of success of Ten Tana Ten – Season 7.

We appreciate the participation of all the tables in Area X, whose whole hearted participation made Ten Tana Ten the success that it is.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all our event partners, without their support none of this would have been possible.

Yours in Tabling                                                           Yours in Circling
LMF Tr. Basanagouda Shivalli                                 Cr. Panna Pawar
Fellowship Convener (2016-17)                              Fellowship Convener (2016-17)
HKRT 178                                                                         HKLC 143

Bellary Vikings RT 152 participate in “Glam Slam” hosted by Hubli Knights RT 178



A team of 31 Tablers, Circlers, Ladies and Twinklers took a train to Hubli to participate in GLAM SLAM- A THEME BASED Fashion Show. Full of masti, entertainment, foodies in train.

HKRT 178 team was there at Station to welcome us and took us to the Hotel.

Circler Prathiba, Veena, Sheetal, and Pritika with support of Tr Raaj, Tr Kamal, Tr Vikram did a great job in deciding the theme of Zodiac Sign and for second round COOL DUDE. Props, dress-code, makeup artist, tattoos all were arranged from Bellary.

BVRT 152 & BVLC 127 were on time at the venue. What a fabulous arrangement by the HOST of the night. Full AREA X was there to honor the show.

First and Second round were over and the team was waiting to hear the result.

AND BINGO BVRT 152 and BVLC 127 won the First Prize in GLAM SLAM and qualified for Finals at Hyderabad.

Such an excited moment for all of us and the hard work paid off.

Thanks again to HKRT 178 & HKLC 143 for successfully organizing the MEGA SHOW.

Thanks & Regards
LMF Tr CA Pankaj K Seksaria
IT & BLOG Convenor
BVRT 152- Area X


“PANACHE 2016” / Area 8’s mega fundraiser organised by Lucknow RT 136

Mega Fund Raiser of Area 8 – Organised by LRT 136 in Association with LLC 84

Panache Lifestyle Expo Season 6 is the fund raiser of LRT 136 in association with LLC 84.

Panache Season 6 is the lifestyle exhibition in Lucknow which had participation of 58 designers from all over India in various categories like Apparel, Home Decor, Accessories, Kids wear, Footwear etc. The mega event was held on 3 Sep 2016, Saturday, at Hotel Taj by Vivanta in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The event was very well publicised and we had footfall of more than 5000 for the exhibition. It was a full day event from 10 am to 9 pm. The exhibition was the talk of the town. All the customers were very happy to see the latest collection in designer wear and shopped immensely. The designers who participated with us were very happy and satisfied with their sales.  15 of them also gave us advance deposit to block their stall for the next year exhibition. The whole team of LRT 136 and LLC 84 executed the event with utmost perfection.

We had National Treasurer Tr Dhruv Dalmia, our Area 8 Chairman Tr Siddharth Gupta, Area 8 Chairperson Cr Anushree Dalmia, Area 8 Secretary Cr Divya Kapoor, Area 8 VC Tr Tarandeep Singh Area 8 VC and Tablers and Circlers and NHT’s and Square Legs and Tangents grace the occasion. Many Tablers and Circlers from LTRT 207 and LMRT 255 were also present to show their solidarity. Exhibitors were very impressed and touched by the fact that all the proceeds of the event go towards charity and education of the under privileged children.



Organising Panache 2016 was a success as measured by the Feedback received and general Footfall. To ensure Brand “Round Table India” is highlighted in the highest esteem, we ensured the following best practises in our Charity Fund Raiser:

  • Each Exhibitor was presented a Feedback Questionnaire wherein he/she was asked to objectively rate the organisers on various parametres including Time Schedule, Adherence to complaints and issues, Pricing, Walk-in customers, General Footfall, Repeat Visitors, Market Positioning of the Event, etc
  • Logos of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India were prominently displayed
  • LRT LLC FTE School Students and Teachers were invited for a small Speech and Introduction about their experiences at the school and what they love about studying there. This was organised as part of Press Meet to showcase the strength of Quality Education in our FTE School Project to the entire Media.
  • Presenting a Plaque to Guest of Honour- Miss India Grand Ms. Pankhuri Gidwani showing her pledging her whole-hearted support to Round Table India. Before that we had also held a small discussion of Guest of Honour with the Tablers to familiarise her how the proceeds of such Fund Raiser is invested over time.
  • Ensuring Publicity of other National Fund Raisers including “Chennai Gives” through Area Chairman Tr. Siddharth Gupta and NS Tr. Dhruv Dalmia
  • Taking Inividual Feedbacks on SMS’s from Exhibitors who could not fill the Feedback Forms



The buzz around the Mega Area 8 Fundraiser was ascending towards a perfect peak and Tr. Siddharth, Chairman Area 8, ensured that Team Panache would witness another great high. He along with his Team comprising of the headboard was present since early morning to boost the morale of host Table. Besides Area Chairman, it was great to meet Tr. Rishabh Jain, AST and Tr. Tarandeep Singh Area Vice Chairman . Not only the main headboard members attended, but were right through the important events including Inauguration, Press Meet, Exhibition tour. Event was also well attended by all 3 tables of Lucknow and their Headboards including Tr. Khushal Bhargava, IPC and Tr. Rajit, Chairman from LMRT 255, Tr. Raghav- Chairman, Tr. Ashish Gupta and others from LTRT 207


PANACHE 2016- ‘Lucknow Swathed in Pink’ / Publicity

Area 8 Mega Publicity Across All Spectrums

Panache 2016 publicity initiative (A Grand RTI Publicity of Younited Area 8)

  1. 61 Fashion and Lifestyle exhibitors along with Home Interiors from all across India.
  2. Big name designers including designers from Lakme India Fashion Week and many repeat and also first time designer exhibitors.
  3. Hoardings in prominent locations of Lucknow including at Main Commercial Centres prominently showing Logo and Name of Round Table India as per new Branding Policy of 2016-17
  4. Massive and very active campaign ( showcasing the RTI & LCI Logos
  5. Professionally designed website showcasing work of RTI and LCI and how the proceeds of Fund Raising are put to use(
  6. 14 newspaper press releases in all major national newspapers including the prominent ones like Dainik Jagran, Time of India, Hindustan Times, I-Next, Rashtriya Sahara, Pioneer, Nav Bharat Times and many more
  7. Excellent coverage by Radio City 91.1FM and RED 93.5 FM for one entire week. With Radio Jockey mentions, Panache Team Interview, Radio City Notice board announcements and Advertisement every 15 minutes.
  8. Intense Radio Campaign across Radio City 91.1 and Red FM 93.5 with 30 slots each per day talking about Round Table and Ladies Circle and Charitable Fund Raiser that Panache was being marketed.
  9. 1 half page Flap releases in TOI- Lucknow Capital editions, 1 quarter page advertisement
  10. 14,000 Half A4 size Exclusively designed invitation cards distributed to all the past year’s Panache databases including Prominent Culture Organisations, Schools, Colleges, Recreation Clubs, Professional Forums, etc.
  11. 3500 visitors in one day
  12. 200,000 SMSs over one week.
  13. Miss India Grand 2016 Ms. Pankhuri Gidwani – supporting the fund raising activity of RTI and as Guest of Honour of Panache- Season 6
  14. Inauguration by Chief Guest Smt Anita Singhal- President of Social Welfare Organisation- “Akansha” and Wife of UP Chief Secretary & Guest Of Honor- Ms. Pankhuri Gidwani Miss India Grand 2016 agreed to promote the fund raising cause of RTI.
  15. Promotion of Round Table India and its fund raising activities by Miss India Grand Ms. Pankhuri Gidwani
  16. Display of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India logos on all 61 stalls
  17. Round Table India and Ladies Circle logos display at the main entrance of Panache
  18. Announcements every 30 minutes on the Freedom Through Education cause and achievements through the PA system
  19. All tablers wearing Round Table India T-shirts
  20. Contacted over 7 potential sponsors, who were really excited about the FTE work done by RTI.
  21. Television coverage by Sahara Samay, India News, City News 24×7, Sudarshan News, Aaj ki Khabar,
  22. 80 Posters were put at major retail outlets to increase RTI and LCI Publicity


Media Coverage

Panache is the most awaited lifestyle exhibition in Lucknow which had participation of 58 designers from all over India in various categories like Apparel, Home Decor, Accessories, Kids wear, Footwear etc. All the funds go towards charity and development of our FTE RTI LC India School at Ashakhera, Unnao. Panache 2016 was held on 3 Sep, 2016 at Hotel Taj by Vivanta.

Panache 2016 was widely publicised across electronic media, print media, radio, hoardings and posters at all the prominent locations in Lucknow. All the advertisements had the Logos of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India. There were 2 big hoardings put at 2 prominent locations in Lucknow, one in Hazratganj, which is the main market of Lucknow and the other at Gomti Nagar. There was 1 quarter page advertisement on 2  Sep in Lucknow Times and 1 half front page ad on 3 Sep in the Times of India main Publication. There was massive Radio Publicity on 2 Sep and 3 Sep where the Panache event was broadcast on Radio City and Radio Mirchi, every 15 minutes. Cr Varsha Agarwal also gave an interview on Radio City where she spoke about Round Table India and Ladies Circle India and how the event Panache helps in funding the cause of education of the underprivileged. 10,000 invites were couriered a week before the event. 250 posters were put at the prominent locations in the city. 1 Lakh SMS’s were sent over a period of 3 days before the event. We did huge publicity on Facebook which was handled very efficiently by Tr. Piyush Agarwal and Cr Sonali Agarwal. There was a page made on Panache on FB which had 4520 likes. Professionally designed Panache 2016 website which highlighted the organisation structure and values of Ladies Circle India. There was display of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India Logo on all the 58 stalls at Panache 2016. There was display of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India Logo at the entrance of the event venue. All the Tablers were wearing Panache pins that had Round Table India and Ladies Circle India Logo in addition to beautifully coutured Round Table Blue Linen Shirts . Inauguration of Panache was done by Mrs Anita Singhal, President Akansha UP, Social Welfare Organisation. Femina Miss India Grand 2016 Pankhuri Gidwani was the Guest of Honour, supporting the Fund raiser activities of Lucknow Ladies Circle 84. There was a press Conference held at Hotel Taj by Vivanta on the day of the event on 3 Sep where our Chief Guest Mrs Anita Singhal and Guest of Honour Ms Pankhuri Gidwani appreciated Round Table India and Ladies Circle India’s Cause of Providing Freedom Through Education. Panache 2016 was covered widely in 30 newspapers, to name a few, Times of India, Rajdhani, Inext, City Lights, Jan Sandesh Times, Hindustan, Sunday Pioneer, Rashtriya Sahara. There was Television Coverage of the Panache Fundraiser by National TV Channels Divya India News, Sadhna Plus and ETV.

Yours in Tabling
LMF Tr. Suyog Singhal
“Building Bonds- Link by Link”
Secretary- LRT 136- 2016-17



Fellowship: Ahmedabad Tables enjoy movie together


ART-40 and AHRT-193 had organized Movie Fellowship of the movie “M.S. Dhoni –The Untold Story”. There were total 35 members participated from both the tables for the said movie fellowship.

We all have gathered in 3 rows in the theatre and used to whistle and clap at the high moments in the movie. The best part was when the Reel Dhoni had hit massive six and India won the World Cup. At that time the whole crowd got elevated and gave standing ovation to M.S. Dhoni.

The twinklers had a great time watching the movie and eating Pop corns and Samosas during the break. Even many of us had gathered during interval and post completion of the movie for the photography session as our memories for life.

This was a great way of bonding amongst friends and developing a team spirit internally on the similar lines of “Captain Cool”. We were discussing in the last that a good team with a good leader can definitely create wonders.

Thank You AHRT – 193 for jointly participating with us in the said movie fellowship.

Thanks & Regards.
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh.
Chairman ART-40
“Show Your Strength”

Gearing up for tan tana tan – Hospet round table 231


 Tan tana tan is one cricket tournament every AREA 10 tablers  eagerly waits for. ….

It is the time when every tablers practice  cricket  nd meets everyday in the morning for over a month ..

Bonding we have in these periods make us feel to have many more such tournaments. ..

Practice starteddddddd …….

Hubli here we come ..THIS TIME CUP IS OURS

HRT 231

Assam Flood relief – RTI Kicks in to action spearheaded by Area 14


This image launched tables across India to action ! Leadership was showcased at every area level and table level.

Tr Manish Golyan, AC Area 14 , WhatsApped on the National Groups on the dire situation of flood affected areas; quickly sprung in to action and gave a clearly defined ask in the National groups. The programme was to distribute relief kits at a cost of Rs 1000 / kit. Tables and tablers started pouring in funds and the tablers of Area 14 swung in to action.

National President, Tr Suman Voora sent out an appeal across India stating :

“Tablers of Area 14 are spearheading a direct contact program where the flood relief material will be sourced and distributed to the affected people in Tinsukia, Dibrugarh and Kaziranga regions during this weekend.

Lets all join hands together and help the people in need. I request you to spread the word and contribute towards this cause. Your smallest contribution will make a big difference.”

As I write this blog, the following photos of the relief programme have reached us.

I for India – God Bless RTI and the tablers who are working effortlessly to the betterment of humanity

Proud to be a tabler,

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16

IMG-20150920-WA0071 IMG-20150920-WA0072 IMG-20150920-WA0079 IMG-20150920-WA0082 IMG-20150920-WA0085 IMG-20150920-WA0086 IMG-20150920-WA0088 IMG-20150920-WA0089 IMG-20150920-WA0090 IMG-20150920-WA0091 IMG-20150920-WA0094 IMG-20150920-WA0092 IMG-20150920-WA0093 IMG-20150920-WA0096 IMG-20150920-WA0097 IMG-20150920-WA0098 IMG-20150920-WA0099 IMG-20150920-WA0100 IMG-20150920-WA0101 IMG-20150920-WA0102 IMG-20150920-WA0103 IMG-20150920-WA0104 IMG-20150920-WA0105

Lucknow RT 255: Report on inter table fellowship

LMRT 255 fellowship with LTRT 207 and LRT 136 – Saturday 9th may’15

LMRT 255 attended a wonderful social hosted by LRT 136 on Saturday 9th May at Chandra’s Panorama, Ansal API Lucknow. The Social was made special by its theme ‘May Queen Ball’ as all the tablers and their better halves dressed smartly and gave a wonderful feel to this event.

Mavericks present at the occasion included Chairman Tr Khushal Bhargava, Tr Ashish Agarwal, Tr Robin Goel, Tr Yogesh Mulwani and Tr Bhushan Rastogi. All the tablers had a great time as LRT 136 played a wonderful host.

Special thanks to Tr Abhishek Agarwal and Tr Mayank Chandra of LRT 136 who had put in extra efforts for this social and made it a one of its kind event for tablers in Lucknow.

Reported by
Tr Robin Goel,
Secretary, LMRT-255

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member