The ‘5’ Sense – Joint Meet of 5 Round Tables of Area 8

The ‘5’ Sense – Joint Meet of 5 Tables during 100th City Visit of NP

The tabling life comes in all bright colors. It transforms you from a just being a ordinary to one that ‘CONNECTS’. As a tabler we all absolutely love doing more and more Fellowships. We never felt the fellowship can be so special until our Area Chairman, LMF Tr Rishabh Jain came up with the idea of ‘JOINT MEET & FELLOWSHIP OF 5 TABLES’ from Varanasi (Varanasi Round Table 196, Varanasi Royals Round Table 218, Varanasi Elite Round Table 278), Bhadohi (Bhadohi Round Table 295) & Mirzapur RT.

The idea of this ‘JOINT MEET & FELLOWSHIP OF 5 TABLES’ started with a thought and over time took a shape which made everyone witnessed an event as grand and as special as it can be.

Area Chairman along with Chairmen from all tables (Tr Harshit Goenks – VRT 196, Tr Veeraj Agarwal – VRRT 218, Tr Varun Mundra – VERT 278, Tr Mahendar Maurya – BRT 295, Tr Shubham Agarwal – Mirzapur RT) along with all convenors (Tr Rohan Madhok – VRT 196, Tr Ayush Parikh – VRRT 218, Tr Vivek Mittal – VERT 278) made sure everything is planned and executed perfectly. After several meetings and telephonic discussion we sealedon 1st June, 2019 and venue being Hotel Madin, Cantonment, Varanasi.

Midst of all this happening something else more big was waiting for us. Table VRT 196 FTE Library and VERT 278 Toilet Block and Tile Flooring of Classrooms were to be inaugurated. So to cover it all and make the event more grand Tr Dhruv Dalmia, RTI National President, agreed on gracing the occasion with his presence. But wait a minute, it still needed to be more special. We were later informed that this is going to be Tr Dhruv Dalmia’s 100th City Visit for his tenure.

An event of such magnitude really cannot be described in a limited space but still I would like to brief it as much as I can.

  • At around 04:30 pm Tr Dhruv Dalmia, National President along with Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman visited FTE of VRT 196 for LIBRARY INAUGRATION. VRT 196 runs one of the finest school from RTI ‘Round Table Abhinav Vidyalaya’ and with every addition in facilities it is going more grand. Each tabler is so proud of their FTE and that gets shown from their smiling faces.
  • At around 05:30 pm Tr Dhruv Dalmia, National President along with Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman visited FTE of VERT 278 for TOILET BLOCK AND FLOORING OF CLASSROOMS INAUGRATION. VERT 278 picked up their FTE ‘Round Table Shrestha Prathmik Vidyalaya’ which was in a poor state and in deep need of funding. It now boast of 6 classrooms with Tiles Flooring, 2 Toilet Blocks and over 188 students studying. VRT 196 tablers were also present to grace the occasion. Tr Dhruv Dalmia addressed all students of FTE and gave his piece of advice to keep growing in life. He also had suggestions for us to what else we can do to boost up growth of FTE.
  • At around 08:00 pm tablers from VRT 196, VRRT 218, VERT 278, SRT 295 & Mirzapur RT collected at Hotel Madin, Cantonment, Varanasi. It was heart warming to see so many tablers showing up for this grand Joint Meet. A start to what was going to be the best of moments for all present.
  • At around 09:00 pm we started with JOINT MEET of 5 tables in gracious presence of Tr Dhruv Dalmia, National President and Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman. Behind the scenes, Agenda was rehearsed many a times to execute it in the prefect manner. And we manoeuvre our way in most perfect manner. Every aspects of each table was handled patiently. All table Chairman summarised their performance for the year. All performing tablers were recognised and awarded by Tr Dhruv Dalmia and Tr Rishabh Jain. It is always pleasant to hear the leaders and we waited for the moment. Tr Rishabh Jain appreciated the good works done by each table. He also congratulated everyone for the finest execution of grand event. Tr Dhruv Dalmia appreciated the good works done by each table. He also explained how each tabler can help FTE student to orient their careers after they pass out from school. His each word motivates us to do more for the Society and thus giving us the reason for being a tabler.
  • After Joint Meet we celebrated very very Special 100th CITY VISIT of Tr Dhruv Dalmia. Visiting 100 cities in an year reflects how much our National President has bend his back to aid his support for the good cause done by each table. He has always encouraged everyone to do his best for FTE. We at Area 8 in specific know him so closely. He is a true leader who has nurtured Area 8 and has given Area 8 new set of leaders. And when he is now in Nationals, he is still the same. A man of words and for whom Tabling is like the first thing in life. We had the cake cutting ceremony for him and everyone cheered for the Grand Master.
  • Last but not the least we had a grand Social with 5 table’s tablers under one roof. We enjoyed fellowship to the core. It is strange that being in same city, we still hardly met each other. But now when we met, we connected so beautifully with each other. We now know the nicknames of each other J, we know who is an average dancer, we now talk and pull legs, we now know we are going to meet more frequently like this. Cheers to tabling!

Special thanks to LMF Tr Rishabh Jain, Area 8 Chairman for implanting this idea in us.

ROund Table India President attends Job Fair organised by Area 4 in Kolkata

A landmark Round Table India Job fair being held for the first time in kolkatta.

What an effort Manish Lakhotia. This has always been your idea which i took from you and you delivered it spoton.

Efforts of Pramod Pachisia and Nishant Khetawat are beyond words. Getting 650 children together and more than 30 corporates under one roof is phenomenal. Last figure that came in was short listing of around 200 children has been done. Its a big feat for us.

Thanks to all the tablers of area 4 who were involved in this.

Employment Exchange convener Moriya Philip and Aditya great first steps for what could be a very beautiful road ahead. Kudos to your dedication and followup.

Kolkata city welcomes Round Table India President

This was the start to the longest trip i have taken i.e. from 8th to 18th Dec with a lot of thoughts on my mind. But i just took the plunge.

Kolkatta being the starting point of Journey. 8th Dec we had the kolkata chairman dinner at the saturday club in kolkatta. Was great to meet all of them.
Next day on 9th december was the big fundraiser of RT 17. KIDDATHON. And believe me its not kids stuff to do it. More that 1500 children participating and in addition their parents. Massive project and brilliantly handeled Chairman Tr. Vinit and team RT 17. Then it was time for a quick visit to the area 4 golfers practicing for area 4 golf tournament.

Then it was time to inagurate the green island adopted by RT 17. From there we headed for 2 ground breaking ceremonies in chapdhani by RT 34 and one joint project by RT 34 and RT 290.

It was now time for some play after all the hard work. Brilliantly organised cricket tournament by RT 4. Finally it we was time for the celebration party for a successful kiddathon hosted by RT 17.

Another eventful visit to the city of joy. You are an inspiration Area Chairman Tr. Manish and also for always making me feel a part of your family whenever I’m there.

Fellowships & Projects in Mangalore during visit of Round Table India President.

Started my Area 13 visit from the very beautiful city of Managalore. All the effort of going to any place becomes insignificant when you have friends welcoming you with a smile.

A wonderdul Joint fellowship by RT 115 & RT 190 at G (pub) was just a perfect way to start the visit. Chairman RT 115 Haron and Nandita thanks a lot for the very comfortable home hosting. It was a pleasure to know you both.

Next day it was the perfect way to start the day with school visits of RT 115 and 190.
Its only when you visit you know what beautiful work is happening.
The whole school painted like a train was such a beautiful sight.
A wonderful concept of having kitchen gardens in FTE schools is being done.
Putting up commercial signage’s at schools located at highways is again one unique initiative. It does get in very useful funds for FTE and Non FTE activities in a sustained manner.
The smart classrooms built are again top class. Very aptly called “Experience Education”.

And have to mention the amazing hospitality of all these guys. Can’t forget any manglorian dishes that i had in those 24 hours. Great being with all of you.

Round Table India President visits various Community Service Projects in Shivamoga City.

From Mangalore it was time to head to Shivamooga. We started the jouney from mangalore from one of its serene beaches. A beautiful 4 hours drive through karnataka.

Thanks Area Chairman Siddharth P Shastry and Rashmi for hosting me at your home.

A joint Table meeting of RT 166 and RT 266 was an experience. I have never seen such kind of participation in joint business meets. It was a house full with even the ladies and children being there. A beautiful location next to the dam was just perfect. Our National Fellowship convener Tr. Priyesh Shah also joined us from Shivamooga.

Morning after started with Bhoomi poojan for 1 class room and 10 toilet blocks by RT 166.
Then it was time for Dental check up camp RT 266.
Donation of toys at Taranga deaf and dumb school by both the tables was a very touching gesture.

Round Table India President Tr. Dhruv Dalmia visits Mysore City for various events.

We started early morning on the 15th of december from Sakleshpur for Mysore. Mysore was one action packed day. A host of projects lined up one after the other

Toilet block inauguration and go green project by MERT256 at Bannur.
Prize distribution and interactive story telling at adopted school by MRT21.
Toilet block inauguration by MHRT 109.
Annual Day function at one of the FTE Schools of RT 109.

Thanks Area Chairperson Area 13 Sangeetha for inviting us for your AEX. In between all this we even managed to visit Chamundi hills and the Mysore Palace. Thanks Harish and Namrata for a great social.

In the end a very fruitful Area 13 visit. Thanks Area Chairman Sidd Shastry for your commitment and planning for the same. You are an exceptional guy.

New Table Extension in Siliguri by Siliguri Ace Round Table 232

I would like to welcome Siliguri Round Table 332 to our Round Table Family. It was an absolute delight to be a part of the charter ceremony. Congratulations Siliguri Ace RT 232 for extending the brotherhood. It was great to have the presense of all the 4 tables of siliguri and really appreciate their participation.

Gantok may be getting very cold but the warmth of Gantok Round Table is something that you have to experience. Thanks Chairman Gantok RT 301 Pravin for driving me all the way from siliguri to gangtok and then taking me around the hills, which are some very beautiful memories for life for me. You all are a super fun bunch of guys.

We also had the inauguration of a computer lab in a remote school at the outskirts of Gangtok by RT 301and a benches donation programme in Siliguri by newly formed Siliguri Falcons RT 332.

I once again congratulate the entire team of area 14 and Chairman Dhiraj for a fabulous job. Thanks Aditya, Praveen, Luv and dhiraj for being there through the journey.

Finally its 18th December and i head back home after visiting Kolkata, Mangalore, Shivamooga, Chikmangalore, Sakleshpur, Mysore, Silliguri and Gangtok. Been a very exciting experience. Most importantly it was a great chance to meet so many tablers across these cities.

  National Leadership Conclave by Round Table India

National Leadership Conclave – Exilerate 2018 – 19 Bangalore

This is a very niche training and development courses that Round Table India has every year. It is a 3 day program where we invest in the future of Round Table India. Selected participants from all over the country from Round Table India and Ladies Circle India are invited for this program. This year we have had the presence of tablers from RT Nepal, RT Srilanka and RT Singapore also.
The lead facilitators for the program Himanshu GuptaChirag Sethi andNarender Agarwal left no stone unturned to truly exilerate the participants. 45 days of hardwork for those 3 days of investment in the future. A truly commendable job gentlemen. Special thanks to NVP Piyush Daga for being a guiding force and pillar of support all along.
Impeccable organiaing by the hosts, Area 6. Chairman Area 6 Dheeraj Bajaj, AVC Rajesh Raghunandan and AST Angadd Km were on their toes round the clock. Right from the time we landed till we left, these guys were there making sure there were no hiccups. Can’t thank you guys enough for your support and hardwork.
A big thanks to Vinay AgarwalShyamasis Lenka and Miss Aashta and Disha for the smashing creatives for exilerate.
Any such program needs that x factor. The guests speaker Charu Sharma and Ian Faria were simply amazing. A huge thanks to both of you to come over and share your experiences and guide us.
An event is only a sucess if there is whole hearted participation. All the 40 participants were there with all their heart and soul. I am sure each and every one of you is going to be a huge asset for your organisations and will take back a lot for tabling and life from these 3 days.

Round Table India FTE School kids take part in 29th Full Contact National Karate Championship

Presenting to you the first national participants from our FTE schools representing Round Table India at the 29th Full Contact National Karate Championship in Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. There are 450 participants from 22 states taking part. We are having 5 girls and 2 boys representing us. A proud moment for Round Table India and wishing the children all the best.
Tr. Udhav Vaid from KHRT 125 and KHRT 125 and KHLC 88 have done a commendable job of identifying and nurturing these children for last 3 years.
KHRT 125 and DMRT 43 have put in all efforts for the event being held. Special thanks to Chairman DMRT 43 Ashwani for the amazing media coverage.

  Results of 29th National Full Contact Karate Tournament

Medal Tally Round Table India

Category – 13 to 16 age – Kumite Fighting

Preeti gaur – Gold
Sonam katheriya – Silver
Kuldeep -Silver
Porinama – Bronze
Preeti verma – Bronze

Total – 5
Gold – 1
Silver – 2
Bronze – 2

Round Table India President inaugurates New Toilet Block built by Calcutta Heritage Round Table 67

Lack of toilets is a big reason why children dont go to schools and also if there are then either they are so less and also there are no seperate toilets for girls and boys.
CHRT 67 built 2 toilet blocks in their FTE school and i had the honor to inagurate them. Good to see that the schools are getting continuos hand holding. Chairman RT 67 Amit Agarwal and Sundeep Kapoor have been the pillars for the project work. Its great to see the passion and commitment you guys have.
It just didnt stop this. It was a day full of events for the children.
Good touch Bad touch session was organised for the children. Chairman KERT 63 Madhurr Jhaawar and Chairperson KELC 156 Shilpa Jhawar put in great efforts to make sure the children were sensitised on this.
This was followed by tree plantation and then school bag distribution. Wonderful work CHRT 67.