The ‘5’ Sense – Joint Meet of 5 Round Tables of Area 8

The ‘5’ Sense – Joint Meet of 5 Tables during 100th City Visit of NP

The tabling life comes in all bright colors. It transforms you from a just being a ordinary to one that ‘CONNECTS’. As a tabler we all absolutely love doing more and more Fellowships. We never felt the fellowship can be so special until our Area Chairman, LMF Tr Rishabh Jain came up with the idea of ‘JOINT MEET & FELLOWSHIP OF 5 TABLES’ from Varanasi (Varanasi Round Table 196, Varanasi Royals Round Table 218, Varanasi Elite Round Table 278), Bhadohi (Bhadohi Round Table 295) & Mirzapur RT.

The idea of this ‘JOINT MEET & FELLOWSHIP OF 5 TABLES’ started with a thought and over time took a shape which made everyone witnessed an event as grand and as special as it can be.

Area Chairman along with Chairmen from all tables (Tr Harshit Goenks – VRT 196, Tr Veeraj Agarwal – VRRT 218, Tr Varun Mundra – VERT 278, Tr Mahendar Maurya – BRT 295, Tr Shubham Agarwal – Mirzapur RT) along with all convenors (Tr Rohan Madhok – VRT 196, Tr Ayush Parikh – VRRT 218, Tr Vivek Mittal – VERT 278) made sure everything is planned and executed perfectly. After several meetings and telephonic discussion we sealedon 1st June, 2019 and venue being Hotel Madin, Cantonment, Varanasi.

Midst of all this happening something else more big was waiting for us. Table VRT 196 FTE Library and VERT 278 Toilet Block and Tile Flooring of Classrooms were to be inaugurated. So to cover it all and make the event more grand Tr Dhruv Dalmia, RTI National President, agreed on gracing the occasion with his presence. But wait a minute, it still needed to be more special. We were later informed that this is going to be Tr Dhruv Dalmia’s 100th City Visit for his tenure.

An event of such magnitude really cannot be described in a limited space but still I would like to brief it as much as I can.

  • At around 04:30 pm Tr Dhruv Dalmia, National President along with Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman visited FTE of VRT 196 for LIBRARY INAUGRATION. VRT 196 runs one of the finest school from RTI ‘Round Table Abhinav Vidyalaya’ and with every addition in facilities it is going more grand. Each tabler is so proud of their FTE and that gets shown from their smiling faces.
  • At around 05:30 pm Tr Dhruv Dalmia, National President along with Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman visited FTE of VERT 278 for TOILET BLOCK AND FLOORING OF CLASSROOMS INAUGRATION. VERT 278 picked up their FTE ‘Round Table Shrestha Prathmik Vidyalaya’ which was in a poor state and in deep need of funding. It now boast of 6 classrooms with Tiles Flooring, 2 Toilet Blocks and over 188 students studying. VRT 196 tablers were also present to grace the occasion. Tr Dhruv Dalmia addressed all students of FTE and gave his piece of advice to keep growing in life. He also had suggestions for us to what else we can do to boost up growth of FTE.
  • At around 08:00 pm tablers from VRT 196, VRRT 218, VERT 278, SRT 295 & Mirzapur RT collected at Hotel Madin, Cantonment, Varanasi. It was heart warming to see so many tablers showing up for this grand Joint Meet. A start to what was going to be the best of moments for all present.
  • At around 09:00 pm we started with JOINT MEET of 5 tables in gracious presence of Tr Dhruv Dalmia, National President and Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman. Behind the scenes, Agenda was rehearsed many a times to execute it in the prefect manner. And we manoeuvre our way in most perfect manner. Every aspects of each table was handled patiently. All table Chairman summarised their performance for the year. All performing tablers were recognised and awarded by Tr Dhruv Dalmia and Tr Rishabh Jain. It is always pleasant to hear the leaders and we waited for the moment. Tr Rishabh Jain appreciated the good works done by each table. He also congratulated everyone for the finest execution of grand event. Tr Dhruv Dalmia appreciated the good works done by each table. He also explained how each tabler can help FTE student to orient their careers after they pass out from school. His each word motivates us to do more for the Society and thus giving us the reason for being a tabler.
  • After Joint Meet we celebrated very very Special 100th CITY VISIT of Tr Dhruv Dalmia. Visiting 100 cities in an year reflects how much our National President has bend his back to aid his support for the good cause done by each table. He has always encouraged everyone to do his best for FTE. We at Area 8 in specific know him so closely. He is a true leader who has nurtured Area 8 and has given Area 8 new set of leaders. And when he is now in Nationals, he is still the same. A man of words and for whom Tabling is like the first thing in life. We had the cake cutting ceremony for him and everyone cheered for the Grand Master.
  • Last but not the least we had a grand Social with 5 table’s tablers under one roof. We enjoyed fellowship to the core. It is strange that being in same city, we still hardly met each other. But now when we met, we connected so beautifully with each other. We now know the nicknames of each other J, we know who is an average dancer, we now talk and pull legs, we now know we are going to meet more frequently like this. Cheers to tabling!

Special thanks to LMF Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman for implanting this idea in us.

Area 3 Area Executive Meeting of Round Table India held at Raipur

Round Table India is an organisation of young persons between the age 18-40 years consisting of successful businessmen and professionals has a key Objective of Community Service, focusing on Building Infrastructure for Education of Underprivileged Children.

Round Table India, have since 1997 has built over 6189 Classrooms in 2588 Schools impacting 6.80 Million children across India at an outlay of Rs.244.65 Crores.

The 3rd Area Executive meeting of Area 3 of Round Table India was held recently at Raipur. Round Table is divided in 16 areas and we are part of Area 3 which consists of Round Tables from Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, and Chattisgarh.  Tr. Rahul Agrawala, Tr. Ritesh Saraf, Tr. Kshitiz Agrawal, Tr. Dhiraj Agrawal, Area Honorary Tabler Sharad Agrawal form various Round Tables of Nagpur graced their presence at the Quarterly Celebration of Charity and Fellowship. In the meeting Tr. Kapil Hirani from NRT83 was bestowed with the honor of Super Secretary for the 2nd quarter and Tr. Ajay Chandwani from NRT83 was bestowed with Super Treasurer from the National board and lastly Table 258 from Nagpur was recognized FTE Assist Projest. Key discussions on the working of each table was taken up during this meeting with a special stress on the upcoming ‘Change Over Banquet’ of Round Table India to be held in Nagpur on 12th and 13th of July 2019. All tables of Area 3 pledged their support to make this a memorable event for Tr. Piyush Daga, who will be taking over as National President, the first ever from the Orange City Nagpur.

Joint Meeting of 5 Vizag Round Tables along with National President.



The National President Tr. Dhruv Dalmia was in Vizag on the 4th of March along with a good number of area board members .  It was a matter of pride and honour for all the 5 tables  of Vizag to play host to the NP and the area board members It is also a matter of pride that the present Area Chairman(Tr. Madhukar) and Area Vice Chairman(Tr. Umesh Padia )  are from our own city  . We even had Tr . Ashish Sonthalia from RT 89 , Tr. Chetan Dev Singh from RT 148 , AST Tr. Kshitij Bafna from RT 148 and Tr. VS Sudhir from RT 303 .

A joint meeting with all the 5 tables was held . Joint meetings are really important and special to all of us for a lot of reasons . Firstly , It is a platform to exchange ideas between tablers of all the 5 tables and also to  intetract with each other . It gives us a chance to interact and get to know the tablers from other tables and the visiting tablers as well .

Secondly , it gave us the opportunity to showcase what all the 5 tables have done so far in the year . Presentations were made by all the 5 tables showing all the good work executed so far in the year .

Thirdly , we had a very entertaining sergeants act by Tr . Midhun of 305 . The act that stood out was a video was played that showed an actor showing certain expressions and mannerisms and we had to guess which tabler the actor reminded them of .  If the floor , chose more than one tabler then it would be put to a vote and the person with the most votes would be the winner . This was the best part of the act .

Fourthly , The area and National boards are aware of certain tablers who go that extra mile to contribute to the RTI movement and this is the platform where those tablers are recognized for all the great work they are doing , we had tablers who were awarded SUPERSTAR pins and pinned by NP Tr . Dhruv

Hubli Accent RT 153 conclude landmark 400th meeting

Hubli Accent RT 153 conclude landmark 400th meeting

Tr. Nitin Shenoy welcomed all the dignitaries on and off the stage, also welcomed all the gathering for grand ceremony of 400th meet and signature event of HART Rhythms. This being a historic moment, HART 153 felicitated all the 16 past chairmen with exclusive memento framed with jewel. Each and every Past chairman was called on stage and exclusive achievement video was displayed. Whole Area witnessed the glory of HART 153 since inception of 16 years. Further Area Chairperson Cr. Megha Saigal mentioned that she feels like a celebrity and whole set-up of the evening is not less than any Bollywood award night. She also congratulated Team 153 for inaugurating Circle and gave best wishes.

Area Chairman Tr. Mahendra Yadav appreciated Chairman and team HART 153 for such
grand arrangement. He also explained how he has cherished great memories with HART RYTHMS.

Further He recognised Tr. Tushar and Tr. Hitesh and Tr. Srinivas with Area Star Pin for
their commitment towards Publicity, 400th meet and RTI week respectively. National
Fellowship Convenor Tr. Kevin in his speech appreciated hospitality and arrangements of the event. National Vice President Cristopher Arvith whole heartedly showered his appreciation and called the event as one of the best he has witnessed. He congratulated all the past chairmen of HART 153 and gave his best wishes to present board and also mentioned that circling best thing happening to the table. He unveiled the 400th meet special pin on the occasion.

After suspending the meeting HART-Rhythm a singing competition started. Finalist were chosen after audition round which was held in the morning. There were special professional judges who were from classical and movie music back ground, to judge the singing. Live music band was arranged with more than 10 music instrument mach the Rhythm. Best of the sound and lighting arrangements were equipped to give highest level of entertainment. Thirteen singing contestant gave their best and
enthralled the audience. Winners and Runner-up were decided in Male, Female, Duet and Twinkler categories, who earned glittering trophy and also chance represent National level singing competition.

Male Category- Tr. Nikhil from IRT 264 & Tr. Tushar from HART 153
Female Category – Mrs. Sakeena from RT 178 & Mrs Swati From RT231
Duet Category- Tr. Nikhil & Tr Gourav From RT 267 AND Tr. Shrikhant & Twr. Neelasmriti from DRT 60
Twinkler Category – Twr. Neelasmriti from DRT 60 & Twr. Raashi from HART 153

TheMega event witnessed some dances from professional dancers for Bollywood beats and Laavni music. With more than 300 + Audience presence, this could be easily called as the biggest and most appreciated event of the Area 10. Chairman Tr.Nitin Shenoy reconvened the meeting and all the visiting table chairmen Tr. Shreekanth (DRT 60), Tr.Alok (RT 142), Tr. Gourav Kullar (RT 37), Tr. Rajendra Baddi (RT 178), Tr. Avinash (RT 231), Tr.Vikram (RT 152), Tr.Nikhil (RT 267), Tr. Dinod (RT 228)  Tr. Anand Heda (RT205) and Tr. Kevin (RT222) conveyed greetings on behalf of their respective tables.

Tr. Nitin Shenoy once again appreciated valiant effort efforts of Tr. Hitesh, Tr.Tushar, Tr.Khan organising a such huge event. He also felt grateful to the unsung heroes Tr. Rajesh Bhandari and HT Anand Karajgi who meticulously worked behind the show.

LMF Tr. Pawan Pawar
IT & Blog Convenor
HART 153


“The Dirty Cap”/ initiative of Vizag RT 77

What’s with Shrawan and Caps??

Yeah…whats with our VRT 77 chairman Shrawan and caps?? The first time around he was the chairman, he got the YELLOW CAP introduced in the table as a small token of appreciation to the first person who arrives at a table meeting. This was introduced so that quorum forms early and meetings start early.

This Yellow cap initiative later on became a national initiative and took it present form of the Early Bird Pin.

Things went on smoothly, there was a mad rush for these yellow caps and early bird pins and quorums were established on time and meetings happened to their fullest time.

Now after 6 chairmen down the lane, our man ( Shrawan) becomes the chairman of the table again!!!! Now, he wants to penalize the people who come late for the meeting!!!! what does he do??? and lo!! THE DIRTY CAP is born…..

THE DIRTY CAP is given as a relay to every tabler who comes in after the grace period of 15 minutes of the meetings announced time. an old monkey cap is given to the tabler to be worn until the next late entry comes in and tablers can use post its to stick their choicest adjectives on to the monkey cap!!!! and I am sure things will get dirtier over time with this cap….

The last meeting we had quorum established much before the notified time and barring the tablers who had given their LOA, 90 percent of the table was well within the 15 mins grace period!!!!!

Try it in your table….. it works!!!!

Shashank Dutt Kancharla,
Vizag RT 77

RSRT 158 @ 1st AEX of Area 1

RSRT 158 @ 1st AEX – Area 1

Date: 3rd September 2016

Chairman Tr Murali, Tr Srinivasan, Tr Ashish Bardia, HT. Ashwath of RSRT attended the AREA 1‘s First AEX at Kottayam at Rain Forest Resort. Area 1 Chairman Tr. Suraj  and Area 1 HT Paul handed over the 100% LMF award to the chairman of RSRT.  We Presented the Video of the Area AGM 2016 “MANKATHA” to the executive members of Area 1.

LMF.Tr. Deepak Amarnath
IT & Blog Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

Joint Meeting of Vizag RT 77 and Vizag Knights RT 225

Joint meeting of VRT 77 and VKRT 225

VRT 77 and VKRT 225 decided to have a joint meeting as the National President Tr. Suman Voora was in town. This was a very historic joint meeting as we had NP Tr. Suman Voora, Area Chairman Tr . Sandeep Chowdhary and Immediate Past President Sq. Leg Deepak Menda with us at this meeting. How often do we have the presence of NP, AC and IPP all at the same time?  Very rare indeed … Joint meetings are always  fun and interesting  and  that too when we have a  full fledged regular agenda and not just an open and shut meeting as we get an insight into each other’s table activities  . Joint meetings are perfect platform where during the course of the meeting, ideas for events for the different facets of tabling  are exchanged between the two tables and  opportunities are looked into for the possibility of  doing events jointly together sometime in the future.

The Sergeants for this meeting were Tr. Ameet and Tr. Sushanth. They had a very entertaining sergeants act planned where in the tablers were to do yoga asana. It was a laughter riot but kudos to the flexibility of some of the tablers, some of them were actually able to do the pose correctly (haha). It was good fun. All in all, a productive meeting with good bonding between both the tables .

As the clock struck 12, we celebrated the charter day of VKRT 225 by cutting a small cake; it also happened to be the charter day of Area 9. This meeting was great fun and we look forward to more joint meetings in the future.

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla
Vizag RT 77

300th Landmark Meet of Hubli Knights RT 178

Friends, we at HKRT 178 celebrated our numbered milestone 300th meeting & had our 13th AGM on 16 July 2016 at Hubli. The Theme for the evening was 300 and the set up and decor reflected the theme and served as a reminder as to why we were all there in the first place 🙂 !

The AGM quickly got under way and It was a landmark event for us as any milestone crossed is an achievement in itself. Tr. Hamir Sampat the National Treasurer was the Chief Guest of the occasion. Cr Veda Bestin – National Vice President, Ladies Circle India gave an outstanding cameo as she was there for a specific reason that day. the distinguished guests of honor were Tr Anand Heda, Area Chairman, Area 10, Cr. Divya Shetty, Area chairperson, Area 10 & Tr Mahendra Yadav, Area Vice Chairman, Area 10.

The event was important to us in many ways, and we had a fantastic  presentation of the annual report by Tr Arun Agadi, Secretary. He then did a houdini act and the end of the annual report morphed into a report of 12 years of tabling thru the lens of the camera. The background scores for some of the years had sentimental and comic significances and everybody in audience caught on those and were appreciative of his efforts.

A note on the august gathering: We had practically every table represented at our AGM and the venue was packed to the gills. It was an unprecedented turnout and kudos to everyone who took the time and effort to attend our 300th meet. The 41’er s of the Area graced us with their presence and it was a honor to have them join us for our AGM. We were truly humbled and grateful to the active and past members of Round Table and Ladies Circle for gracing our 300th meet.

Our outgoing chairman gave a short speech on his most memorable times whilst being in the lead and expressed heart felt appreciation for the support given by his table to him. He touched upon the fact that every facet of tabling was well represented and he ticked off all the boxes of need to do’s which he had when he initially took the jewel. He outlined some of his highlights, Xtacy, Ten Tana Ten, the 1st smart classroom project done by RTI in India was under his term at City High School, Hubli. He also highlighted the fact that it was his privilege that during his tenure Hubli Knights Ladies Circle 143 was formed & Chartered.

The event was also envisaged with giving the maximum possible time to the retirement ceremony of 3 tablers and long standing stalwarts of Tabling in India as they bid adieu to active tabling on that day.

Tr. Prashant Hebsur- charter member, Tr Venkatesh Anegundi and Tr Abbas Magar – charter member got a new Suffix to their existing titles – namely Sq. Leg. The entire table geared up for the retirement ceremony.

Tr Prashant Hebsur’s contribution to tabling  & circling has been immense in every facet and for close to a decade he has been the go – to man by the table, area and national boards with any matter pertaining to projects, grants, liaising with Corporates and RTI parters. He has many nicknames given to him by various people in RTI & LCI. Our table is  exploring the option of getting a trademark  for his signature dance moves !

Tr Venkatesh Anegundi had a short time in tabling, relatively speaking but his performance, passion and contribution to Tabling has been immense. His planning and foresight during his stint as the AST of Area 10 & RTI week had stunned a lot of people in the sheer scope and gargantuan size of his plans and ambitions. He was the first to synchronise the entire RTI week on a National level, all tables were given the project of the day for RTI Week, a feat not accomplished in over a decade since our table’s formation or perhaps ever.

Tr Abbas Magar was there from the formation stage of the table and has remained a passionate tabler throughout his tabling career. Abbas and his family’s commitment towards projects was to been seen to be be believed, and his contribution to the cause has been immense. He was the 1st LMF of our table.

The table meticulously planned the retirement ceremony and had the appreciation of everyone in attendance and most importantly, from the men that mattered, the retiring tablers. They were extremely emotional, sad, happy and overwhelmed at the love, affection and respect bestowed upon  upon them at the 300th meet.

A truly magnanimous gesture by Cr Veda Bestin, NVP LCI, who came down to hubli travelling 17 hours non stop from Kerala just to be there for Tr Prashant’s retirement. That kind of respect and affection is seldom received.

We had an outpouring of well wishes and messages from all over India with past presidents, project conveners, area chairmen, past tablers and circlers expressing their thoughts and well wishes to the retiring tablers. It got to a point where we had to stop reading messages and emails sent, as they would take 48 hours to complete.

The speeches of all three were indeed unforgettable and a poignant moment  for all of us. But such is the nature of Tabling. C’est la vie.

The mementos given to the past table chairman, area and national board members were truly unique, being the brianchild of tr. Venkatesh, which will be a cherished gift, proud possession and proudly displayed on the mantles of each of the recipients.

The change over ceremony had Tr Ankesh taking over the mantle from Tr Karthik and he proceeded to appoint and unveil his team. A unique departure from norm was that he has appointed each convener to be a fund raising convener too!. The message and emphasis was clear.

Dream Big & Make it Happen

The theme was well received and appreciated, and the brief outline of Tr Ankesh’s impressive plans for the year assured everyone that we are in for another active and hectic year of tabling ahead.

Thankfully the sergeants Tr Basu, Tr Kunal & Cr Panna left out Leonidas and his merry bunch of spartans from the act and gave a memorable “Round Round Table, Round Table” act which had everyone in splits and peals of laughter.

The formal proceeding wound down after another lengthy Any Other Matter with over 12 Tables present and a host of Area and National board members, along with a much appreciated and sizeable contingent of 41’er’s.

Tr Anand, Tr Sachin T, Tr Prasad & Tr Amit ensured that the planning and execution of the event was as flawless as possible.

It was an event to remember and truly a team effort, wherein everybody  from the HKRT & HKLC family chipped in to ensure it was an elegant and successful event.

Tr Ankesh Jain

Chairman 2016-17

Hubli Knights Round Table 178




Erode Spice RT 211 goes International

Our tablers Aravind, Dharmaraj, S.Mohanraj, C.Mohanraj, Nandhakumar, Sathyasaran, Sathiyamurthy, Shivkumar, Selvakumar, & Sudhakar from Erode Spice RT 211 boarded at Bangalore with spirits running high and reached Frankfurt.

We toured around Frankfurt and then took the train to Erfurt, where we were welcomed by tablers of Erfurt-211 Germany and Erfurt OT 311. We had a combined business meet which was arranged by our IRO Tr.Nandha Kumar.

In remembrance of this joint meeting we gifted the specially designed T-Shirts and Pin to all Erfurt tablers and they gifted their pin to all of our ESRT tablers.

During our joint meeting with our twinning tables RT – 211 & ERFURT OT-311 in Erfurt Germany we together decided to donate some fund to the needy children’s for their medical treatment in Erfurt & Erode, Erfurt 211 collected 2000 Euros and donated to a child for a major skin disorder and we ESRT 211 tablers collected 2 .75 lakh rupees and donated to a child for bone marrow transplantation.

The meeting was followed by a fabulous lunch with fellowship where 11 of Erfurt tablers joined us followed by a city walk around Erfurt city.

In order to develop the International Relationship with Erfurt 211 table our IRO.Tr.Nandha Kumar twinned with them continuously and took our bonding to the next level by arranging this joint meeting at their home town.

We then went to Stockholm, where we boarded a ferry to Gotland, Visby, where the RTI world meet was happening. We continued our adjourned business meet in the ferry followed by fellowship.

We roamed around the beautiful city of Visby and there we met our fellow tablers from India and joined with them for the nations night clad in dhotis. Most of our tablers experienced such kind of celebrations for the first time and tasted snacks, food and liquor served by tablers from different countries.

We had a wonderful time with tablers from all over the world and in fact with tablers from several cities of India, We returned to Stockholm and had an excellent night out there and finally reached India, filled with memories of an awesome trip which got us close to many tablers from all around the world.



Chairman (2015-2016)

Erode Spice RT – 211.


19th AGM of LUCKNOW RT 136 , July 26th 2015@ Hotel Ranjees


July 26th 2015@ Hotel Ranjees

A Formal Business Meet, a Fantastic Theme Party, a Great Inter-Tabling Fellowship event, a Showcase of Talent under the guise of Seargenting by two Outstanding “Stand-Up Comedians”, a Smashing Rock-band performing till late into the night coupled with a fabulous Venue sporting an amazing decor … surely was A Night To REMEMBER!

The 19th AGM of Lucknow Round Table 136 at Hotel Ranjees on July 26, 2015 started off on time at 1700 hrs in the presence of Incoming Area Chairman Tr. Aseem Jain and Area Observer Tr. Ankur Jain and host of other guests including fellow Tablers, Square Legs and HT’s and also Headboards of LTRT 2017 and LMRT 255.

The AGM started on time at 16:30 hrs with quorum being established and headboard taking centre-stage and showcasing the milestones and activities achieved and performed during the year starting from Community Service Projects to Attending AAGM at Khajuraho to Panache 2014 to Theme Socials to RTI Week to Outbound Trip to Ranthambore to Induction of New Tablers to RTI Branding Exercises to Brick Donation Program to Attending NAGM at Kolkata to FTE School Inauguration to FTE Charity Box Drive to 500th Meeting Social to Unveiling of Pins and countless social and fellowship activities which LRT 136 took under the aegis of Chairman Shyamal Gupta who truly led from the front and ensured outstanding recognition for the Table on both National and International front.

While the Old Guards were changing hands, it was time for some Amazing AmazingSeargenting superbly conceptualized and executed by Tr. Ashish Kapoor (as PK) and Tr. Rajnish Agarwal (as UK) who “dual-handedly” Ripped Apart every digestible (or undisgestible) “legacy secrets” of fellow Tablers and thus revealing the “Real Man” behind the masked exterior! A special mention for all the circlers who sportingly appreciated this incredulous act which shall go down as one the Legendry Seargenting Performances of all Times!!

The Incoming Headboard of 2015-16 announced its team under the guidance of Chairman Tr. Amol Bansal and Secretary Tr. Ashish Kapoor. It was also proposed that Mega Fund Raising Event- “Panache” shall be much much Bigger and Grander than ever before! We wished the Team the very best for the coming year and hoped that LRT 136 shall continue to bring laurels not only at the AREA but also at the National Level.

Before the final act of “Rock Band” performance, there was a very heart touching ceremony for 2 retiring tablers, who in every sense, are the Jewels of LRT 136 and shall continue to be a guiding light for years to come. Within them we have found friends and mentors and also someone whom we can look upto. They embody the true spirit of Tabling and are an inspiration for all new and old tablers alike. Tr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala and Tr. Abhishek Saraff “leaped” into the 41ers club, but LRT 136 ensured that the string of being a ‘HT’ would keep pulling them back.

Rendition of some jazzy and soulful performances by the Rock Band made everyone wear their “Dancing Shoes” and groove to eclectic beats late into the night. With appetizing food and snacks by the side, it summed up a perfect 19th AGM of LRT 136 and we were privileged to have guests from both LTRT 207 and LMRT 255 and Incoming Area Chairman Tr. Aseem Jain and Tr. Ankur.

Looking forward to a fantastic year of Tabling!!

Yours In Tabling,


LMF Tr. Ashish Kapoor

Secretary Lucknow Round Table -136