Round Table India Directory Now On I Phone and Android Phones



Tr.Deepak M Menda (VRT 77)
National Secretary/Treasurer
Preeti Tubes, 28-16-12, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam-530020
Off: +91 891 2526062/2590393 Res: +91 891 2711458
Mobile: +91 9949118000, Email:

Dear Friends,

Greetings from your 51st National Board !!!

Its with great pleasure that we launch the App for the RTI Directory for your Android and I-Phones/I-pad.

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For Android:

You can download this on your Google Play Store by typing “Round Table India” and follow instructions there.

For I-phone:

You can download the same from the App Store by typing “Round Table India” and follow instructions there.

Once the download is done, 

Request for Password and access by sending a Mail to with complete details like Tabler Name, Table Number and City

Do comment and rate these apps on the App Store/Google Play Stores.

We would be more than happy to receive your feedback on

These apps are loaded with a host of features, do download the same and enjoy!!!

I would like to thank and give the complete credit for this to Tr Mohit Kapoor of Kanpur Heritage Round Table 125. 

Small Things Make a BIG Difference…

Tr Deepak Manoo Mendda,



Vizag RT # 77

Ps: The Blackberry and Windows 8 app will also be released in due course.







Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Round Table India Directory Advertisement Rates- Tr K J Santhosh


Tr.Santhosh K.J. (MCRT 162)
National Convenor – Directory & Membership
KJK Group, 2D, Eldorado, 112, N.H.Road, Chennai 600 034
Off: 44 28253337, 44 28241411 Res: 44 24913182
Mobile: +91 9962266966, Email:
Dear Tablers,

Warm Greetings and Best Wishes to you on behalf of the 51st National Board of Round Table India !!!!!

It is extremely important to have the updated information of our Membership and Database. This will ensure that you will not miss out on any information on the happenings of Round Table India and also the privileges of receiving the National Directory, Table Talk, Newsletters etc.

We are putting in our efforts to release Directory (2012-2013) of Round Table India  soon.

The RTI Directory is a global reference tool for other members of associated International organizations. We also send our directory to tables chartered internationally on request. The circulation of the
RTI Directory reaches its 3000 High Net worth Individual (HNI), 41ers and Square Legs in India and also Internationally!

We have seen the same as integral part of almost every Tabler’s office or home reference book throughout the year as such. The advertisements placed in this have an extremely high visibility and reaches out far
as a business promotion tool as well.

Apart from the commercial value, your contribution will help us raise funds which are extremely important to achieve our goals under many Tabling facets !!!!

Please find  hereunder the advertisement tariff for the RTI Directory 2012-13:

Back Outer cover : Rs 60,000/-
Front inside colour (Right): Rs.50000/-
Front inside colour (Left) :Rs 35,000/-
Rear inside colour (Right) :Rs 40,000/-
Rear inside color (Left) : Rs 30,000/-
Full page colour : Rs 25,000/-
Half page colour : Rs 15,000/-
Full page Black & White : Rs 15,000/-
Half page Black & White : Rs 7500/-
Page Mark : Rs 20,000/-
One Line Advt. all pgs : Rs 40,000/-

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped us getting advertisements/sponsors in the last few years and look forward to their support this year as well.

The advertisement materials in the form of Art work/Photograph/CDs can be sent to RTI Secretariat at 80, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai -34.

The material has to be in a layered Photoshop file or CorelDraw format. Cheques /pay orders should be drawn in the favour of “Round Table India”

Your kind support for Advertisements/Sponsorships will be highly appreciated !!!

K J Santhosh
National Directory Convenor
2012 – 2013

Reported By
Hamir Sampat
MKRT 181

Round Table India Directory Convener Tr K J Santhosh Information


It  is Time To Update the Round Table India Directory and Convener for the Same Tr K J Santhosh shares the Information on how to update the same..


Tr.Santhosh K.J. (MCRT 162)
National Convenor – Directory & Membership
KJK Group, 2D, Eldorado, 112, N.H.Road, Chennai 600 034
Off: 44 28253337, 44 28241411 Res: 44 24913182
Mobile: +91 9962266966, Email:
Dear Tablers,

Greetings from the 51st National Board of Round Table India.

As the National Directory Convenor and to facilitate an early release of the Directory with more information, we urge each one of you to kindly update your profile on the website

also, request each one of you to upload your photograph incase there is no photograph attatched to your profile.
Follow these simple and easy steps to make the necessary changes to your profile if required.

1. Go to the RTI webpage
2. Please click on the lock icon in the top right side corner of the Home page.
3. Please enter your own email Id as Username. ( In case your email Id is not registered, please inform the same to )
4. Please enter your password, if you are not aware of the password, click on forgot password link and the same will be mailed to you email Id automatically.
5. After logging in click on Profile button for updating your details.

We have also given a special privilege to all Table Chairman & Secretary’s login to view / update your Table & Tablers details on the website.
After logging in please find the line mentioned in RED as Table Chairmen and Secretaries, pls click here to update your Table directory information”
We also request the Table Chairman/Secretary to send us the Hon Tablers details and Table Covenors details by mail for updation.
It is our belief that the Directory can serve as a very useful tool to link between the buyers/sellers/ interested persons within our community to connect easily.
For example, if you are into manufacturing instead of writing just Mfg. we request you to kindly give more information on what you manufacture such as Mfg-Diamond Tools.
Thanking you and looking forward to your kind support to bring out the Directory with more apt information soon.

Small Things do make a Big Difference ,

Best regards,

K J Santhosh
National Directory Convenor
2012- 2013

Reported By
Hamir Sampat
MKRT 181