VRT 77 goes for Joint AGM of VVRT 213, VKRT 225


Well, another weekend and another superb fellowship with all the four tables of Vizag around. Imagine parents going for their kids’ prom night!

Well…. we were invited.

And this time around, we the parent table of VRT-77 attended in good numbers to witness a fabulous joint AGM of our baby tables VVRT 213 and VKRT 225. The theme was a PROM NIGHT and we all dressed up to our fabulous best.

The highlight of the evening was the dance performance by the two tables, which was a splendid affair (proud that they got our dancing genes too!)

The night party flowed seamlessly between the bar and the dance floor and lots of photographs, and good food at Novotel for a change 😉 and of course lots of bonding amongst the tablers.

The party went on until the wee hours of Sunday morning, last heard was our own 77’s prom king and secretary Rohit was seen sloshed on the counter and the prom queen (aka selfie queen) Vamika was busy clicking away pics to glory!!!

Looking forward to many more such fellowships involving all the four tables of Vizag.

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla

Vizag RT 77


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