Area Agm Planning & Execution – A First Hand Experience:

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Discussions, discussions, discussions… but nothing concrete until the last 3 weeks. The

first session finally took off at Tr. Roshan’s House, where we had an HRD on Theatre

skills combined with auditions for the tentative roles. The response and enthusiasm for

this session definitely set the ball rolling.

It is very important for everyone to be at the same wavelength, and managing this was

sure a task, but every creative mind was working towards a common goal and that

helped us in moving forward as fast as we could.

The first stage was the Trailer shoot. Being in the film industry we wanted to give the

table an experience of how shooting actually happens. We dolled out responsibilities and

everyone magically cooperated. From the location fixing to the final day of shoot, there

were hoards of things to follow up on… sets, costumes, and angles of shots. That done.

We had major constraint ahead of us, keeping the trailer ‘short’. We had so much

footage and ‘how and what’ to chop off was a major decision. We just took the call and

well… we’re really glad it was appreciated!

The trailer got the entire team excited. Every member of 95 wanted to do an awesome

job. However the challenge now, was to get everyone together! We had just 10 days to

show date! There was pressure, excitement and together lots of nervous energy…

channelizing this in the right direction was our job. Thanks to our chairman we got

through many hurdles.

Rehearsals… They were the most fun part of this entire process. Fun, cause there was

so much yummy food, everyone was there, watching, encouraging, but we had to get

serious!! Real serious… Time was precious. I think it was 3 days before the final… there

was some yelling “ Get serious guys! Likes will come.. What’s the point of likes if we put

up a terrible show on the final day? Focus on this… Please” … Hushhh – It was indeed

time. Suddenly things began to fall in place. Of course no one forgot following up on the

likes, but there was much lesser distraction during practice.

The day before the AAGM, we had set high targets to rehearse. There was no surprise.

We were all there, but Focus was likes! After 9pm…we had yummy dinner prepared by

Cr. Shwetha Bansal and then did a few quick rehearsals. Wrap up!! Now it was only left

to see what happens on the show day!

Props, sets, costumes… well many things dint go as planned, but there was always a

Plan B! And the beauty was that, the final show went off super smooth! No doubt we all

wanted to win… but the true joy was in actually putting up a great show.. Winning was a

bonus! The wait to the announcement… the thrill, the excitement.. it still brings a smile to

our faces.. We did it!!! And the rest now is history.

Our Chairman said “The Area AGM sets the tone for the whole year!” … We did it

Chairman! 

Article by:

Tr. Vijayragvendra – Madras Metro Round Table 95