Erode Round Table 211 LAPD on Photography


Tablers of ESRT 211 had a Interesting LAPD on Photography to develop the Interest and Skills of Tablers on photography

Tr Nanda Kumar shares  the details

It was a great pleasure and bonding in conducting the PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP on Jan 26th. It all started at 10:00 am with 13 Vibrant participants in park plaza coimbatore. First 30 mins session was an eye opener into the world of Birding, conducted by Mr.Shiva a leading Birder. Then started the real fun. Mr.Shammy took us to the world of photography with the Zones systems, importance of Lights etc.

I took over from shammy and shared my knowledge on the basics Aperture, Shutter speeds, Compositions, and other important things. Proceeded to Lunch with fellowship. Then continued with the Major photography techniques. It was super duper experience with highly active participants


Then Tr.Sara (CRT 9) took over from me and shared his depth knowledge on Wildlife and Bird photography, the importance of focusing, metering, stability, the great F8 Technique etc. The last evoking session was carried out by Tr.Ravi (our past area trek convenor and present GO GREEN convenor) regarding the importance of the Ecological Balance in the planet, our role and duties, How we are loosing our planet and what can be done.

Then came the fun. Shammy took over for a practical hand on experience and we all tried many photographic techniques with studio lights. Could not bear the over whelming enthu of few tablers, who took me to the road outside Park Plaza to try out few photographic techniques (thanks to Tr.Anand).

Next Morning we started by 6:00 am with our sandwiches packed (Thanks to Tr.Vivek). We proceeded to a place near AnaiKatty (Thanks to Tr.Sara) WOW, what a lovely place. We never know we have such a place nearby. We all enjoyed with variety of some rare and elusive birds and few colourful birds around. We all tried out the different photographic techniques that we learnt the previous day. Called of the day with a great Biryani Lunch.

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All in all, a wonderful 2 days of fun with my fellow tablers around.

I take this opportunity to thank Tr.Vivek (ERT 98) for his outstanding arrangements & Discounts in park plaza, Sq.Sreeni for helping me in preparing the study materials, Tr.Sara for bringing in the briding expert and also for arranging the lovely field trip, Tr.Ravi (Mohanraj) for the wonderful session. My sincere thanks to Tr.Sathya, Tr.Beauty Mohan, Tr.Senthil, Tr.Anand, Sq.Lg Chakra, Mr,Palaniappan, Mr.Balaji for having confidence in me and making this workshop a super duper success.

My sincere thanks to Area Chairman Tr.Anand and Tr.Madhu (Area Trek Convenor) for letting me a free hand on this workshop and Tr.Chris for helping me out with the flyers.

LMF.Tr.Nandha Kumar
– ESRT 211






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Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


AREA 8 Organizes Photography Competition at AREA AGM


AREA 8 had organized a Photography competition at the AGM

What better way to showcase the events done and attended in one year than a Collage

AREA 8 photography convener Tr Shyamal gupta organized and heres the Report and Some Photos




Date : 17/18th August 2012

Venue : Wyndham Grand, Agra

Facilitator : Tr. Shyamal Gupta, Lucknow Round Table 136

No. of Round Tables : 5


A photographic gallery contest was held where in Round Tables of Area 8 were requested to submit a photographic collage of their tabling activities in the previous year.  This photographic collage would capture all facets of Tabling which included fellowship, projects, rules, extension, fund raising, LAPD, twinklers, publicity and go green.

The photographic collage was first displayed at the High Tea on August 17, 2012.  It was a great event.  All the Tablers and Circlers enjoyed the display of not only their table collage but also of all the other tables.  5 tables, namely Varanasi Round Table 196, Allahabad Round Table 192, Lucknow Tigers Round Table 207, Bareilly Round Table 45 and Kanpur Heritage Round Table 125 participated in this event.

It allowed Tablers to appreciate and absorb ideas from other tables.  Apart from being a fun activity there was a lot of learning from sharing each other’s ideas/activities.

The National President Tr. Vineet Parikh and Tr Jyothish N Pillai judged the contest.  The National President really appreciated this great idea.  It was a unique blend to see all tabling facets of the entire Area being displayed at a common platform.

Due to the excitement steered by the Photographic Gallery, it was decided that the same be displayed again the next day (August 18, 2012) at the Area AGM meeting.  This will also allow tablers and circlers who missed the high tea to appreciate the tabling activities of the entire Area.  During the regular tea breaks during the Area AGM meeting, tablers were seen admiring the photographic gallery.  It become the center of discussion during the high tea and the Area AGM meeting.

At the Award Ceremony during the Chairman’s banquet on the evening of August 18, 2012, the Varanasi Round Table 196 was presented the award for the best photographic collage.  



The soft copies of all the collages were forwarded to the Area Photography convener Tr. Shyamal Gupta to ensure that these memories can be used during other Area and National events.

It was a great effort by all the participating tables.  The National and Area Presidents also lauded the creativity shown in the collages 


Tr. Shyamal Gupta

Lucknow Round Table 136

Area 8 Best Practice/ Photography Convenor






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Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


National Photography Competition Final Round Standings


The National Photography Competition organized by the National Photography Convener Tr Rahul Maheshwari has finally come to its Final Round Standings and Places.

Tr Rahul Maheshwari has been doing a Fantastic Job by Bringing in HTS, Tablers, Circlers, Twinklers together in a Competition where everybody was on a equal platform and the Most no of Likes took them to this Final Round  where renowned photographer Fritz Hoffman will judge the Final Winners

Here are the Final Standing and Now we await Ftritz Hoffman Results…

It give me great pleasure and satisfaction announcing the top three photos for each category from the National Photography Competition. The voting ended April 20th, 2012.

After a good 4 weeks of voting the top three photos were picked simply by the count of the number of “likes” on them. The Raount Table India Photography page on Facebook has seen a rise on the number of people visiting the page. We have had links shared with 7100 plus people across 20 different countries in a little over 3 weeks.

Now for the final round!

The top 3 photos from each category have been sent to National Geographic photographer Fritz Hoffmann for his final decision on the Winner and Second Runner up for each category!

The albums are still available for viewing. You will be able to see all the top 3 in the 6 page PDF attached.

Here is wishing the very best of luck to all the 15 finalists!!



Congrats To The Photographers who have made it to final round…





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Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Round table India Photography Competetion


Round Table India;s Photography Convener Tr Rahul Maheshwari has kept the Tablers Circlers and Twinklers busy By Clicking Photos for the RTI photography till now. Now that the Deadlines are over and photos in all categories uploaded. Its time now to go and vote for the Photo u Like….

Here are the Details By Tr Rahul Maheshwari

I have just uploaded all the final images for the all the Categories  on the RTI Photography page.

There are a total  more than 100 entries that met all the outlines as well as the deadline!

The album can be viewed at:

The top three photographs in each album with the maximum likes will move on to the final round where the winner will be decided by the National Geographic photographer Fritz Hoffmann. The other category albums for Tablers, Circlers, Twinklers over 10 and HTswill follow within this weekend. Now we need all the member to cast in their votes!

Stay tuned!! You have to see some of the beautiful images to believe it.

Rahul Maheshwari

The Details of the Competition were as below


So go Ahead and Vote NOW….






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Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181



Round Table India Photography Competition Starts Monday the 13th February


Its Time for the MEGA Photography Event of the year

The Convener for Photography Tr Rahul Maheshwari has announced the dates, Details and Prizes for the Round Table India’s Photography Competition which start on 13th February 2012 and the Judge is None Other Than internationally acclaimed National Geographic photographer “Fritz Hoffmann”

Here are the details by Tr Rahul


ready, steady, shoot!

Presenting the Round Table India and Ladies Circle India National Photography Competition Final winners to be selected by internationally acclaimed National Geographic photographer Fritz Hoffmann.

Competition start date: 13th February, 2012
Last date for submissions: 3rd March, 2012

Early bird prizes for first 100 entries!

Twinklers (over 10) 
Twinklers (under 10)
Lets see some of your best shots that you have to share on the themes identified for you!

First 100 entries will get a personalised coffee mug with their photo printed on it!

Prizes sponsor

Kodak Surat Green Round Table 209
Samson Lighting
Eastern Equipment & Engineers (P) Ltd
Area 3
Area 4
Entry guidelines: To ensure a easy and smooth process please make sure that your entries adhere to the following guidelines – You must email your entry to the following email address: – You can send only one image per email – Mention your full name and age along with table / circle number – In case of twinkler, please mention name, age along with the name of the parents – You are allowed no more than 3 (three) entries – Your images must be in the 1024 pixels on the longer edge at 72 dpi resolution – Your image must be accompanied by a small caption about the image; no more than 30 words. Parents are encouraged to help the little twinklers with the entry processes but please let them get the captions. We would love to see their creativity with words also 🙂

Final winners to be selected by internationally acclaimed National Geographic Photographer Fritz Hoffmann.

About your Judge:
Fritz is an American photographer who has garnered international recognition for his documentary style narratives on a range of subjects that portray society, culture, the environment and global economics. Fritz is a frequent contributor to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine for which he has photographed features in China, Cambodia, Greenland and the U.S.A.

Fritz is recognized for his photography work in China, which he began in 1994. He was a resident accredited photojournalist based in Shanghai from 1995-2008. He studied Mandarin at East China University of Science and Technology and at Shanghai University Academy of Fine Art. He has photographed in each of China’s provinces and municipalities numerous times. China and the Chinese Diaspora continue to be a primary interest for Fritz.

Fritz lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

The judging process:

In order to keep the judging process simple and democratic the competition is going to follow a very straight forward process that has been tried and tested in the past few photo competitions on the Round Table India Photography Facebook page. – All the entries need to be sent via email on – Post deadline (3rd March, 2012) photos will be uploaded on RTI Photography Facebook page – Once all images are uploaded entire Round Table India and Ladies Circle India will be encouraged to vote on their favorite photographs under all the categories. – The top 3 photos in each category with the maximum “likes” will be selected as finalists. – Fritz Hoffmann will then select the top two winners from each category! – Winners will be announced shortly there after and the prizes will be shipped to them.

Tr Rahul Maheshwari





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Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Round Table India National Photography Competition


Round Table India’s National Photography Convener Tr Rahul Maheshwari is creating Ripples with his Portfolio

First The Area IV Photo Walks and then Photography Classes and Now the Biggest of them all


Great Show

Here are the details

Get you cameras ready!

The National Photography Competition is going to be announced shortly with themes and deadlines!

Prizes include: Digital Cameras, Digital Photo Frames, 20in by 30in Large format customised prints!

Final winners to be selected by internationally acclaimed National Geographic photographer Fritz Hoffmann.

Twinklers (over 10)
Twinklers (under 10)

Early bird prizes for first 100 entries!

Judging criteria:
• All the entries to be sent via email – details will follow in the next mailer
• Post deadline photos will be uploaded on RTI Photography Facebook page
• Once uploaded entire Round Table India and Ladies Circle India will be encouraged to vote on their favorite photographs.
• The top 3 photos in each category with the maximum “likes” will be selected as finalists.
• Fritz Hoffmann will select the final winners!

Tr Rahul Maheshwari

National Best Practices Committee – Photography
Round Table India 2011 – 2012
+91 98306 00234





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Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Bhubaneswar Round Table 53 to Organize Photography workshop for Twinklers


The new concept of Photography under the banner of Best Practices is Catching up with not only the Tablers but also with the Twinklers of ROUND TABLE INDIA

The Convener for Photography Tr Rahul Maheshwari is organizing a Photography Workshop for the kids of BRT 53 on sunday the 22nd Jan 2012

Heres te Invite by The Best Practices Convener Tr ZISHAN Ali

Greetings from the LGC Convener of BRT 53. I am happy to announce that Tr.Rahul Maheshwari is conducting a photography workshop for our twinklers.
On behalf of BRT 53 a big thanks to him for his effort in making this happen by sparing his time. The twinklers are highly excited and looking forward to this workshop.
Looking forward to a shining & smiling sunday.
LMF Tr.Zishan Ali,
Convener – LGC
BRT 53
Reported By
Hamir Sampat
MKRT 181