Twinklers of Ahmedabad RT 40 meet Santa Claus!


It was 25th December 2016, beautiful Sunday morning where the Christmas Tree was decorated with Red Socks hanging on it which is nothing but the wish of young kids from Uncle Santa. There is an excitement for the kids to wake up early in the morning to get surprise gift near their socks.

 We are at ART 40 and ALC 64 have decided to continue our tradition of Santa Clause Twinkler Activity. Tr. Animesh and Tr. Rohan have dressed up like Santa at 10:00am in the morning. We First of all decided to visit Prakash School, which is a School for mentally challenged kids and along with Two Santa and Four Tablers  have joined the School and greeted the under privileged mentally challenged kids by giving them Sweets and dancing with them for some time to bring smiles on their faces.

At 10:30am, Two Santa were divided in Two cars, they went to the home of Tablers, HTs, and 41ners as per the route decided by the convener. They have personally met each and every Twinkler of our 40-64 family and give them toys, cake and chocolates at their places. Twinklers had also called all the neighbor  friends to showcase that Santa Claus has coming to their house. On this auspicious day, Tr. Animesh visited to the house Tr. Saurabh whose daughter is just 3 months old who had also smiled looking at the Santa which also touched our heart very much.

This is the day where all Twinklers wait for Santa Claus to come there house and give the Sweets, Toys and Chocolates. It is indeed pride moment for them in entire society where in they can showcase their goodwill amongst other kids.

I would like to personally thank to Tr. Pulkit Goenka for an excellent co ordination for the entire event. I would also like to thank Bhavna Damani for yummy Cake and Tr. Vikas and Akshit for their support during event.

Lastly would like to thank Tr. Animesh and Tr. Rohan for coming as Santa and bringing smiles on the faces of so many kids.

Proud to be Tablers

Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman ART-40

Akshay Kumar’s Kudo Tournament @ Surat RT 135

Diwali vacation was just begun so it was time for twinklers to have fun!!! Soon we came to know that Akshay Kumar’s Kudo Tournament was organised by our Table Jewel Denny Niraban and his company Solutions in town.

Kudo is a mixed Budo sport comprising full contact punches, kicks, throwings, and submission techniques on the ground.So few tablers and circlers along with Area 11 Chairman decided to go for the inauguration of event on 26th Oct with Twinklers.There were performances by few Guinness record holders on martial arts, coconut breaking, rod bending , ice slab breaking , fire acts ,bricks breaking and many more heart breaking performances .Kids were excited and thrilled to see such performances done in so easy ,smooth and professional manner. Ranveer’s singh entry was like an icing on the cake. It was a good learning experience for Twinklers to be strong and fit in life.They also learnt that if we meet any kind of difficulties we must face them positively and never evade without challenge against them in order to gain the ultimate, highest truth.It was really a worthy twinklers activities done by our Twinklers convenors!!!

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman, SRT 135

Sunday outing @ Bellary Vikings RT 152 / Industrial Visits & Farmhouse Fun!

Industrial Visit & Farmhouse Fun: BVRT 152 & BVLC 127
Date: September 18, 2016
Industrial Project Coordinator: LMF CA Kiran Jain
Farm & Nature Fun Coordinator: LMF Pashupati Chellur

Tr. Kiran made the arrangements for Industrial Visits for Twinkler’s, Circlers and TableRs to Jeans Manufacturing Unit, A Fully Automated Rice Mill, and lastly an Ice-Cream Manufacturing Unit.

Twinkles were more excited as it is something which they were going to experience for the first time. Bus and breakfast was arranged by Chairman Tr. Vikram, fully loaded bus with Antakshari, cookies, chocolates etc… was truly magical experience during the bus journey.

Industrial Visit was truly first time experience for many of us, how jeans is manufactured from raw material to finished product, how the paddy transforms into Rice and lastly Ice-Cream unit was the ultimate experience…we all experienced the -35°  Temperature Zone, where Ice- Cream is stored……..

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream

Picture Abhi Baki hai Mere Dost…………………………

For Lunch, Full Course South Indian Food was arranged by Tr. Pashupati at his Farm House, then we rushed to a Water Canal passing by Tr. Pashupati’s Farm… “A Natural Jacuzzi”;within no time entire team was in the water……….it was fun, masti, splashing…………No-one wanted to go home …….

On the way back a must stop at Panjabi Dhaba for Tea, snacks, bhel made it a truly complete family outing day.

LMF CA Pankaj K Seksaria
IT & Blow Convenor
Bellary Viking Round Table 152






Twinklers of Area 9 showcase their talent

The Twinkler’s Talent Night

Beyond expectation is what I would describe the talent show put by the twinklers from all participating tables across area 9. The beauty of the event was that it was not restricted to just singing or dancing. It was a milieu of twinklers showcasing their different  interests and talents which left us awestruck.

Teenagers danced and sang like rock stars. Attempts at stand up comedy was commendable. Magic show, paper crafting, origami, best out of waste, drawing and colouring, recitation were the highlights of the evening.

Once more is what I wanted to say when our toddler’s performed be it; slokas, nursery rhymes or a dramatic kabali act. Simply  loved every act !!!!!

By: Reena Somani

And here is what some of the twinklers had to say about the show:

A twinklers talent night was held on Saturday 1st October 2016 between 4 to 6 PM. This show was organized by VRT 77 with Shrawan uncle as the Chairman and the show was coordinated by Sangeetha and Reena aunty. All the twinklers of area 9 were present there with their hidden acts and ideas. Some of them sang beautiful songs, danced, acted and recited shlokas. The shlokas were recited by Megha and Vedha. The dances were performed by Sahithi and we also had dance performances from twinklers of other tables. There were many beautiful paintings and craft work done by the elder kids and youngsters. We lent our ears to Sudeeksha’s melodious numbers. We also had a stand up comedian Hardik among us who is in 9th standard. Though, he was performing for the 1st time, his performance was excellent I was also told to come up with my hidden talent, at first I was nervous and not sure about what to do but suddenly while watching a magic show I got an idea to do it. I watched the videos over and over again. “Practice makes a man perfect”. My parents helped me do this performance. I was very excited when the day had come. All the little children saw what I was doing and they got very excited and walked on the stage to see the magic tricks. The best part about this show was that no one was judged. We were awarded with goodie bags and certificates, we were also appreciated for our efforts and participation. At the end of all the performances, yummy snacks were arranged for us. It was a wonderful evening.

-Samyukta Aggarwal
VRT 77

Had a gr8 time!! It was fun watching everyone’s talent. Although I didn’t participate but had cheered them being a spectator. ” Excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best”!!

-Eshita Mundra
A well organised programme. I was excited to perform and even enjoyed it. I believe that every person is born with a talent.

-Harshita Mundra


Fellowship: Twinklers of Hospet RT 231 “Make some Noise”

The highest quest of Life is Happiness, which can be only gained by spending time with children. HRT 231 got this opportunity by hosting a Amazing Twinkler Fellowship at Tr.Akarsh’s residence on Aug 14th. It started with all twinklers participating in a Play Station Game – A Video Gaming Wonderland. Kids were amazed to play Puzzle Games, Board Games etc. These games helped to unfold their hidden talent & ability. The whole area was drowned in Noise when twinklers played through screaming & jumping.

Oh Twinklers !! while playing, yours –
Noise becomes Music
Movement becomes Dance
Smile becomes Laughter…..

I am happy to share that our National Theme “MAKE SOME NOISE” was perfectly adorned with this Fellowship. While we try to teach our Chidren about Life, they teach us what Life is all about.

Special thanks to TR. AKARSH for arranging this Gaming Fun. Alongwith I would like to convey thanks to all the tablers & circlers.

Tr. Manjunath P M
IT & Blog Convener
Hospet RT 231


Twinklers of VRRT 218 learn with Fun


A Twinkler’s event on the lines of the Theme of the Quarter by the Nationals – Learning with fun was organised on 24th June’ 16 by Cr. Deepika Bagla at her own school Anant Busy Bees Preschool. An “Art and Craft” workshop was conducted and kids made Pen Stand from Waste Materials. It was attended by 15 twinklers of all ages. Mothers were completely engrossed with their kids and wanted to create the best piece. Gift Hampers were distributed which were relished by the kids.

Tr. Sanket Bagla,

Secretary VRRT 218


Tr.Vikram – Twinkler Convener’s Social at Rajapalayam – RSRT – 158

Date: 17th January 2016

Tr.Vikram hosted a wonderful lunch social at Rajapalayam.

Tr. Jaiganesh was inducted in the meeting.

Tablers, HT’s , Ladies and Twinklers enjoyed the Lunch and had a good time.


LMF.Tr. Ashish Bardia

IT & Blog Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158

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