The fellowship team put on their fitness hats and turned us all into athletes motivating us to wake up at 0600 hrs to give our bodies a jump start just like the way we jump start a broken down vehicle . It was the calling of the hoops ( the game of basketball ) .The game began with a practice session with the coach helping us in limbering up , we took a few lay ups also . We were 4 a side in each team with a tabler’s wife starting for one of the teams . We played half court , 4 on 4 !! It was a friendly game with no one counting a win or a loss !! The game went on for about 45 mins to an hour after which our fellowship convenor Tr . Siddharth fell flat on the floor . It was gruesome ! lol ! The last he played was during his college days . Its been a while since he hit the court .

Our Secretary Teja never played the game before but was supervised under good ball players in his team and the coach . In fact he made a couple of baskets as well .

Rohit who was the tallest in his team stood like a pillar and stopped all the lay ups and 3 pointers .

Our chairman Tr .Vidhan who is an  example of weight loss was a great  example and maneuvered all of us during the game . He also made sure everyone reached the court on time .

We had breakfast at Sid and Sweena’s place . There was semia upma and Satu which was a dessert . We ate a good meal and it was a good way to start off the day .


Jointly Compiled by :


Tr . Arihant and Tr. Shashank



After a fun filled basketball fellowship , Volleyball was next on the cards . This time it was on a Sunday which improved the attendance . The weather was overcast which was an added bonus for us to go and play for longer hours . This could only be possible because of our Secretary Tr . Teja  and Divya  who gave us entry into their college court and made arrangements for a net and linings on the court and also refreshments . The teams were  Vidhan , Arihant , Rohit Bajaj , Umesh and Vinay on one side and Shaad , Teja , Inder , Naveen and Gurvansh on the other . . It was a fair team on both sides with  captain Teja and captain Vidhan choosing the players in their team.

There were ladies who accompanied us . We also had twinkler Ishir , Chairman Vidhan’s son who was present amongst us . The ladies took a stroll around the college as we begun the games.

We started at 4:30 PM with the first game , 25 points a set , 5 on each court .  The contest  was so close it could have been  anyone’s game but chairman’s team won  the set of three with the score  2-1!!!

There were comedy errors taken lightly by all tablers though the game got intense.

There were a few good smashes and lifts . The dip service and floating service of a couple of tablers was difficult to counter which gave them a clean point in their favour. One of the longest rallies  that went on was for 10 -12 seconds which gave a much needed boost to all the new players in the team .

All in all it was a lot of fun there was a lot of laughter during the game and both teams showed coordination and the spirit to finish all three games at a go.

There were few tablers who were new to the game . Special mention to Tr . Vinay who played like the Hulk smashing the ball everywhere.  Luckily , the ball survived the onslaught of Tr . Vinay. The play went on till the lights dimmed and then everyone dispersed.


Jointly compiled by :

Tr. Arihant and Tr . Shashank


Sporty day for Twinklers from Calcutta South Round Table 17

Twinkler time @ Sky Turf –  Over 14 Twinklers, 8 circlers and 7 tablers got together at Sky Turf to have a super sporty time with the kids. The coaches we had hired were phenomenal in keeping everyone on their toes. A good 3 hours spent, with the kids and parents yearning for more! Fitness has been a running theme for our table, and getting twinklers involved in such activities is always a big plus! They have the energy & drive to be fit and make sure that the parents too become fit!

ISports organised by Hubli Central Round Table 142 and Hubli Central Ladies Circle 71

We proudly can say that we were successful in accomplishing this, ISports 2018-19 an signature event of HCRT 142 & HCLC 71, held on 13th January 2019,Sunday. At Cotton county club, Hubli

Hosts – Tr Maltesh & Harshita Niranjan, Tr.Vinay & Suwarna Jartharghar, Tr.Prasanna & Savitha Kulkarni.

Success counts on highest participation of 185 Adults & 60 children.

Massive isn’t it??

Highlight for this signature event was introducing a new sport “ AQUA POLO “ which had a huge response.

KIDS- such an adorable short word. It’s equally difficult to keep them occupied and calm with activity that’s knowledgeable and that creates zeal amongst them. Special thanks to Decathlon & Robotics to help us entertain our kids.

To grace this wonderful event we had our Past President Round Table India Tr. Harish Shenoy & President Ladies Circle India LMF Cr. Namrata Shenoy along with Area Chairman Area X Tr. Alok Ankalikar & Area Chairperson LMF Cr. Dr Aryaa Ankalikar.

Wheelchair Cricket Tie Up & Publicity by Lucknow Mavericks Round Table 255

“Disability is not inability.”
For the first time in Round Table India history, Wheelchair cricket exhibition match between UP & Delhi was held on the national platform of Jaffa. 
We know cricket and we all are familiar with wheelchairs. People confined to a wheelchair due to various reasons, are challenging themselves to play cricket despite this limitation. They look at a wheelchair as a transportation not as a disability. We aim at inclusion, empowerment & future employability of the players through Wheelchair Cricket. That’s in line with RTI – Adopt, Adapt, Improve.
The objective of Round Table India was to create awareness about the sport and involve the tabler fraternity globally to support the sport & the players.
We had the great privilege of having National President Tr. Dhruv Dalmia, NVP Tr. Piyush, NT Tr. Ashish, IPP/IRO Round Table Nepal Tr. Jayant, Area 5 Chairman Tr. Sahil, Area 8 AST Tr. Khushal, Area 11 Chairman Tr. Ankit, Jaffa Convenor Tr. DK Singh, Sq. Leg Punit Sampat, Sq. Leg Hamir Sampat to grace the occasion.
NP Tr. Dhruv addressed the gathering and commended the spirit, energy & passion of the players. Aviral Jain & Sq. Ldr. Abhay Pratap Singh presented a token of appreciation on behalf of Wheelchair Cricket Association of India to Round Table India for their MOU & continued support and contributions.
Post this match we are proud to share with you the huge publicity for Round Table India at the 2nd National Wheelchair Cricket Championship held in Lucknow. Teams from Rajasthan, UP, MP, Gujarat, Punjab & Delhi participated in the league.
The RTI logo was carried on the wheelchairs, all the jerseys of the UP team players, on venue branding like backdrop, creatives & boundary runners. RTI also got notable mention in the newspaper coverage of this event. This cause was initiated by Lucknow Mavericks Round Table 255. 
After all Scott Hamilton has right said that “The only disability in life is bad attitude.”

200 DREAMS ONE GOAL- finale tournament by Poona Round Table no. 15

NON FTE Project- Finale Tournament- 200 Dreams ONE Goal
Our dream project took place on Friday the 12th of October. What a heartening experience for each and everyone of us. Those who were a part of this project and also for the ones who attended it.
200 out of 900 underprivileged kids, from 6 different schools, were selected and given football coaching for 10 weeks. A Finale Tournament was organised for all 200 kids at Hot Fut grounds. It was a once in a life time opportunity for them to play on Astro Turf and under flood lights.
The excitement and the energy of all the kids dressed in their soccer uniform was worth seeing. It was thrilling to see them put their best foot forward and enjoy the game so much.
The tournament was professionally organised. Snacks and energy drinks were given to each student. Once the tournament was over dinner was organised by the Isckon Temple for everyone.
Our star Tabler Kirtti Ruia was the brain child behind this ambitious project and the one who lead and organised the entire event. His dedication and commitment is something that can’t be expressed in words.
It was our privilege to have Area 15 Chairman Darshan Kabra and Area 15 Sports convenor Sunil Dharmani present for the same. Trophies and medals were presented to the winners. A certificate of participation was given to all the students.
It was truly an awesome experience to be a part of such an amazing project and we hope to continue this in the future and would love to see some of these kids represent the state or nation.
The event was covered by the local newspapers.
We would like to thank Hot Fut Foundation, Rotary Riverside Club and  members of PRT 15 family and friends who sponsored the dreams of these 200 kids.



VRT 77 initiated a cricket tournament fund raiser which was scheduled in the end of October till mid November .

This was probably the biggest fundraiser of the year and one of the longest fundraisers  for VRT 77 .  The groundwork and preparation for the tournament  had started more than a month ago with the fundraising team , publicity team and tablers of VRT 77 working hard in terms of getting sponsors and teams for the event . VRT 77 reached out to corporate companies for participation and placed posters at central locations in the city to create awareness about the event and create some buzz about it in the city . It was a tournament with 12 teams with 10 days of cricket , 2 convenors (with support from fellow tablers and 41ers ) and 1 winner . Prior to the event , we had a press meet organised to generate publicity about the event .

The conveners put in their heart and soul into the event to make sure the event went off smoothly . Tablers were also present as volunteers for support . It was a huge learning curve for all of us with a lot of hurdles and challenges that were overcome .   This is the first time that VRT 77 has conducted such a big and long tournament which turned out to be a good fundraiser , publicity event and most importantly an excellent learning experience .

The teams that took part were :

  1. RTI
  2. Sweet India
  3. AK Warriors
  4. SBI
  5. Morrison and Hershfield
  6. Uniparts
  7. Classic Strikers Club
  8. Pages
  9. IT Association of Andhra Pradesh (ITAAP)
  10. 10 . Fluent Grid

All the teams put up competitive scores and made sure it was an exciting tournament . The teams would cheer , make some noise and show support for the players on the  field creating an atmosphere just like any international cricket match . To add to that we have a few tablers who have entertained us with their commentary . Special mention to Pratik for his entertaining hindi commentary , Ramayya for Telugu commentary . and every tabler who kept updating the scores on the mic .  The most common phrase being used “ It’s a nice breezy day \ afternoon “ (haha) .

Medals and certificates were given out for the man of the match at the end of each match and for the finals , prizes were given out to the best performers in the tournament overall in various categories .

The tournament was spread out for over 3 weekends including a Thursday and a Friday . Apart from all the facets mentioned that this event covered  , the fore runner of course was fellowship . It was a cricket fellowship too during this entire time and most importantly the ladies and twinklers who attended had fun .

Most of the matches were held at the port stadium with the finals being held at Raghu Engineering college between RTI and Sweet India .

The winner of the tournament was Sweet India . Congratulations to the Sweet India Team . This event would not have been possible without the support of our tablers and Sq. Legs and of course a special mention to our sponsors . Thank you to Project sales corporation , Southern Hitech Computers , Shaurya Constructions , V Hotel , Marriot , The Park , Greendale School , Lovedale Play school , RTI and VRT 77 .

All in all , the event went off really well and we look forward to doing more events like these in future .

Aashayein – A unique Sports Day organised by Calcutta Mid TOwn Round Table 113 for 700 specially abled children

Calcutta Midtown Round Table 113 organised a milestone program of annual sports by the name “Aashayein”  on 18th Nov-2018 at Gitanjali Stadium, Kasba, Rajdanga Main Road, Sector A, Rajdanga, Kolkata-700107.

It is a Paralympic organized in association with Lions Club of Calcutta for specially abled children in most pleasing and joyful atmosphere. It is a unique event in the city for the specially Abled Children of our society, with lots of wishes to bring smile in the faces of little Angels. These children are gift of God having special abilities to fight the odds of life. They always inspire us to think how a child can overcome its disabilities to bring immense positive energy for us to follow. It is a charitable event.

It’s a sports event in which more than 700 specially abled children along with their parents, family members and teachers from different schools and organization participates. We provide them a gift hampers, prizes, breakfast & lunch. CMRT 113 have been associated with the program from last 3 years. The total people impacted were 1250 and the cost of the project for CMRT 113 was Rs. 725000/ – (Rupees Seven Lacs and twenty five thousand only)

The event was graced by Shri Raveendran Shakaran IG CRPF, Shri Sabyasachi Sinha, DIG Welfare & Planning, Mrs. Bula Chowdhury renowned sports women.

 Area IV Chairman Tr. Manish Lakhotia, Area IV Vice Chairman Tr. Jeet Agarwal, Area Secretary Treasurer Tr. Amit Agarwal, NFC Tr. Bittu Gandhi, Tr. Sanidhya Chokhany, Tr. Abhishek Lodha, Tr. Rahul Dhanuka, Tr. Mausam Lihala, Tr. Mohit Kariwala and many more from Area IV along with all the tablers, sq.legs, mentors, HT’s of CMRT 113, Circlers of CMLC 132 together made it a wonderful experience.

Pinkathon @ Kolkata on 26th March ’17 by Calcutta South RT 17 / Register NOW!

Pinkathon is more than a Marathon. It is the seed of change. It is the beginning of a movement carried forward by a growing community of empowered women across India, who share a belief that a healthy family, a healthy nation and a healthy world begins with empowered women.

The first step in empowerment is taking control of your own health, respecting yourself and understanding and celebrating the value you bring to your family and society. Empowerment is not a gift of society; it is a gift you give yourself.

The Pinkathon is India’s Biggest Women’s Run, founded by Mr. Milind Soman and Ms. Reema Sanghavi, organised by the United Sisters Foundation and created with the specific purpose of getting more and more women to adopt a fitter lifestyle for themselves and their families, and to highlight the need for increased awareness other issues that put women’s lives at risk

Calcutta South Round Table 17 bring you the 1st run at Kolkata on 26th March 2017. Register NOW!

To register, visit
More about Pinkathan @


Team Bellary Vikings RT 152 participate in “Ten Tana Tan”

BVRT 152 team is ready to face the challenge in TEN TANA TAN every year and this year practice for cricket start around one month before.

Tr CA Kiran Jain Captain and Tr CA Pankaj (Vice Captain) lead the team in practice session since one month. Team was ready with Batting, Bowling and Fielding, and all set to challenge any team.

Teams were divided in to four groups. In League matches three teams were placed in each group. Total 12 tables participated in the tournament, and the winner in the group qualified for the Semi.

BVRT 152 won their consecutive league matches and directly qualified for the Semis.

Major Contribution was from Tr Anil (Man of the Match in both the matches), Tr Shiva, Tr Chini, Tr Kamla give their best efforts to make sure team wins comfortably. Tr Pashupati was not in the team but his motivation speech and team support always helped BVRT to give their best.

We lost the Semis, and the journey ended here with the new challenge to come back again with more practice and more energy.

But in the last we enjoyed the day and were back to Bellary by late night Train.

Thanks once again HKRT 178 for successfully Hosting TEN TANA TAN Year after year.

Thanks & Regards,
LMF Tr CA Pankaj K Seksaria
IT & BLOG Convenor
BVRT 152- Area X