Thomas Keller once said “ A recipe has  no soul .You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe” .

The 77ers had a pre Diwali boys cookout on a Sunday evening . The stage was set at White house .  The agenda was to see what the men can cook up , literally . It was time to get the men out of their comfort zone and put their culinary skills to the test . We had live counters that were manned by our very own 77 boys .

Warning : This is a recipe  for disaster ( so we thought )but atleast it would be fun .


It actually was a lot of fun and we were pleasantly surprised that the food actually came out really well . The active involvement of tablers who had knowledge of how to cook along with the encouragement of the ladies and participation of twinklers made it an interesting. event There were many dishes that were made like paneer  , pasta , mangolian rice etc. There was also baking station too where the twinklers and tablers learnt how to bake  a cake . It was nice to see the twinklers enthusiastically participating in the cook out exhibiting their exceptional culinary skills

Along with the cookout , with Diwali around the corner , the twinklers team planned a diya painting activity for the kids where they showcased their artistic talent . They painted the diyas really well as the diyas looked very colourful . The kids had such a blast . All in all , it was quite an enjoyable evening Cooking is an art and so also painting both being productive activities , when we put them together  it was a recipe for increased bonding.    We had a good turnout as well . A Sunday evening well spent .




The fellowship team put on their fitness hats and turned us all into athletes motivating us to wake up at 0600 hrs to give our bodies a jump start just like the way we jump start a broken down vehicle . It was the calling of the hoops ( the game of basketball ) .The game began with a practice session with the coach helping us in limbering up , we took a few lay ups also . We were 4 a side in each team with a tabler’s wife starting for one of the teams . We played half court , 4 on 4 !! It was a friendly game with no one counting a win or a loss !! The game went on for about 45 mins to an hour after which our fellowship convenor Tr . Siddharth fell flat on the floor . It was gruesome ! lol ! The last he played was during his college days . Its been a while since he hit the court .

Our Secretary Teja never played the game before but was supervised under good ball players in his team and the coach . In fact he made a couple of baskets as well .

Rohit who was the tallest in his team stood like a pillar and stopped all the lay ups and 3 pointers .

Our chairman Tr .Vidhan who is an  example of weight loss was a great  example and maneuvered all of us during the game . He also made sure everyone reached the court on time .

We had breakfast at Sid and Sweena’s place . There was semia upma and Satu which was a dessert . We ate a good meal and it was a good way to start off the day .


Jointly Compiled by :


Tr . Arihant and Tr. Shashank



After a fun filled basketball fellowship , Volleyball was next on the cards . This time it was on a Sunday which improved the attendance . The weather was overcast which was an added bonus for us to go and play for longer hours . This could only be possible because of our Secretary Tr . Teja  and Divya  who gave us entry into their college court and made arrangements for a net and linings on the court and also refreshments . The teams were  Vidhan , Arihant , Rohit Bajaj , Umesh and Vinay on one side and Shaad , Teja , Inder , Naveen and Gurvansh on the other . . It was a fair team on both sides with  captain Teja and captain Vidhan choosing the players in their team.

There were ladies who accompanied us . We also had twinkler Ishir , Chairman Vidhan’s son who was present amongst us . The ladies took a stroll around the college as we begun the games.

We started at 4:30 PM with the first game , 25 points a set , 5 on each court .  The contest  was so close it could have been  anyone’s game but chairman’s team won  the set of three with the score  2-1!!!

There were comedy errors taken lightly by all tablers though the game got intense.

There were a few good smashes and lifts . The dip service and floating service of a couple of tablers was difficult to counter which gave them a clean point in their favour. One of the longest rallies  that went on was for 10 -12 seconds which gave a much needed boost to all the new players in the team .

All in all it was a lot of fun there was a lot of laughter during the game and both teams showed coordination and the spirit to finish all three games at a go.

There were few tablers who were new to the game . Special mention to Tr . Vinay who played like the Hulk smashing the ball everywhere.  Luckily , the ball survived the onslaught of Tr . Vinay. The play went on till the lights dimmed and then everyone dispersed.


Jointly compiled by :

Tr. Arihant and Tr . Shashank


Parents Day celebrations by Vizag Round Table 77


Parents Day has been a signature event of  VRT 77 for the last 13 years .21st April 2019 ,  A day dedicated to our parents to take them on a journey showing them what we as Round Table stand for . It is also an opportunity for us tablers to get to know each other’s parents better .  A day full of fun , games and entertainment . The theme for this year was “Steeped in Tradition “ giving a traditional look and feel to the entire event .

Sq. Leg Sandeep Chitra who has been the convenor for this event all these years keeps outdoing himself year after year by constantly raising the bar in terms of his meticulous planning and execution ably supported by the hosts Tr.  Ameet and Tr .Dr .  Varun and Dr. Alekhya  and the ladies of 77 who played a huge role in the coordination of the event .

The mold was broken this year in terms of the décor . Munchies were served on a banana leaf and there were flower decorations which made the presentation of the set up very unique .

The program kicked off with the welcome address by Sandeep followed by Chairman Inder who spoke a few words about VRT 77  . Next we had Area Chairman  Tr Madhukar Rati who addressed the gathering . The MC Deepti Rati took over the proceedings starting off with the games . The objective of the first game was to bounce a ball off the table and ensure that it falls into a paper glass . The team that achieves the task first is the winner . This game was played for 3 rounds with 3 different combinations of participants like parents , grand parents and grand child , father and son , Mother in law , daughter in law etc .

The first round was played between Shrawan’s Parents , Mr. KL Somani and Mrs . Usha Somani and Dr . Sunita’s parents , Mr. GV  Rao and Mrs . Lalitha . The first round was won by Mr. GV Rao and Mrs. Lalitha .

The second round was played by Mr . JP Chowdary (Sandeep Chowdary’s dad)  and Twinkler Dhruv and  Mr. SK Agarwal ( Rajesh’s dad ) and Twinkler  Samyuktha . The round was won by Mr . SK Agarwal and Samyuktha .

The third round was played between Mr. Bhagat Rati and Dushyant and Mrs . Poonam Joshi and Swetha Joshi . The round was won by Mrs . Poonam Joshi and Swyear etha Joshi .

The next game was musical chairs for all the parents . It was a lot of fun . In the end it was Mr . Venkat Reddy ( Dr . Alekha’s father ) who was the winner .

Next on the agenda was the much awaited cultural program by all the twinklers .  It kicked off with a classical dance performance where Shivikha and Avni enthralled the audience .

The next performance was by the older twinklers who delivered an energetic performance leaving the audience spellbound by their dance moves . They danced to melodies from yesteryears and then depicted the transition by dancing to a medley from the middle age and then subsequently to the current generation . A rocking performance by the twinklers that totally stole the show with their electrifying dance moves that left the audience cheering loudly .

Next , we played a presentation of all the projects executed by 77 over the years and also the community service activities of the present year and then concluded with a throwback of parents day memories from the past . It feels good to showcase to our parents all the work we have done as a table .

We then had the prize distribution for the games and of course the big group picture with all the tablers , ladies , parents , twinklers and 41ers .  After this everyone proceeded for lunch . It was Mrs . Suchitra Yellavarthy’s birthday (Dr, Raghu’s mom ) . It was celebrated with a cake cutting .

The chairman Tr . Inder gave the vote of thanks . He thanked Sq. Leg Sandeep and Rajni , Hosts Tr. Ameet , Dr. Varun and Dr. Alekhya and Deepti for conducting the event , Sangeetha for coordinating the games and dance performances  and everyone who worked behind the scenes .

Sq. Leg Sandeep thanked everyone for their support and thanked chairman for giving him the opportunity . All in all , another parents day done with many memories to take back with us .

Holi fellowship by Hubli Central Round Table 142 and Hubli Central Ladies Circle 71

Holiiiiii fellowship, Dhoom Pichak Dhoom was  colourful, entertaining and   full of lovely moments. It was a Joint fellowship hosted by Our table, Circle qith 41ers Club. They gave all of us an memorable holi party .Exciting couple games added fun to it .Rain dance, free flow of colours , yummy food, music and spirit of festival were highlights too. When u say Holi it means Bhang so we all enjoyed bhang n dancing on our favourite tracks. Our host Tr Nitin n CP LMF Saanchi, Tr Sujit n Cr Swetha,  41er Amrut Tangent Smita had given us a amazing time after kids exams..

one more memorable fellowship of HCRT 142 and  HCLC 71

Vizag Round Table 77 hosts unique GUJJU Fellowship

A Sunday afternoon house social . It was simple yet a bit elaborate as well . The best part about home  socials is that the bonding is at its peak and the warmth and love with which we are received gives a personal touch and is the best feeling ever and like every home social Samir and Jayti’s social had all these elements . A home social with a theme makes it innovative and unique as well .

We 77ers along with 41ers of 169 and twinklers  were invited for a G.U.J.J. U themed social to relish the aroma and taste of authentic G.U.J.J .U food . The dress code being a touch of Bandhani or a combination of red and white .

There was a lot of chatter going on and lot of leg pulling . There was so much noise that it was at times difficult to talk (haha) That’s how  loud we are and how much of a riot we are as a bunch. The atmosphere was pretty chilled out and as usual we were always joking around .  The twinklers had their own fun too .

With 77ers past and present around , it was the perfect opportunity to catch up after a long time . It was also an opportunity for our recently inducted tablers , their ladies and prospects to get to know the 41ers of 169 a whole lot better . The newbies and prospects were heavily grilled with questions and interviewed .

We had a solid turn out too which made it a whole lot more fun . It looks like Sunday afternoons are a good time to get together.  Many of us were dressed in our colourful best . Quite a few of us came in Red and white while a few took the effort to come dressed in our best version of the ethnic G.U.J.J.U style .

A prize was given out for the best couple which was won by Tr. Shashank and Vanditha . There were  a couple of other highlights and funny moments that afternoon . The major highlight being the food . It was like a Gujju food fiesta   , a gastronomical delight with mouth watering dishes .

Let us take you through the menu shall we ?  Are you ready for this?

Well as soon as we reached the venue for the social , we got to savour the taste of puchka (paani puri) and Khal Muri for starters and Aam Panna for a welcome drink . Then there was Handva and Dhokla which is made from the batter of urad dal and rice . There was thepla which is like roti made from normal wheat flour adding spices to it. There was Undya ka sabji which is quite a lot like a mix veg curry but its speciality is its spices and round bhaji sort of muthdi made up of besan and methi leaves. There was Pakoda khadi made from besan and pakoda made from spinach. For desert there was Shrikhand and gulab jamun . Shrikhand is made up of hung curd and adding sugar ,cardamom and saffron to it …. Is your mouth watering while reading this…. (haha)

Phew ! It was quite a feast as you can see from the elaborate menu and by the end of it everyone was completely stuffed and some of us may have skipped dinner that day. All in all a big thank you to Samir and Jayti for hosting such an awesome social . It was a Sunday afternoon well spent .

Fellowship event by Vizag Round Table 77

Tr .Sandeep’s 40th Birthday Bash

Our very own Tr . Sandeep Chowdary achieved a milestone in tabling terms . It was his 40th birthdayon the 26th March 2019 and needless to say we had to celebrate . He’s had quite a storied career in tabling so far with many feathers in his cap . Those who have seen him in tabling from the very beginning are well aware of his accomplishments .   We happened to have our business meeting on that day and being his special day , he generously came forward to host it .

  This was by far one of those meetings where we had the most fun . It was fun because it was a house meeting and we also had a good turn out . House meetings have always been fun because the atmosphere is quite relaxed and chilled out and also because of warmth that you feel in the presence of a fellow tabler’s home .  We had the presence of our 41ers from club 169 also at this meeting .

 The meeting had many highlights apart from discussions on the regular agenda .  There was a LAPD session conducted by Sq.Leg Aanand Khara which mainly focused on games and  activities . The session opened with a number game wherein tablers would call out numbers at random and if any of the tablers call out the same number at the same time , then the game would restart . This game was mainly about clarity , leadership and direction …. We had to restart the game quite often . The next game was a commonality test where tablers were asked to write down a list of all their favourites and the objective of the game was to guess the name of the tabler based on the list of his favourite things (drink ,food , music , TV Show , relative , colour , pastime , hobby etc )  alternatively tablers would be asked what is so and so’s favourite drink , food , music , TV show etc and we would have to guess what was written on the paper it is based on how well we know the tabler

This was an eye opener for us as many of us would think we know friends well but when we play games like this we realize that we need to know them better and in turn we learn something new about them

After this fun game we had  41er Aanand  and 41er Deepak  conduct a team  building activity called JOIN .  We were divided into teams  where we would be given instructions like “8 ARMS , 7 knees , 1 Rs.5 coin , 1 credit card , one doctor”and as a team we had to be quick  and alert in putting all this together and when we were done . We had to say JOIN . The fun part is to see everyone trying to be the team to finish first and the chaos that ensues (haha) . These three LAPD activities were a major highlight and it was so much fun and we look forward to more such activities during our meetings in the future .

 Another major highlight was the Sargenting act . Tr .Vidhan was the sargent assisted by Sq. Leg Shrawan Somani and Tr. Adarsh Joshi / The act  centered around the birthday boy Tr . Sandeep Chowdary where tablers were asked questions by Sq. Leg Shrawan Somani  about Sandeep and his tabling career .   The act was well conducted . 

We had LMF recognitions handed out to Tr. Gurvansh by Sq. Leg Dharminder Singh Anand ( Novi Bhai ) , Tr. Pradyumna by Sq.leg Kiran cheruku , Tr Sritej by 41er Deepak Menda, Tr . Dr . Varun by 41er Aanand Khara  and Tr . Shaad by 41er Dr . Rakesh .  Tr . Shashank was recognized with a  Star Performer Pin by Chairman Tr . Inder and he was pinned by 41er Aanand khara . 


All in all , the meeting went off really well mainly due to active participation of all tablers  . It was meeting full of laughter and a lot of fun .  Twinklers Hardik and Dhruv also actively took part in the games and activities .

 After we closed the meeting we had the cake cutting for Sandeep followed by a sumptuous  meal with delicious dishes which were relished by everyone . A big Thank you to Tr . Sandeep and Sangeeta for hosting us . Looking forward to more fun filled meetings .

ISports organised by Hubli Central Round Table 142 and Hubli Central Ladies Circle 71

We proudly can say that we were successful in accomplishing this, ISports 2018-19 an signature event of HCRT 142 & HCLC 71, held on 13th January 2019,Sunday. At Cotton county club, Hubli

Hosts – Tr Maltesh & Harshita Niranjan, Tr.Vinay & Suwarna Jartharghar, Tr.Prasanna & Savitha Kulkarni.

Success counts on highest participation of 185 Adults & 60 children.

Massive isn’t it??

Highlight for this signature event was introducing a new sport “ AQUA POLO “ which had a huge response.

KIDS- such an adorable short word. It’s equally difficult to keep them occupied and calm with activity that’s knowledgeable and that creates zeal amongst them. Special thanks to Decathlon & Robotics to help us entertain our kids.

To grace this wonderful event we had our Past President Round Table India Tr. Harish Shenoy & President Ladies Circle India LMF Cr. Namrata Shenoy along with Area Chairman Area X Tr. Alok Ankalikar & Area Chairperson LMF Cr. Dr Aryaa Ankalikar.

Unique Fellowship by Hubli Central Round Table 142

Being loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone gives you courage. “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” 😍“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”🤩
This is exactly what happened on the evening of Fellowship, the theme “DDLJ”, it was fantastic watching the alluring couple dance the ramp.
Dressed in their nuptial bonding, felt it was dreams coming true!!!!
Happy & blushing faces made the evening soaked in romance. The multicoloured moods of love spread it’s satin wings.
It was satisfying to see that everyone was enjoying the party.
The breathtaking moment of the evening was exchange of garlands, where the time took them back to their wedding memories.
Happy moments relieved!!!
The music played the Cupid & yummy dinner followed.
Let this love always stay!!

Round Table & Ladies Circle India Indian idol 2019 – Sa se sa Tak!!

Round Table & Ladies Circle India Indian idol 2019 – Sa se sa Tak

“Music  gives a soul to the Universe , wings to the mind , flight to the imagination and life to everything “ – Plato

With these thoughts in mind , We organized the Round Table & Ladies Circle India, Indian Idol –  A National Level Singing Competition  for our Members ,   held on 1st and 2nd February, 2019 at Kolkata.

We had a total of  15 participants ( 8Tablers , 6 Circlers , 1 Twinkler ) coming from all over the country.

Name Table/Circle no Area City
1 Tr.Saurabh Agarwal 265 11 Surat
2 Tr. Meraj Yusuf 190 13 Manglore
3 Tr. Siddharth Chaturvedi 257 5 Bhopal
4 Tr. Bhagirath Jalan 218 8 Varanasi
5 Tr. Jagjeet Dongare 119 10 Belgaum
6 Tr. Dr Debashish Sarkar 329 5 Agra
7 Tr.Viral Thaker 159 2 Chennai
8 Tr. Harmeet Singh Sethi 34 4 Kolkata
9 Cr.Nidhi Harbhajanka 65 4 Kolkata
10 Cr.Sakina A Magar 143 10 Hubli
11 Cr. Pragya Bhardwaj 245 3 Nasik
12 Cr. Neha Kasliwal 90 3 Raipur
13 Cr. Sandyasri Balaji 86 1 Kottayam
14 Cr. Rohini S 16 7 Coimbatore
15 Tw. Ojjasvi Sethia 318 8 Lucknow

Results of the  Competition are –

Tabler Cateogry

Winner – Tr.Meraj Yusuf and Tr.Bhagirath Jalan

Runner Up – Tr.Jagjeet Dongare


Circler Cateogry

Winner – Cr.Nidhi Harbhajanka

Runner Up – Cr.Neha  Kasliwal


Duet Cateogry

Winner – Tr.Debashish Sarkar & Tr. Saurabh Agarwal

Runner Up – Tr.Harmeet Singh Sethi & Cr.Nidhi Harbhajanka


Twinkler Cateogry

Winner – Tw.Ojjasvi sethia

Judges for the Indian Idol were Mr. Niraj Daga of Dhwani Fame, Celebrity DJ Akash Rohira and our very own Sq.Leg Neeraj Banka.

We would like to thank and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Presidents Cr.Namrata Shenoy and Tr.Dhruv Dalmia  , NFC Tr.Bittu Gandhi , Cr. Priyanka Handa and Cr.Preeti Agarwal  , AC  – Tr.Manish Lakhotia and ACP Cr.Nirupama Golyan , AFC Tr.Sanidhya ,Tr.Keshav and Tr. Avinash , Table Chairman’s Tr.Arpit Saraf and Tr.Vinit Jain, Chairpersons Cr.Nidhi Kedia and Cr.Nitika jain ,   Tr.Shyamasish Lenka and the always helpful and legendary Bunty Bhaiya  for their continued guidance , support and motivation without which the IDOL would not have happened .

Last but not the Least , We thank  the Participants  who came in from all corners of the country to participate , Nex Board of LC india and entire  Area 4 who made  the IDOL a success.

“The only thing better to singing is more singing “

Lucknow Mavericks Round Table 255 celebrate Republic Day at there FTE School

Republic Day Fun – a day well spent

“How’s the JOSH”?

“High Sir!!”

Its true. LMRT 255 family is always charged up with JOSH. Be it for projects, community service or fellowship. The national initiative of Fellowship week gave us the chance and opportunity to work closer with each other and make the bonds of friendship stronger. In the end that is what you earn for life – Friends.

This Republic Day we decided to do something fresh and new. The weather being on our side our eventful day began with the flag hoisting ceremony at our FTE School in Sonari Gaon. The love, warmth and welcome received from the kids takes away your tiredness and stress. Those smiling faces looking forward to impress you, are the most honest expressions one has witnessed.

Post flag hoisting the children left no stone unturned to outperform each other in the races, theater performance and group choir. Their will and determination coupled perfectly with the republic day vibe.

After bidding good bye to the school staff and students it was time to catch up with the LMRT 255 family and twinklers for our picnic fellowship at Ansals Golf City – “Picnic on the Greens”. The openness gave the twinklers a chance to run around, play catch & Frisbee and most importantly enjoy to the fullest.

In my opinion the high point of the picnic was the tablers fighting with the twinklers for batting. The beauty of this fellowship was that we all became kids jumping & diving for the cricket ball and Frisbee alike.

With high spirits & rejuvenated energy we all decided to make it an annual feature of our table. The memories we make with our family are everything and that day we did take back many new ones.