Nyenrode New Business School, Amsterdam’s Students Visit Surat

Surat welcomed the students of Nyenrode New Business School, Amsterdam, whole heartedly. Surat RT 135, along with Surat United RT 265 and Surat Central RT 195, hosted them from 24th November to 26th November. Surat was their last destination of the tour. They had come from Baroda after touring Ahmedabad. First stoppage was for lunch at Dominos Pizza, where the students greeted with us and enjoyed their coke and pizzas. After lunch we move to Naniba Ashramshala @Aaklanch, a FTE school built this year by the resources collected through NNBS students. There the students enjoyed the amazing performance done by the students of the ashramshala. They interacted with the kids. We could see a sense of satisfaction amongst the NNBS students and coaches, their efforts had paid off.

After visit to Namiba Ashramshala, we moved on to school @ Kureilia.This school is proposed for NNBS fund this year and work will be start in a few weeks’ time. The students had an interactive session with the kids here too. They also played with them.

After a long day at field, the students headed back to Surat city and checked in into Taj hotel. After an hour of relaxing, we headed for Infinity disc, where we had arranged a small dance party in honour of the NNBS students and coaches. The students danced to the tunes of English numbers and some desi raps too. Two students also turned DJ and entertained the whole lot for a few minutes too.

After infinity, Tr. Puneet hosted an after party at his residence to uplift the spirits of the students, before calling it a day.

Day 2 of NNBS students started with visit to Auro University. They had full tour of the University checking out the Library, Kitchen, Class Rooms, Gym, Games Room,

Meditation room, Auditorium, Administration, Hall of Nobility etc. There was a small lecture on demonetization too. Later they were facilitated and had light snacks before moving to Hare Krishna Diamond factory.

Hare Krishna Diamond factory is one of the biggest house of diamonds in Surat. The students were happy to know and learn how a raw diamond is cut and shaped into a beautiful looking piece. One of their representative gave full guided tour of their facility. After the Diamond factory visit, we moved on for lunch at KFC. The students relished the lunch.

Then we moved on to Kala Vaarso, a cultural programme, at the amphitheatre at Science centre. The students witnessed the cultural heritage of India in form of folk dances of Manipur Odisha, Maharashtra and Gujarat. They also did some shopping of traditional wear and indigenous stuffs.

After brief rest at hotel, we moved for football fellowship hosted by SRT 135. It was truly enthralling playing football with the students. After the fellowship, we moved on to have dinner at Barbeque Nation. After Barbeque Nation Tr. Puneet again hosted an after party at his residence to uplift the spirits of the students, before calling it a day.

Day 3 of students started with breakfast and swimming session @ Taj. Then they packed their luggage and got ready to go back to Ahmedabad from where they had to catch flight for Netherland. Before leaving from Surat they also had lunch at their hotel.

It was a good learning experience for NNBS students and tablers of Surat and good memories to cherish for lifetime.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman (2016-17), Surat RT 135

Calcutta Sterling RT 106 @ AGM’s & World Meet

The end of the first quarter of the financial year brought about a couple of Annual General Meetings. The first among these were held in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was the World AGM, and was held on September 4th,2016. Our Table, the  Calcutta Sterling Round Table 106 (CSRT 106) had one of the highest attendees from India at the Annual General Meeting. This meeting served as a perfect exposure to our Tablers to those from different parts of the globe, and to also gain some knowledge and experience as to how things and activities are done globally.

The second AGM was the National Annual General Meeting of the Round Table of India held at Bengaluru, Karnataka. The AGM attended by several Tables across the country. This again proved to be a learning experience as to how things were done in several other parts in a rather more local manner. It also gives us immense proud to be associated with such industrious, energetic and dynamic individuals in our Table, and to see their hard work recognised at the national levels. Our Table won the award for the Best Secretary ( Tr. Amit Pansari), Best Fellowship Trophy Award (Tr Neeraj Poddar), Balance Activities Shield COM1, Best Area Secretary COM 1 (Tr. Vivek Dalmia).

Keeping up the spirit of the Best Fellowship Award, we organised the first fellowship event of this fall. The even took place in a bungalow at Alipore, and was organised as a games night. Several games were played by all the Tablers and their family, and what a night of frolic it was! The event was also attended by the Chairman of the Ranchi Table. The fellowship was such that it gave us all a truck load of memories to reminiscence and be nostalgic about, while bringing us closer at the same time.

What proved to be another fantastic month for us had one more joyous news. We are now joined by seven tireless and enthusiastic inductees, who share our zeal and outlook towards the society, and vow to endeavour in helping us bring about a greater deal of good in the society by being a part of our Table.

Tr. Adarsh Bachchawat,
Blog Convener (CSRT 106)

Lucknow Mavericks RT 255 and 41ers host YAPS

Host: Tr Arpit Jain, Tr Suyog Singhal, Tr Raghav Narain

LMRT 255, LRT 136, LTRT 207 and 41ers got together to host our friends from abroad for a wonderful evening full of joy at Hotel Ranjees. The evening was another benchmark in the association amongst the 3 tables of Lucknow.

Everyone made sure that the visiting students had a wonderful time. Visiting students were pinned with the Mavericks pin. This event created good bonds between tablers of the three tables as everyone played hosts to the visiting students. The highlight of the evening was the induction of two tablers in LRT 136 and introduction of Tr Ashish Jain from LMRT 255.


LMRT 255, LRT 136, LTRT 207 were invited by 41ers to meet our friends from abroad for a wonderful evening at Lucknow Golf Club. Everyone made sure that the visiting students had a wonderful time. This event created good bonds between tablers of the three tables & the 41ers. The students were facilitated by 41ers with gifts depicting culture and the students also thanked 41ers for making them comfortable.

LMF Tr. Rajit Agrawal
LMRT 255

Young Ambassadors get a taste of Vizag Hospitality


YAP (Young Ambassadors Program) is a cultural exchange program where 41ers children from Europe visit India and are hosted by 41ers in India and vice versa. This year the tablers of VRT 77 had an opportunity to interact with them and take them around the city.

The day had arrived … Saturday 6th August 2016. We started off by picking them up from Waltair club where all of us assembled, we chatted with them while we waited for everyone to come. A few of our 41ers kids also accompanied us. Once everyone assembled at club, we were on our way to Vasantballa school. The most heart touching incident was the kids wishing us a happy friendship day. We had a small community service activity where we distributed sweets and chocolates to all the kids. The kids even sang a song for all of us and we as well as our friends from Europe were very moved by that. The YAPS were very impressed with the kids and made sure they spent some time interacting with them in the classroom.

After the service, we gave our friends from Europe a taste of some authentic spicy Andhra food where we were served a Thali meal which they completely relished. I guess they found it a bit spicy but they the enjoyed it nonetheless.
After lunch, we took them for a scenic drive to thotlakonda where they got a view of the sea on one side and hills on the other. We stopped at a scenic spot and just enjoyed the natural beauty around us. After spending some time there, we dropped our guests back to Waltair club where they were received by our 41ers.

All in all, it was a fruitful day of interaction where we exchanged thoughts about each other’s different cultures. An enjoyable day for everyone.

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla
Vizag RT 77

Erode Spice RT 211 goes International

Our tablers Aravind, Dharmaraj, S.Mohanraj, C.Mohanraj, Nandhakumar, Sathyasaran, Sathiyamurthy, Shivkumar, Selvakumar, & Sudhakar from Erode Spice RT 211 boarded at Bangalore with spirits running high and reached Frankfurt.

We toured around Frankfurt and then took the train to Erfurt, where we were welcomed by tablers of Erfurt-211 Germany and Erfurt OT 311. We had a combined business meet which was arranged by our IRO Tr.Nandha Kumar.

In remembrance of this joint meeting we gifted the specially designed T-Shirts and Pin to all Erfurt tablers and they gifted their pin to all of our ESRT tablers.

During our joint meeting with our twinning tables RT – 211 & ERFURT OT-311 in Erfurt Germany we together decided to donate some fund to the needy children’s for their medical treatment in Erfurt & Erode, Erfurt 211 collected 2000 Euros and donated to a child for a major skin disorder and we ESRT 211 tablers collected 2 .75 lakh rupees and donated to a child for bone marrow transplantation.

The meeting was followed by a fabulous lunch with fellowship where 11 of Erfurt tablers joined us followed by a city walk around Erfurt city.

In order to develop the International Relationship with Erfurt 211 table our IRO.Tr.Nandha Kumar twinned with them continuously and took our bonding to the next level by arranging this joint meeting at their home town.

We then went to Stockholm, where we boarded a ferry to Gotland, Visby, where the RTI world meet was happening. We continued our adjourned business meet in the ferry followed by fellowship.

We roamed around the beautiful city of Visby and there we met our fellow tablers from India and joined with them for the nations night clad in dhotis. Most of our tablers experienced such kind of celebrations for the first time and tasted snacks, food and liquor served by tablers from different countries.

We had a wonderful time with tablers from all over the world and in fact with tablers from several cities of India, We returned to Stockholm and had an excellent night out there and finally reached India, filled with memories of an awesome trip which got us close to many tablers from all around the world.



Chairman (2015-2016)

Erode Spice RT – 211.


Varanasi RT 218: Report on International Fellowship


Ruthenia- fellowship and bonding beyond limits.This was the most appropriate tag line which I could think of to describe what I experienced this year.This was my first Ruthenia trip.At the start I was a bit apprehensive- not knowing the majority of tablers travelling, single entry from my area, what will we do for 12 days etc.But hats of to the godfather of Ruthenia tr.Manpreet Singh Raja and the conveynor tr.Ashish Gupta.The whole journey was well planned and hassle free.Starting from our departure from Delhi, all the bus trips, stays, check ins, sight seeing, fellowships etc. Were taken care of to the minutest details. There was not a single stone left unturned.We also had the opportunity to intermingle with the tablers of Romania and Netherlands which was also a learning experience in itself.


Yours in tabling
Dr.Saurabh Chakrabarty
Chairman Vrrt 218

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member


Kanpur RT 125: Report on International Relations

International Relations KHRT 125

Hosting Sq. Leg Steve Lord from Clitheroe, U.K

When we got the news that our old friend Steve Lord (now a 41er!!) was visiting Kanpur we were absolutely elated. We at 125 can never forget the effort that Steve had taken to help build our Round Table Phool Singh Memorial School. Steve is what we can call a Tabler at heart because he never fails to lend his helping hand wherever he goes.

We had the privilege of hosting Steve and his colleagues multiple times during his visit. The first was to a social hosted by our tablers. Even though he had just arrived that evening he made sure he attended the social and boy was he fresh as a daisy!!! After some solid partying he was dropped off for the night with promises to meet soon.

Next we had Steve attend one of our business meets where Steve shared his wonderful tabling experiences from across the world with us. It was again an honor to present him with the Table flag and the Table pin. It was decided in the meeting that Steve and his friends would be taken to visit the FTE project schools the next day.

Now the project visit and the drive through the rural outskirts of the city is what Steve was eagerly waiting for. There were numerous stops along the way to photograph scenes like the serene buffalo lolling about in the village ponds and the wide eyed little children wondering who these people were!!!! Once we reached the school the construction and classes was closely inspected by Steve. His smile told us that he was happy with the way things were being conducted and maintained. He had a detailed discussion with the School Principal about the classes and the education system being followed in the villages. It was here that Steve presented a small token of his appreciation- a gleaming silver beer mug of RTBI!!! With a promise to help in the further expansion of the school project we finally left. On the way back we also visited Jyoti Badhir Vidyalaya, a school for the hearing and speech impaired children.

Later on Steve also visited one of our community service projects at CSA University and saw the work done by a community group called the “Walkers Support Group”. Steve culminated his tabling journey in Kanpur by attending a special social hosted by the 41ers club 164 in his honor at Cawnpore Club. He had a great time meeting with all his old friends and acquaintances from his previous visits to the city.

I would like to salute the spirit of Tabling displayed by Steve Lord. The bonding and camaraderie that has developed between him and KHRT 125 is beyond the levels of just an International tabler visiting us or a one off support for a project. We are genuinely indebted to him for the support he has provided for our FTE projects and clearly look forward to more help in the future.

Cheers to Tabling!!!

LMF Tr Moriya Philip
KHRT 125

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member


Varanasi RT 218: IRO Report


Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of the above mentioned event in the city of Amsterdam. We were invited to a local restaurant where we all were warmly welcomed by the local tablers which included the RT Netherlands President.The agenda was given to us which was a lot similar to what we regularly do but there were a few changes in the fines for seargenting which was very entertaining. We also took part in an online quiz featuring questions about Round Table on a whole which wss very entertaining as well as knowledgeable. This was followed by exchange of pins..Last but not the least we were served a 3 course traditional meal followed up by an extended session of fellowship..On the whole a very enthralling evening.


Yours in tabling

Dr.Saurabh Chakrabarty

Chairman Vrrt 218

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member


Calcutta RT 41: FTE School Visit

International Team Visit FTE projects Of Area 4

It was the 26th of December, the first day of Baand Baaja Baarat NAGM and the spirit of all the tablers in Area 4 was very high; greeting and meeting all the people who had come to our city as ‘baraatis’ for the grand wedding party and the NAGM.

Understanding the desire of our international visitors, tabler Jason Thomson, tabler Chris Sampson, tabler Fer Van Den Hurk and tabler Bjorn Kaveer, our team took them on a trip, as promised not more than 3 hours in total, to one of our FTE projects in Porabazar, Hoogly District. It was great fun as they dispersed in 2 cars with fellow tablers Anand Neotia and Pankaj Harlalka in one car with the President Jason and Vice President Fer Van Den and Chris Sampson and Bjorn Kaveer were with tabler Puneet Khanna in his car. On the way they had a great time exchanging views and how things happen in India vis-a-vis how things happen in United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Our team explained in detail how they identify and execute projects here with different mechanisms made by the tables to monitor costs and stick to schedules and timelines.

Upon reaching Porabazar R.M.U.V, the school which was undertaken by CMRT 41, KVRT 227 and CMLC 65 and inaugurated on 13th April 2014, the visitors were overwhelmed by the size and detailing in which the planning was done – special mention was made on the quality of construction, design and how it looked identical to the 3D design during conceptualization and future phase planning done at initial stage. President Jason pinned Mr. Santosh, who was the schools representative looking after the entire Round table India partnership.

Since the team was on time they managed to do a small fellowship with some homemade sandwiches juice and fresh fruit as it was past lunchtime by then. No sooner were they heading back, our guests asked the team if they could visit any other projects in the vicinity as they really enjoyed the experience and wanted to see more.

The team called another school and arranged for a visit. The second school was Begumpur High school in Begumpur, Hoogly. Once the guests reached there they realized why this school was given the Asia pacific award and pilot project of the P&G partnership recognitions. The team took them around the premises and special mention was made on the well equipped physics lab, the computer room with laptops placed with table locks, well designed toilets made for the boys and girls and the size of the project and how many lives it would impact in the years to come.

Jason, Chris, Bjorn and Fer pinned the Principal of the school and the team in the school premises. Everyone was treated to some local sweets and then they drove back to attend the evening festivities of the NAGM.

There was a great bonding and new friends were made for life. The team is in constant touch with each other since. They have been invited to the Circus theme AGM in Netherlands and have got a unique invite for the same that the table all cherishes and looks forward to attending.

Yours in tabling

Anant Kanoria

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member


Pune RT 177: Day with students from NNBS

Day with NBS

NBS students arrived at 12 noon to Pune from Mumbai, myself with other tablers received them & later after some refreshment we took them to Tr. Akash Gupta’s factory “Premier Seals” for detailed understanding of how rubber auto component parts are made.

Tr.Akash showed them the entire production process & gave complete knowledge about his product. It was a good learning experience for the students.

It was now time to visit the school “Shri Padmavati Vidya Mandir” at Village Urse 20 kms from city for showing them school block Phase 2 completed by PSRT 177 with financial helping from NBS students.

At school princiapl Sri Prakash Shinde warmly greeted everyone with tikka & VIP badge.

Students had the opportunity to look at the completed school block inaugarted on 11th May 2014,  &  also they were informed about the Phase 3 of the school project to be completed by June 2015

School students had the opportunity to interact with NBS students & they all had a great time together.

Next it was time to return back to the city for a  evening full of  entertainment & delicious food. Tr. Goldy had made all the arrangement at his restaurant “Shauryaa” for a fun filled evening.

NBs students had a great time & at midnight it was time to retire as another day was planned by Round Table 65.

Many thanks to all tablers for making  NBS students trip a very memorable one.


Amit Singhania

PSRT 177

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member