MSRT 123 adds 4 more classrooms to Siragu Montessori School

Madras Sterling Round Table 123 has added another feather in its cap by inaugurating 4 more classrooms at Siragu Montessori School, Avadi, Chennai at a cost of Rs. 20 Lacs. This is in addition to the 5 classrooms built last year.

he event is a joint project between Madras Sterling Round Table 123 and Madras Sterling Ladies Circle 63. The event was attended by Table Chairman Ram Prasad, Circle Chairperson Shruti Dugar, Projects convenor of Table Venkatakrishnan, Immideate past Area Chairman of Area 2 Tr. Sriram Duvviri of Rt 159. Other members present were: Tr. Bharat Bhandari, Tr. Nitesh Giria, Tr. Dr. Kishore Reddy, Tr. Anand Mehta, Tr. Anish Prakash, Cr. Riddhi Mehta, Area 2 Circle AST Cr. Divya Pesala of LC 63, Cr. Hema Yelchuru.

The function started with lighting of traditional lamp (kuthuvellaku) and later we inaugrated the classrooms. The kids of the school performed on the solemn occasion to thank the Table and Circle.

LMF Tr. Bharat Bhandari

Chairman MSRT 123 (2016-17)


AFRT 199 / AFLC 111 “Support My School” Project

Ahmedabad Frolic Round Table 199 & Ahmedabad Frolic Ladies Circle 111 alongwith support of Coke & NDTV’s “Support My School” & Round Table India Foundation have made the following at Shahwadi School No. 2 of AMC.

  • Drinking Water Facility,
  • Sanitation Facility,
  • Paving of Area &
  • Renovation of Playground.

The facilities will be used by over 780 students of this school. They shall have clean RO water, better sanitation & clean area & better playground facilities.

It was started on 16th June & completed in a record time of 35 days at an outlay of over Rs. 5 Lakhs.

It was handed over to Mr. Jagdish Bhavsar, Chairmen, AMC School Board by Mrs. Shalu Garg, Chairperson, AFLC 111 & LMF Tr. Manu Agarwal, Chairmen, AFRT 199 in the presence of & Area Chairmen, Area XI LMF Mr. Ritesh Sirohia & Area Project Convener LMF Tr. Amit Garg.

Photos attached.

Thank you,

Tr. Amit Garg,

Area Project Convener & Coke Convener, Area XI, Gujarat

Vice Chairmen, AFRT 199.


Calcutta Alipur Ladies Circle 3 builds 3 classrooms

Calcutta Alipur Ladies Circle 3 has recently completed building 3 classrooms at Pripur Joynagar Udaichad Institution (HS), inaugurated on 14-06-2016 by Chairperson Cr. Shilpi Agrawal.

The project is estimated to benefit 1500 children.


CSRT 17 donates benches, makes huge impact

Sarada Shishu Mandir,Tantiberia, Kushberi, Uluberia, Howrah (Run by Keshab Chandra Chakraborty Smrity Praksha Samity) and affiliated to Vidya Bharti Akhil Bhartiya Sikshasansthan work through education all over India. They already had 13 Classrooms, 3 toilets, 1 Playground, 40 Chairs, 8 tables, 20 blackboards, Drinking Water. Land is owned by School. Currently 901 (Boys- 497, Girls- 404) / 3 years to 9 years / Nursery to Class 5 are studying.

We have upgraded the school by building 4 classrooms last year  which have impacted more than 200 children.We have given the students Desk and benches so that the class room is complete and all the amenities are there in the classroom.

The school is approx 20 kms from Vidyasagar Setu at prime location. There are hundreds of villages nearby within 1-5 kms from where children want to come and study and it can leave a huge impact on the society. FTE Assist at Sarada Shishu Mandir was inaugurated by Chief Guest – Area IV Chairman Tr Harmeet Singh Sethi, Chairman Gitesh Tikmani,  Table Project Convener Tr. Anirudh Modi and Tablers of CSRT  17.

It will impact 250 children approximately. Cost of The Project is around 3.25 Lacs.

LMF Tr Nishant Khetawat
Calcutta South Round Table 17
Round Table India


CSRT 106, HPRT 183 and CSLC 83 execute joint project / “Hawa Badlegi”

Community Service  EVENT-“Hawa Badlegi” HELD @ NEX  HYDERABAD on  02nd July, 2016

In a series of firsts, this year started off with the ‘Hawa Badlegi’ progamme as a joint community service by HPRT 183, CSRT 106, and CSLC 83. An initiative was taken by the Table chairman CSRT-106, Tr. Abhishek Kajaria to distribute centennial fans to ten schools in Hyderabad on the first day of his tenure.

The fans were distributed to help the children beat the effects of the withdrawing El-Nino. This distribution was effected to help the children studying in the school by reducing the direct impact of the scorching heat in the classrooms, thereby directly reducing the loss of productivity, retention and attention in the children due to the same.

The long-term benefits of the same should be seen in regards to us lending a small hand or rather taking baby steps in empowering the nation by doing our bit to ensure access to the not-so-privileged children to as many facilities as is possible to ensure a better and brighter future for us all.

Tr. Adarsh Bachhawat

Calcutta Sterling Round Table 106

Round Table IndiaCollage_CSRT106_21Jul16

Kolkata Victorian RT 227 inaugurates Netaji Palli School

“To the uneducated an A is just three sticks.” –A.A.Milne.

After years of freedom, millions of children in our country still suffer from a major disease called illiteracy. It is a curse that most of these children become the victims of poverty, degradation and child labour. Increasing population, lack of infrastructure, unavailability of proper faculties, obsolete teaching methods, improper hygiene conditions is a common sight found in the schools of Indian villages.

These children are the key to future of our country and it’s our duty as being the lucky ones to join hands and support the very need of the hour. ie. proper education to the deprived. Round Table KVRT 227 took this initiative to build one in one of the remote villages of West Bengal called Barasat.

An hour drive from the city we had to divert our vehicles off the main road to meet the narrow single-lane dusty road which took us to the village. It was a beautiful sight as the sky was filled with red dust blowing from the speeding convoy of posh cars passing through the paddy fields on both sides. It was like a treat for the locals who never would have imagined such a sight.

It was a big day for our Table as a lot of sweat and hard work and constant management had gone into making this beautiful landmark in the centre of the village.

“Netaji Pally Free School” as the name says was the cynosure of attraction that morning. An old dilapidated open structure was converted into a massive yellow colour giant building with beautiful walkway and gallery. The air around the building smelt of the aroma coming out of the newly added polished wooden chairs and tables. The once dark and dingy classrooms were fitted with huge tube lights and large fans and there was ample space for proper ventilation. The toilets too matched all the hygiene standards.

We had a very warm welcome by showering of flowers by the local people along with the children of the school who were all dressed in coloured uniform waiting anxiously with folded hands for our arrival. The management of the school was constantly thanking us on our way inside.

As we entered we say the whole playground was turned into a massive gathering of the students and the teachers and a large stage on one side. The Head board of our Table and the National Sec. Tr. Christopher Arvinth and Area 4 Chairman Tr. Harmeet along with other dignitaries took the stage. The Tablers and the Circlers took the seats. There was a brief speech by the school principal along with few teachers.

We could see the eyes of the children sparkling with hope and motivation. They were constantly shaking hands with the tablers and the circlers. The smile on their faces cannot be explained in words. Some children even bowed down to touch the feet of the tablers. All that the tablers could do their best was hug them and give them blessings for a great education and career ahead.

The media was also present and were taking note step by step of the ceremony.

For the Victorians (KVRT 227) it was truly an emotional as well as a proud moment.  Altogether in phase 1 six classrooms were built and around 400 children will reap the benefits of studying in a new and modern school.

Kvrt 227 will continue to work towards building more such Educational Temples within our state.


Ankit budhia

Kolkata Victorian RT 227


Kolkata Victorian RT 227 donates sports equipment

Bustee Welfare Centre, Kolkata, has been lighting the way to a brighter future and self-reliance for the lesser fortunate society. Their aim is to nurture and develop the potential in the child so that one day he/she can take his/her responsible place in society.

They have been channelizing the potential of the slum children into the right path. The centre has its own library and Computer Centre and provides the basic amenities such as mid-day meal, uniforms, shoes and books. Apart from academics, they also do projects for Basic Health care, Mother & Child and Adult Literacy. Vocational courses in tailoring, beautician Health & culture and Electrician courses are also conducted; all expenses are borne by the Centre. Many of their students have been successful in obtaining employment in commercial and government establishments. They also provide valuable support in promoting economic sustainability to the students, who have completed their high school, under the Adult professional project. Courses in teaching, hospitality management, computer engineering, law school and management courses are financed by the Centre.

These children are shining examples of what can be achieved through education and Bustee Welfare Centre believes that the youth of today is our future and our staff/teachers are equally effective in providing the kind of guidance which helps to bring out the potential, ability and talent of these less privileged children.

Victorians when heard of this society couldn’t help but visiting this place. We were quite astonished to see so many underprivileged children studying in the best of environment and standard that a school can give. At first we couldn’t decide what project we could do with them but after interacting with the principle lady we got to know that they were looking for someone who could finance the games with different board and indoor games for the children. We decided to provide them with all that they required.  Our non fte team worked hard with different vendors around the city to source the best quality games for the organization.

We donated carom boards, badminton racquets, footballs, cricket set, flying discs along with brainstorming games like brain vita, chess and ludo sets. Along with this we distributed sweets, snacks, munchies and chocolates too.

The children really enjoyed the whole event with us and even thanked us repeatedly for a generous donation.

We as Victorians have always done our projects based on any organization needs and problems and we will continue to bridge the gap in any place wherever we will reach or if anyone approached us.


Tr. Ankit Budhia

Kolkata Victorian RT 22714


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