666th Landmark Meet and Table Extension – Calcutta Sterling Round Table 106

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”

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The year for our Calcutta Sterling Round Table 106 started off with a bang. We took it upon ourselves to strive to create new milestones and memories.
As such we had our 666th Landmark Meet and Table Extension on the 11th November, 2017 at Tangerine, which was followed up by a Fellowship at Grid. The Meet was attended by the National President Tr. Christopher Arvinth along with our Area Chairperson Tr. Vivek Dalmia, and our Area Vice-Chairperson Manish Lakhotia. It overwhelmed us when we were joined by 16 Tablers along with their spouses, from Asansol. It filled us with pride not only to witness the charter of a new Table, but also to witness the efforts of our Vice-Chairperson Tr. Niraj Poddar bear fruit as he was awarded the President’s Star Pin for his labours in ensuring a smooth charter of a new Table in Asansol- the Asansol Chivalry Round Table. Extending the Table to a new city and a new chapter for the very first time was one of our proudest moments.
As Joseph B. Wirthlin once said, “Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!, our year started with such good memories, and we can’t wait to create some more.

Hara Bhara Ludhiana Go green initiative by Ludhiana Invincible RT 202

Size matters and when you have more than 100+ citizens participating in a Plantation drive, the sight is just amazing.
Round Table India 202 executed “Hara Bhara Ludhiana” a unique GO GREEN initiative where Round Table India works with various citizen associations and societies to increase awareness about the environment and plant trees with twinklers. The event was held on 22nd Oct, 5 pm, Gurdev Nagar Park, Ludhiana. Its time to undone the pollution. Its time to teach our kids their responsibility towards mother earth.
Guest of Honor: Sh. Bhupinder Singh Bhinda (Counselor) and Gurdev Nagar Citizen Association.
Along with Round Table India families, the event was also attended by Counselor Bhupinder Singh Bhinda, Sardara Singh Johal Chancellor, Central University, Mrs Anita Darshi PCS Zonal Commissioner MC Ludhiana, Mool Chanda Kumra President Gurdev Nagar Association, and other prominent citizens of Ludhiana. Children were asked to plant trees with the name of the person planting the tree to create a sense of responsibility between the kids and help them learn the value of planting trees in our environment. 8 types of trees were planted.A big turnout as you can see from the citizens and media as well.
Kudos to Try Manish Kapoor for such a brilliant job on this.

Area 4 disaster control project being led by Team KERT 63

Area 4 disaster control project being led by Team 63 initiated and implemented a thoroughly deserving and emergency project . Their contribution helped close to 4000 homeless hungry villagers with food , shelter , medication and general necessity..
The process of distribution again was not as easy as it sounded , the situation at some camps were so grave that it almost turned mild violent and chaotic. Kudos to the team that they did a thorough homework before going. The Macro management done by a local volunteer Ratin was mind blowing , he did things to a level where he identified even one spoon of khichadi will go to whom .
The team braved the weather , roads , rage and their emotions to complete the days task which kept going for following few more days.
STANDING OVATION TO THE ALL THE SOLDIERS OF 63 who were  like angels at the camps . 

Distributed salwar suit and sarees to the resident inmates of S.M.M.Home(ABLA ASHRAM) Liluah by KERT 63

Unique & out of box project
RT 63 of Area 4 started to RTI week celebration at S.M.M.Home(ABLA ASHRAM) Liluah, Near Agarsain Girls School.
It’s a correctional cum rehabilitation centre under Government of West Bengal, for girls and women convicted of juvenile crime and also victims of human trafficking. General public is not allowed to visit this home to maintain the secrecy about the identity of the inmates and *photography of inmates is strictly prohibited.
KERT 63 distributed salwar suit and sarees to the resident inmates.
We also had a very brief session on de-stressing via meditation for the inmates. It was quite satisfying to see the smiles on the faces of the inmates and a perfect start to our RTI WEEK Calendar.
*Lives touched :250*
*Cost incurred:Rs.50000* 

Inauguration for our Toilet Block by KERT 63

It was a star studded inauguration for our Toilet Block and other amenities project at Uttarpara Union Girls High School at 2.00 pm on 26th Nov 2017.
KERT 63 expresses sincere thanks to the dignitaries Tr.Dhruv Dalmia (National Vice-President), Tr. Vivek Dalmia (Area 4 Chairman), Tr. Manish Lakhotia. (Area 4 Vice-Chairman), Tr. Amit Agarwal (Area 4 Project Convenor) who joined us on a Sunday to attend the inauguration and motivate us to do better. A very warm and feel good reception was accorded to them from the Principal, Trustee, Teachers and the students of the school. It is truly an honour to have had them all at our inauguration.
Facilities provided include :
4 urinals
3 toilets
1 Sanitary Pad Vending Machine
Water Purifier
2 swings & basketball facilities
Lives touched : 800
It has been a good learning experience for us and we look forward to keep doing better in the future also with the active support of the Area & our fellow tablers.

Donated of 70 Nos. Desks to Srujanashil Pre-Primary & Primary School, Belavanaki Village, Ron Taluka, Gadag District by Hubli Central RT 142

Belavanaki Village is approximately 45 kms from Hubli City.
Children studying in this school did not have desks and they used to sit on the floor.

HCRT-142 donated 70 Nos. Desks to Srujanashil Pre-Primary & Primary School, Belavanaki Village, Ron Taluka, Gadag District.


Great efforts by our Project Convenor Tr. Pavan Motgi, who was involved from project identifying stage, to cordinating with school Authorities, Vendor and Timely execution of the Project.

Special thanks to our National Project Convenor Tr. Moriya Philip for releasing the grant at the fag end of tabling year.

The project was executed on 30th June, 2017.


FTE project , 2 classroom, Mannivakkam PUPS

MART 100 decided to build 2 classrooms FTE project. The project was at Panchayat Uinion Primary School , Mannivakkam. The school is situated in suburbs of Chennai at Mannivakkam, nearly 30km away from the City. The school has 181 children and the need for the classroom was very high as the strength of the school reduced from 260 to 181 due to lack of sitting place for the students.

We had approached the headmistress and she readily agreed to co-operate and got us all the clearances to start the project. We submitted our proposal for a cost of Rs. 12,27,435.00/- for the 2 classrooms. The approval come with a grant of 6 lakhs rupees for 2 classrooms.

The project was constructed under the Chairmanship Tr Vikas Bhootra.

The project was handled by project conveners Tr Satish Mehta of MART 100  and with the support of tablers and circlers of MART 100

The building was completed in 2.5 months and inaugurated in the presence of Area Chairman, Tr Akshay Dugar. It was well attended by tablers and circlers of MART 100.

The principal was quite happy with outcome and has ensured MART 100 is present is all their important events to show their gratitude towards and organization who helped them in their time of need.

Inauguration of Chapdani Arya Vidyapith School by Kolkata Victorians RT 227

“A child without education is a bird without wings”- Tibetan Proverb.

With Indians ever increasing polulation the biggest challenge and the matter of concern is to provide quality education for every child born. Though the Indian government has been partially successful in increasing the literacy rate percentage however there still exits a major gap. Indias majority population lives in rural and yet there are countless villages where the children are not even getting the basic education properly. Illiteracy is a self fulfilling curse that perpetuates the chain of pverty, degradation and child labour. Round Table India has very well taken this initiative to reach out to these areas where the goverment is yet to lay its eyes upon.

The Victorians too after having collected enough funds through fund raising projects took the initative of inaugrating a school in one of the remotest parts of Bengal.

Fleet of cars in a queue drove down an hour north to reach the narrow lanes of the village. The narrow lane opened to a large ground . The villagers and the children were waiting anxiously for our arrival. When we arrived we had a very warm welcome from the local folks with welcome music, and few performances by the local kids. The podium was neatly kept on the stage with Round Table Banners along with KVRT-227 logos all around. After a small speech from the school caretakers and the local politicians we briefed the locals about the whole Tabling Movement. It was a good publicty for RTI as no one in the village had heard about us.

We would like to express our whole hearted appreciation towards the National Dignitaries who took out time to make the event a grand success. To mention the names National President Tr. Chritopher Arvinth, Area Vice Chairman Tr. Vivek Dalmia and others who were present to grace the occasion.

The total outlay of the project was Rs 24 lacs out of which Rs 7 Lacs we received from the RTI fund. Total of four classrooms were constructed by us. Total of 2500 kids in the school this was an additional block constructed by us to add capacity and quality to the existing block. Absence of any good school nearby there was urgent need for a project like this.

With loads of thanks and appreciation the locals greeted us whole heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children was a beautiful sight. Now they too can study and get a direction in their lives.

A glorious first half of the day was well spent. True to the defination of the word pure team work we Victorians embarked on yet another journey in the persuit of education the underpriviledged.


Ankit Budhia

Blog and Non FTE convenor – KVRT 227