Surat RT 135 go on a Jungle Adventure

“Jungle me Mangal”


On the 31st December morning 5:30 am, Surat LC 72 and Surat RT 135,Tablers, Circlers and twinklers, along with past circlers and 41’ers gathered  at a common meeting point to board the bus for a surprise venue.

The fellowship started that very moment. We all enjoyed masala chai. Everyone was so enthusiastic. It was dark and the roads were silent, but our group was enthusiastic to witness never ending fun.

The bus started and everyone began chit chatting and sharing plethora  of dry snacks. From mysore pak to patra to thepla..the list is unending.

We stopped for breakfast and continued the journey after that. It was Antakshari time…Boys vs Girls and it was a beautiful musical journey where time just flew.


We had finally arrived at NATVENTURE  camp site in d middle of a jungle kind of a place. As we arrived, the place had a very fresh and positive vibe. Greenery all around, and no mobile signals!!

We enjoyed simple yet super delicious and healthy lunch together. It was now time to head to the rooms.


As we proceeded towards the rooms we found that all the girls had to stay in a common room together and all the guys had a similar arrangement.

The room was huge and we had numerous bunker beds.

Everyone immediately remembered their hostel life and school trips. Childhood visited everyone’s thoughts.


We all got fresh and there were various physical activities waiting for us. We were divided in teams and the activities included …crossing the Burma bridge and Flying Fox.

Each and every person participated very actively in all the activities with full team spirit. Then we did the hurdle crossing together and accomplished each task successfully.

It was evening and everyone refreshed themselves with tea, coffee and snacks.


It was the last evening of 2016. And everyone got ready to rock and roll.We enjoyed watching the THABA dance performed by the local people .

Then the DJ took over and we all danced around the bon fire till the clock struck 12. It was midnight and under a star studded sky we hugged each other and wished for the new year to bring along loads of love and happiness.

Everyone enjoyed dinner and it was time to bond and chit chat after the party was over.

MORNING !!! ….Another lovely day awaits you…

It was 7:30 am in the morning and everyone was spotted enjoying the morning tea in their pyjamas.

After we had breakfast we were again divided in teams and we did the treasure hunt challenge.

It was a fantastic game with people hunting for clues,running around in the entire area from left to right.


Another unforgettable activity was making a raft with bamboo sticks and tube tyres and and tying it all  together with jute ropes and carrying it all the way to the river , on shoulders and sailing it in the river.

The amount of fun we had while making the boat and then sailing it,cannot be measured. The children and adults,everyone had fun swimming in the river and sailing.

Now it was time for some amazing rain dance with the music playing loud.

After that we all had a bath and enjoyed super yummy lunch.


It was now time to pack up and gather for tea. Soon after the tea break,we sat in the bus to head back home.

The fun didn’t end here!!

We played housie and chit chatted all the way. The bus was full of noise and laughter. In spite of doing so many activities, nobody was tired.

We then stopped at the highway for dinner and headed home laughing, eating, singing and making merry…taking back loads of good moments and the memory of a new year,we will remember our entire life!!!

LMF Tr.Deepak Kherajani
SRT-135, Chairman 2016-17 (Be Smart To Win)

Activity Digest / Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

Project: Chess Competition

Date: 4th December 2016

RSRT158 collaborating with Virudhunagar District Chess Association sponsored and  helped organize a State level Chess Competition for school children from all over Tamil Nadu at Jaycees School, Sivakasi . Chairman Tr. Murali, an avid Chess player, moved the first pawn of the first game and set ablaze the day-long tournament. The young minds were given a conducive environment to compete in good spirit. A certificate of merit was issued to all participants and the winners were rewarded handsomely with prize money and a generous applause!

Chess Cometition

Fellowship: “Go Desi” Social By Tr. Rishi & Cr. Aastha Khetan

Date: 11th December 2016

Tr. Rishi Khaitan and Aastha hosted a fabulous social for tablers and their families with the theme “Go Desi”. The gathering enjoyed a laid back, leisure Sunday afternoon at a Farm with a striking food menu and chilled beverages. The offbeat theme added to the elegance of the outdoor lush setting and cool breezy weather.After a long and productive meeting the party kicked off with twinklers and tablers plunging into a pool and enjoying insanely in an artificial waterfall.The icing on the cake, was hands down, the sumptuous food ranging from chaat to noodles, each dish specially home cooked by the hosts. Tr. Rishi and Aastha provided the means for everyone to let loose and unwind. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, to say the least!!

Dec Social - 4Dec Social - 2Dec Social - 1

Project: Book Distribution

Date: 9th December 2016

Chairman Tr Murali and Tr. Ashish Bardia of RSRT distributed 40 books to the school library of Kammaapatti Municipal Middle School, Srivilliputur. This Project has been supported by RTI Trust’s – S.Chand Publications Free Books Distribution Scheme to encourage the Young Readers.

Book Distrubution

Project: Table & Chair Donation

Date: 16th December 2016

Chairman Tr Murali, Tr Srinivasan, Tr Rishi, Tr. Ashish and Tr. Jai Ganesh of RSRT made a Donation of  3 tables and 3 chairs to M Pudupatti Panchayat school at M.Pudupatti Village near Sivakasi. The National Marathon Convener Tr Ajmal Graced the Event. RSRT Chairman Honoured Tr. Ajmal with the RSRT Table Pin. The School Authorities greatly appreciated the generosity of the Club.

Tables&Chair Donation

Project: Sports Kit Donation

Date: 20th December 2016

Chairman Tr Murali, Tr. Kali, Tr, Srinivas, Tr. Ashish Bardia and HT Muthu of RSRT distributed Sports Kits to the Kammaapatti Municipal Middle School, Srivilliputur. These Sports Kits where received by Students who had a special interest and good aptitude in Sports. RSRT made this donation in a view to encourage young talent to participate in various sporting events.

LMF.Tr. Deepak Amarnath
IT & Blog Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

Sports Kit

Fellowship: “Garden Social” at Ahmedabad RT 40


Tr Pulkit and Tr Animesh along with Cr Aditi and Cr Bhavna had planned a Garden Social with Live Music and Bon-fire on 11th December, 2016 at Goenka House. In the social the entire family of ART-40 and ALC-64 were invited

The host had personally called each and every Tabler, Circler and 41ners to attend the social. They had prepared a beautiful flyer which was promoted on our Tabling Groups. At the beginning of the party the host had served us with Hot Soup, Starters and Pani-Puris. The evening weather was cold enough to make all of us sit near the bon-fire and enjoy the hot delicacies with the tabling buddies.

Post the welcome was over the host had involved all the participants in Couple Games. In one of the games the couples were paired together and the guy was given a white plain paper to hold while the girl was given lipsticks. The girl had to use the lipstick and kiss the paper within one minute. The paper having maximum kisses was declared the winner. Post couple games, we had played Housie where all the members including twinklers were actively involved.

Once the games were over, the dinner was served to all the members present. The dinner menu consisted of Italian, Punjabi and Oriental Food which was relished by all of us. The fried ice-cream was the icing on the cake. Once the dinner was over we all did Couple Dance with the Live Music. The bollywood songs didn’t allow us to leave before 11:30 in the evening.

We really had a great time playing games, enjoying food and music and creating a bond among friends.

Thank you, Tr Animesh, Tr Pulkit, Cr Aditi, Cr Bhavna for giving us suchwonderful memories.

Thanks & Regards.
LMF Tr Ankit Parikh
Chairman, ART-40

Fellowship: Wedding fun @ Goa / Ahmedabad RT 40

Goa Fellowship

Mere Yaar ki Shaadi hai!!!

It was the wedding of a Tabler Priyam Patel from ART- 40 on 27th November, 2016. Tr. Ankit Parikh, Tr. Ankit Agarwal, Tr. Akshit Marwah and Tr. Ankit Mangal went for the wedding in Goa on 25th November, 2016.

25th November, 2016:

On that day evening, the host had arranged for English wedding where he Bride and Groom exchanges the rings and celebrated the evening with its perfect couple dance. The Bride and the Groom looked very nice together. We had a gala dinner in the evening in complete English style.

26th November, 2016:

In the morning, they had made beautiful arrangement for the Mehendi Function. The ambiance and décor near the beach was perfect for our entertainment. There were games and fun zones near the food courts. All the guest were casually dressed for the function. We had an amazing time near the beach.

On the same day evening, we had Sangeet Function followed by musical night by famous Bollywood Singer Badshah. We have seen some amazing performances of the family members of Priyam and Panna. Bollywood singer gave us a rocking and Splendid time. We also got chance to click selfies with him.

27th November, 2016:

It was the wedding day. We all dressed up in traditional for Baraat. We had danced on Gujarati Garba and bollywood songs during Baraat. The wedding rituals, décor, food, music was just perfect.

God bless the newly weded couple Priyam and Panna.

We wish them a happy married life.

Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman – ART 40

Fellowship: Movember fun @ Vizag RT 77


No shave November or Movember is a concept where in one doesn’t shave for the entire month of November and grows a long beard . So , to keep up with that spirit and challenge , some of the tablers maintained their beards for more than a month.

As  November is coming to an end , our “OUT OF THE BOX” fellowship convener, Tr . Naveen Perla decided to call for a fellowship at TEA TRAILS  café to showcase each other’s beards .

Some of us were able to maintain the beards well whereas others shaved it off. Nonetheless those you kept up to the challenged flaunted their beards with pride while others just joined in to watch the fun .

Tr . Naveen is well known for his whacky ideas. He carried shaving cream to the café and tried to shave everyone who had beards, thankfully it wasn’t shaving cream , it was just party snow  (haha)

This fellowship was very chilled out where we just sat in a tea café that specializes in serving different types of tea . We kept ordering food and as the food and teas arrived, we relished every bit of it . This reminded us of our college days where in we would  spend time sitting in the canteen ordering food till we would have to be forced to leave . It was a similar situation here, only we were not forced to leave .We had good participation from tablers, ladies and Sq.legs so as and when more people started coming in , we realized that we were going to be here for a while  and kept ordering more food .We just couldn’t stop eating . We kept the fellowship fun and entertaining by making the most noise at our table and pulling each other’s  legs . We made so much noise that the waiter was having a tough time keeping up with the orders.

All in all another awesome fellowship to remember for 77

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla,
Vizag RT 77


Fellowship: “Green Social” @ Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

RSRT 158 @ October Social – Tr. Shiva Shankar “ Green Social”

Date: 22nd October 2016

Tr. Shivashankar and Deebiga Shivashankar hosted a lush Social with the theme “Go Green” inviting all RSRT tablers  and visiting tablers  from Madurai (MRT99 and MRT14) with  families for his “Green Party” at the Hotel Bell, Sivakasi .  The social was a milestone marking the landmark 365th Meeting denoting “A year of tabling”. The party was without doubt blooming with a green ambience, leafy crowns and a green menu ranging from coriander soup to palak paneer and green cake.  Everyone sure left the Green Party with  evergreen musings !

LMF.Tr. Deepak Amarnath
IT & Blog Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

Inter-table Rock On Fellowship @ Hubli on National Fellowship Day

Rock On Fellowship

City table fellowship of Four City tables HRT- 37, HCRT- 142, HART-153 and HKRT -178 and Dharwad City Table DRT- 60 with the theme ROCKON to celebrate National Fellowship Day. Local Authentic Food Savji delicacy being the highlight of the party. There was Special DJ and Dance floor arranged to enjoy to the core. Tr. Druv Dalmiya was the chief guest of the night. All in all All Five city tablers, Ladies and twinkler found fine bonding during the night.

Tr. Gaurav Khullar Welcomed the dignitaries on behalf of all. AST Sundeep Mani congratulated HART- 153 for Super Cyclothon and also recognized Super Treasurur Tr. Pramod Hiremath. AVC Tr. Sachin Shah Thanked all for the spectacular Cyclothan which had more than 1500 participants. AC Tr. Mahendra Yadav said Khudos to HART-153 for the wonderful event Cyclothon which is now National event. He recognized Tr. Janeshwar Belamkar, Cyclothon Convenor and Tr. Kartik Chavan, Publicity Convenor as AREA- 10 SUPER STAR. National Secretory Tr. Druv Dalmiya appreciated hospitality of Area 10 and he congratulated all for having great year. He also Said cyclothon of HART 153 is one of the best event he has attended.

LMF Tr. Pawan Pawar
IT & Blog Convenor – Hubli Accent RT 153