Poona Midtown RT 65 complete Mega School Project @ Karvenagar, Pune

PMRT 65’s association with the school [situated at Karvenagar, Pune, Maharashtra] goes a long way and it has been over one decade since PMRT 65 started supporting this school. The school originally had one temporary shade where children used to study, that’s when we decided to do something for the school.
Today the school teaches over 1200 students from the underprivileged section of society, the current infrastructure stands as below:
Apart from the temporary shade which reminds what it was, a separate kitchen, one entire floor allocated to technical section, a large hall, teachers room (2), seven classrooms, playground. Back then we could have not dreamt that we would travel this long with one school, its been an extremely satisfying journey.
Today we inaugurated the completed school building, in the presence of Area 15 chairman Tr. Abhishek More, which includes seven classrooms, one teacher’s room and an entire basement allotted to the technical wing.
Area 15 chairman Tr. Abhishek More congratulated PMRT 65 for a wonderful job done; he was very impressed with the inauguration ceremony.  We also took a tour of the school and were impressed to see the technical lab where the students are given hands on training to help them become job ready when they leave school.
The inauguration was followed by a small felicitation ceremony where the trustees of the school extended a vote of thanks to PMRT 65 for their help and association with the school for so many years now. 
Vijay Lohia
Secretary – Poona Midtown Round Table 65

Salem Metro Acme RT 175 & LC 91 build 3 classrooms

3 classrooms built by Salem Metro Acme RT 175 and LC 91 @ Champion Nursery and Primary School.

On 12 March 2016, we at Salem Metro Acme Round Table 175 and Salem Metro Acme Ladies Circle 91 inaugurated 3 New Classrooms at Champion Nursery and Primary School.

Champion Nursery and Primary School is a private school started in 2015. The school is located at Chekkadipatty Village approximately 50 Kms from Salem and provides free education to orphan and semi orphan children. The school collects only government prescribed fees from rural and tribal students. The school’s only aim is to offer quality education for the benefit of the orphan and rural students.

The objective of the project was to build 3 classrooms which is expected to significantly increase school attendance and improve the quality of education benefitting approximately 100 schoolchildren by creating smart learning environments. The impact of this on the community will be that the students have better environment for them when they are studying which will motivate them to come to school and excel in their curriculum.

The project is done with contribution from Champion Nursery and Primary School, SMART 175, SMALC 91, RTIF and RTIT.

The Inauguration and handover ceremony was held on 12.03.2016 in the presence of TR.Suman Voora (National President, RTI), CR.Veda Bestin (National Secretary, LC), TR.Chirag Vora (Chairman, AREA 7 RTI), CR.Minal Shroff (Chairperson, AREA 7 LC), TR.Subbu Sundaresan (Vice Chairman, AREA 7 RTI), TR. Amol Sancheti (AST, AREA 7 RTI), Tablers, 41rs, HTs, Circlers & Twinklers in the school premises.

There was a small program arranged by the students, later the students were given stationary kits, tea, and snacks were distributed to all present.

With Best Regards,
LMF Tr.Ketan Kumar
Project Convenor – SMART 175
41rs Co-Ordinator – Area 7, RTI

Madras Spice LC 133 renovate kitchen and build a toilet block benefitting 865 students

Madras Spice Ladies Circle -133- Toilet Block

It is a higher secondary school in Nagalkeni, started in the year 1973 as a Middle School. All Students are from underprivileged families. As on date, they have a single toilet, for the girls. They have totally 30 classrooms in 2 acres land and one toilet for 865 students. We have build the 1 toilet block with 4 toilet along with a wash basin area . When we visited the school we noticed that kitchen was in very bad shape . We have entirely renovated the kitchen with tiles and paint along with that we have provided a shed for the children to  have their noon meal comfortably.


5 classrooms & Toilet Block built by Hubli Accent RT 153

On 20th April 2017 we at Hubli Accent Round Table 153 inaugurated 5 classrooms which were renovated with construction of 50% walls, new Roofing, Plaster, Painting, Electrification & Vitrified flooring.

Also 4 toilet Blocks were newly constructed (2 girls & 2 boys) with drainage, Plumbing & required amenities ,

This project was done with contribution from The School Ambedkar Shikshana Samsthe, Fullerton India, AVM Granite, RTI & Members of Round Table India & Ladies Circle India.

The Function was attended by Mrs.Megha Saigal, Area Chairperson Ladies Circle India Area X, Mr.Sachin Shah, Area Vice Chairman Round Table India Area X, Mr.Nitin Shenoy, Chairman HART 153, Mr.Pavan Kulkarni, Secretary HART 153, Mr.Sachin Shenoy –Project Convener, Mr. Ritesh Patadia– Project Co-ordinator & members of  Hubli Accent Round Table -153. Mr.Siraj from Fullerton India, Mr. Mahavir Prasad Malani & Mr. Vivek Malani from AVM Granite were also present.

Tr. Pawan Pawar
IT & Blog Convenor, HART 153

Vadodara Vibrant RT 210 build classrooms @ Sheth Shri MA Kadwal High School

Sheth Shri M.A. Kadwal High School (SSMAKHS) is Vadodara Vibrant Round Table 210’s maiden solo FTE project. SSMAKHS is located about 100kms away in Kadval Village, in Chotta Udepur district of East Gujarat. It is the only high school in a 25 km radius and amongst 42 villages, making it a crucial and impactful project for us. More than 650 students are enrolled and benefitting from this school.

The school building is more than 40 years old.

We contributed to the existing school infrastructure by:-

  • Building two class rooms
  • Compound wall and Iron Entry Gates
  • Repairing and waterproofing the entire terrace which was in dire need of renovation
  • IPS concreting of entire assembly area
  • building parapet and wall of first floor terrace area which was a huge safety concern for the children
  • Cement plaster repairing and painting of lobbies, common areas, external building and compound walls with exterior paint.
  • Refurbishing and repairing other amenities during the on-going works

Project Conveners,

  • Yashvir Gaekwad (Vice Chairman – 2016-17)
  • Jaypratap Singh (Secretary – 2016 -17)

The Inauguration and handover ceremony was held on the 8th October 2016. Present for the inauguration were local MLA Shri. Mohansingh Rathwa, Our Round Table National President Tr.Manpreet Singh Raja, Area XI Chairman Tr.Sumit Khuraana, other local dignitaries and government officials were present amongst all the school students and their parents.

All students were given stationary kits, tea and snacks were distributed to all present.

Tr. Jaypratap Singh
Secretary – 2016 -17 & Project Convener
Vadodara Vibrant Round Table 210

Kolkata Victorian RT 227 and Calcutta Sterling RT 106 complete P&G Siksha project @ Nayabasti School

“A child without education is a bird without wings”- Tibetan Proverb.

With Indias ever increasing population the biggest challenge and the matter of concern is to provide quality education for every child born. Though the Indian government has been partially successful in increasing the literacy rate percentage however there still exits a major gap. Indias majority population lives in rural and yet there are countless villages where the children are not even getting the basic education properly. Illiteracy is a self fulfilling curse that perpetuates the chain of pverty, degradation and child labour. Round Table India has very well taken this initiative to reach out to these areas where the goverment is yet to lay its eyes upon.

After finishing a breakfast fellowship at the Russels Dhaba the fleet of cars in a queue drove down an hour east to reach the narrow lanes of the villages in which the schools were to be inaugurated one by one. The narrow lane opened to a large ground. The villagers and the children were waiting anxiously for our arrival. When we arrived we had a very warm welcome from the local folks with welcome music, and few performances by the local kids. The podium was neatly kept on the stage with Round Table Banners all around. After a small speech from the school caretakers and the local politicians we briefed the locals about the whole Tabling Movement. With loads of thanks and appreciation the locals greeted us whole heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children were a beautiful sight. Now they too can study and get a direction in their lives.

It was a real proud moment for each of the Victorians. A glorious first half of the day was well spent.

We would like to convey warm appreciation to National Board members Tr Manpreet Singh, Tr Christopher Arvinth,Tr Philip Maurya, Area 4 Board members, Project Convenors and donor Mr Pradeep Agrawal and other dignitaries for gracing the event with their presence.

Tr. Ankit Budhia
Blog Convener – KVRT 227

“Rural Reach” – Hospet RT 231 Inaugurate toilet block at Ramnagar Govt. Primary School

The Life of India lies in its rural villages & the best way to know yourself is to lose yourself in the service of villagers. As a part of Area X initiative of ‘REACH RURAL’, Hospet Round Table 231 has extended its service by constructing a toilet at Government Lower Primary School, Ramnagar (a village of nomads) on March 18th. Chief Guest Tr.Mahendra Yadav – Area X Chairman, was kind enough to inaugurate the Toilet Block. The other Guests of Honour were AVC Tr.Sachin Shah & Tr.Sandeep Mani, also adorned the event. At the inaugural event organised by the school, Area X Chairman Tr.Mahendra Yadav created awareness among students with regard to sanitation. Describing kids as the brand ambassadors of cleanliness, HRT Chairman Tr.Avinash Kakubal promised many more ‘Reach Rural’ projects in future.
We are thankful & grateful to Tr.Vishal Pathikonda & Tr.Vimal Jain for their endeavour & commitment in completing the project.
Number of Students Benefitted : 40 Students
Project Cost                                  : Rs.55000


Manjunath P M,

IT & Blog Convener,