Toilet blocks inaugurated by Nasik Round Table 107

Toilet blocks inaugurated at Nasik by NRT 107

Impact – 550 children
FTE assist- two toilet blocks impacting 550 students at Bal Shikshan Mandir Nasik inaugurated. Total 10 toilets for girls  and 10 Urinals for boys were made for underprivileged children.
Nasik round table 107 thanks Indiana for their support for this project. Chief guests were Area 3 chairman Aditya Jhunjhunwala, National project Convenor Hussain Mustafa and Area 3 Secretary Vickaash Agarwal.
The school teachers organized a felicitation function for all dignitaries. Chairman of Nasik round table 107 Dr.Kunal Sethi thanked everyone for their contribution in this project which is part of swach Bharat mission.

Inauguration of 50 Bench Donation by Hubli Accent Round Table 153

Inauguration of 50 Bench Donation by Hubli Accent Round Table 153

Date : 29th June 2019

HART 153 donated 50 Benches at a total outlay of Rs.158800.00. This project was undertaken in association with Round Table India Foundation, Chennai. Shri Mallangouda Mundinnamani Higher primary School, Jekkinkatti was in desperate need of benches and thus this project of donating 50 benches shaped up.

Inauguration of 50 Bench donations was done on 29th June’19. It was a pride to present the kids with these school benches. Gone are the days of floor studies at these schools. The school authorities & children were immensely happy & excited.

2 classrooms FTE project by Calcutta Central Round Table 38 (CCRT38) and Kolkata Victorian Round Table 227 (KVRT227)

Subject: Inauguration of Jagatdal Chasma-I-Rahmat High School 2 classrooms.

Venue: Jagatdal, West Bengal.

Date: 29th June, 2019

Jagatdal Chasma-I-Rahmat High School (School) needed the 2 classrooms to
accommodate more students from the local area.

Calcutta Central Round Table 38 (CCRT38) and Kolkata Victorian Round Table 227 (KVRT227) took the initiative to build the required 2 classrooms and also finished it in record time starting from 23.5.19 and finishing inauguration on 29.6.19. The total area constructed was 1050 sq ft. Around 150 children will be benefited from this project. The total cost of the project has come out to Rs.12.06 lakhs.

As we understand, even after 65 years of independence, millions of Indian children have never, ever been to school due to poverty in our Country. Since the year 1996, Round Table India (RTI) started adopting projects, across the country, aimed at providing quality school infrastructure, and then in 1998 this project was formalised and thus born the National Project of RTI- “Freedom Through Education (FTE)”. In pursuit of educating underprivileged children RTI’s focus on infrastructure building is aimed at promoting education for posterity.

For CCRT38 and KVRT227, the School’s 2 classroom project was identified based on the fact that the oldest in the area and there were no good schools nearby.

From CCRT38, Chairman Tr.Amit Soni, Tr.Aditya Shroff, Tr.Aditya Poddar, Tr.Nishant Shaw, Tr.Dewki Khaitan were present at the inauguration. Parents of Tr. Rahul Saraiwala were also present.

From, KVRT227, Chairman Tr. Ayush Beriwala and IPC Tr.Prahlad Kedia were present. From Nationals, National Project Convenor Tr. Hussain Mustafa, National Fund Raising Convenor Tr. Vaibhav Sachdev. From Area 4, Area
Chairman Tr. Manish Lakhotia were also present.

With loads of thanks and appreciation the school headmaster, teachers, students and locals greeted us whole-heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children was a beautiful sight. Now more children can study and get a direction in their lives.

CCRT38 and KVRT 227 also did community service projects in the school by
distributing school bags to the children, GoGreen project by planting trees in the School’s park. Further, we also installed a water cooler at the School.

4 Classroom FTE Project by Kolkata Round Tables 17 & 293 along with Kolkata Ladies Circle 27 & 147

4 Classrooms with G+2 foundation and Toilet Block Inaugurated at Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Kanchdiha, West Medinipur, West Bengal, West Medinipur,

Subject:  Inauguration of Saraswati Sishu Mandir of 4 Classroom & Toilet Block

Venue: West Medinipur, West Bengal.

Date:   29th June 2019

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”-

As we all know that education is the most powerful tool that no one can steal. I still remember the first visit to the school and when the students were told that instead of learning in the hut they will now get to go to school in a pukka building . The smiles on the cute faces of children said it all. The vibrations attracted us to make a proper building so that students can study properly.

With the help of an old lady who is an IIT pass out, donated her land for the kids so that they can study and make name for our country. With her help and blessing we started this Greenfield project and looking at the need and future we started the construction. The foundation was done so that we can add two floors in the future.

Around 211 Kms from Kolkata a two and half hour drive from the city we found the school .We did  4 classrooms and a toilet block for the Students at present. The total constructed area is 3205 Sqft at an outlay of 36 Lacs. Currently there are 192 Students Studying but with the building now in place it will grow from the next sessions which happens to be in Jananuary 2020.The school authorities expect minimum growth of 75-100 Students .

The school is located at a very remote village and in the vicinity of around 4 Kms there is no school. The school takes the initiative of bringing the students from there nearby homes in tempo and dropping them too.

With loads of thanks and appreciation the locals greeted us whole heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children were a beautiful sight. Now more children can study and get a direction in their lives.

National Project Convenor Tr. Hussain Mustafa, Area 4 Chairman Tr. Manish Lakhotia, Area 4 Project Convenor Tr. Tushar Agarwal  & Tr.Abhishek Agarwal along with Tablers From RT 293 were present. We had this project jointly done with The Ladies Circle India Circlers from CCLC 27 and KKLC 147 were also there to grace the occasion

We also did a community service by distributing school bags to 192 students which was taken from Regalia.

A one month Ration was also distributed to 150 people to the local village Aadi vaasis.


4 classroom FTE block inaugurated by Kolkata Victorian Round Table 227

Subject:  Inauguration of Champdani Arya Vidyapith School 4 classrooms.

Venue: Village Chapdani , West Bengal.

Date:   16th  March, 2019

“A child without education is a bird without wings”- Tibetan Proverb.

With Indians ever increasing polulation the biggest challenge and the matter of concern is to provide quality education for every child born. Though the Indian government has been partially successful in increasing the literacy rate percentage however there still exits a major gap. Indias majority population lives in rural and yet there are countless villages where the children are not even getting the basic education properly. Illiteracy is a self fulfilling curse that perpetuates the chain of pverty, degradation and child labour. Round Table India has very well taken this initiative to reach out to these areas where the goverment is yet to lay its eyes upon.

The Victorians too after having collected enough funds through fund raising projects took the initative of building 4 more classrooms at the school. The total area constructed was 2200 sq ft. Around 450 children will be benefitted from this project. The total cost of the project was 24 lakhs.

Absence of any good school nearby there was urgent need for a project like this.

With loads of thanks and appreciation the locals greeted us whole heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children was a beautiful sight. Now more children can study and get a direction in their lives.

National Project Convenor Tr. Ajmal, Incoming Area 4 Chairman Tr. Jeet, Area 4 Chairman Tr. Manish Lakhotia, Area 4 Project Convenor Tr. Tushar Agarwal along with Kvrt 227 members, Circlers, Twinklers were present.

We also did a small Non fte project in the school by distributing school bags to the children.

A Token of Appreciation was given by the Kvrt 227 Chairman Tr. Ayush to all the dignitories.  A glorious first half of the day was well spent. True to the defination of the word pure team work we Victorians embarked on yet another journey in the persuit of education the underpriviledged.

3 Classroom FTE block by Hubli Accent Round Table 153

Hubli Accent Round Table 153 constructed FTE School Block of 3 Classrooms at Sri Gangadhar English Medium High School, Noolvi and the same was inaugurated on 15th June’19 benefiting 947 under privileged Children.

The Only English Medium School in the Village and Surrounding – Shri Gangadhar English Medium High School, Noolvi was in immediate need of classrooms. This school is situated in a village which is 21 kms from Hubli & the only English medium school in the nearby surrounding. Presently there are 947 children studying & majority of these children are under privileged who belong to the farmers/farm workers community.

The school was managing with only 15 classrooms out of which 3 Classrooms were constructed by us last Year under the RTIT FTE Grant. The School authority requested us to build additional 3 more classrooms to meet the requirements. Basic infra & amenities is a right of every student & we at HART 153 believe & strongly endorse that view.  Now is the time to provide better infra & ambiance for our next gen to provide quality education more effectively even from a school situated in a remote village.

Thanks to RTIT for considering this project initiated by HART 153. 03 new class rooms were built at a total outlay of Rs.24,80,000/-. The quality of these newly built classrooms has been the highlight of the project, which has been highly appreciated by the school authorities, Gram Panchayat & by the RTI area dignitaries present during the inauguration ceremony.

These classrooms are equipped with fans, LED tube lights, green boards with vitrified flooring.

We are sure 947 students stand to benefit hugely in the days & years to come as shortage of classrooms will never be an obstacle for them from now on.

School Children & staff were overwhelmed to witness such high quality class rooms. They have been lauding the efforts of Round Table India in ensuring their mission of Freedom through Education.

Unique 2 Classroom FTE Project by Mysore Elite Round Table 256 & Mysore Elite Ladies Circle 141

Date: 29th May 2019.

Venue: Government Primary School, Madahalli, Mysore District.

Area – Area 13.

It’s an immense please to announce the first joint project of FTE CLASSROOM BLOCK from Mysore Elite Round Table 256 & Mysore Elite Ladies Circle 141.

A special applause to our contractor V2SPACE Co., Mysore for the turnkey project of this classroom block starting from the design till the completion of the physical block at Madahalli Village, Mysore District. Mr. Sharath Gowda, Chairman of Mysore Elite Round Table is the owner of the company, V2SPACE.

The bus structure acts as one of the most iconic structure which encourages 75 students at Madahalli Village to study and also this structure aims positively to attract more students to join this Government Primary School and build a better India.

We thank our sponsors “Krishna Farms” to support this initiative. We also thank RTI Assist, RTIT, RTIF for supporting us with the timely funds towards this initiative. We also thank the National Project convener Mr. Ajmal and Area Project Convener Mr. C.V Mahesh for guiding us with the documentary process.

The total cost of this project was Rs. 9,00,000 ( Nine Lakh Rupees Only.)

We invited and were graced by the National Board and Area Board of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India.

  1. National President Ladies Circle Namrata Shenoy,
  2. National Project Convener Ajmal,
  3. Area 13 Secretary Ravi Kumar,
  4. Area 13 Project Convener Mahesh,
  5. Area 13 Chairperson Sangeetha,

Tablers and Circlers At Project:

LMF Tr. Pavan Shroff

LMF Tr. Prem

LMF Tr. Gowtham

LMF Tr. Jai Prakash Chopra

LMF Tr. Arjun

LMF Tr. Sharath

LMF Tr. Dinesh

LMF Tr. Suresh

Cr. Bindhu

Cr. Priyanka Ravi

Cr. Jayanthi

Other Tablers at the Project:

GLMF Tr. Mayur Shah

Tr. Vinay (SMART 166, Area 13)

4 Toilet Block built by Hubli Central Round Table 142 and Hubli Central Ladies Circle 71 benefiting 260 children

The  inauguration of 4 toilet blocks at shiggaon school was done on 03.04.19 at Shiggaon Taluka Shikshana Samiti,Shiggon.  It was inaugurated by National Vice President Ladies Circle Lmf Cr.Nidhi Gupta. & Guests of Honour were A.C Tr.Alok Ankalikar & A.C LMF.Cr.Dr.Aarya Ankalikar

Project details.

Cost of the project Rs- 3,20,000

No of students and staff benifitted:260


Hubli Central ROund Table 142 and Hubli Central Ladies Circle 71 inaugurate 4 classroom block under Freedom Through Education

The inauguration of 4 classrooms at Shiggaon Taluka Shikshana Samiti school,Shiggaon. It was done on 30.03.19, With Financial Assistance from RTI Trust & Oracle it was a project completed in just 4 months time and by doing so the school gets a additional grant of Rs 50,000.

Project details

No of classrooms: 4

Cost of project: Rs-30,00,000 /- (approx)

No of students benefited: 240


Bhoomipujan of 7th FTE project By Nagpur Round Table 83

Bhoomipujan of 7th project of Round Table India by RT 83 Performed in Nagpur
Philanthropy is not a one-time effort. It is a sustained continuous on-going process. Nagpur Round Table 83 has just proved to be truly philanthropists by their sustained efforts in achieving their main objectives. In continuation of their efforts to construct more classrooms for the less privileged children, A Bhoomipujan for the construction of a New Wing at ‘Jivan Shikshan Vidyalaya’ run by the Uday Shikshan Sanstha at Untakhana, Nagpur was performed by Area III Chairman GLMF Tr. Aditya Jhunjhunwala and Area III Vice Chairman Tr. Prateek Pitalia on the 24th of March 2019. Many tablers of Nagpur Round Table 83 had taken out time from their busy schedule to be present on the occasion.
Nagpur Round Table 83 has upheld Round Table India’s initiative of reaching education to the poor and needy. Nagpur Round Table has been in existence for past many years. Year on year by doing charity events and projects they work for their common goal of Round Table India – Freedom Through Education and under which NRT 83 has till date made 7 schools and many other small and big social work which benefited the society in million other ways. Round Table India has tied up with Bajaj Auto Limited and has taken up the mandate of building infrastructure for schools that provide education to the needy and poor across the country.
After identifying this school with its need for a better infrastructure, Nagpur Round Table 83 had built 10 classrooms in the existing school. They have now decided to build two additional classrooms and toilet block for the school. Uday Shikshan Sanstha is an organization that has been involved in the noble work since 1959 here in Untkhana.
Round Table India has been making school in India from the year 1997 onwards and has made more than 6189 class rooms till date in 2588 projects at an outlay of 244.65 Crores which in-turn has benefitted more than 6 million children in perusing their education.
While speaking to Nagpur Today, Aditya Jhunjhunwala said that Nagpur Round Table 83 has grown tremendously. Almost every year they have come up with a new project.
Present Chairman of Nagpur Round Table 83 LMF Tr. Ritesh Saraf said that they have taken up the noble initiative of building infrastructure for those schools which are imparting education to the poor and needy and are in dire need of finances to build more classrooms. According to Ritesh Saraf, their initiative that started in 2000 has kept growing steadily and has added 4-5 classrooms every year.
The tablers who were present on the occasion include Kapil Hirani, Rahul Agarwala, Sandeep Soni, Pankaj Tapadiya, Nilay Verma, Piyush Daga, Nishant Yaduka, Vedant Agrawal