Hubli Accent RT 153 conclude landmark 400th meeting

Hubli Accent RT 153 conclude landmark 400th meeting

Tr. Nitin Shenoy welcomed all the dignitaries on and off the stage, also welcomed all the gathering for grand ceremony of 400th meet and signature event of HART Rhythms. This being a historic moment, HART 153 felicitated all the 16 past chairmen with exclusive memento framed with jewel. Each and every Past chairman was called on stage and exclusive achievement video was displayed. Whole Area witnessed the glory of HART 153 since inception of 16 years. Further Area Chairperson Cr. Megha Saigal mentioned that she feels like a celebrity and whole set-up of the evening is not less than any Bollywood award night. She also congratulated Team 153 for inaugurating Circle and gave best wishes.

Area Chairman Tr. Mahendra Yadav appreciated Chairman and team HART 153 for such
grand arrangement. He also explained how he has cherished great memories with HART RYTHMS.

Further He recognised Tr. Tushar and Tr. Hitesh and Tr. Srinivas with Area Star Pin for
their commitment towards Publicity, 400th meet and RTI week respectively. National
Fellowship Convenor Tr. Kevin in his speech appreciated hospitality and arrangements of the event. National Vice President Cristopher Arvith whole heartedly showered his appreciation and called the event as one of the best he has witnessed. He congratulated all the past chairmen of HART 153 and gave his best wishes to present board and also mentioned that circling best thing happening to the table. He unveiled the 400th meet special pin on the occasion.

After suspending the meeting HART-Rhythm a singing competition started. Finalist were chosen after audition round which was held in the morning. There were special professional judges who were from classical and movie music back ground, to judge the singing. Live music band was arranged with more than 10 music instrument mach the Rhythm. Best of the sound and lighting arrangements were equipped to give highest level of entertainment. Thirteen singing contestant gave their best and
enthralled the audience. Winners and Runner-up were decided in Male, Female, Duet and Twinkler categories, who earned glittering trophy and also chance represent National level singing competition.

Male Category- Tr. Nikhil from IRT 264 & Tr. Tushar from HART 153
Female Category – Mrs. Sakeena from RT 178 & Mrs Swati From RT231
Duet Category- Tr. Nikhil & Tr Gourav From RT 267 AND Tr. Shrikhant & Twr. Neelasmriti from DRT 60
Twinkler Category – Twr. Neelasmriti from DRT 60 & Twr. Raashi from HART 153

TheMega event witnessed some dances from professional dancers for Bollywood beats and Laavni music. With more than 300 + Audience presence, this could be easily called as the biggest and most appreciated event of the Area 10. Chairman Tr.Nitin Shenoy reconvened the meeting and all the visiting table chairmen Tr. Shreekanth (DRT 60), Tr.Alok (RT 142), Tr. Gourav Kullar (RT 37), Tr. Rajendra Baddi (RT 178), Tr. Avinash (RT 231), Tr.Vikram (RT 152), Tr.Nikhil (RT 267), Tr. Dinod (RT 228)  Tr. Anand Heda (RT205) and Tr. Kevin (RT222) conveyed greetings on behalf of their respective tables.

Tr. Nitin Shenoy once again appreciated valiant effort efforts of Tr. Hitesh, Tr.Tushar, Tr.Khan organising a such huge event. He also felt grateful to the unsung heroes Tr. Rajesh Bhandari and HT Anand Karajgi who meticulously worked behind the show.

LMF Tr. Pawan Pawar
IT & Blog Convenor
HART 153


300th Landmark Meet of Hubli Knights RT 178

Friends, we at HKRT 178 celebrated our numbered milestone 300th meeting & had our 13th AGM on 16 July 2016 at Hubli. The Theme for the evening was 300 and the set up and decor reflected the theme and served as a reminder as to why we were all there in the first place 🙂 !

The AGM quickly got under way and It was a landmark event for us as any milestone crossed is an achievement in itself. Tr. Hamir Sampat the National Treasurer was the Chief Guest of the occasion. Cr Veda Bestin – National Vice President, Ladies Circle India gave an outstanding cameo as she was there for a specific reason that day. the distinguished guests of honor were Tr Anand Heda, Area Chairman, Area 10, Cr. Divya Shetty, Area chairperson, Area 10 & Tr Mahendra Yadav, Area Vice Chairman, Area 10.

The event was important to us in many ways, and we had a fantastic  presentation of the annual report by Tr Arun Agadi, Secretary. He then did a houdini act and the end of the annual report morphed into a report of 12 years of tabling thru the lens of the camera. The background scores for some of the years had sentimental and comic significances and everybody in audience caught on those and were appreciative of his efforts.

A note on the august gathering: We had practically every table represented at our AGM and the venue was packed to the gills. It was an unprecedented turnout and kudos to everyone who took the time and effort to attend our 300th meet. The 41’er s of the Area graced us with their presence and it was a honor to have them join us for our AGM. We were truly humbled and grateful to the active and past members of Round Table and Ladies Circle for gracing our 300th meet.

Our outgoing chairman gave a short speech on his most memorable times whilst being in the lead and expressed heart felt appreciation for the support given by his table to him. He touched upon the fact that every facet of tabling was well represented and he ticked off all the boxes of need to do’s which he had when he initially took the jewel. He outlined some of his highlights, Xtacy, Ten Tana Ten, the 1st smart classroom project done by RTI in India was under his term at City High School, Hubli. He also highlighted the fact that it was his privilege that during his tenure Hubli Knights Ladies Circle 143 was formed & Chartered.

The event was also envisaged with giving the maximum possible time to the retirement ceremony of 3 tablers and long standing stalwarts of Tabling in India as they bid adieu to active tabling on that day.

Tr. Prashant Hebsur- charter member, Tr Venkatesh Anegundi and Tr Abbas Magar – charter member got a new Suffix to their existing titles – namely Sq. Leg. The entire table geared up for the retirement ceremony.

Tr Prashant Hebsur’s contribution to tabling  & circling has been immense in every facet and for close to a decade he has been the go – to man by the table, area and national boards with any matter pertaining to projects, grants, liaising with Corporates and RTI parters. He has many nicknames given to him by various people in RTI & LCI. Our table is  exploring the option of getting a trademark  for his signature dance moves !

Tr Venkatesh Anegundi had a short time in tabling, relatively speaking but his performance, passion and contribution to Tabling has been immense. His planning and foresight during his stint as the AST of Area 10 & RTI week had stunned a lot of people in the sheer scope and gargantuan size of his plans and ambitions. He was the first to synchronise the entire RTI week on a National level, all tables were given the project of the day for RTI Week, a feat not accomplished in over a decade since our table’s formation or perhaps ever.

Tr Abbas Magar was there from the formation stage of the table and has remained a passionate tabler throughout his tabling career. Abbas and his family’s commitment towards projects was to been seen to be be believed, and his contribution to the cause has been immense. He was the 1st LMF of our table.

The table meticulously planned the retirement ceremony and had the appreciation of everyone in attendance and most importantly, from the men that mattered, the retiring tablers. They were extremely emotional, sad, happy and overwhelmed at the love, affection and respect bestowed upon  upon them at the 300th meet.

A truly magnanimous gesture by Cr Veda Bestin, NVP LCI, who came down to hubli travelling 17 hours non stop from Kerala just to be there for Tr Prashant’s retirement. That kind of respect and affection is seldom received.

We had an outpouring of well wishes and messages from all over India with past presidents, project conveners, area chairmen, past tablers and circlers expressing their thoughts and well wishes to the retiring tablers. It got to a point where we had to stop reading messages and emails sent, as they would take 48 hours to complete.

The speeches of all three were indeed unforgettable and a poignant moment  for all of us. But such is the nature of Tabling. C’est la vie.

The mementos given to the past table chairman, area and national board members were truly unique, being the brianchild of tr. Venkatesh, which will be a cherished gift, proud possession and proudly displayed on the mantles of each of the recipients.

The change over ceremony had Tr Ankesh taking over the mantle from Tr Karthik and he proceeded to appoint and unveil his team. A unique departure from norm was that he has appointed each convener to be a fund raising convener too!. The message and emphasis was clear.

Dream Big & Make it Happen

The theme was well received and appreciated, and the brief outline of Tr Ankesh’s impressive plans for the year assured everyone that we are in for another active and hectic year of tabling ahead.

Thankfully the sergeants Tr Basu, Tr Kunal & Cr Panna left out Leonidas and his merry bunch of spartans from the act and gave a memorable “Round Round Table, Round Table” act which had everyone in splits and peals of laughter.

The formal proceeding wound down after another lengthy Any Other Matter with over 12 Tables present and a host of Area and National board members, along with a much appreciated and sizeable contingent of 41’er’s.

Tr Anand, Tr Sachin T, Tr Prasad & Tr Amit ensured that the planning and execution of the event was as flawless as possible.

It was an event to remember and truly a team effort, wherein everybody  from the HKRT & HKLC family chipped in to ensure it was an elegant and successful event.

Tr Ankesh Jain

Chairman 2016-17

Hubli Knights Round Table 178




Invite for 900th meeting of Bareilly Round Table -45


Musings on ESRT 211 AGM



AGM –  An event  the outgoing team looks forward to, to present their achievements of the year gone by, and the incoming team charged with lot of excitement and energy to leap greater heights in the coming year. But that was not at all in our minds when we assembled at the junction to board the train to Nagercoil.  With a bit of concern  ( as the organizer of the event – Ravi is the most organised UNORGANISED person I have come across ) over how the three days would unfold I boarded the train.  But once on board and the fellowship began by 11.30 pm all my apprehension  were swallowed. The simple and normal chaos associated with the tablers travelling in group was performed to perfection. The journey was a blurrrr… but do remember we laughed a lot but still cant recollect the reasons 🙂

Arrival was on time at 6.30 am and from there we took a tempo to our resort – a good 2 hrs drive. reached the resort by 9, and after breakfast and the usual morning rituals we headed towards a private stream and a small trek into the rubber plantation. Kids, ladies and Trs had a lovely time at the stream, we were also blessed with a slight drizzle, and it was a welcome break from the scorching sun.  

True to our tradition AGM started on time by 6 pm.  Our Area Observer SUBBU just about to manage to come on time.  The proceedings of the AGM .. Jewel change, Secretary presentation, Awards and retirement went on till 8 pm. Then began the social hosted by Nandhu, Shiv, Arun and HT Radha & Chakra with some amazing cock and mock tails. The DJ rocked the night till 1 am. Though the dj stopped, our party did not come to an end. it continued in the poolside till wee hours. Before anyone realized it was time for our SUBBU to begin his return journey for their AGM. We hit the bed at 4 am….

Day 2 started off little sober for the Trs, but the Twks and ladies was having fun with a ride on elephants and a photo session with the elephants. By afternoon the party began by the poolside. The kids and the family members had a wonderful time in the pool till the evening. Surprise package was a joint meeting with the Nagercoil tablers at 4 pm, which was a chance for us to mingle with Trs from other area. Second day party was on the open grounds on the banks of the dam on the full moon night which brought about good ambiance and was refreshing to the minds. 

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Day 3 began with same chaos as Day 1. With a constant thought of missing the train behind my head,  I had to literally push, pull and force Trs to alight the tempo.  We just about managed to catch the train with the travel and our lunch. The return journey was even more memorable, fellowship, games, kids games, and to top it the first meeting of the year was organized in Train. Life time to cherish.  Reached home with lots of fun filled memories of 3 days and back to bed to look on to our routines.


Tr Sathya Saran, ESRT 211


Reported by

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16



National President’s Theme & Video: Let’s… LIVE the Moment !!!

Dear Friend,

Greetings to your family and you from your 53rd National Board !!!

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the 53rd National Board took over on July 11, 2014 at the “Jashn-e-Rajputana” Change over Banquet in Jaipur. It was indeed a very well hosted event by Jaipur Pink City Round Table 171 and Area 5.

The theme for the year is “Let’s… LIVE the Moment” 

Do watch the video

Feel free to contact anyone of us at any point. We would be more than happy to help. 

We also look forward for your continued support at all times.

Lets… Dance. Smile. Giggle. Marvel. Trust. Hope. Love. Commit. Wish. Believe. Enjoy. 

Let’s… LIVE the Moment !!!

Cheers !!!

Your friend, 

GLMF Tr Deepak Manoo Mendda,

National President,

Round Table India








Reported by

National Blogs Committee Member

Welcome to 53rd President of Round Table India – GLMF Tr Deepak Manoo Mendda

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure I present you the 53rd National President GLMF Tr Deepak Manoo Mendda.




Tr Deepak introduced his team for the year 2014 – ’15 at the Change Over Banquet held at Jaipur on July 11, 2014, brilliantly hosted by Jaipur RT 171.

Tr Deepak also presented his theme for the year:


Here’s wishing the new team a great year ahead.

Reported by

LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi

National Blogs Committee Member

Round Table India

KHRT 125 Publicity Report

KHRT 125 tied up with the postal department in Kanpur and got RTI branded Postal Stamps and Silver Coins made as a publicity initiative. The same were launched by National President Tr. Harish Shenoy at the 1st NEX in mysore. Tr. Moriya Philip reports the same.

“It was another golden day in the history of Kanpur Heritage Round Table 125. We at 125 have come up with a unique multi-faceted endeavor that promotes Round Table India. We got together with the Postal Department and managed to get “Round Table India” postage stamps made. These are legal postage stamps of Rupees Five each and each sheet of stamps is authenticated by a unique serial number of the postal department.  Along with the stamp we have also got a special edition silver coin made that has the RTI logo on one side and the ‘Freedom through Education’ logo on the other side. This is a pure silver coin and looks resplendent nestled in its red velvet box.

This set was launched by our National President Tr. Harish Shenoy at the first NEX meeting held at Mysore on the 20th of July 2013. We were very happy to see that the entire National Board supported our endeavor whole heartedly.

We find these two together to be a very good souvenir for all those who have tabling close to their heart. They can also be used as a presentation product that can be given away by tablers during festival times or any occasion of gratitude. This will immensely help in publicizing Round Table India and its National Project- Freedom through Education.

We would request all tablers across the country to help and support KHRT 125 in this unique initiative by maximizing the distribution of the stamp and coin set.









Reported by,

Tr. Rajeev Doshi

National Blogs Convener 2013-14

Round Table India