Inauguration of Swapnopuron Ladies Circle Sewing School | Sundarbans | Kolkata Knights Round Table 293

Swapnopuron Sewing Training Center

Barunhat, Sunderbans

Kolkata Knights Round Table 293

You give a woman fish to eat and you feed her for a day! You teach a woman to fish and she feeds herself for a lifetime!

As part of our goal to do “meaningful” community service activities, Kolkata Knights Round Table (KKRT 293) and Kolkata Knights Ladies Circle (KKLC 147) have been very selective in what kind of community services activities we do. We have been wanting to do CS activities that make a bigger impact on the lives of people who actually need it. Along these lines, we had done the saree & mosquito net distribution project in Sunderbans by catering to tiger attacked widows. Along similar lines, we undertook this sewing project and inaugurated a Sewing Training Centre for less privileged women at Village Barunhat, Sunderbans.

Stitching garments is one place that remains to the end of mankind. Further, basic tailoring skills enable women to work from home and they can remain in their usual role of a homemaker and yet earn. Thinking along these lines, we wanted to empower local women and make them self-sufficient and confident. Hence we inaugurated “Swapnopuron Ladies Circle Sewing School” on 24th Oct 2019.

Our plan is to hand hold the women until they become self-sufficient and start their own business. So, we did not think about just donating sewing machines. We worked with the local community in Barunhat, Sunderbans to find a space to set up the training center. We also hired a trainer and are planning to take care of the training costs for the first 6 months as a start. Along with this, we are also taking care of rent and electricity of the space and are doing a makeover of the space so that it becomes suitable for training. Our plan is to train 30 women for 6 months and then help them buy a sewing machine of their own by tying up with companies that can sell the machine at a low EMI. After the women are properly trained, we also plan to tie up with companies who can get manufacturing of hand bags done by these women.

Our inauguration generated enough buzz in the local community and seats for the first training batch are already full. Hoping for the best in the months to come!







Hubli Accent Round Table 153 organised Skill Development Workshop on Carpentry

We at Hubli Accent Round Table 153 organized a Skill Development Workshop on Carpentry at  Elements – Modular Kitchen Manufacturer, Industrial Estate, Hubli on 5th October’18. We imparted modern carpentry skills to 80+ participants. Worthy candidates will be further employed based on the requirements by our HT Pavan Kulkarni who is the Managing Director of Elements. Many of them will be employed with other manufacturers or can work as free lancers.

The program was highly helpful to all as they got to know modern techniques and developments in their field.  Dinner was served to all after the event.