Kanpur RT 125: Report on fellowship

An Evening  at the Area 5 41ers MTM 

We at KHRT 125 had the honor to attend the 41ers, Mid-term meeting, at a grand social “CAWNPORE 1857″ on 11th April 2015

The theme, with awesome decoration, thanks to Sq leg Ruchin, had an ancient touch of old Cawnpore. Dressed in ethnic attire, the National President 41ers Manoj Kapoor and the National Supply House Convener Ashwini Khemka along with all the member of Club 164 (sq legs of KHRT 125), and the tablers of 125, added an amazing grace to the occasion.

The current chairman of Area 5 Sq Leg Vikram Modi started the proceedings for the evening and handed out a few awards and recognitions. There were quite a few 41ers from Delhi and Jaipur to add to the festivities of the evening. You cannot miss out the photo corner which was a hit with both the ladies and gents equally….now who wouldn’t want to get a royal picture clicked with cannons in the foreground!!!!

It was a great evening, with a live band belting out classy old Bollywood numbers and the famous Cawnpore Club snacks making their rounds. It is always a great feeling to share the moments and experiences of our 41ers because they are the foundation of tabling. The passion, the bonding and the zeal they have for tabling is not only remarkable but also something which we can adopt…adapt and hopefully improve on!!!!

We as tablers looked towards our future…enjoying the evening with some stalwarts of tabling, and hope that this journey of friendship and bonding continues forever!!!!


Tr Rishabh Jain
KHRT 125

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Reported by
LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)
National Blog Committee Member

Hubli Round Table 153 Fellowships


Fellowship Being a key Word in Round table as it brings about the bonding in between the families of one table and Tablers of other Tables. Tablers of HART 153 have a great year in fellowship as they have been having round the year fellowships events for Tablers, Circlers , Twinklers HT’s, Square legs and 41ers of their AREA and Tablers of HUBLI

They have joint fellowship meets with other Tables of HUbli

Heres a Report By Secretary Tr Guru

A perfect Balanced year soooo far…. at Hubli Accent RT 153

We at Hubli Accent Round Table – 153 started off our new tabling year with a difference, by conducting our first business meet at a brand new venue “Mud Pipers” that created a lot of excitement and buzz.

Every tabler was welcomed with traditional tilak and a special garland which surprised all of them. Plans briefing for the year ahead was shared by the new team and suggestions were noted. Birthday of our new tabler Tr.Rajesh Bhandari was celebrated by cutting a cake.

This meeting with a difference set the momentum and thrill for a great year ahead.

On 27th August 2011, HART 153 organized “Support Anna” theme based Potluck Fellowship at Hebsur Bhavan, which witnessed a tremendous attendance by all tablers and families.

Tablers sported the great Gandhi topi (Cap) and wore “India Against Corruption” badges.

Tablers and families came to the venue with the preplanned dishes that were cooked by the ladies.

Quick and short meeting was conducted and later games for twinklers, ladies and couples were organized. Everyone enjoyed the games and prizes were distributed for the winners.

It was time for the wonderful spread of homely prepared delicacies, which were enjoyed to the core by all leaving all the utensils empty in no time.

Return gifts brought a big smile on the faces of the twinklers, who were leaving the venue such late in the night.

NATIONAL FELLOWSHIP DAY was celebrated by jointly hosting a fellowship “DESI BEATS” with HKRT-178 for city tables of Hubli, on 19th November 2011.

As it was a National Fellowship Day, it was decided that we do something BIG!! Chairmen of HART 153 and HKRT 178 joined hands in arranging a DESI STYLE fellowship for all the tablers of Hubli city. This sparked the idea of “DESI BEATS”. The venue was “Cotton County Club” and wide spread of Desi food and a range of desi sports were organised for couples, tablers, ladies and twinklers.

Chief Guest for the event was our area chairman Tr.Vijesh Saigal. A Brief joint meeting was conducted by HART 153 and HKRT 178.

Followed by the meeting, variety of desi games were held. Kabaddi, Khoko, Lagori, Tug of war and musical chairs are a few to mention.

However Kabaddi played by tablers and Lagori by ladies garnered all the attraction of the evening.

After the games, prizes were distributed and return gifts to twinklers were given out. Later the dance floor was open for the rest of the night.

The event was co-hosted by Tr.Gururaj P from HART-153.

CHRISTMAS EVE fellowship “JINGLE BELLS” was organised on 24th December 2011 at Hotel Clark’s Inn. Tr.Hitesh P and Tr.Sachin Shah hosted the Christmas theme fellowship

Kids enjoyed the company of SANTA on the evening. The mighty heart SANTA played with all the kids and made them to dance and play the whole evening and presented them chocolates, sweets and gifts.

Crisp meeting was conducted and concluded so that all enjoy the games and fun events arranged for the evening.

On 04th February 2012, “ENJOY WINTER”, Tr.Anand and Tr.Uday hosted a Fellowship on the outskirts of the city at the exotic “N R Habib Farm House”

Games for Couples, kids and ladies were organized.

The crowd enjoyed the DJ and danced to the fullest in the chilling weather. Kids enjoyed exploring the farmhouse venue.

Back to the roots, “Summer Delight” A Joint Fellowship on 03rd March 2012 along with the 41er’s club of 124 was organized at the Cotton County Club. The event was hosted by 41ers.

Joint meeting was held and all the tablers and their families had a wonderful opportunity to listen and cherish the experiences shared by the 41ers. This further strengthened the bonding amongst tablers and 41ers.

“Bollywood meets Hollywood” Fellowship for international peacock mass tour guests visiting our city, Hubli was organized at Hotel Hans Inn on 17th February 2012 and Tr.Avinash Crasta from HART 153 co-hosted the event along with other city tables of Hubli.

Stag Fellowship event at the Century Resorts, Dandeli was organised on 21st and 22nd April 2012 hosted by Tr.Suraj & Tr.Rajesh.

The much awaited stag fellowship was finally here, Excited Tablers, Square legs, HTs, 41ers and Mentors looking for an adventurous and fun filled fellowship, pooled their cars and left Hubli on 21st April morning around 11am.

We all reached the resort, after some adventure in locating the same, around 3pm. Checked into the rooms for a swift refresh and gathered at the cafeteria around 4pm.

After having snacks and tea, tablers flocked at the volleyball court and had exciting and exhaustive game till it was dark and could not sight the ball anymore. The referees, our own HTs and mentors had a tough time in judging and providing decisions.

After the game, tablers went for a quick refresh and assembled for the meeting around the Bon Fire.  The meeting lasted for more than 5 hours and winded up at 2am, arguably the longest business meet in the history of HART 153. Thanks to the HTs, square legs, 41ers and mentors for making this meeting so knowledgeable and a memorable one. Most importantly, a fun filled one.

Incoming head table was decided and were congratulated by all.

After a long tiring day and fun filled longest business meet ever, finally tablers jumped on to the bed to call it a day at 3am.

Surprisingly the next morning tablers were seen at the cafeteria by 7am. Sipped hot tea and went to enjoy Nature walk and tree climbing adventure.

Breakfast was served at 9am, after which all the tablers enjoyed playing cricket match and archery till 11am. Tablers had a lot of fun learning the art of archery, as they kept pulling each other’s leg.

Later it was pool time; everyone hit the artificial lake for water adventure. Few tablers dared for the Burma bridge walk (Rope walk) over the lake and few others enjoyed coracle ride and swimming.

After having enjoyed the water for long hours, it was time for pack-up. Tablers truly enjoyed the lunch served, specially the mouth watering mutton biryani.

Gifts were distributed to winning teams of the games. We left the resort at 4pm on 22nd to reach  Hubli at 6:30pm.

I am sure memories of this stag fellowship will be cherished for a long time by all.

Tr Guru


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Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Fellowship At Surat Round Table 135


Fellowship a Important Pillar in the strength of Round Table India as it is very much needed. As it is fellowship which helps us increase the Bonding between Tablers, Circlers and Twinklers. Fellowship brings out the passion to work together for a Goal of Educating Under Privileged children…. Tablers, Circlers Twinklers and HTs and 41ers who are very closely knit Family had a great quarter of Fellowships

Heres Tr Piyush Fellowship Convener of SRT 135 Reporting on the same….

3rd Quarter Fellowship Report

sr no date
















32 24th march JOINT  TABLE  MOVIE  SHOW ‘agent vinod’





35 jan month CAR RALLY FELLOWSHIP At route & other

36 jan-march small fellowships during 3rd quarter


On occasion of winning Awards at NAGM we all gathered at my residence on 7th January, we had a memorable  fellowship till late night.


JANUARY 27, 2012


On January 14, The festival of Uttarayan was celebrated by SRT-135 family together at 41er Divyaang’s and Cr. Anju’s terrace. We had a gala time flying kites, gossiping and relishing a snack which was followed by a special treat of Undhyu and puri prepared by HCr Dr.Anju. Everybody had a ball of a time, some holding CHARKHIs and others flying their KITES to sky-height. Thanks to Tr. Amit for making all the necessary arrangements and to the hosts Divyaang & Anju for providing the venue at a very short notice.


On January 15, 2012 Anurag-Swati Marriage Anniversary. We all gathered at nht-anurag’s place to celebrate his surprise anniversary party, thrown by his kids- Apurva & Tanisha. The arrangements by Apurva and Tanisha were perfect. We all had a fun time relishing tasty snacks and playing age old interesting game-passing the parcel. We also celebrated cr Shilpa’s Birthday by cutting a cake, which was on the same day.


On 27th Jan. around 80 members from surat’s all four table assembled at ‘Cinemax’ to watch recently released bollywood blockbuster ‘AGNEEPATH’.we all had a good time watching and munching on pop-corns. Tr Piyush arranged the ticket in advance.


February 12, 2012 it was a valentine social hosted by Tr. Jigar Jariwala, Tr. Sumit Khurana, 41er Dr. Divyang Bhatt and 41er Vinay Bhatia with their respective wives at Yoko Sizzlers Restaurant in the evening. The dress code was white and black with a red scarf around the neck. It was admirable that the whole crowd was seen abiding to it. The lounge was done up stylishly with red, white and black heart shaped balloons. All the couples including twinklers were welcomed with a red scarf, heart shaped chocolate, colourful tattoo making and couple photograph clicked on red ballooned heart background. Different games based on theme like couple catwalk with expression of love for spouse, couple made in heaven, musical chair and many more were conducted to make the evening memorable and almost all the romantic couples played their part lovingly. Prizes were given away to the winners and for various other categories like best dressed couple, best dressed male and female Tabler, circler and twinkler, best dancing couple etc.


Table and Circle meet with the agenda of felicitation to the shining stars of SLC-72 and SRT-135 with the awards given away at NAGM for their outstanding performance on different fronts throughout the year for community service. We snatched awards and COM’s for almost all the categories. He high point of the meeting was celebration of the awards won at NAGM by our Table. The lists of awards won by SRT-135 are as follows. Balance Activity Shield: – CM Dhanesh.  COM Secretary: – Tr Hitesh. COM Fellowship: – Tr Kunal.  COM Project: – Tr Deepak. COM Publicity: – Tr Viral. Table Talk Trophy: – Tr Sumit.


It was indeed a special evening as it was 41ers Day also. They were honoured with special mementos’ as token of love and respect for them by the table. We wish to get there guidance forever

Holi Fellowship

Holi-the festival of colors is marked as the opening festival in the Hindu calendar. This year we at SRT-135 and SLC-72 along with our twinklers started the Holi celebration early in the morning at HT Madan’s Farm House with flowers, colours in powder and liquid form. All the families gathered on the spot were seen chasing each other to apply maximum colours. We were welcomed in a unique way by the hosts Tr. Mukesh and Cr. Dipali with a tika & colourful Marathi cap.

The whole crowd was seen dancing to the tunes of traditional Holi songs, enjoying gujia, thandai and bhajiya served. Holi tends to be a rowdy affair but we played a safe Holi as the colors provided were non- toxic from RTI supply house and it was more of a floral Holi. For kids it was a day full of flowers, colors, masti, music and madness in pool.

Delicious food was served to everyone after the celebration in bhandara or we can say traditional lungar arrangement on the floor which was again an exciting part of the day for our

Twinklers. The kids played mini cricket and enjoyed a ride on the tractor. They saw wells, canals, fields and visited the village Bardoli situated in the outskirts of Surat.

In the evening all the families who stayed back in the farm house took another round of celebration by organizing family Hi-Tea with snacks followed by a lavish dinner on the way to Surat. The whole day was colorful and rocking not only for the kids but for everyone. Three cheers to hosts. Mukesh & Cr. Dipali for Holi celebration with a whole day picnic.

32] JOINT TABLE MOVIE SHOW ‘agent vinod’ :

On 24th march  around 115 members from surat’s all four table assembled at  PVR to watch recently released bollywood blockbuster ‘‘Agent vinod’.we all had a good time watching  Tr Piyush arranged the whole fellowship event.


On 30th march we all around 45 heads were gathered at Basant Vihar to celebrate monthly birthday & anniversary party. We had a great time nd had delicious pizzas nd ice creams amazing fun it was. Our fellowship convener Tr.Piyush arranged and managed the whole event superbly.


We had good fellowship during visit to school Patal. We left from Surat in early morning by our cars. We all stopped at one point and had mouth watering breakfast of gujrati locha khaman and many more items.

35] FELLOWSHIP during car rally At route & other:

During blind car rally our hard work started one month before the rally day. To finding rally route every morning around 6 o’clock tablers & 41ers along with car rally route convener assembled at one place and had a good time during the survey route of 80 kms .Everday we were around three to four hours together and had good interaction with each other, the route convener had regular visits but  we kept changing other members who joined us for the  route survey. Before 15 day of rally date we gathered every night for distribution & updates of allocated work. The Last three days the preparation was on full swing and all of us along with 41ers, circler, past circlers and twinklers put their best and had a lovely fellowship all together. One day before Briefing we all Tablers ,Cr’s n  41ers gathered at Tr Manish Residence to give final touch to the Rally .Late night tea stalwart were specially taken care of by Cr Pooja along with chatpata namkins n sandwich’s for one n all present there. How the time moved by could not be believed,by the time we thought of parting away it was late night at 3 am.


v On 26th Jan. We all attended PRE-WEDDING function of Tr Sumit’s sister. Everybody attempted not to miss this grand function. Guruji’s Kirtan was followed by Sumptuous Dinner at the party. We all enjoyed dinning and gupshup together.

v On 10th March around 10 Tablers and 41ers assembled at Tr Gaurav place on occasion of his birthday we have a gala time. We dined & drank together & gossiped till late at night.

v Party at Sigadi..On 14th of March around 10 tablers along with 41ers went to renowned restaurant Sigadi,it was  35 km away from Surat city. Everyone enjoyed the delicious veg n non veg food served  there.We came back around 2 AM.Thanks to Tr.Nishit who arranged the whole fellowship.

v Tr Anuj came from Allahabad for business visit to Surat for 2 days. Tr Gaurav did the billating for him .Few other trs also joined to give him company till late night and they all partied hard .

v On 5th Feb Tr Piyush, Tr Mihir & Tr Dharmendra took part in Round Table Car Rally organized by ART40 at Ahmedabad .

v  Tr Bhavesh Sayia from Chennai visited Surat for some work again Tr, Gaurav billated him again .

v Tr.Ruchir Gupta from area X1 fellowship convener came to Surat for his visit to Daman for the Area AGM .Once again Tr. Gaurav did his billating.

v 0n 15th Feb we gathered at my place for planning and time allotment of tablers of SRT-135 during of SBA property show.

v IPC Tr Dhanesh & Tr Jeegar attended the social of ADRT-170 On 25th January .It was an excellent theme social. Every detail was well taken care of, the DJ was good, the bar was well stocked ,&  thumps up for the bartender.

v CM Tr Bhavesh, IPC Tr Dhanesh, AST Tr Jeegar & Tr Mihir attended AFRT 199 Social at Ahmedabad on 3rd March .

v AST TR Jeegar & Tr Mihir Attend Social of BYT 201 at Baroda.

Tr Piyush Agarwal


Fellowship convener [11-12]


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Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Kanpur Round Table 125 Theme Meeting


Fellowship is also important for any table to Function as without which the zeal and passion for tabling dies down.

Fellowship bonds the tablers, Circlers and even 41ers or ex tablers as they are guiding light for a Table to Function

Tablers of KHRT125 with their Circlers and 41ers had a excellent fellowship where team building games played a Important roll


Read about it more  by Tr Dhruv Secretary of KHRT 125


Dons  Vs  Chammakchallos

The Tablers of KHRT 125 are perpetually on the look-out for any reason, big or small, to host a social. The Gods must love us as they keep throwing them by the dozen!!!! So here we had an opportunity to extend our warm hospitality to the National President Ladies Circle, Cr. Aditi Rao who was graciously visiting Kanpur on 4th of April to inaugurate some project activities of our Ladies Circle 88.

Tr. Moriya Philip, Tr. Kapil Agarwal and his lovely wife Cr. Gunjan took up the responsibility of handling the social even though the event was being planned at a very short notice.

The theme for the social was really innovative…”Dons Vs. Chammak Challos”!!!!! All the men in their snazzy black outfits with the red polka dotted scarf around their neck looked ready to stare the world down while the lovely ladies looked sizzling in their red ‘hot’ dresses. Kanpur was ready for a show down….dekhna hai kisme hai kitna Dum?

We had a full house at the venue as the invite clearly read “Don ke invitation se bachna mushkil hi nahi naamunkin hai”!!!!!  The venue looked resplendent with posters of Amitabh and Shahrukh giving you the chills, but nobody was giving the poor “Superstars” a second look

The party started off with the pleasantries and introductions. The various Dons were busy making new world domination plans whereas the ladies were busy entertaining the LC president. Amazing finger food set the tone for the evening and then the games began.

From hula hoop musical chairs variants to crazy dancing the party was rocking till the main event was  brought out…..Tr Kapil had managed to get his hands on a Karaoke machine and boy o boy was it fun!!!! All the Dons became Kishore Kumars and Sonu Nigams while the chammak challos  were giving the ‘Latas’ and ‘Ashas’ a run for their money!!!!  It was unbelievable but nobody was ready to give up the mikes and let the others have a chance to croon to their favourite tunes.

Somehow everyone was pulled to the dinner table well past midnight and the poor caterers heaved a sigh of relief….finally they come to eat!!!! After a sumptuous feast and a lot of friendly banter over the Dons Vs. Chammak Challos (which eventually boiled down to Husbands Vs. wives or guys Vs. gals or Mars Vs. Venus!!!!) everyone was ready to call it a night, but hey….how can Don be satisfied without his favourite Banarsi Paan????

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with superb participation from all our Sq. Legs and 41’ers as well as our own tablers. Sometimes we stop and wonder how we would even move ahead if not for the help and support of our 41’ers.

Thanks to the meticulous planning of Cr Gunjan and Tr Kapil, and Tr Moriya, KHRT 125 once again had a rocking social and a night to remember!!!!!

KHRT 125

Tr Dhruv Dalmia


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Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Vishakapatnam Tables 77,213 and 225 Publicize ROUND TABLE INDIA on Telugu New Year Day with AP Government


Tables of VIZAG. 77,213 and 225 are rocking Round Table India with their fantastic, Innovative and Great Ideas to Publicize Round Table India to the Maximum. This time on Telugu new year day they joined hands with the Andhra Pradesh government ,Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce, Indian Air Travellers Association (IATA)  to launch the “VIZAG TOURISM FESTIVAL” beginning from March 23rd to March 25th . This has been a Great Publicity for Round Table India. Read on for a Report which will show How the Reach and Help of Tablers of  Round Table India can bring about the change…..



“Ugadi”- Telugu new year, the most special day in the state of Andhra Pradesh is always about celebrations and festivities, but this year there was altogether a different reason to celebrate. AP Tourism had taken a major initiative to put Vizag on the tourism map of the world and had come forward together with Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce, Indian Air Travellers Association (IATA) and YES… Round Table India (RTI) to launch the “VIZAG TOURISM FESTIVAL” beginning from March 23rd to March 25th also fondly known as “Visakha Ugadi Sambaralu”. This has been decided to be an annual event to attract lakhs of tourists from across the country and the world to be a part of vizag !!The most worthy reason for IATA to be a part of this Mega event was to commemorate the start of International flights from Vizag Airport.

The three day festival took off with a grand inauguration at on 23rd March at Kalavani by Mr.Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Minister for Ports, Mr. T. Subbarami Reddy, MP, Mrs.D. Purandeswari, MP and several other prominent guests & Dignitaries.

The Vizag tables of Round Table India i.e. Vizag Round Table 77, Vizag Vikings Round Table 213 and Vizag Knights Round Table 225 grabbed the opportunity of equal participation by lending support and volunteering to help steer this mega event. With the help of Sq. Leg Ravindra (Chairman, 41ers Club # 62) and Sq Leg Y. V. Harikrishna (Secretary, 41ers Club # 62), one of the three main entrances to this festival on the beach was dedicated to Round table (please see the photos), this entry point was inaugurated by Honorable Minister for Ports, Mr. Ganta Srininvasa Rao. Over the 3 days, a reported 1.5 lakh citizens of Vizag thronged these gates and RTI found great visibility as we adorned one of the main entrances.

The beach festival on the 24th was something Vizag never saw or experienced before, its activities beginning from Kite festival, Walkathon, Cycle rally, Food festival, Travel Mart, shopping festival, Flash mob, Singing and dancing competitions, Laser show, cultural programs and the Go green initiatives kept the crowds spell bound for three whole days. All of us at RTI Vizag were actively involved in either organizing or participating in the same. Tr. Naveen Perla Director of Bonanza Portfolio Ltd Indias 3rd largest wealth Management company participated in putting up its stall in the shopping festival.

On the morning of the 25th, All 3 tables turned out in full force at the airport to be a part of a never before plantation drive for 40 lakh sapling plantations by the most distinguished guests from across the country beginning with our Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, Mr. Ajit Singh Aviation Minister and MP Mrs. Purandeswari. This joint activity also had the support of Pollocks School children which belongs to Tr. Sandeep Chitra of VRT-77.We finally received a certificate from the Joint Collector of Vizag thanking us for our participation in the same.

Vizag round table-77 Chairman Tr. Ameet Mirpuri then had the rare honor of sharing the stage with the honorable guests and presenting a RTI memento to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri.Kiran Kumar Reddy and Cabinet minister for Civil Aviation (all India) Mr. Ajit Singh.

As a part of Visakha Vasanthosav a Cricket Tournament was also held where a lot of corporate cricket teams participated out of which RTI was represented by a unified team of tablers and HT’s from VRT 77, VVRT 213 & VKRT 225 and we manage to enter the semi-finals.

It was organized by Deccan Charges TOURNEY..

Later in the evening Razzmatazz, an Event management company run by Tr. Rahul Ganapati gave the public a rare opportunity to see a beautiful show with international dancers and singers and a spectacular Laser show showcasing Vizag, which was witnessed by close to 80,000 people on the beach, which also highlighted the logos of Round table India on the lasers which enthralled the audience.  The stage backdrop highlighted the RTI logo in a beautiful manner.

Words cannot describe the euphoria surrounding the events in this festival, the roads were full, kids and families were out on the streets celebrating every event from morning to night. I wonder even if Sachin Tendulkar could have never been able to draw such large crowds for such a long time. Three days of celebrations finally came to an end without even realizing and made every individual hoping these kind of events happen more than once in a year…

…And with every individual at Round Table Vizag going home satisfied that the people of Vizag would have no doubt in their heads now as to what we were all about.

“Vizag” did prove to be the perfect example to the country for its Unity and Diversity !!!

Tr. Naveen Perla

Publicity Convener

Vizag Round Table 77


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Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Calcutta Round Table 34 A Quarterly Report


CRT 34 Chairman Tr Rohit Bajaj and his Tablers, Circlers and Twinklers are leaving no stone unturned in the Facets of Tabling.

They are doing a Great job in all facets of Tabling . They had a Fantastic Fund Raiser and Lapd Session with Dr Shashi Tharoor last month which was a great success and it brought along huge publicity with it.

Heres a Pictorial report of the Fantastic Quarter Crt 34 had by Chairman Tr Rohit Bajaj

Chairman Tr Rohit Bajaj

CRT 34






Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Calcutta Round Table 34 Upcoming Events


Tablers of CRT 34 are having multiple events this month lined up. As reported yesterday they have a Evening Planned up With Dr Shashi Tharoor

They also have a Hrd session for couple planned up with the Valentines Theme

They also are celebrating their 41ers Days this month

Here are the Invites by Chairman Tr Rohit Bajaj

Tr Rohit Bajaj

Chairman CRT 34






Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Madras Round Table 39 RTI week Activities


Tablers of MSRT 39 a vibrant Table of AREA 2 under the leadership of Tr Rohit are doing a great job in all facets of Tabling. Heres a brief report on their RTI week activities where they also had Joint activities with other table

Heres a Report by Secretary Tr Komal

Day 1:  08.11.2011

 Dinner sponsored at Seva Samajam, Egmore along with distribution of diaries and medicines.

We had a beautiful start of the RTI week as we donated Executive note books worth     Rs. 9000/- to the inmates of Seva Samajam, an orphanage at Egmore. We also sponsored dinner and medicines to the inmates.

Day 2:  09.11.2011 

Project “Nambikkaii” – a personality development program for the students along with eye camp.

Students of Corporation School, Pudupet were given an orientation on their personality development from Mr. Nanda Kumar, IRS deputy director, Income Tax. An eye camp was also conducted for the students of the school.

Day 3: 10.11.2011

Dinner sponsored at Lotus Blind Girls Hostel, Mylapore

Around 120 girls of Lotus Blind Girls Hostel were served with dinner.

Day 4: 11.11.2011

Donated food for the cows at Pinjrapol, Aynavaram

While we always take care of human beings of all ages, it was a kind gesture from few of our tablers to take care of the cows at the pinjrapol, Aynavaram. A few donations both in the form of cash and kind were given at the venue.

Day 5: 12.11.2011

Distribution of books at Govt School, MGR Nagar.

A joint community project along with 41ers Club & MCRT 162 was organized at  Govt School, MGR Nagar.

It started with the distribution of 1000 books to the children. A small but motivating speech was given by Tr.Alok and Chairman 162 Tr. KJ Santosh.

The principal and the staff were happy with the contributions.along with it.  Tr.Alok Poddar was obliged to sponsor tables & Chairs for class 10 worth Rs15000/-.

Day 6: 14.11.2011

Taare Zameen Par for special children at GK Jain School, Royapuram and Guild of Service, Anna Nagar.  

Two community services at two different venues. The pet project of MSRT 39, “Taare Zameen Par” was organized in style.

No 1– GM Jain School, Royapuram – 480 students participated in the competiton Tr.Sripal was overwhelmed to see the childrens participating and also distributed prizes 

No 2– Guild of Service, Anna Nagar.- 150 differently abled children participated.

Tr.Alok & Tr.Komal were equally overwhelmed to distribute prizes for all the kids.


Day 7: 16.11.2011 

Joint distribution of books.

Joint distribution of books at 2 Schools  along with MCRT 162 & 41ers club.

No 1 – at Thatchur Govt High School , this School is located around 35 KM from Chennai , a primary school catering to students from Class 1 to Class 5.

No 2 – at Athipedu Govt  High School , this School is located on the outskirts of Chennai. There are 158 students in the school , we had distribution of Note books and other necessary items . The school Head master & staff were  also present at the event.

Day 8: 17.11.2011

Joint distribution of books at Andarkuppam High School.

Joint distribution of books  along with MCRT 162 & 41ers club.

Distribution of Note books and Stationaries  to around 150 students of the school,


Day 9: 19.11.2011

 Joint distribution of books at Thanthai Periyar Government  High School.

Joint distribution of books  along with MCRT 162 & 41ers club.

Distribution of Note books and Stationaries  to around 750 students of the school.

Over all Note books worth Rs 60,000/- were spent jointly with MCRT 162 and 41ers club.

A big Thank you to Chairman Tr.KJ Santosh of MCRT 162 and Mr Jawahar National Treasurer for 41ers club.

Komal Dhiran

Secy, MSRT39


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Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Delhi Round Table 130 RTI week Activities


DART 130 a vibrant Table in Delhi with Chairman Amit Gupta completed their RTI week activities with full spririts

Heres a report on the activities which had feeowship, Community Services , Extension and many other activities

RTI Week from 7th November to 20th November, 2011


No. of Event Date Event Name Event Type


6th Nov


Precursor – Area V Inter Table Cricket Tournament Fellowship Event



7th Nov


Visit to “Nirmal Hriday” Mother Teresa Care Centre Community Services



8th Nov

Literacy Programme (Bachpan Bachao Andolan) Celebrating Education Project & Community Services



9th Nov

Eye Cataract Operations in collaboration with DMRT 43 & Venu Eye Institute & Research Centre Community Services



10th Nov

Foundation stone ceremony of Delhi Achievers School by Hon’ble Education Minister Sh. Arvinder Singh Lovely ji.


Fund Raising, Project & Community Services



11th Nov

Visit to Palna orphanage home – Distribution of health and oral products to Children Community Services



12th Nov

Visit to Old Age Home at Fateh Pur Beri, Chhattar Pur Mandir Road Community Services




12th Nov

Induction of new members Induction ceremony & fellowship event



13th Nov

Twinklers Talent Show Twinklers event



14th Nov

Painting Competition Children’s Day / Taare Zameen Par



15th Nov


Women’s Empowerment


Project & Community Service


DAY 10

16th Nov

Healthy Youth Healthy India Youth Run at Jagannath International Management School, JIMS Vasant Kunj, Chief Guest for the event  Mayor of Delhi Ms. Rajini Abidi Publicity Event & Celebrating National Publicity Day


DAY 11

17th Nov

Donation of books to MCD School at Andrews Gunj Community Services


DAY 12

18th Nov

Dart Ki Adalat along with Square legs and 41ers Celebrating 41ers Day


DAY 13

19th Nov

Inter Table  Cricket Competition with 41ers of area 5 at Jasola, Sports Complex Celebrating National Fellowship Day


DAY 13

19th Nov

Blood Donation Camp at Jagannath International Management School, JIMS Kalkaji. Community Services


DAY 13

19th Nov

Release of Achievers Express Celebrating National Fellowship day
18 DAY 14

20th Nov

World Planting Day Go Green Project


Area V Inter Table Cricket Tournament on 6th Nov. 2011

Precursor to the start of RTI Week (Fellowship Event)

As a precursor to the start of RTI week, DART 130 hosted the inter table  cricket tournament. We are glad to inform that we had  participation from the following tables RT 24/ RT 43/ RT 50/ RT 157/ RT 145/ RT 149/ RT 217/ T 145/ RT 32/ and DART 130. The venue was divided into 2 sessions, 1st at Jasola Sports Complex during the day and the Second half at St. Georges school with flood lights. There were professional umpires and score keepers to avoid any misunderstandings and the snacks flowed freely. The wives/ circlers and twinklers kept the cheering gallery alive.

In the last match of the session it was RT 149 along with RT 145 against the DART 130/ JHRT 185/ DSRT 32/ GMCRT 217. As part of tabling friendship and bonhomie, and being the host of this tournament, we decided to let them win the last match and thus take home the trophy, but then that is what tabling is all about….


DAY 1 (7th Nov. )- Nirmal Hriday
(Community Services)

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater, a much greater poverty than  the person who has nothing to eat”

DART kick started the RTI week with a visit to the Nirmal Hriday next to Majnu ka Tila. We distributed 100 blankets to the residents keeping in mind the onset of winter in Delhi.

DAY 2 ( 8th Nov.)- Bachpan Bachao Andolan
(Project & Community Services)

“ Once you read and write you will be free forever free…”

                  Celebrating Education- not all students can be admitted to Round table Schools and why restrict ourselves in our strive to educate more and more children. We at DART undertook to identify and admit 25 children on the basis of their zeal to study, in the age group of 6-14 years to the Rohini  area  sector 5,  MCD school. It was a satisfying experience and our Chairman also asked that the progress report of each child should be sent to him periodically.


DAY 3 ( 9th Nov.)- Eye cataract Operation

(Community Services)

“ We understand that the eye like sentinel occupy the highest place in the body”

 DART in partnership with DMRT 43, LCI and a host of tables and personal contributions from friends, Area 5 (Oldies) and well wishers contributed  301 Cataract operations, with a personal donation of Rs 61000/ for the same.  The said event was done  at the Venu Eye Institute Sheikh Sarai and had a lot of tablers walking in to show their concern and solidarity.

DAY 4 ( 10th Nov.)-DART School Project
(Fund Raising, Project & Community Services)

“Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.” Swami Vivekanand

“After many years of active tabling and service, DART 130 has finally decided to start  its long term project under RTI’s Freedom Through Education (FTE) scheme, a school for the underprivileged that we can call our very own! In collabration with Sarva Shiksha Samityi the foundation stone laying ceremony was presided by the Delhi Minister of Education Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely.

Fund Raising:  DART 130 raised funds to the tune of 20 lakhs for establishing its own school. All members are also committed to take care of all future unforeseen expenditure & costs related to the implementation of this project.


DAY 5(11th Nov.)- Visit to Palna
(Community  Services)

There is nothing as great in life as to support the orphans. Blessed are those who have near and dear ones who make them feel secure; hence we made an effort to make them feel special”

DART has been visiting PALNA the orphanage for the last few years and this again we visited the home and took with us their requirements for the month as desired by them, and also contributed cash @ Rs 5,100/ for the better upkeep of the children.

DAY 6 (12th Nov.)- Old Age Home

(Community Services)

Today we were joined by the Area Vice Chairman Tr Prav S Bal, for the day and night. We started

with a visit to the Old age home at Fateh Pur Beri, Chattar Pur mandir. We once again distributed

winter clothes and spent quality time with them. DART also contributed to the white wash of the

home with cash of Rs. 5100/-

(Induction of new memebers)

In the evening the DARTers met at Underdogs at Ambience mall  Vasant Kunj and inducted 3 new members officially , the evening was spent playing games like pool and DART.  We were proud to induct Divij Singhal, Vaibhav tapadiya and Vinod Gupta in the tabling fraternity. The trio was pinned by the Area Vice Chairman Tr. Typsy Bal. The evening saw the tablers and their wives partying hard.

DAY 7( 13th Nov.)- Twinklers Talent Show

(Twinklers Day)

 Since 14th November was a Monday, we decided that on the eve of Childrens day we should have our Twinklers showcase their talent on Sunday 13th November. We had all the children assemble at JIIMS Kalkaji auditorium and perform on stage,  which was a big hit, followed by cutting of the cake and junk food for all of them. It was fun to see all the mothers gloating over their and other childrens performances.

DAY 8 (14th Nov.)- Painting Competition

(Children’s Day / Taare Zameen Par)

To celebrate Children’s Day  on 14th November DART 130 organized painting competition for all kids studying at MCD Primary Schools in Masoodpur. The function started with poem recitation, dance performance and speech on Jawaharlal Nehru. The winners were given cash prizes of Rs. 11000/- along with books and chocolates.  The day was full of fun and joy and the kids were over whelmed with the presence of Darters and ladies of Dart family.

DAY 9 (15th Nov.)- Women Empowerment

(Project & Community Service)

 “In the republic Plato clearly states that females must receive the same training as males and there should be no limitation on how high a woman can rise within the society to have a 100% output of the society”

 This has become a long term project for us. We believe that we also need to work towards educating

and training mothers of underprivileged children so that they can fend for themselves and contribute to

their household also. Keeping the same in mind DART this quarter like last quarter organized to educate

empower the women of EWS category from the slums of Rohini to learn tailorings & beautician courses  it is expected that after learning the course these women would become self sufficient and would be able to supplement the family income.

DAY 10 (16th Nov.)- Marathon

(Publicity Event & Celebrating National Publicity Day)

JIMS & Delhi Achievers Round Table (DART-130) jointly organized the 3rd Annual “HEALTHY YOUTH HEALTHY INDIA YOUTH RUN 2011” on 16th November, 2011 at 7:00 am at RAJPATH, New Delhi.

The Youth Run was flagged off by Mrs. Rajni Abbi, Mayor of Delhi. It drew over 1000 young men and women from various colleges like Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, JIMS and other educational institutions of Delhi NCR. The first position was bagged by Aman Baisla from Fairfield Institute of Management Technology (FIMT).  Sumit Dahiya from Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Science (Delhi University) and Ankit Sharma from JIMS were the first and second runner ups.

DAY 11 (17th Nov.)- Books Donation

(Community Services)

Initially it was supposed to be the Blood Donation Camp but since the President Round table India was joining us on DAY 13 we postponed the event and instead donated school books to the MCD Schools at Andrews Ganj. The principal and teachers were happy  to hear about Round table India and as one of the kids commented to the Chairman, that have you received so many medals (jewels) for studying and he was told that yes and that they should use the books given to earn similar medals too.

Day 12 (18th Nov.) –  (Dart ki Adalat)

Celebrating 41ers Day

 To celebrate 41ers Day on 18th November DART 130 organized a fellowship event especially for Square Legs & 41ers at Tr. Nitish’s residence. The focus of the event was highlighting the achievements of all past chairmen since DART was established and also politely reminding them of their shortcomings.

DAY 13 (19th Nov.)- 41ers V/s Area 5 Tablers Cricket Match

(Celebrating National Fellowship Day)

 To celebrate National Fellowship Day a special cricket match between 41ers and Area 5 Tablers was organized on 19th Nov. at Jasola Sports Complex. Although it was envisaged that it would be 9 a side and a 15 over match each side … it was finally trimmed to 6 a side and a 12 over match.

DAY 13     Part II
Blood Donation Camp – 200 Units (Community Services)

After the cricket match we rushed to the JIIMS Kalkaji, Center wherein a Blood Camp was going on. We were joined by the National President Tr Ashwini Hemdev and the NAGM Convenor Tr Suman Voora. Along with tablers of DMRT 149. We suceeded in sucking out blood from the NAGM convenor however the National President escaped our clutches. We also had tablers and square legs who dropped in at their convenience and willingly donated blood.

National Fellowship Day

National Fellowship day was celebrated on 19th November in the evening at Trafalgars, Tivoli Garden, Chatterpur, Delhi. The occasion was hosted by DRT 5, DMRT 43, DART 130 & DMRT 149 & co hosted by all Delhi City Tables. National President Tr. Ashwini Hemdev & Tr. Suman Voora (National AGM Convener) graced the occasion. DART 130 participated in full strength.

1st issue of Achievers Express covering the various events held from July 2011 to October 2011 was released.

DAY 14 (20th Nov.)- Plantation Day
(Go Green Project)

The National Green Day function celebrated on 20th November 2011 was a grand success.The Kalkaji Municipal Councillor, Ms. Mahinder Kaur Narula, inaugurated the function which was attended by prominent residents and  committee members of the Residents Welfare Association (RWA).  The key events conducted on the occasion were:

Adoption of   first traffic circle on Kalkaji main road for maintenance as a green area. Installation of garbage bin for biodegradable and non biodegradable waste in the Kalkaji locality to improve the general cleanliness and look of the colony’s streets.


Planting of saplings in area outside the institute boundary wall and main road.

All above green events were celebrated with great fanfare and enthusiasm by all the participants.

Chairman Amit Gupta

DART 130


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Reported by
Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181


Kanpur Round Table 125 Round Table India Week Actvities


Tablers of KHRT 125 under the RTI week Convener Tr Moriya Philip have  done wonders for PUBLICITY , Projects and Community services as they have completed 16 such activities in just 7 days

Hats of to Tr Moriya and tablers and Circlers of KHRT 125

Kanpur Heritage Round Table 125


RTI WEEK / LC India Week Report

November 2011


List of Activites   

1. Shishu Bhawan Donation. 3

2. Health Checkup Camp at RTGP. 4

3. Blind School Donation. 5

4. Swaraj Old Age Home. 6

5. Twinklers @ Trance. 7

6. Donation of Sewing machines to RTGP. 8

7. Taare Zameen Par Day – Painting competition at Jyoti Badhir. 9

8. Jyoti Badhir Prize Distribution. 10

9. Puppet Show at Spastic Centre “Sankalp”. 11

10. National Twinklers Day – Picnic @ Zoo. 12

11. National Publicity Day – Tabling on the Highway. 13

12. National Publicity Day – Logo hand fans. 14

13. National Go Green Day – Pollution Checking Camp. 15

14. Missionaries of Charity Destitute Home ‘Snehalaya’ in Chandari 16

16. National Fellowship Day – Inter-Table TT/Badminton tournament for Twinklers & Ladies at Green Park Stadium     18 

1. Shishu Bhawan Donation

Date 10/11/2011 Time 5.00 PM

– Baby food Boxes donation

Sponsored By:

VC Tr. Aditya Vij & KHRT 125

We started off our RTI week with a visit to Shishu Bhawan, an orphanage run by the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity. KHRT 125 has a long association with this orphanage and we make it a point to visit it as frequently as possible. The orphanage has a wonderful set up where they take in children right from newborn babies to toddlers and assist in their adoption procedure.

The moment we set our eyes on the little babies lying in their cots we were overwhelmed with emotions. We just could not stop praising the efforts of the sisters and their support staff. We were also apprised of the various problems they were facing due to bureaucratic red-tapism and the hopelessly inefficient public welfare system, with regards to the transfer of abandoned babies from different parts of the state and the various stumbling blocks in our countries legal adoption system.

The Sisters graciously accepted our offerings and after spending some heartwarming moments with the children we left with a feeling of satisfaction that we could not have started off our RTI week in a better way.

2. Health Checkup Camp at RTGP

Date 11/11/2011 TIME: 11:30 AM

– Health checkup of all the students of RTGP

Sponsored By:

Sq. Leg Vishal Garg

Healthcare is very important when you are in school and It becomes all the more important when the school is for under privileged children, keeping this in mind, we conducted a free health checkup camp for the students of our school Round Table Gaya Prasad, in which almost all the students participated. The students were given health check up for height, weight, eyes, cardio vascular system, respiratory system, abdomen and so on.

The parents of the students were very happy of fact that their ward was being looked after carefully. Some of the students also brought their friends along with them for the checkup. 

3. Blind School Donation

Date 11/11/2011 TIME: 10:00 AM

-Donation of Ceiling fans

-Donation of Rice

Sponsored By:

Ceiling fans by KHLC – 88

Rice by Tr. Moriya

Day Two of our RTI week celebrations had us all visiting a school being run for the visually impaired. The Ladies Circle had communicated well in advance with the school management and found out about their requirements. As they had constructed a new hostel wing, they required a large number of ceiling fans. The Ladies Circle graciously complied and supplied a sizeable number of good quality fans to the school. As the school prepared the food for all its students in-house we also donated some Rice as a part of their kitchen supplies.

We were shown around the new hostel and the existing classrooms. We were amazed by the ability of the students studying over there. Just because one of their senses is impaired in no way means that they are lacking in any skill department. The students were even able to operate computer systems based on the audible signals. Satisfied that our efforts were well directed we completed our visit with a promise to the management that KHRT 125/LC88 will continue with their help and support to the school.

4. Swaraj Old Age Home

Date 12/11/2011 Time: 11:00 AM

– DTH recharge

– Cereals & sweaters donation

Sponsored By:

DTH recharge by Tr. Dhruv
Donation of cereals and sweaters by KHLC 88

Day 3 starts off with us moving towards the Swaraj Old Age Home with packets full of cereals and sweaters for the residents. We were warmly welcomed by the staff at the home and all the items that we donated was systematically checked and noted in their records.

Even though it is a small institution the home is being managed very well. The residents are well looked after with proper food, shelter and medication available as per their requirement. The circlers graciously handed over the sweaters to each of them making sure that they liked the color and style of the sweater given. The look on their faces after they received our little token made our trip worth the effort.

We promised the management of the home that we will continue supporting their efforts in whatever way we can in the future also.

5. Twinklers @ Trance

Date: 12/11/2011 TIME: 7:30 PM

-Fun and entertainment for Twinklers

Sponsored By:

Tr. Hardeep

All our Twinklers were wondering whether they were forgotten this RTI week!!!! Not to disappoint them we made sure that they all felt very much a part of our 2011 RTI week celebrations. An informal get together saw all the kids enjoying themselves over games followed by a sumptuous dinner at a star hotel in the city. As a pleasant change our Twinklers were the centre of the attention for the evening!!! A wonderful way to end an eventful day of our RTI week.

6. Donation of Sewing machines to RTGP

Date: 13/11/2011 Time: 8.30 AM

– Donation of 2 sewing machines

Sponsored By:

Tr. Hardeep & Tr. Ruchin

Today being a Sunday all the Tablers, Circlers and Twinklers were in festive mood. We started off our day with going to one of our project schools- Round Table Gaya Prasad School. The school principal had requested us to arrange for a few sewing machines so that the girls of the higher classes could be imparted some vocational training by learning basic stitching.

To start of this training we purchased two brand new sewing machines and delivered the same to the school. The students who had gathered for a special class were looking pretty exited about the prospect that they would soon get to learn something new.

As it is one of our project schools we discussed the running of the school in details with the staff and passed on the necessary instructions pertaining to the running and maintenance of the school.

7. Taare Zameen Par Day – Painting competition at Jyoti Badhir

Date 13/11/2011 TIME: 09:30 AM

– Painting Competition

This initiative will be a part of the “Taare Zameen Par 2011” being conducted nationwide

Certificates as per format to be given
The ‘Taare Zameen Pe’ initiative of Round Table India is really a wonderful way to make some of our underprivileged young friends special this year.

Here we had organized a painting Competition for the students in which all the youngsters were encouraged to let their minds fly free with their imagination. The end result was a riot of colours that was a feast to our eyes.

The selection of the best painting was a difficult decision. All the participants were given the special ‘Taare Zameen Pe’ certificates also.

Some Snaps

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8. Jyoti Badhir Prize Distribution

Date 13/11/2011 Time 8.30 PM

Sunday was a busy day for KHRT-125, morning hours it was donation time and Tare Zameen Pe Competition and in the evening it was again a sober affair.

Tablers/Sq. Legs of KHRT-125 visited the annual function of Jyoti Badhir School to distribute the prizes to the students. The function was held at Lajpat Bhawan auditorium. In this annual function lots of cultural activities were performed by the students, which really touched our hearts.

Sq. Leg Sanjeev Malhotra gave away the prizes for the most Meritorious Student of the school, Best Sports Person of the School and over all Achiever.

9. Puppet Show at Spastic Centre “Sankalp”

Date 14/11/2011 TIME: 9:00 AM

– Puppet Show arrangement

– Lunch boxes to be distributed to the students

Sponsored By:

Puppet Show Treasurer Tr. Rishabh Jain

Lunch Boxes by KHLC – 88

Come Children’s Day and we decided to spend some time with our young friends at the Sankalp Spastic Centre. We had arranged for an authentic Rajasthani troupe to come over and perform a puppet show to entertain the kids present there. After a thoroughly enjoyable time watching the various puppets and the listening to lively folk music, we proceeded to distribute the lunch packets that had been meticulously prepared by the ladies of LC 88.

Watching the children enjoy the puppet show and the lunch was a perfect way to start off the Children’s day celebration of our RTI week 2011.

10. National Twinklers Day – Picnic @ Zoo

Date 14/11/2011 Time 2.00 PM

-Pot luck Picnic at the Zoo for Tablers, Sq. Legs, Ladies & Twinklers

Winters are just around the corner and this is the perfect weather for an afternoon of fun and games, in the open, with the entire family. This is exactly what we had planned for this beautiful Monday afternoon. After finishing all our work early we all got ready with our picnic gear and trooped into our City zoo. The Twinklers were quite a handful with all of them running around with their respective ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ in tow!!!

Hats off to all our Circlers who packed such an amazing picnic lunch!!  After the delicious lunch we had a little cricketing action with the Twinklers making us Tablers run around the park fielding the ball.  This picnic was also quite informative for our kids as they got see and learn about a large number of animals that till now they had just seen in books or on TV programs. After a thoroughly enjoyable family outing we all left the zoo in the evening, eager to get back home and catch some much needed R&R!!!

11. National Publicity Day – Tabling on the Highway

Date 16/11/2011

For the National Publicity day the members of KHRT 125 decided upon a novel idea to spread awareness about Round Table India and the ‘Freedom to Education’ program. We wanted to spread the word to a new section of people in new cities across our State.

To achieve this we have decided to use a unique medium of advertising. We hit upon the idea to paint our RTI logo along with the ‘Right to Education’ program logo onto the bodies of Trucks that ply across the length and breadth of our state. We felt that since these vehicles travel via highways to various big and small cities thus spreading the word and idea of our wonderful organisation.

On seeing this logo painted on the side of the trucks we feel certain that the curiosity of many people will get tickled and maybe, it will help to add some wonderful new people to our cause.

We started off with the painting a day before on the 15th itself as it is a slow process for an artist to get the logos perfectly right. We managed to add logos to about 6 trucks on 15th and plan for a total of 50 trucks with each Tabler sponsoring 4-5 ads. We also took time to brief each driver conductor about our organisation so that they could at least give an idea to people if they enquired about the logo on their vehicle. We certainly hope that the long hours on the dusty highways will lead to some fruitful additions to our Tabling cause. Apropos to the TV show Highway on my Plate we call this endeavour as ‘Tabling on the Highway’!!!!!

12. National Publicity Day – Logo hand fans

Date 16/11/2011

Another little effort we made on National Publicity day was to promote our Project Schools situated in the Bithoor area of Kanpur.  We made small hand fans with the RTI logo printed on the side to distribute amongst the villagers of the area.

It serves as a fan to cool you on a hot summer day as well as doubling up as a medium of spreading the word about RTI and the education program. This effort directly promotes our schools and encourages the families to send their children to study. A simple effort that we are sure will yield good results and definitely increase the number of students in our schools.

Let’s hope this unique combination of Fans and Trucks helps us spread the word about RTI far and wide as possible.

13. National Go Green Day – Pollution Checking Camp

Date: 18/11/2011 TIME: 1.30 PM

-Pollution check up of all the vehicles

Sponsored By:

Sq. Leg Manish Gupta

This year on the National Go Green day we decided to set up a pollution check up camp. We are thankful for the support of our square legs that they still actively help and support all the activities of the table. Sq. leg Manish Gupta made all the arrangements for our Pollution Check-up camp held at a prominent two-wheeler showroom in the city.

We as Tablers/circlers always feel that we have to do our bit to help protect the environment. We emphasized the importance of conducting regular pollution checks on our vehicles to the various people who stopped by. We explained the advantages of running a pollution free vehicle. We were glad to see that many of the people who stopped for the check up understood the double benefit here-save fuel and money and in turn protect our fragile environment from further damage.

We wrapped up today’s activities with big smiles on our faces as we genuinely felt that we had made a difference!!!!

14. Missionaries of Charity Destitute Home ‘Snehalaya’ in Chandari

Date: 19/11/2011 Time 3:00 PM

Donation of old clothes by all Tablers and Circlers

Donation of Blankets & rice by: Tr. Moriya

Donation of Inners by: Tr. Ankur

Donation of old heaters by: Tr. Hardeep

Donation of winter cream by KLCC 88

After a small break necessitated by the non-availability of some Tablers we resumed our RTI week activities. There is a very nice destitute home being run again by the Missionaries of Charity called Snehalaya. There are about 140 residents currently housed over there.

The Tablers and circlers got together once again to make a generous contribution to this noble cause. Everybody chipped in with some clothes lying unused at home. The sister in-charge was very happy with our small contribution. We went around the entire facility and were very impressed by the way things were being handled so systematically with all the different types of residents and patients living there.

Another few hours well spent all thanks to the spirit of social work that the table has instilled in us!!

16. National Fellowship Day – Inter-Table TT/Badminton tournament for Twinklers & Ladies at Green Park Stadium

Date 20/11/2011 Sunday Time 10.30 AM onwards

-An inter-table sports meets for Twinklers & Ladies

This was one event that everybody was eagerly waiting for. A foggy Sunday morning greeted us when we got up, but even this was not going to dampen the spirit of KHRT 125. We arrived early at the venue to get everything arranged and ready for the event to begin on time. There were courts, lights, equipment and support staff to get up and running before the participants came in.

Everything in place, the matches started off with us dividing the group into sub-juniors juniors and ladies. What an amazing display of racquet work was on display cannot be expressed in words. Shuttle cocks were whizzing across the net and everybody was having solid fun.

We were happy that other tables in the city extended their support to our event and helped make the tournament a grand success. Certificates and Chocolate gift hampers were distributed to all the category winners bringing the curtains down on our highly eventful RTI week. All the Tablers and circlers got together and everybody was happy the way the RTI week events were conducted. The high point of satisfaction was that our RTI week was a good combination of giving to others as well as some excellent fellowship events where the Twinklers also were involved.

At the end of it all I would like to thank my fellow tablers for giving me the opportunity to convene the RTI week 2011 on behalf of KHRT 125. It is a well-known fact that for any event to be successful there has to be a concerted effort from all the team members, and this is exactly what I witnessed here. I received so much support and guidance from the tablers and 41’ers that everything went off smoothly without any hitches. Tabling rocks!!!!

Tr. Moriya Philip

RTI week convener 2011

KHRT 125





Reported By

Hamir Sampat

MKRT 181