Round Table India Greeting card Convener Tr Vishnuhari Daga Launches Catalog


Greeting Cards a way to make some one smile. Send a Greeting Card and It reaches the Heart.. We are in E – AGE but a real Greeting Card makes a Difference

Tr Vishnuhari Daga barely into tabling for the last three years is now on the National Board as the National Greeting Card Convener . Young into tabling and young at age he has brilliant ideas for Fund Raising through Greeting cards as theProfits made from selling these Greeting Cards goes into RTI Trust account which in turn gives it to the individual Tables Project Account by means of Grants and Commission. Tr Vishnu launched the new Greeting Card catalog at the COB in Mumbai

Heres what he has To Say…

A very happy tabling year to you. It’s been an exciting year that has gone by & we have a lot of things to be proud of. Kudos to the outgoing team for making the landmark 50th year of Round Table India, one of the best ever

As we step into the new tabling year, I would like to take the opportunity to present to you the new greeting cards catalog which is attached along in this email. The catalog was officially released in the First NEX of 51st Board at Mumbai on 14th July. Owing to space constraints, we are sending you the low resolution catalog for ready reference. However, the high resolution catalog is available online at Alternatively, you can obtain a high resolution soft copy or a hard copy of the catalog from your respective Area Greeting Cards Convener.

In the catalog, you will find 4 sections – “Exclusive”, “Festivals”, “Season’s Greetings” & “Classics”. The first 3 sections of the catalog contain the new handpicked designs for this year & we hope that you will find them to your liking. These cards are available to you at Rs. 8.50 per card against a minimum order of 50 cards. The designs under the “Classics” section are available to you at Rs. 6.50 per card against a minimum order of 50 cards. Please do note that the stocks under the Classics section are limited. You can mail your greeting card orders to us at (more details available in the catalog).

The successful clearance sale which began on May 15, 2012 through till June 30, 2012 set the tone for the new tabling year for Greeting Cards. Thanks to your support, I am happy to report that we sold a total of 10,150 cardsas a part of this initiative. We also had a fairly successful last year in greeting cards sales, with a total of approx.96,220 cards sold raising a total of approx. Rs. 6.79 lacs. While I strongly believe that we have the capability to push that number closer to Rs. 20 lacs, the support displayed by all of you has been phenomenal & I thank you for the same. This support was recognized in the recently concluded Change Over Banquet at Mumbai by the way of certificates of recognition.

The following are the certificates that were given out along with the names of the awardees:

Best Area with the maximum greeting cards purchased in the tabling year (minus clearance sale): Area 9

Best Table with the maximum greeting cards purchased in the tabling year (minus clearance sale): SMART 118

Best Corporate sales made: MMRT 200

Table with maximum purchases during the clearance sale period:MCRT 162

Take a bow guys, you were the movers & shakers in Greeting Cards sales last year. But then, this is not the end. To further inform you, the first 3 certificates will be given out on a half yearly basis, while the last one will be based off any new initiatives that we run from time to time. It would be great to see your Area/ Table’s name figure in this list the next time.

I would like to once again thank you for your support on the greeting cards front last year & strongly believe that you will extend the same & greater level of support in this new tabling year to me. If you do have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to your Area/ Table Conveners or me for further assistance.

Tr. VishnuhariDaga

Natl. Committee Member: Greeting Cards, RTI

Vizag Vikings RT 213, Area IX, RTI.


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