Round Table India Conducts a Personality Development Session for their Members in Nagpur to rekindles the pride of being a Tabler

Charter Chairman of Ludhiana Round Table 188 and Round Table India’s National Facilitator Narender Agarwal was in Nagpur to conduct a Leadership and Personality Development Event aptly titled “A Proud Tabler”.

A man with calm and composed yet authoritative voice had the Tablers of Nagpur city listen to him with rapt attention. Unlike other seminars and meetings where the speaker delivers a speech or is busy in trying to impart knowledge, Narender Agarwal had an interactive session with the Tablers involving every Tabler in the session.

Most of the Tablers of Nagpur city claimed that the session of this Leadership and Personality Development Conclave was definitely very beneficial and enjoyable at the same time.

National Vice President of Round Table India LMF Tabler Piyush Daga, Area III Chairman Tabler Aditya Jhunjhunwala and Area Honorary Tabler Sharad Agrawal played a pivotal role in ensuring that the two-hour session was beneficial to all Tablers in the city.

While talking with the members of the press, Facilitator Narender Agarwal said that this Leadership and Personality Development Events are organized with the sole objective of Developing Leadership, Personality and Professionalism of its own members. Narendra Agrawal said that a number of similar programs are organized at City, State, National and International Levels from time to time.

Since the Tablers who were attending this conclave ‘A Proud Tabler’, included new, old and prospective Tablers, comprehensive details, aims and objects of Round Table India was explained. Concepts of how every Tabler can contribute effectively towards better functioning of the Tables were discussed and explained in this conclave. It was also explained how Round Table provides a platform from which every proud Tabler can be benefited.

Facilitator Narender Agarwal told News Alcove that every Tabler is unique and brings with him certain innate and certain acquired skills, acumen, expertise and knowledge of his own business or occupation. Effectively channelizing these skills and expertise to work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization is all this Leadership and Personality Development Conclave is all about.

Apart from the Tablers of Nagpur Round Table 83, Nagpur Spirits Round Tanle 258 and Nagpur Tigers Round Table 299, Visiting Tabler Pinank Doshi from Mumbai also participated in this Leadership and Personality Development Program.

LAPD Session on Communications @ Surat RT 135

Under National LAPD initiative and in presence of Area LAPD Convenors Tr.Prakash Anandani & Cr.Tanushri Kansal and Area11 Chairman Tr.Sumit Khuraana we planned joint LAPD session alongwith interactive games. LAPD was well conducted by Tr.Amit and Cr.Tanushri on the topic Communication and a good Communicator .


Ahmedabad RT 40 conduct LAPD on Bitcoins

BitCoin LAPD Session

ART – 40 in association with Gujarat Chambers of Commerce Industry (GCCI) had organised an all Ahmedabad Table and Circle BitCoin LAPD Session at 22/11/2016 at 6 PM in the evening.

The speakers of the evening were Mr. Saurabh Agrawal and Mr. Sandeep Goenka who are the promoters and founders of the renowned BitCoin Company in Ahmedabad. The said session was planned considering the demonetization of black money done by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi on 08/11/2016. Due to demonetization there is huge chaos in the Indian economy along with a lot of Cash Crunch. BitCoin is digital cash which is accepted worldwide.

ART – 40 decided that considering the current scenario, it would be good for all the Tablers and Circlers to know about the different mode of Investment apart from Traditional Gold and Real Estate. On the session day, the speakers gave a good insight over BitCoin as an emerging new currency of Global Economy. There were close to 40 participants in the session.

We welcomed the guest with Bouquet and Mementos at the beginning of the ceremony. Tea and snacks were offered during the session to the Participants. 

In the last, we have organised a Question Answer session wherein more than 15-20 questions came to the panel for responses. It was nicely responded by the speakers. 

I personally received messages from Tablers across India to do such session in their city as well.

We had a great learning and experience of BitCoin through this session.

Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman ART-40

HRD: Tablers & Circlers of Surat RT 135 get to know about “Game Theory”

The HRD conducted is known as ” Game theory”. It’s a game based theory. This theory is practically applicable in interpersonal relationships.This was conducted joint with circlers…

The game is all about what people in group do if each one wants to maximize net energy gain? This game is a eye opener where there is one crucial issue that can be resolved: who decides first, Leader or Follower and how to do in a team??? There are three possibilities: (a) Leader decides first; (b) Team member decides first; (c)All individuals decide together.

This game is a formal description of a strategic situation. Game theory is the formal study of decision-making where several players must make choices that potentially affect the interests of the other players. A mixed strategy is an active randomization, with given probabilities, that determines the team strength. So just to conclude if you can control your and your team members actions accurately, you may be able to succeed in life. Mastering this theory helps you improve relationship with other people and helps you get along a team very well.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman, Surat RT 135

Leadership in our Palm / HRD Session at Surat RT 135

Leadership in your palm

Most effective and exemplary leadership is in your palm. For learning leadership lessons one need not go to any business school or read many books on modern approaches to leaderships.

Leadership is literally in your hand. It is in your palm. Look at your palm. What do you see? Fingers! How many fingers? Five? No! There are only four fingers. The other one is thumb! In every language this one is not called a finger but by a different name.

But is it not a finger? It is not entirely correct to say that it is not a finger. It is not entirely correct to say that it is just a finger.

Thumb is a finger and also more than a finger. Leader is a member and more than a member. Like thumb is the finger plus, leader is member plus.

Now we have a team of leader and four fingers. What leadership lessons can we learn from this team? Look at the palm and fingers.

• The team fingers have difficulty in contacting each other. A effective leader is in touch with each of the members and brings them together.

• Though thumb is smaller in size than three of the fingers, it is solid and strong. An effective leader is strong and solid (in will) though he may be smaller in size.

• All the four fingers have three joints each though Thumb has not got only two joints. But Thumb is more flexible than each of them. An effective leader may have less skill than the members but is flexible to utilize the skills of members.

• The four fingers are facing the world and are externally directed. Thumb looks towards both the world and also towards the four members. Effective leader minds both members and work. He actually cares for members so that they can care for work.

• Fingers cannot work without Thumb. Thumb cannot work without fingers. Fingers need Thumb and thumb needs fingers. Members cannot work without leader. Leader cannot work without members. Members need leader and leader needs members.

• Thumb helps fingers to do different jobs in different forms like holding, pulling, lifting, writing etc. and adds value in many ways. Leader helps members to perform many tasks and adds value in many ways.

• There is trouble maker in fingers. That is Index finger. It points out again and again. “This is Wrong”. “That is Wrong”. It threatens. It questions. Amongst members there may be members who question, agree, disagree and accuse. But effective leader joins that very member to create excellence and perfectness.

• Very important thing. Both thumb and fingers cannot do without bending. While standing rigid no work can be done. When they bend they can do many things.

• Both leader and member have to be humble to do effective work. Being rigid with own egos will not contribute. Bending together and mending together is ending of all problems and the master key to success. To bend, to be humble is to understand each other. To understand one has to stand under.

• When thumb and all the fingers close together in unity, they become a strong Iron fist, which can hammer and crash anything. When leader and members close together in unity they become a strong force.

• When four fingers close together and thumb stands high representing team it is “Thumbs- up”. A victory for team. 

LMF Tr. Deepak Kherajani
SRT-135,Chairman – 2016-17 (Be Smart To Win)

What after class 12th? Career Guidance Session by Varanasi Royals RT 218


Career Guidance Session conducted by LMF Tr.Sanket Bagla for Class XIth n XIIth for the students. The youth of our country needs guidance and support of RTI in helping them choose the right Career and with increasing options its becoming tough to make a Career Choice and with LMF Tr.Sanket who is himself a Career Counselor have taken the mission forward of spreading Awareness of Career Options so that the students can take a sound decision in their life thus helping the mission of RTI ‘Freedom through Education’ forward.

Tr. Sanket Bagla,
Secretary, VRRT 218

HRD: Yoga Awareness @ Hampi / Hospet RT 231


HRT FAMILY presented a YOGA AWARENESS PROGRAM at Hampi – The Famous World Heritage Site, on Sep 17th. This was the unique effort made by Hospet Round Table to get connected with the Divine Nature.At 6:30 AM, as all the Tablers accompanied with Circlers & Twinklers assembled at the ‘Sunrise Point’ (A beautiful place situated at the midst of Nature at Hampi), Yoga Guru – Smt Drakshani Shivakumar & Smt Manjula Seshachalam commenced the Yoga Session by chanting “OM”. Later it was supported physical practice of Yoga – poses like Trikona Asana, Surya Namaskara, Vajra Asana were performed. It was followed by Breathing Exercises like Pranayama, Bhramari, Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati. It was a long session of 2 hours. During session Yoga Guru expressed that the highest form of Wealth is Health. 

Finally it was like nobody wanted to leave Hampi. However we all headed towards Tr.Sagar’s residence to grab a mild breakfast & tea. 

Thanks to all the Tablers, Circlers & Twinklers. 

Special Thanks to CM Tr.Avinash, IPC Tr.Prabhakar, Tr.Sagar & to our Fitness Convener Tr.Ravi. Thanks Buddy.

Tr. Manjunath.P.M.
IT & Blog Convener
Hospet Round Table 231

1200+ students participate in RTI Quiz & Career Guidance Seminar / Varanasi Royals RT 218

VRRT 218 did a great publicity event by engaging YOUTH and helping them choose the Career with the seminar titled ‘What after Graduation’ in 3 Colleges covering 1200+ Students. LMF Tr.Sanket Bagla is a renowned Career Counselor and is helping the Student Community to choose the right Career. It is a great publicity with Banner of ‘Round Table India’ and ‘Flexes’ and even the Faculties talking about Round table India was inspiring. Also 218 conducted a RTI Quiz for all students for which a Certificate of Participation was handed to all the Participants in the College the next day. 218 intend to cover 5000+ Students in the next 6 months.

Tr. Sanket Bagla,
Secretary (2016-17)
VRRT 218

LAPD: All about a Sponge Cake (VRT 77)

All about a Sponge cake!!!!

23rd August is celebrated as the world sponge cake day!!!
Never knew that such a day is observed!!!
How about knowing something about a sponge cake???

The sponge cake has a soft and delicate texture, is an excellent base for the realization of many desserts. Although the name can be misleading, the sponge cake has very Italian origins.

Around the first half of the eighteenth century, the golden age of the Enlightenment, the wealthy scion of the Pallavicini family of the Republic of Genoa, during a reception in Spain, decided to commission a Genoese pastry chef a sweet that was not one of the usual.

With simple ingredients like eggs, sugar and flour, the pastry chef John Cabona was able to realize a soft and light cake. The cake was originally named Pâte Génoise, that is Genoese cake, the origins of the inventor. Then it took the name of sponge cake in honor of the country that hosted the young Pallavicini.

Well, we at VRT-77 decided to observe the same…

It was a usual business meeting, but we got a lot of sponge cake!!! First it was the Seargent, Tr.Inder Nutakki did all his seargenting based on insights into the sponge cake and its history, he made us buy sponge cakes at Rs. 300 per piece of a cupcake!!! Then when the LAPD convenor donned his hat, he invited over a pastry chef Mr.Bheem from Sweet India to show us how a sponge cake is made and how a simple cake as such can be made interesting.

Going ahead with the nice sponge cake made, we used it to smash it on our own Sq.leg Rajesh’s face as it was his birthday.

A nice HRD session and a nice after meeting fellowship….

Thanks to the ever simple Sponge Cake

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla

Vizag RT 77



Area 1 TeXT Report – Conducted on 4th and 5th of June 2016, Lotus Club – Ernakulam

Trainers : Sq Leg Dr Srivatsan Chari  and Tr Mohan Kannanthodath, ERT214

Three years back when I did a TeXT with Chari in Thekkady, Kerala; he missed the flight and had to fly to Trivandrum and land up at  4.00 am  the next morning! This time around, Chari was alright – but Bengaluru is blessed with its own startup airline : Air Pegasus. This airline has a peculiar habit of advancing the flights, yes you heard it right – like a 5.00 PM flight will be flown at same day at 10.00 am and the notice will be given to you the previous day “ Sir, you flight has been ‘preponed’ to 12.00 PM instead of 5.10 PM, you are requested to leave what ever you are doing and ensure that you board this flight”. I work in the IT sector and it was Friday anyways, so I jumped out and ensured I boarded an advanced flight ! But a Chari, a doctor couldn’t do much. He had an operation scheduled for that day, and leaving a patient half attended cant be done. So we booked him a separate flight to Kochi

3rd June 2016  Friday Evening :

We gathered around in AVC, Tr Surej George Verghese’s home at Marine Drive Kochi. We prepared for the next day, interacted with some Kochi tablers and were treated to a sumptuous dinner. We went and checked out the facility in Lotus Club where we are going to conduct the TeXT.


4th June 2016, Saturday morning:

We had a great turn out for the TeXT with ALL tables participating, some including the Treasurer. We gathered around in the Gertrude hall at the club. After a brief introduction by Tr Suraj Verghese, Sq Leg Chari and Tr Mohan started the session with the famed ‘name game’. Of course this is something which is an instant hit with tablers – so all the incoming team got some good ‘prefixes’ for their names. The ice was broken, and camaraderie flourished immdtly.

Area One ers, were all relaxed and set for the next level of learning which was to follow. Chari now set the stage for the BHAG module for the day. This included ALL the Chairman, Secretaries and Treasurers.


BHAG (pronounced ‘Bee –HAG’):

BHAG or ‘Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal’ is a tool in Strategic Management, which helps leaders or teams focus on medium to long term initiatives and achieve it. It was first introduced in the book ‘ Built to Last – Successful habits of Visionary Companies’ in the year 1994, by James Collins and Jerry Porras.

A BHAG acts as a focal point of effort and multiplies the team spirit. It has a clear finish line so that the team knows when they have achieved it

Usually BHAG goal setting process is a time consuming one, but we tried and fit in to any one facet of tabling. If we did it for all facets we wouldn’t have the required time.

Sq Leg Dr Srivatsan Chari started with the intro of what a BHAG is and talked about the concepts of SMART Goals etc. After that the discussions of BHAG started. The question in contention was – ‘What is that BHAG Area 1 wants to achieve this tabling year !’

There were several discussions, suggestions, cross suggestions – brainstorming was through the roof. The discussions were effectively facilitated by the trainers Sq Leg Chari and Tr Mohan.

The first discussions were like “Chartering a A380 to Las Vegas, stay in palatial suites, to unlimited fun, to fancy cars, cross country RV to Miami and then landing on a cruise to the Bahamas” Yes it was BIG, it was HAIRY, it was AUDACIOUS! AVC Suraj was wondering where things were going, what are these trainers up to?

The discussions were facilitated further on to things which better reach and implementability and Tr Lakshman and his incoming team from Trivandrum RT 126 came out with the goal of ‘Eradicating Hunger’. This caught the attention of the whole group since the pitch had an emotional side to it. People were talking about how much of food we are wasting and how there are still people who don’t have food and are on the pavements etc.

The recent success of ‘Compassionate Kozhikode which is a huge hit in the city of Calicut was a model which was being benchmarked against during these discussions.

Tablers of Area One brainstormed as ONE, across cities and across states! Tr Amul Raj and his team from Trichy Moon Rock RT 108 passionately poured in to the BHAG discussions. The ideas which went across during the BHAG were

  • Setting up a Tabling Home
  • Do something similar to the ‘Coffee on the Wall
  • Setting up refrigerators in front of hotels to keep extra food

Also discussions were around how to get this implemented. After various deliberations it was decided that Area One ers are going to do the following,

  1. Use the ‘Power of Re1’ concept which is already in Round Table India and other means to collect funds for the cause of ‘Eradicating Poverty’
  2. Fund the identified hotels in the town / city and issue Round Table Coupons from a central place to people who are in need of a free meal
  3. Increase the reach in the town / city, and increase the number of coupons being issues by increasing the funds raised for the same since this is an ongoing project

The following Tables along with their teams committed to start it off in their cities during this year,

Trichy RT 54 – Tr Sidharth and Tr Murali

Trichy Moon Rock 108 – Tr Amul Raj and Tr Gowri Shankar

TRT 126 – Tr Lakshman and Tr Aneesh

QRT 85 – Tr Pepsin

CBRT 131 – Tr Alex and Tr Kapil

Tr Lazar from Kottayam RT who is a CA said that he will look in to the legalities of issuing coupons akin to currency notes and get this project going.

Thus in TeXT we could deliver an ‘Area Long Term Project’. AVC Surej was ecstatic at the outcome and the challenges ahead to achieve this behemoth task !

He said he will be taking a periodic review of this initiative


4th Saturday (afternoon and evening Session)


After the BHAG we broke up for lunch. The lunch was replete with banned items elsewhere in India such as, beef ! Chari who knows Area One ers quite well, was amazed with the unity in which Area One ers devoured beef !

We had two modules conducted simultaneously after this – the Chairman Module conducted by Chari and Secretary module conducted by Mohan. Intense discussions and learning continued during the afternoon session and we broke by about 6 PM

We reconvened for the evening social, hosted by ERT214, by about 7 PM, and the fellowship continued until late in the night and the new team became very close to one another


5th Sunday, June 2016 (Until Noon)


We gathered in the hall for the case studies. The case studies covered various opportunities for improvement in Area 1, like high cost of tabling, to lesser participation in Area and National matters, integrating tablers of a new table in the area etc.

Tablers were very active and all the 4 case studies given were presented by the teams. A lot of new ideas were discussed. This session ended in a high note, and Sq Leg Chari closed the session with a vote of thanks to all the participants and the organizers. We dispersed by 2.00 PM, and Tr Mohan Kannanthodath took many tablers who are visiting the city of Kochi for a boat ride, of the Kochi Water Scape.

All in all a great two days where learning, fun, camaraderie and friendship topped the mood !

Yours in Tabling

GLMF Tr Mohan Kannanthodath

Chairman, Ernakulam Round Table 214, 2015-16

National Blog Convener, 2015-16