AGM / Kolkata Victorian RT 227

Lights, Camera, Action.

It is the AGM month and 22nd July, 2016 it was the turn of our Table to raise the toast and after meeting party.  Few days before have been going hectic. Each Tabler was handling a task dedicated to make the evening a success. The digital teasers were being circulated and individual invites were done.  The stage was set, the banners neatly placed, the decor, the podium and the backdrop with large projector screen. The bartenders were instructed fresh with our flow so that they could take care of the tasty starters and booze. The theme for the evening was “The Kapil Sharma Show”.

The venue “Raise the Bar” truly looked like a Round Table Corporate Office and was ready to host one of the best AGMs.

As the clock struck 7 the guests started arriving. We started the meeting at 7:30 with the tablers taking seats and the heard board the dias. Outgoing Chairman Tr. Sahil called to order the meeting open.

We welcomed the emcee of the evening. Our very own Tr. Prahlad Kedia in disguise of Kapil Sharma our nation’s famed comedian.

He took over the stage and the audience cheered in excitement. After a brief stunt by our emcee the notice for convening the meeting was read by Sec. Tr Mohit and the aims and objectives were read and repeated by all. The Chairman welcomed all the national and area dignitaries,fellow tablers, circlers.

The appointment of sergeant in arms was followed by RTI song. The whole table fraternity held hands and sung the song together.  The song was like a powerful mantra that surrounded each one of us with pride and honour to be part of the Tabling movement.

As per the protocol step by step proceedings took place. Apologies of absence and greetings were received. Treasurer proposed the final accounts. The outgoing chairman exchanged token of appreciation by the HT’S and Jewels for their support in the smooth running of our table. The new convenors were introduced by our new chairman. Few tablers from 227 received recognition award for their outstanding performance within the table. Annual report was unveiled by the dignitaries followed by speeches by outgoing and incoming chairman Tr. Sandeep Lalwani.

The most awaited event of the evening was ROFL (Rolling on Floor Laughing) act by our two sargeants Tr. Prahlad and Tr. Rishabh Kothari. The duo had really made the evening one of the most memorable comedy acts one has ever seen.

Finally the new Chairman Tr. Sandeep Lalwani closed the meeting with a toast and invited all the guests for dinner and fellowship. We had a full house with party going late till midnight.

Our special thanks go to National President Tr. Suman Voohra who flew all the way from Chennai to grace our event. Area Chairman Tr. Harmeet, Area Vice Chairman , Area Observer. Tablers from KSRT280 and every national and area dignitaries present along with the fellow tablers and circlers.

We were highly recognized by our outstanding performance for the year in the AAGM also. The awards that we received in the Area 4 level were:

  • Certificate of Merit: Publicity.
  • Certificate of Merit: Non-Fte & RTI Week
  • Certificate of Merit: Extensions
  • Certificate of Merit: FTE Projects
  • Certificate of Merit: Best Area Convenor : Tr.Prahlad Kedia as Fellowship Convenor
  • Certificate of Merit: Best Table Chairman : Tr. Sahil Saharia.
  • Award for Fund Raising.
  • Award for Best Floor Tabler: Tr. Prahlad Kedia
  • Award for Best Sergeant.

We the tablers of KVRT 227 with the new board, vision and responsibilities with full enthusiasm and vigour continue taking Tabling movement forward to new heights.

Tr. Ankit Budhia
Blog Convenor (KVRT -227)

Publicity: Start-up Conclave organised by ART 40


 LJ Group of Colleges has an Incubation Centre in the name of “Antracon”. They had organized a Start Up Event for Western India wherein Start Up Companies of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh were invited to showcase their business potentials.

The Incubation Centre had invited various Venture Capitalist (VC), Angel Investors and Big Business Networking Organizations to this event..

We got the opportunity to be affiliated with this event as a Network Partner. We have decided to promote Round Table India as a Networking Partner to this event and shall not promote individual table for the same.

The event on 19th August, 2016 was graced by Shri Bhupendrasingh Chudasama (Education Minister, Gujarat State.) followed with many eminent Leaders and Speakers.

Antracon had placed the Round Table India Logo in all its Flyers, Banners, Hoardings, etc. There were closed to some 50 Start Ups and 20 Venture Capitalist Groups who have attended the event. The promoters of the event have thanked us for becoming the networking partner of the organization.

Overall, we had good networking and publicity with this event which is unique and different.

LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh.

Twinklers of Ahmedabad RT 40 and LC 64 Celebrate Rakshabandhan

ART-40 and ALC-64 had planned Twinklers Rakhi Event wherein they would be one of the source to bring smile and happiness to the under privileged kids.

The Twinkler boy would get a Rakhi tied from an under privileged girl (may be Sweepers, maids’ or Cleaners’ daughter or sister) and a Twinkler girl would tie Rakhi to the under privileged boy in the same fashion.

We had also decided to distribute Sweets and Gifts to the under privileged kids. It will bring smile on their faces and even an understanding to our Twinklers “Joy of Giving”.

Our Table would felicitate the Twinklers who have done this activity by giving them some gift as a token of appreciation from our end.

With such activities we can make them understand the importance of Good Living and a social responsibility towards the society.

Thank You Twinkler Mahir, Miraya, Kashui and Dhriti for helping us in celebrating this Rakhi event better.

LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh.


CSRT 17 funds Abhijit Saha’s Dream of Higher Education

Every day we dream. And every day is a relentless struggle as we pursue these dreams from moment to moment, caught in the whirlpool of our daily existence, oblivious of people or events around us except those that concern ourselves. However man is a social animal and everyone has or should have some social responsibility to bear.

For instance how many of us really think twice about young people who have dreams too but not the means to get anywhere near them! Identified by Anant Education, Abhijit Saha from remote Dinhata in Coochbehar district is a fine example. The young boy passed his intermediate board exams with 75% plus but had nowhere to go. Reason – sheer poverty that had struck his family. Just when all hope seemed lost, a ray of hope promised the much needed opportunity to fulfil his dream.

It was when Inspiria Knowledge Campus stepped in when no one really cared. Inspiria’s WINGS Scholarship programme (in association with Calcutta South Round Table 17 a part of Round Table India), was on the lookout for disadvantaged young students who needed support and encouragement. Abhijit truly deserved the full merit scholarship and Inspiria Knowledge Campus admitted him to the BCA course this academic session. A happy Abhijit had no words to thank Inspiria for the scholarship which couldn’t have come at a better time.The cost of this community service is Rs 2.5 Lacs

It is our hope that Abhijit will make the best use of this opportunity and emerge as a successful computer science professional, an outcome Inspiria looks sincerely forward too.

In fact this is what our WINGS Scholarship is all about! After all its is Inspiria’s aim (and responsibility too) to ensure that everyone, including those whose fate may be a triple unlucky than most of us, get a complete all round education that makes our graduates employable!

Providing education to all is not just a social responsibility. At Inspiria it is our DREAM and to complete the dream into reality the support is from  Calcutta South Round Table 17.


L.M.F.Tr.Nishant Khetawat
Secretary CSRT 17


Happenings @ CSRT 106 / Charter Day, I-Day, Fellowships

The fag end of summer and the prime of summer showers brings about many a reasons for celebrations. The Calcutta Sterling Round Table 106 (CSRT-106) too had many such reasons to come together and celebrate them. The first Sunday of August brings about the spirit of camaraderie, and it was just the fitting occasion for all the Tablers to get together. We met at the Bengal Rowing Club for breakfast which proved to be the perfect way to begin Friendship Day. In a week or so, a hundred and twenty eight odd crore Indians celebrated Her 70th Independence Day from the British crown. We, at CSRT-106, basked in the patriotism and enhanced it a notch by watching ‘Rustom’ followed by a fellowship at the much famed Cafe Mezzuna. A very, rather the most, important day for us at Table was our Charter Day which falls on the 17th day of August every year. We took it upon us to positively affect the lives of 65 elderly people who spend their days at an aged care centre, St. Catherine’s Old Age Home. Eighteen volunteers came together to distribute adult diapers, Horlicks, room fresheners, cleaning materials and biscuits. This event was attended by our Area Chairman Tr. Sandeep Harbhajanka, and Tr. Harmeet Singh Sethi (IPC). The Table then let their hair down on the night of the 26th Charter Day by a fellowship event at Desi Lane. It’s been an exceptional August so far for all of us here at CSRT-106, and we hope that this continues on just as the Fall begins.

Tr. Adarsh Bachhawat
Calcutta Sterling RT 106

School Kids trained on Road Safety and Cycling / BVRT 152 & Bellary Cycling Club

Many of our tabler’s are part of cycling club in Bellary, Tr Sashi conceptualized the Idea to teach student about the proper uses of gear cycle and also road safety for student. Permission for the project was taken by Tr Sashi from school management. Bellary Cycling Club also joins hand in the project.

After closer of school hour, all the kids coming by cycle were gathered and interactive information was exchange by the speaker and the students. Speakers were able to answer the query raised by the students.

Tr Harish comes with the gear cycle and proper attire with wearing all the safety gadgets, which help the students for better understanding the subject. He also talks about the benefit of driving the cycle, like proper health, increase in stamina, increase in concentration, green environment etc…

Tr Adarsh talk about the safety measure to be taken care while driving the cycle, like wearing helmet, bright color cloth or jackets, carry water bottle, do not ride  side by side….etc.

Mr Sarda talks about various types of gear cycle, how to choose and the way we should drive the gear cycle for better result.

All IN ALL it was unique project; Lastly we thank Mr Anil (Principal) of Dream world School for giving the permission for the project.

Project – Gear Cycle -Road Safety- Gear Cycle
Location: Dream World School, Bellary
Date: August 18, 2016
Speaker: Tr Dr Harish, Tr Dr Adarsh and Mr Sarda
Student Benefited: 150 Students

Impact: Helmet Made Compulsory for all the Kids coming by cycle by School Management

Live your Life!

LMF Tr CA Pankaj K Seksaria
IT & Blog Convener
BVRT 152 ( Area X)


Publicity:BVRT 152 takes up Road Safety / Wear Helmet


With new law imposed in the City, wearing helmet made compulsory by all the two-wheeler riders in Bellary City.

There is a lack of information with the citizen about the necessarily and need to wear the helmet for their and their family safety.

Jointly BVRT 152 & BVLC 127 decided to place big hoarding at all the main location of the Ballari, accordingly 6 locations in the city was highlighted and hording were place with the confirmation and permission of Ballari Traffic Police. Hoardings were place at Moti Circle, Royal Circle, SP Circle, Sudha Cross, M.G. Automobile Cross, Bruce Pet Cross.

Impact of the drive will provide awareness for wearing helmet to mass public along with branding of Round Table India.

Live the Life!

Project: Hoarding at six Prominent Location of Bellary
Duration : 30 Days

LMF Tr CA Pankaj K Seksaria
IT & Blog Convener
BVRT 152 ( Area X)



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