Fellowship: CSRT 17 / “Pajama Party”

Seventeen Active Pajamas

Relax friends! All of you must be imagining, thinking, day dreaming and of course dreaming. Seventeen means our table, Active is Active Acres the venue and Pajamas the theme for the fellowship ‘Pajama Party’. All imaginations squeezed out? Come back to stable mode friends!

It was an honor for the table to be invited by our honorable Area IV Chairperson Cr Shweta Poddar and Vicky donor, oops; sorry our blood bank and dear friend Tr Manish Poddar at their lovely house for dinner and halla-gullah. Seventeener’s on the seventeenth floor. What a coincidence? Right floor number chosen by the Poddar’s!

The master bedroom was occupied by all the girls and was a strict no entry for the boys. We do have some genius’ amongst us and we could hear their ‘girly’ conversations. The kid’s room was occupied by our youngest twinkler’s Ms. Jain & Master Joshi both of them around three months old. The boys were left all alone in the living room which pumped in blood to all corners of the house. There was chit-chat going on everywhere. Discussions on business, social life, tabling activities, etc. made the whole house buzzing with ideas and thoughts to ponder.

Out of the blue, we are surprised by the entry of birthday girl Cr Shweta Goel. All were happy to see her and were delighted to be with her on her special day.

There was a mouth-watering layout out of different dishes all prepared in the house. A tremendous effort put in by Shweta. An unbelievable number of 33 friends present, starting the new epic fellowship year with a bang!

Report prepared by:

LMF Samir Changoiwala, CSRT 17
Table Talk Editor 2016-17
Fellowship Convener 2016-17

Treasurer 2016-17


Report On Round table India extension in PCMC


“…to promote the extension of the Association”

The Last table that was extended in Pune was eleven (11) years ago. This fact was a key driving factor for starting the journey of a new table extension in PCMC. Being local of PCMC, Chairman Yogesh was all the more determined to include extension in the plan for the year.

Chairman Yogesh got an external extension team into place. The able team of Tr. Surabh, Tr. Anuj, Sq Leg Sanjay & Sq Leg Mukesh Ruparel was formed.

Being the local from the PCMC, chairman Yogesh connected with a lot of contacts apart from referrals received from the few tablers of Pune tables. Contacts were introduced to the movement by sending a short video of RTI prepared specially for the PCMC extension and then all those interested were invited for the 1st contact meet on 31st October held at Hotel Kalasagar, in PCMC.

12, prospects with their better halves could make it for the meet. The formal part of the meeting was anchored by Tr. Sanjay who began by asking the guests to introduce themselves and to share a thing that they were passionate about. This was followed by an hour long presentation, filled with personal anecdotes, insight and humor that kept the guests engaged and interested in various aspects of tabling. Apart from breifing them about the history of RT, key aspects of tabling were also disscussed specifically from the angle of what the prospective could expect from becoming a part of this movement.

Key aspects disscussed were:

  • Opportunity to Meet Like Minded People: RT membership consists of young & dynamic individuals who come various backgrounds and are leaders in their fields with a passion to make friends and serve the community. RT provides a readymade platform to interact with likeminded people. The fact that membership is by Invitation Only also added that exclusivity and charm to being a member of RT.
  • Wholesome Family Fun and Fellowship: Being a family oriented organisation, RT ensures fun and fellowship for the whole family through various avenues like inter-table sporting events, theme socials, twinklers events etc. It was stressed that RT becomes a part of extended family and support system which of immediate relevance to most of the expats living in Singapore away from their families.
  • Opportunity to Serve the Community: Aspects of FTE and Non-FTE service projects were discussed giving them a fair idea on the philanthropic activities that RTI is engaged in.
  • Avenues for Self Development: the leadership and personality development aspect of tabling was discussed at length with information on various kinds of programs that are conducted within RTI. Sanjay shared his personal stories of various leadership opportunities that they themselves have experienced and the impact that it has had on their lives.
  • International Fellowship: the uniqueness of touring the world, not as tourists buts as guests of the locals was discussed at length and the various opportunities for making friends internationally through World Meets, Number Meets, Mass Tours etc.
  • Avenue for Networking: Asking them to think a little selfishly, Sanjay informed them that RT provided an ideal platform to network globally since there was an inherent trust that tablers have in working with each other. Also, as a member of an international organisation, they would have an access to the world of active and past tablers that were in the highest echelons of their individual fields.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session where queries of the guests were answered.

The formal session was followed by fellowship wherein the guests got a chance to informally interact with each other over drinks & dinner.

All the prospects liked the movement and showed keen interest on becoming part of the all new table in PCMC.

Reported by :

Team Extension:

Tr. Saurabh ,  Tr. Anuj,  Sq Leg Sanjay &  Sq Leg Mukesh .

Photo 31-10-15, 7 10 51 PM Photo 31-10-15, 10 53 38 PM Photo 31-10-15, 7 10 35 PM Photo 31-10-15, 7 10 41 PM Photo 31-10-15, 7 11 30 PM Photo 31-10-15, 8 08 28 PM

First Contact Meeting for extension of a new table by Kolkatta RT 227

taj extension meeting 227-1 taj extension meeting 227-2


“We rise by lifting others”

The tabling movement is all about bringing a positive change within us and others who is in need of

help. We the Victorians since our birth have been trained by our parent table “if we want to go fast

go alone and if we want to go far go with others.”

With this mindset we unitedly have worked hard towards creating a mark in the tabling movement

and touching those numerous lives in need we could in these 3 years. Since our country is huge and

there is a big gap in people needing support and help by the deprived we decided to bring more

people into the tabling movement who are motivated and determined to serve the society.

We not only help others but also develop within ourselves the leadership and management qualities

and not to mention we make great friends and contacts.

Since last year we have been actively thinking about an extension and so we came up with a list of

15 new resumes. We made them meet at a common point and showed them the different facets of

the tabling movement.

Our Chairman Tr. Sahil took the lead in briefing them about what as a parent table we have achieved

and what would be their goals once the table goes on the floor. The prospects after the meet

seemed quite motivated.

There will be few more meetings and fellowships in which they will get to know the life as a tabler

and then we can officially go ahead with forming our child table.


Ankit Budhia


Blog Convenor

Reported by

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16

Varanasi RT 218: Inauguration of new table in Varanasi


Vrrt 218 had the honour of inaugrating a new table in varanasi by the name of Varanasi Elite on 27 june.Chief guest for the evening was Area Chairman Tr.Dhruv Dalmia and the Guest of Honour was NHT Tr.Anjan Singh.The function was also attended by our IPC tr.Umang Sah and tr.Harsh Madhok Chairman Vrt 196.17 new tablers were inducted on the day.4 generations of tabling were present under one roof on that day as Khrt 125 formed Vrt 196.Vrt formed Vrrt 218 and we formed Varanasi Elite.

Yours in tabling
Tr.Dr.Saurabh Chakrabarty
Chairman Vrrt 218

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member


Calcutta RT 34: Contact meeting@ Dibrugarh

Cprt34 along with Cmrt41 conducting the 1st contact meet on 29th March at Dibrugarh. Out of 34 prospects 23 attended the meet. Tr Abhishek Agarwal, Tr Sandeep along with friends of Tinsukia rt248 presented the world of Round Table India.

The second meet on 30th morning at Oh Chai was reassuring. Prospects came on a Monday with enthusiasm even after the late previous night.

With festive season of Bihu setting in mid April, upon request of prospects we had meetings on 4th and 5th. Tr Harmeet,Sandeep and Abhishek conducted the same.

Despite heavy rains on 4th abt 25 prospects came with a few on LOA. FTE book, Pins,yellow book, Annual Report were shown and talked about. Photos vids on various facets of tabling were shared.

LAPD activity was conducted. Subcriptions expenses posts and responsibilities were explained. Networking and importance of rules,system decorum were emphasised.

The gang of total 27 in all were already started committing themselves to be tablers… 5th morning we had the next meet explaining head board, accounting, conv etc. In this 4th meet we explained that we would give a 2 weeks break for all excitement to settle and the info shared to be absorbed.  We specified the path ahead and notified that serious and dedicated prospects would only be made tablers.

Cprt34 and CMRT 41 to our best earnest efforts have tried to sow the right virtues of tabling…. until next meeting, Cheers to RTI

Gratitude of attitude to tablers Pawan,Mohit,Prashant,Gaurav of Tinsukia rt248 to have hosted us like brothers and selflessly stood by us in meetings. Salute to commitment after Jorhat….u guys are rock stars.

Harmeet Singh S
Area IV Vice Chairman Round Table India.
Chairman of Calcutta Park Street Round Table 34. 

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member


Kanpur RT 111: Fellowship with parents

Dear friends,

Sharing a fun report on a Fantastic evening spent by 111’ers with their parents. This was first event in the history of 111 to do something just for parents.

Hope you all enjoy the memorable evening that we had.

Open Roads Enjoy The Ride !!
Lets Live The Moment  !!
Yours In Tabling

Dheeraj Arora


KCRT 111

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member

Madras RT 181: Internal Extension

Dear friends,

We  at MKRT 181 are Back at 18 with 3 back to back Internal Extensions  done in the Table
The Month of December saw 3 Inductions in MKRT 181
TR Shahid’s Induction happened in the Business meet of December on the 3rd of December
He was inducted by the Head table of MKRT 181
Chairman Tr Ajmal Vice Chairman Tr Lanky and Secretary Tr Nikhil
Tr Jai Punjabi and Tr Mitesh shah were inducted on the 14th of December at the social of Tr Kaval and Cr Sonu
The Inductions were done BY AHT Gitesh and Past Area Chairman Sq Leg Sakthivel Raja
With two More prospects in line we will soon be 20.
Tr Hamir Sampat

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member