MART 100 & MART 260 execute joint FTE project

MART Block – A joint FTE project of MART 100 and MART 260.

MART 100 along with their new born baby MART 260 decided together to build 2 classrooms as joint FTE project. The project was at Jai Gopal Garodia Government Girls Higher Secondary School. The school is situated in Chennai. The school has 2600 children and the need for the classroom was very high. We had approached the headmistress and she readily agreed to co-operate and got us all the clearances to start the project.

We submitted our proposal for a cost of Rs.12,50,000/- for the 2 classrooms. The approval come with a grant of 3 lakhs rupees for 2 classrooms. It was momentous occasion for MART 100 and MART 260. For MART 100 because a classroom was constructed after 8 long years and for MART 260 because they initiated a FTE project in their first year after getting chartered. The project was constructed under the Chairmanship of CM Tr Rishi Wadhwa of MART 100 and CM Tr Vineet Bardia of MART 260.

The project was handled by project conveners Tr Satish Mehta of MART 100 and Tr Aditya Parakh of MART 260 with the support of tablers and circlers of both MART 100 and MART 260.

The building was completed in 2.5 months and inaugurated in the presence of Area Chairman, Tr Inder Singh on 29th June , 2016. It was well attended by tablers and circlers of MART 100 and MART 260. The project is long term FTE project with 9 Classrooms which will be built with jointly over next 3 to 4 years.

Mid-Day Meal Service by Jaipur Heritage RT 185

“No time & money is better spent than that spent in the service of needy”. 

Following this motto , Jaipur Heritage Round Table 185 undertook community service program of Mid-Day Meal for a year in  Rajkiya Prathamik Vidyalaya, a school in Durgapura, Jaipur. This program aims at distributing food everyday to 115 students of the school who comes from backward section of society. 

Nutritious & hygienic food being an utmost important factor for the growth of children,  JHRT undertook this noble cause to provide healthy food to the under-privileged children. Children studying in this school come from the slum area around Durgapura who can barely afford to live hand to mouth.

On 25th July 2016, tablers from JHRT visited RajkiyaPrathamik Vidyalaya to themselves serve the day’s meal to the students. It was overwhelming to see the little ones enjoying their lunch. 

This program will be regularly carried out on behalf of JHRT 185 for a year. Our chairman Tr.Vijay Modi  alongwith community service convenors Tr.Saurabh Jain & Tr.Mohit Soni have assured frequent visits to the school with fellow tablers to participate in self serving the mid-day meal to students.

JHRT 185 looks forward to many other such activities where they can contribute towards the society in any way possible.

Tr. Aditya Khandelwal
Jaipur Heritage Round Table 185


Swiss Re partners with RTI for Joint Project (Bangalore Tables)

Round Table India tied up with Swiss Re to take up pilot project at Govt Girls Model School, Bangalore building 8 Classrooms. Tables of AREA 6 inaugurated the projects.  The project was supported by Round Table India Foundation. Bangalore Tables RT 25, RT129, RT172, RT219 & RT27 

Tr. Prashant Hebsur
Round Table India


Bareilly RT 45 rocks Area 8 AGM

The AGM of the Butterfly

…and the Oscar goes to the Butterfly! Titanic won 9! Bareilly RT 45 won 9! So it is safe to say that we did at the Area what Titanic had done at the Oscars!

Best FTE Project – Best Community Service – Extension Trophy – Balanced Activity Shield – The Fellowship Trophy – Best New Floor Tabler – Best Chairman – Recognition for National Fellowship Event Participation – Recognition for Newest Attending Circler!

Well this was the highlight of the AGM. The butterfly had roared like a dragon and 45 was on fire. The AGM began much before the scheduled date. Excitement was abuzz at RT 45 as everyone knew that the seeds had been sown and it was time to reap the benefits. With the themes in place, the people attending the AAGM got together to discuss the same and what ensued was fellowship at its best. Laughter riots became a recurring phenomenon as we brainstormed on the skit and dress codes but nothing ever finalized on the skit front although we all coordinated to become Sheikhs minus the Ferraris.

On 19th August, 2 convoys were set to depart for Agra, one led by Tr.Aditya Murti and the other by Tr.Siddharth Khanna. While the one led by Tr.Aditya carried the senior citizens of 45 and 136, the convoy led by Sid was more on the young side (handsome, sexy and full on enthu types). (Adi bhai – I am just joking – you are younger than we ever could be. Mayur bhai – you are old though. No excuses there). Eventually the senior citizens bullied us and both convoys converged to go together. (Also I don’t know why we were going separately in the first place. Anyways). With freedom drive stickers on our cars and the Tabling spirit in our hearts, 13 of us left Bareilly at 8:00 a.m. for the Area AGM “Rangraliyan” at Agra. Stopping and eating at different pit stops, laughing at the PJs of Mayur Bhai out of respect and singing to the tunes of old Hindi songs can be said to be the minutes of our journey.

12:55 p.m.: Reach Agra. Proceed to Registration Counter. Warm Welcome by Team Rangraliyan. Head for lunch/ siesta/ swimming/ pin collection and/or “maaroing”.

4:30 p.m.: Proceed for 4th AEX. Loooooooooooong session filled with recaps and applauses and the super t-shirt change act of the Sergeant, our very own Tr.Aditya Murti. Post AEX we left for Bowling and Pool session at the Hotel where Tr.Nikhil evinced his heroics despite having an upset stomach or wait was that Tr.Sunny. Anyways whoever it was, the only thing we advised him was ki zyaada pressure mat lagana nahi toh ganda ho jaayega.

9:00 p.m.: Finally we go for the Sheikhs and Haseena Social. Finally because nobody was ready to leave the room. What followed can’t be expressed in words over here. One had to be there to understand it.

3:00 a.m.: ZzzZZzzz……

Day 2 aka AGM day

After a good breakfast, very different from the chai samosa ritual of 45, the Tablers of 45 headed for the morning session of the Area AGM. Accolades, appreciation, recap of the year gone by, pinning, and a rocking sergeant act by Tanvir bhai and Morris minuted the session. Post the AGM we all headed for a swim/ siesta/ pannchi pheta and et al only to reassemble at night what we or rather everyone knew was going to be the night of the butterfly and it was going to echo the roar of 45 and that is exactly what happened. Bareilly RT 45 grabbed 9 awards and 3 recognitions in total – 12! Huge! Massive! Didn’t want more! It felt like that innings of Sachin when he made 200 runs – superb! Best FTE Project – Best Community Service – Extension Trophy – Balanced Activity Shield – The Fellowship Trophy – Best New Floor Tabler – Best Chairman – Recognition for National Fellowship Event Participation – Recognition for Newest Attending Circler! Recognition for hosting the amazing Area’s Buddy Night by the convenor Tr.Aditya, and recognition was also received by Tr.Abhinav and our Chairman Tr.Alpit for their efforts towards Tabling. What followed was celebration of our very own Sidda Paaji’s birthday with his face being submerged in the cake, thus ruining it for everybody kyuki unku beard bahut lambi aur ghani hai and there was a 99 percent chance that one or more hair would have stayed back to enjoy the cake. Thanks Kapil, thanks for ruining the cake. Just joking magar Kanpur aakar badla loonga – aisa mai nahi Sidda paaji kehte hai!

Day 3

Bye bye. Tata. Alloha. Arrivederci. See you when we see you. While this was what the majority did, some of us (the Area Board) attended the 1st AEX and chalked out a solid plan for the coming year.

Therafter. We Departed as the Departed theme echoed behind (atleast in my mind, it did)


Yours in Tabling,
LMF Tr.Bharat Agarwal
Treasurer – Bareilly RT 45
Area Editor/ IT Convenor – Area 8


40th AGM of ART 40 / Outbound in Udaipur

ART-40 and ALC-64 had planned a two day Outbound AGM in the name and style of Udaipur Express at Royal Retreat, Udaipur. This AGM was very special for ART-40 because it was its Landmark 40th AGM. Even past president of Round Table India Tr Vineet Parikh was retiring at the AGM. The journey begins as follows:

8th JULY:

12:00 P.M in the afternoon all cars flagged off from Ahmedabad to commence the journey for Udaipur AGM. The first break was at Ratanpur Border where we had Lavish Lunch. The kids enjoyed playing in the park while the circlers were busy in discussing about their AGM. From there we travelled non stop to the venue and reached the hotel by 5:00 pm in the evening.

At 6:30 pm in the evening we had Pot-Luck Fellowship where all the members had brought beautiful dishes which were the speciality of various cities of India like Kachori, Samosa, Dhokla etc. We enjoyed eating such wonderful dishes together we all had applauded our wives for bringing such relishing dishes for us.

At 7:30 pm we had Poker Fellowship where we had divided all the Tablers and Circlers in various groups on different tables. We had involved every member in the game. Special prizes were announces for the first and second winner on each table. People were so involved in the games that it was difficult to stop them at 9:30 pm in the evening. We had great fun and laughter in Pot Luck and Poker Fellowship.

At 10:30 in the night we had geared up for the D.J Party which was a social being hosted by the Retiring Tabler Past President Vineet Parikh and his wife Niyati Parikh. All the Tabler and circlers were dressed up in cool casuals. The Mock tails starters and rocking music made us dance till the hours in the morning. During the entire event we might have clicked more than 1000 pictures including selfies and various other poses and styles. At 3:00 o’clock we went for dinner and chatted and laughed together with tablers and 41ners till 4 o’clock in the morning. This was the last mega social by Tr Vineet Parikh as an active Tabler. Thank you, Vineet and Niyati for giving us such a wonderful time.

9th JULY:

At 11:00 O’ clock in the morning we had a poolside fellowship hosted by Sq Leg Deepak, Daman and Niral. They had arranged for Brunch with Mocktails at the poolside café of the Hotel. They had beautifully created a Gallery for everyone to click pictures in various Styles. We were given beautiful caps, Flower Garland and Wrist Bands at the time of Social gathering. All the members were in florals enjoying good Brunch along with Mock tails. All the twinklers were in the pool swimming throughout the Social.

Thank You Deepak, Daman and viral for giving us such a great time.

At 4:00 O’clock at the afternoon our table AGM started with all Tablers, 41ners, circlers and guest present at the event. Table Secretary, Ankit Parikh had presented a wonderful video show casing all the events and activities done during the entire year. Chairman Ankit Agarwal had given a hard copy of Annual Report to all the members present post the presentation given by the Table Secretary.

At the AGM we had witnessed the Wonderful sargenting which was done by NHT Prakash Udeshi and Tr Pulkit Goenka NHT Prakash Udeshi had dressed up like a “Thailand Massage Girl” while Tabler Pulkit had acted as a customer [who was nothing but various Tablers who were present at the AGM]. They have presented the act very nicely. We have laughed to a great extent on the jokes of our fellow tablers.

Tabler Ankit Agarwal presented awards and gifted to his team who supported during the entire year. Post awards we have initiated the retirement ceremony of Tr Vineet Parikh and Abhijeet Mehta. We have prepared a presentation on the journey of Vineet Parikh and Abhijeet Mehta as a Tabler for past Fourteen years . The said presentation was witnessed by NVP (Elect) Tr. Manpreet Singh Raja. Post presentation we have invited NHT Prakash Udeshi and NVP Tr. Manpreet Raja to say few words on retiring Tr Vineet.

Finally, then the entire podium was handed over to Vineet so that he can share over thoughts and feelings to all the guest present at the AGM. At the end of his speech we presented him a Coffee Book which consisted more than 100 messages from Tablers and Circlers across India.

Change Over Banquet

It was a time for COB Tabler Ankit Parikh requested all the floor members to wear the T-shirts which he specially designed for his year. Tabler Ankit Parikh was invited by Tr Ankit Agarwal and he handed over the Chairman’s jewel to him. Tr Ankit Parikh invited his team near the stage and then revealed his theme “Show Your Strength” for the year 2016-17 of ART-40. He also had revealed about his conveners and plans for the year. He has also launched his theme pin for the year which was pinned over to the Incoming national President Manpreet Singh Raja. I felt really great on becoming chairman of this vibrant table and I wish that I could perform to my best to achieve nearer heights to my Table ART-40. 

At 11:30 in the night we had “Maddy Sharma, Live in concert “as a Table social for all the guests present at the AGM. All the guests present at the AGM. All the guests present enjoyed the theme and music till 1:30 a.m. in the night.

10th JULY

At 2:00 O’clock at the night when everyone was enjoying the dinner we had ordered for a special cake as we had completed 40 years of our Table on the same day. Our Table was inaugurated on 10th July, 1976. We had requested Sq Leg Basant Chaudhary to cut the cake on this auspicious occasion. The cake was relished by all the members present in the evening.

At 12:00 noon we all checked out from the Hotel and left Udaipur for our journey back to Ahmedabad. During our journey back to Ahmedabad , we also had a lunch together at a Dhaba near Rajasthan Border and then reached back to Ahmedabad at 7:00 o’clock in the evening.

All in All Great two days spent on the outbound AGM of our Table Tabling at its Best.

LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman , ART 40


Fellowship: Twinklers of Hospet RT 231 “Make some Noise”

The highest quest of Life is Happiness, which can be only gained by spending time with children. HRT 231 got this opportunity by hosting a Amazing Twinkler Fellowship at Tr.Akarsh’s residence on Aug 14th. It started with all twinklers participating in a Play Station Game – A Video Gaming Wonderland. Kids were amazed to play Puzzle Games, Board Games etc. These games helped to unfold their hidden talent & ability. The whole area was drowned in Noise when twinklers played through screaming & jumping.

Oh Twinklers !! while playing, yours –
Noise becomes Music
Movement becomes Dance
Smile becomes Laughter…..

I am happy to share that our National Theme “MAKE SOME NOISE” was perfectly adorned with this Fellowship. While we try to teach our Chidren about Life, they teach us what Life is all about.

Special thanks to TR. AKARSH for arranging this Gaming Fun. Alongwith I would like to convey thanks to all the tablers & circlers.

Tr. Manjunath P M
IT & Blog Convener
Hospet RT 231


Udaipur Diaries: Surat RT 135 at Area 11 AGM



On the 5th of August,we reached Udaipur after an overnight train journey,to attend the much awaited Area XI AGM,Garam Masala.

As we reached the hotel we were given a warm welcome with drums playing and garlands by the host Table and Circle.

We then quickly grabbed breakfast and got ready to attend the Area AGM.

The theme for the Tablers was “Spice is Nice” in which tablers have to be dressed in trouser and Haldi(spice of our table) colour shirt with suspenders…

And circlers clad in colourful  floral outfits for the LUAU themed AGM looked stunning.

After an awesome sergeanting and a super successful AGM ,we headed to the pool along with all the twinklers.

At night it was time for the COB with everyone dressed in formals.

At the COB,Area XI Chairperson bid adieu to her post with a super successful year gone by welcoming Cr.Chairmanship Khandelwal as the new Chairperson

Similarly Area XI Chairman Tr.Ritesh Sirohia happily handed over the chairmanship to Tr.Sumit Khurana for one year after completing a superb tenure.

The party started and went on till 6am in the morning.

The DJ was fantastic and kept us in high spirits till the wee hours.

The next morning we attended the AEX and it was time for checkout.

Team SRT 135,SURT 265 SLC 72 and SULC 138 set out with all the baggage to explore Udaipur City.

We enjoyed street food near the lake Fateh Sagar and went boating in the lake too.

The evening was spent laughing,joking,chit chatting and enjoying street food .

It was quality time spent together.

Finally it was time to head to the station to catch the train.

Even after boarding the train the fun was on.

It was a memorable time that we had at Udaipur.

A fulfilling and enriching experience indeed.

LMF Tr. Deepak Kherajani
2016-17 (Be Smart To Win)