Massive Go Green Projects by all Round Tables from Area 8

Going Green!


YEAR – 2018-19

CHAIRMAN – LMF Tr Rishabh Jain


“With melting snow,

Increase Sea,

One day will come, when everything will sink,

How can we save all let’s just think,

The answer is GO-GREEN…..GO-GREEN…”

With these thoughts Area 8 started their Go Green campaign for 2018-19. We cannot thank enough National Team for bringing front such a beautiful convenorship. It is the only convenorship wherein when you perform you not only give back to Mother Nature but also securing a good life for yourself and for the generations to come in.

When I was appointed as Area 8 Go Green Convenor, intentions were clear to make every table perform. Being a new convenorship, I had no one from whom I can take or exchange ideas. I would like to thank our Area Chairman for always giving me the liberty to work in my ways.

We had a whooping start to Go Green. In first quarter itself 11 out of 18 tables performed beautifully. In specific 15th August was celebrated as Go Green by all the tables. We covered a beautiful event across Area 8 in which:

  • Chairman of all tables identified one convenor for the event
  • Convenor had to distribute saplings to all tablers before 15th August
  • Tablers at their own discretion can pay any amount for the sapling (if at all they want). All fund generated will be used for Community Service by the table
  • Each tabler had to sow that seed with their children on 15th August and share the photo of event with their Table Secretaries
  • All tables can then share the collage of this activity done by their tablers,
  • In this event, we covered 3 main aspects of tabling: Go Green Initiative, Community Service Fund Generation and Twinklers activity.

Apart from that some of the major events that got covered in 1st Qaurter:

  • Bareilly Round Table 45 distributed indoor plants to all the tablers for their offices and residence. Not only these plants keep oxygen level high indoors but also deliver a sense of caring. Thus making us a little ‘more’ human.
  • Kanpur Cosmopolitan Round Table 111 distributed seeds and plants to all tablers of KCRT 111. Extending the cause, they also distributed plants to all students in their FTE School and plantation was done in school premises too. Students were also explained benefits of plantation and asked them to spread awareness regarding clean and green Kanpur. All tablers planted their plants / seeds with their twinklers. Thereby spreading awareness to all twinklers too.
  • Kanpur Heritage Round Table 125, Varanasi Round Table 196, Varanasi Royals Round Table 218 did plantation of saplings in the school. They explained students the importance of plantation and how necessary it is now to take strong steps towards GOING GREEN.
  • Lucknow Round Table 136 did plantation of 100 saplings on 15th August at required places in Lucknow. 1 Tree grown saves many lives. Kudos to LRT 136 for making it 100 times more. On the birthdays of tablers, a gift of a sapling is sent and in return the “birthday boy” plants it and posts pictures on Social Medias. This is to create more awareness and inspire more and more people to plant saplings.
  • Varanasi Royals Round Table 218 went step ahead and got their twinklers involved in Go Green Activity. They named it ‘SEED THROWING PROJECT’. In this, twinklers sprinkled seeds in bulk thereby aiding high yielding rate. Twinklers learnt how trees are important for our environment and ecological balance.
  • LMRT 255 had something else in bag to offer Mother Nature. Use of poly bags is a big menace for the life system. Poly bag does not get decomposed for thousands of years. Thousand of stray animals die eating those poly bags. Biggest of drainage systems choke because of these poly bags. Tablers of LMRT 255 distributed BROWN PAPER Bags with RTI BRANDING to create awareness about using organic bags and discouraging the use of plastics. All vendors benefitted vowed to stop using plastic bags from immediate bags.
  • Varanasi Elite Round Table 278 planted 8000 plants in a village. With 8000 plants at a stretch, VERT 278 broke all barriers of going Green. A task of such magnitude needs intention and great efforts.
  • Shahjahanpur Round Table 298 initiated the ‘IMPORTANT DATES GO GREEN CONCEPT’. Under this they are gifting a sapling to tablers on every important dates like Birthday,  Anniversaries, Twinklers Birthday or be it any family member important dates as well.
  • Sitapur Round Table 318 distributed saplings to tablers and their family on Independence Day for growing them in their kitchen, garden or be it anywhere and taking care of it till they start bearing fruits. The one with the best plant and fruits will win the competition. This will generate an extra sense of caring for what tablers planted thereby giving a high yielding rate.
  • Moradabad Round Table 319 planted 500 trees in a village called Awganpur involving the local authority gram panchayat on government land. The village has strength of 4000 people approx.

With so much happening under Go Green in Area 8, National declared a dedicated day in RTI Week for Go Green. 12 out of 18 tables performed exceptionally well in RTI Week. All the tablers did actrivities in their own unique ways thus making it a great success.

Till date Area 8 has made:

₹ 1,71,800.00 64,320

That is the beauty of events covered under Go Green, with least investment you get the maximum number of people benefitted.

I am sure with such response and fact sheet we have a long way to go under ‘GO GREEN’. We the round tablers have always benefitted the society in way or other. It is time to go beyond that.



During RTI week, Bellary Vikings RT 152 & LC 127 organised 5 editions of  Taare Zameen Par (drawing competion for Kids) With a theme of “Swachhatha – The path to a clean and developed nation”.
Edition 1:  Anugraha school for Mentally challenged, Bellary – 40 kids participated
Edition 2: Chenga Reddy Memorial School for Mentally Challenged, Bellary – 60 kids participated
Edition 3: The 3rd Edition 3 of TZP was a mega event, with about 1200 Children from 27 different schools Participating in the event.   Event was organised at Basavarjeshwari Public School, Bellary.
INDIA MAP FORMATION  during this event was the biggest highlight and attracted lot of attention of the public and media.   It brought in tremendous publicity and good reputation to ROUND TABLE INDIA & LADIES CIRCLE INDIA.
Edition 4: Jawahar School, Bellary.  – 1200 kids participated.   After the TZP event, Lunch was served to all the students and staff of the school
Edition 5: Spandana School, Kadaramandalagi village.   650 kids participated.
Together – about 3000 kids from 31 different schools particpated in the event.
BVRT 152 / LC 127 provided the drawing sheets to all the children. Crayons were provided only to mentally challenged children.
Prize distribution was done on 24th of November as a seperate event. Total 40 trophies were distributed.
The event was well covered in social media and one news channel.

Kolkata city welcomes Round Table India President

This was the start to the longest trip i have taken i.e. from 8th to 18th Dec with a lot of thoughts on my mind. But i just took the plunge.

Kolkatta being the starting point of Journey. 8th Dec we had the kolkata chairman dinner at the saturday club in kolkatta. Was great to meet all of them.
Next day on 9th december was the big fundraiser of RT 17. KIDDATHON. And believe me its not kids stuff to do it. More that 1500 children participating and in addition their parents. Massive project and brilliantly handeled Chairman Tr. Vinit and team RT 17. Then it was time for a quick visit to the area 4 golfers practicing for area 4 golf tournament.

Then it was time to inagurate the green island adopted by RT 17. From there we headed for 2 ground breaking ceremonies in chapdhani by RT 34 and one joint project by RT 34 and RT 290.

It was now time for some play after all the hard work. Brilliantly organised cricket tournament by RT 4. Finally it we was time for the celebration party for a successful kiddathon hosted by RT 17.

Another eventful visit to the city of joy. You are an inspiration Area Chairman Tr. Manish and also for always making me feel a part of your family whenever I’m there.

Round Table India President Tr. Dhruv Dalmia visits Mysore City for various events.

We started early morning on the 15th of december from Sakleshpur for Mysore. Mysore was one action packed day. A host of projects lined up one after the other

Toilet block inauguration and go green project by MERT256 at Bannur.
Prize distribution and interactive story telling at adopted school by MRT21.
Toilet block inauguration by MHRT 109.
Annual Day function at one of the FTE Schools of RT 109.

Thanks Area Chairperson Area 13 Sangeetha for inviting us for your AEX. In between all this we even managed to visit Chamundi hills and the Mysore Palace. Thanks Harish and Namrata for a great social.

In the end a very fruitful Area 13 visit. Thanks Area Chairman Sidd Shastry for your commitment and planning for the same. You are an exceptional guy.

Go Green initiative by Mysore Round Tables 29, 109, 156 & 256

Under the RTI Week, we conducted a Go Green Joint Project between all 4 tables in Mysore, Area 13.

  1. Mysore Elite Round Table 256
  2. Mysore Round Table 21
  3. Mysore Heritage Round Table 109
  4. Mysore Amity Round Table 156

With collaboration with all tables and circles, it was a successful event where planted 1000 saplings of trees at one of our tablers farm near Mysore.

 Cost: Rs. 10,000

 Tablers and Circlers At Project:

LMF Tr. Sharath (Chairman, MERT 256)

Tr. Ram (Chairman, MRT 21)

Tr. Arun (Chairman, MHRT 109)

Tr. Mithun (MHRT 109)

Tr. Chirag (MART 156)

Solapur Highflyers Round Table 309 celebrate Round Table India Week

Date: 10/11/2018

Help The Needy: We had asked the tabler to get the cloths which are of no use to them for this superb cause of distributing it to the needy who sleep road side. For this activity we had maximum attendance of Tablers, Spouse and Twinklers. This activity has been useful for almost 50 people.

Date: 13/11/2018

Blood Donation Camp: With the slogan “you were born with the ability to save someone’s life, don’t ever waste it.”  We had arranged a blood donation camp in association with Kross International and Damani Blood bank. A good participation of 43 donors had donated blood and in return as a token of love we have given them a gift.

A special thanks to Area XV-AST Tr. Ashish Dhole for providing his premises for this wonderful cause.

Date: 15/11/2018

Plant-A-Tree: Go Green Initiative

Tree Plantation is the best gift to Next Generation. We had planted 45 saplings to the adjutant road to Jain Temple, Kondi. It was very good event where kids had taken initiative of planting saplings & watering. It feels very good to see that we have very bright future.

Thanks to Tr. Chandan Shah for providing saplings and arranging the event.

Date: 17/11/2018

Fellowship Party: Best practice for bonding

We had celebrated RTI National Fellowship Day @ Tr. Chaitanya Patil Home. The party was well organized with delicious food and fun games. We also celebrated Tr. Chaitanya Patil birthday. We had 12 tables with their wife and kids. It was super fun night.

Community Service Day by Calcutta Round Table 4 at FTE School

FTE School activities : A Community Service , Go Green Project and Good Touch bad Touch Session

Calcutta Round Table 4 visited its FTE School (Makhla Prahlad Singh Siksha Niket School ) in Uttarpara on 15/11/2018 and planted trees in the garden of the school, distributed goodies to the kids and organized a good touch bad touch session for 40 girls and sensitized them with the knowledge of the same.


Calcutta Round Table 4 celebrates Roshan Rahe Sabki Diwali with 250 Lesser Privileged Children

  Roshan Rahe Sabki Diwali – A Community Service  & Go Green Project

Calcutta Round Table 4 executed one of its flagship community service called “Sabki Diwali” where it distributed firecrackers and goodies like biscuits, chocolates and chips to 250 children of a lesser privileged section in Kankurgachi , Kolkata.

In addition to this as a Go Green Initiative this year Calcutta Round Table 4 also distributed 250 LED bulbs to ensure their houses are lit this Diwali and called it “ Roshan Rahe Sabki Diwali”

We ensured the handover of all the products were done by our twinklers so they understand the joy of giving.


Calcutta South Round Table 17 Twinklers celebrate Friendships Day by making Seed balls and Playing Games

As part of the National Go Green initiative, 13 of our twinklers, armed with soil and seeds, got down to business and made some seedballs for a fun and evening. There was mud, there were seeds and there was tons of laughter and fun everywhere. The kids did a phenomenal job of making the seedballs – assisted by the tablers and circlers. This event was followed by games for twinklers and fellowship for the parents.

Bellary Vikings Round Table152 and Bellary Vikings Ladies Circle 127 organised an sapling plantation drive in Bellary

With Drizzle in the morning Hours, The weather was perfect for the Sapling plantation Project organised by Tablers and Circlers of BVRT 152 and
BVLC 127. Everyone gathered at 7am  at Late Sri P.Vasudev Shetty Factory Site Atp Road Bellary . Circlers , Tablers , Twiinkler ,HT’s & Sq Lgs actively
participated in the Project.
Around 80 Saplings Were Planted On occasion Of 14th Birthday of Twinkler  Shreya and then Tr Harish and Cr Deepa hosted us With Hot & Yummy Breakfast .