Madras Knights Round Table 181 inaugurates 3 classrooms at Siragu Montessori School

Madras Knights Round Table 181 Inaugurated 3 classrooms at its Freedom Through Education, Long term project Siragu Montessori school, Avadi, chennai on 25th day of June 2016. The FTE project was completed under the leadership of LMF Tr. Lankeswaran with the help of 3 fund raising events which were organised in 2015-16. With the addition of 3 classrooms for 2015-16, MKRT 181 in total has constructed 16 classrooms including a computer and language lab at siragu school. We added 1492 square feet of area this year providing the necessary infrastructure to help educate the under privilege children with an outlay of approximately 12 lakh rupees. MKRT 181 has been associated with siragu since its inception and it has seen the school grow leaps and bounds and witness the children taking the shape of future leaders of our nation with each passing year. It is a matter of absolute pride and satisfaction to impact and benefit, more than 300 students who come from the down trodden strata of society. The classrooms were inaugurated by Area 2 Chairman LMF Tr. Inder Singh in the presence of Guest’s of Honour, National projects convener LMF Tr. Akshay Dugar, Area Project conveners LMF Tr. Apoorva Modi and LMF Tr. Vikash Nahar.

Tabler’s present from MKRT 181 were Tabler’s Mitesh, Balaji, Vinay Krishna, Nikhil, Mahesh, Sunil and Jai . MKRT 181 was humbled to also receive a donation of Rs 2 Lakhs from Mr. Lalit Dave and family towards the project. Tr. Kapil Shah of PRT 15 also contributed Rs 29,000/-towards our FTE project by purchasing the auctioned cricket bat and ball specially signed by legendary cricketer Muttiah Muralidharan.

The dignitaries interacted with the children and wished them all the best for their futures. In return the school facilitated the chief guest with a iconography Frame of Round Table India Logo.
In the end snacks were distributed to students, bringing smiles to their faces.


Publicity: Newspaper “Sunday Post” carries article on RTI & LCI in Uttarakhand

The newspaper “Sunday Post” carried an article on the activities of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India. The paper is circulated in the entire Uttarakhand and gave us a huge publicity platform.

Special thanks to GLMF Tr Ashish Choudhary, GLMF Delhi Dynamic Round Table 157 for all the efforts and for this Publicity.

LMF Tr.Prashant Agarwal
IPC, GLMF Delhi Dynamic Round Table 157.
Project Convenor, Area V.
Coke Co-ordinator, Round Table India.


Fellowship: “Nocturnal” Social at Hubli Knights RT 178


A truly out of the box name for an out of the box theme for a fellowship Chief Guest and star of the show: The Owl as depicted and the crescent moon.

Eerily, the shape of the moon waxed and waned that night & the shape was exactly the same as depicted in the invite. Spooky, I know, but true. I, Tr. Vijay and Tr. Rinish had a brain storming session and the Owl was chosen as the mascot as we all can relate to it, Tablers being Night-Owls and practically everyone in our table is a Knight -Owl.

The fellowship lived up to its billing, most of us went back at 4.00am. A little longer and I would have to scrounge for and rustle up some breakfast as well!

The jack -in-the-box moment for us was the surprise campfire dance and entertainment provided by members of the Siddi Tribe. May the Siddi’s flourish and prosper. They are from a remote jungle in Uttar Karnataka, they have their own language, music & musical instruments. Tr. Sandeep Harapanahalli helped in convincing & mobilising them to perform for us.

The campfire gave life to chapter straight out of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. The wood, the campfire, heavily wooded & secluded area, tribals and live tribal music, one heady mind trip.

Picture this: We are having a campfire, the Siddi tribals are singing, chanting, dancing around the campfire, many of us trying to keep up with their dance moves. The next thing we see is that the Rain Gods smiled benignly on us. There’s a campfire going on, and we have a light drizzle. The drizzle was barely able to make the wood sizzle. Viola! A campfire – rain dance.

It was truly a surreal experience, something that none of us had experienced before. Picture it again – A roaring campfire singed by a light drizzle of rain. Just enough to soak you, not enough to go scurrying for shelter.  In this instance you had to be there to experience it. Pictures do not do justice to that particular phenomena.

Rewind to an hour earlier, we had a quick meeting, a short discussion on Ten Tana Ten, our flagship event whose dates are just around the corner and an entertaining Sergeants act by Tr Vijay who did a “Late Nite show with David Letterman” impersonation where he interviewed some of the Circlers of HKLC 143 with hilarious results.

The Twinklers had a gala time, they were tentative initially around the Siddi Tribals but soon got their bearings and overcame their shyness and interacted and danced along with the Siddi’s.

They then played games like Tag and dumb charades, during which they politely instructed the adults to not disturb them when the game was on!

To sum it up, we started at 9pm and ended at 4am. A quick meeting, an unforgettable Tribal experience, another fantastic fellowship and a night of unmitigated fun & enjoyment.

LMF Tr. Basanagouda Shivalli
Fellowship Convener (2016-17)
HKRT 178

Cr. Panna Pawar
Fellowship Convener (2016-17)
HKLC 143

HRD: Awareness on Clay Idols / Hospet RT 231

Indians celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with great fervor & delight. It was a unique experience for our little Twinklers as they were taught the making of Ganesha Idols from Clay & Mud, at the Awareness Event organised by HT Tr.Raghavendra at his residence on Sep 3rd, which was mastered by Artist Jayraj. All the assembled Twinklers were enthusiastic when they were given clay, toothpicks & water. Master Jayraj unlocked the hidden talent in kids by providing simplified solutions in making a clay idol. He emphasised upon not using the non degradable materials like POP, Chemical Paints & Colours. Kids were excited when they moulded the clay to form a Ganapathi. They adorned the idol with a necklace that too made up of clay, made intricate desings over it with a toothpick. Twinklers Joy was its peak when Eco Friendly Ganapathi Idols were ready.

Later all the Twinklers were served with delicious food & juice.

Such programs go a long way in promoting the sense of Caring the Nature. Twinklers gifted us the Idols that we would always love to receive. Their wish was taken as their command when they insisted upon that their idols should be worshipped.

Tablers & Circlers coordinated the program. 

Special Thanks to all the Twinklers & to HT Tr.Raghavendra for organising the oriental program.



Tr. Manjunath.P.M.
IT & Blog Convener
Hospet Round Table 231

Fellowship: “Lungi Swag” @ Vizag RT 77


Lungi as you all know is a piece of cloth worn around your waist in many different styles, a popular part of your dress especially in the south of India.

Ever wondered what Swag is??!!!

“Swag” is an internet slang term often found in comments, discussion forums and image macros used as a synonym for “swagger,” a type of style or presence that exudes confidence and is sometimes interpreted as arrogance.

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “swag” originated sometime in the 1520’s and meant “to move heavily or unsteadily.” It may have been a derivative of the verb “swing”, which originated from the word “sway” around 1300, meaning “to go, glide, move.” In modern context, “swag” may be used as a business lingo for promotional merchandise but its online usage has been largely attributed to its root word “swagger,” which Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines as:
1 : to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence
2 : Boast, brag
The earliest documented use of “swagger” can be found in the text of English poet William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream written sometime between 1590 and 1596.
What hempen home-spuns have we swaggering here,
So near the cradle of the fairy queen?

Usage in Hip Hop:
The word “swagger” saw a modern resurgence through its usage in hip hop lyrics, beginning with rapper Jay-Z’s song “All I Need” from his sixth studio album The Blue Print released on September 11th, 2001. Since then, the word has been frequently used in various hip hop songs as part of braggadocio-style rapping, which is characterized by self-bragging and boasting one’s own skills or prowess.

Now, when Ameet does something he does it in a style!!!

It was his social and we couldnt expect anything less!!!

The theme was a lungi swag, right from the word go which included the invites and teasers to the decor, the welcome drink, and some absolutely lip smacking sindhi food was all FUNTASTIC!!!!

The highlight of the evening was that everyone turned out perfectly dressed for the theme, including the ladies!!

The music in a long time was so close to VRT-77 it made us not leave the dance floor until the wee hours!!! the DJ churned out one after another some absolute bollywood favourites.

Something with Naveen and Ameet’s place he becomes abnoxiously funny with the pictures he shoots.

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla
Vizag RT 77

Janmashtami Celebration by Gandhidham RT 254

Janamasthami Celebrations By GRT 254

Hathi Ghoda Palki, Jai Kahaniya Lal Ki

It’s Janamasthami popularly known as Satam -Atham in Gujrat. This time GRT decided to celebrate this festival as area 11 all centres were geared up for the same.

Chairman Rohit & his wife Bhavna took the responsibility of the same. And best part is   As its Janamasthami rather than doing any catering or outsourcing it GRT decided to do PoT luck. Bhavna & Shveta coordinated with every tablers wife to bring something or another. Dress code traditional & kids to be dressed as Radha Krisna 

Rohit got all the preparation done for the event. As everyone entered one is welcomed with Tika to start the ceremony. Kids were looking so beautiful that phrase ” Bacche Bhagwan Ka Roop Hote hai” seems absolutely true.

First kids were handed over drawing sheets and crayon to fill colour in Janamasthami theme colouring sheets & after that game of Mataki phod started. Every father has been blind fold and his child sat on his shoulder and gave him direction to go towards Mataki. Game was to break the Mataki  in minimum time possible. One by one each Tabler tried their hands and others tried their best to mislead him. Almost 14 Matakis we broked as new prospects were also given chance to enjoy the game. What a fun and bonding as all families tried their best to break Mataki with enchanting sounds “Nand ke ananad bhayo Jai Kahaniya Lal ki”

After that it’s time for cake cutting to celebrate Krishna birthday and tr Gagan arranged beautiful & delicious Mataki shape cake with Makhan in it. To encourage every child declared winner & awarded with gift. With masti mood everyone had dinner and given Prasad in small matakis. Everyone left for their homes carrying a life time memories with them.

Tr. Saurabh Bansal
GRT 254

Fundraiser: “Auto Show – 2016” / Salem RT 28


Salem Round Table 28 has dabbled with many ideas with regard to fundraising over the years. One idea that struck gold was the Auto Show 2014. In an attempt to make it a constant affair for Salem Round Table 28, the team came together to host and conduct Auto Show 2016, held at Deiveegam Mandapam on 16th, 17th and the 18th of September 2016.

More than 30 brands of automobiles participated and the event was backed by IIFL as the title sponsor. The event was to be kick started by an automobile rally. However, the recent unrest across borders of TN and Karnataka over the Cauvery river issue brought a hitch to the planned flag off on 16th morning. After consultation with senior officials, the event was inaugurated at 5 PM in the evening by the esteemed Commissioner of Police, Salem, Mr. Sanjay Kumar. Mr. A Vijuvin the Divisional Commercial Manager of Southern Railways, Salem Division humbled us with his presence as Guest of Honour.

This generated huge publicity for RTI as the inauguration was covered well by the Press and an Article with pictures featured in all the leading newspapers. To adhere to the National initiative we kept all the main Branding as Round Table India – Auto Show 2016 thus giving more importance to brand Round Table India rather than our own Table name.

The moment of tabling pride was witnessing the entire Area 7 headboard, together, standing with us to lend their best wishes for the event. Team Salem Round Table 28 couldn’t have asked for a better start!

The event recorded 8811 footfalls over 2.5 days. The participating companies expressed extreme satisfaction over the arrangements and the response from the walk-ins. 13 Cars and 13 Bike sales were reported and over a 100 convertible enquirers, which marked the success of the event.

Every Tabler of 28 contributed in ways big and small and stood united in their white shirt and Nehru jacket at the opening ceremony. It is needless to mention the power of men working hand in hand and the success it brings to any event like the Auto Show 2016!

LMF. Tr. Velkrishna
Salem Round Table 28