Medical Camp Report-VVRT-213

Vizag Vikings Round Table 213 community service activity- Medical Camp for 750+ rural underprivileged

Dear Friends

Greetings to all of you!!

VVRT -213 organised a medical camp at Sri Santhi Pleasant Village. We brought in 10 doctors to screen the villagers at the camp. The turnout was exceptional (@750). Moreover the whole experience was the best we ever had through Community Service project. Following were the flow of the events during the day:

  1. We all carpooled together to start from VIZAG to the venue of the camp- Sri Santhi Pleasant Village. We coordinated with all the doctors, Volunteers and support staff to reach the camp before 9am.


  1. Reached the camp site where all the arrangements were already made by Tr Suman. His contribution with regards to organizing the camp is exceptional. He had everything organized as per requirements to the smallest of detail.
  1. After that all the rural villagers from 10 villages were assembled at the Center courtyard in Shamianas for registration.
  1. The people were registered one by one. Each person got themselves checked for BP, Sugar and temperature. Then as per the problems explained they were further moved to specialists.
  1. We also got the kids from nearby schools for the preliminary dental check up and explained them regarding clean dental hygiene.
  1. The kids and villagers with problems were prescribed with the medicines. Our table made sure that all the prescribed medicines were provided for free to everyone.
  1. Tr Suman distributed free lemon rice packets with water to all the patients.
  1. After that we had our lunch fellowship at the camp with the doctors from Faza Foundation and Anits Dental College. Tr Latif was instrumental in getting the whole team from Faza Foundation to support us in organizing the camp. Dr Siva our ex Tabler and a 41er helped us with organizing dental camp.

The event was organised with an amazing support of every Tabler in Rt-213. The camp left everyone satisfied regarding the service we could do to the society. Many of these 750+ people were with smiles when they went back.

Prior to the camp we had organised an autorickshaw to publicize the event in 10 villages surrounding the camp area. We also had a press meet and the same was covered on the newspapers.

The camp again showed our team 213s strength of coming together when it comes to performing for such huge projects.


Thanks and regards

Ravi Singhal

CS & Publicity Convenor

VVRT 213

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BVRT-152 along with BVLC (Ballari Vikings Ladies Circle -127) celebrated Republic Day with the children of Datta School.

Datta school located in suburbs of Ballari City, caters quality eduction to the needy underprivileged children.  BVRT has been associated with this school for the past two years.  In the past we had donated 40 benches and constructed 4 classrooms in this school.

In the run up to the celebration,  academic competitions were held for children of all grades.  The winners of these were given prizes on republic day.

The event took off by Flag hosting, done by Chairman Adarsh & Chairperson Sneha Chellur.  Later speaking on the occasion, Tr Adarsh stressed by about “SWACH BHARATH”, conserving trees, water and responsible use of electricity.

Sweets were distributed to all the children.

Immediately after the event , Chairman Adarsh rushed and donated blood to a patient in urgent need.

Tr Dr P. Harish

IT & Blog Convener,
Ballari Vikings Round Table – 152

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Sham-e-Jashnn – BVRT – 152

Musical extavaganza by BELLARY VIKINGS ROUND TABLE and Exclusively for stags of BELLARY VIKINGS ROUND TABLE 152 on 30th Jan
LIVE Rock band,  Koraoke,  Dance , beverages and everything for a stag party, pool side.

Arranged in a span of one hour to celebrate the successful first half of tabling year,  this exclusive event was the first of its kind for BVRT.

Tr Chandrakanth at drums, prospect Harsha playing Guitar, Charmain Adarsh , IPC Kiran Jain,  Tr Anil Jain at mic the evening was rocked by the tablers of BVRT.

We sang our hearts out

Bellary Vikings Round Table 152

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Blog on Pub Crawl Fellowship – KVRT – 227

Greetings from Kolkata Victorian Round Table- 227.

Venue : Park Street.

Date: 27 December, 2015.

This unique concept of doing fellowship was very successful and talked about event in the tabling fraternity of Kolkata. Tabler’s had pre defined pubs that they would visit one after another in just a time span of 3 hours.

Park Street one of the most happening addresses in Kolkata was buzzing with the decor of Christmas, New Year’s and beautiful sea of faces of the youngsters and party animals. Lost amidst the crowd were the 15 heads which sneaked in between and were doing pub hopping. Toast for welcoming 2016 was raised in 8 pubs back to back.

Tablers from other tables also become a part of the fellowship. Altogether everyone had a great time.


Ankit Budhia

Blog and Non Fte Convenor.- Kvrt -227.

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“HART Rhythms 2016” Fellowship Report – HART – 153

“HART Rhythms 2016” Fellowship Report by Hubli Accent Round Table 153


Tr. Sachin Shenoy
Secretary 2015 – 16
Hubli Accent Round Table 153

Report of an Edutainment outbound trip @ PURT 144

Poona United Round Table 144 HRD Trip to Kalash Seeds, Jalna (9 – 10th Jan, 2016)

The first HRD of 2106 on 9-10th Jan was a visit to Kalash Seeds, a company that produces hybrid seeds for fruits & vegetables. We went there to see their facilities and learn about the process of making hybrid seeds. The visit was organized Table by Sq. Leg. Vijay Agarwal and his wife Sheetal Agarwal. It was exceptionally well planned and executed, giving us a wealth of knowledge and exposure to the vast field of biotechnology and hybrid seed production.

Kalash Seeds, based in Jalna, is one of the leading producers of seeds for Cotton, Fruits and Vegetables in the country. They has been in this field since over 3 decades and have been pioneers in several areas. They develop hybrid varieties of fruits and vegetables through their R&D and market the seeds across India and also export to several countries. Some of their popular products are Tomato, Potato, Onion, Chilly, Capsicum, Brinjal, Watermelon, various gourds, Leafy vegetables etc.

We started for Jalna late on Saturday night. The bus picked up Tablers and Sq. Legs on the way and we finally left Pune around 11:00pm. The group was already brimming with excitement. As expected, Vijay’s sense of humor kept us in splits and no one felt sleepy. We all gathered around and had a ball of a time sharing chat-pata snacks and even spicier stories during the journey. Sangita started off a fierce debate between ‘J’ and ‘Z’ in her unique Lucknowi andaaz (andaaz with a ‘Z’) which was finally settled by taking bets and Googling the answer. Of course, there was the mandatory chai break on the way to make sure no one slept early.

We arrived at our hotel in Jalna early morning and were delighted to be greeted by Sheetal and her brother. They made sure we were comfortably settled in our rooms. We finally slept for a couple of hours and woke up refreshed and ready for a busy day ahead. Breakfast was fun with everybody remembering the bus ride and clicking selfies to keep our Table’s WhatsApp group buzzing. After breakfast we left for the company’s head office to start our visit.

At the head office we were warmly welcomed and shown around the facility which houses their labs and research center. We were given a presentation on the activities of the company and what we will be seeing during the trip. We got to know some amazing facts about the advances made in the field of biotechnology. E.g. It is possible to identify which set of genes in an organism are responsible for a particular characteristic such as colour, shape etc. and then transplant those characteristics in a different species. We had several queries on the science, ethical and regulatory issues surrounding the use of genes from one organism in another (e.g. BT Cotton, BT Brinjal), which were patiently answered by them.

Thereafter we were shown around the fields that had been grown for demonstration at the company’s ‘Open Days’ exhibition. During this bi-annual event they invite their dealers and end customers to see the variety of products and understand their capabilties. This year they had 14,000 visitors. We went around the fields where they showed us hundreds of varieties of vegetables including many which we don’t often see in the supermarket such as Red Cabbage, Knol Khol, Chinese Cabbage, Fennel, Parsley etc. It was a sheer delight to see and taste such a variety of fresh vegetables plucked right in front of us. Then we went through their processing plant and saw how the seeds are cleaned, graded and treated before being packed and placed in cold storage.

Post a sumptuous lunch, we took a much needed break for a couple of hours to recharge our batteries. Our next stop was the lab where cloning is performed for various plants such as banana, marigold etc. We saw the process of sterlization and then how the plant grows in a bottle filled with a special medium. It was amazing to see thousands of plants growing in bottles on shelves under banks of tubelights. We got learn how from a single sapling, they produce thousands of identical clones within a span of a few weeks.

We then went to their farm where most of the R&D on hybrid plants is conducted. We walked through the greenhouses which were packed with thousands of plants and got an explanation of the steps involved in developing a particular variety of fruit. We got to see and taste some amazing vegetables which we couldn’t have ever imagined. E.g. a purple capsicum and sweet tasting chilly.

It was already dark by the time we finished the visit to the farm and the perfect time to visit a unique farm which comes alive at night. The ‘True potato seed’ (TPS) farm is a unique experiment by the company which has yielded enormous benefit to potato farmers. At the TPS farm we saw potato plants which are supported so that they flower. The flowers are carefully pollinated and then the fruits are grown to full maturity and harvested for the seeds. What is amazing about the potato plant is that it requires 20 hours of sunlight daily. After sunset, everday throughout the year, the shortfall in light is made up by shining halogen light on the plants. The entire farm is covered with high powered flood lights which makes for an amazing sight.

We wrapped up our visit with a lavish dinner hosted by Sheetal and special ‘paan’ by Vijay before heading back to Pune. It was a super trip with lots of fellowship and learning at the same time. The most memorable part of the trip was the warmth and welcome given to us by Sheetal and her family throughout our stay in Jalna. At the same time it was an eye opener for all of us to see a glimpse of this industry. We all returned home with renewed respect for all the people involved in providing us our basic necessities, which we often take for granted when we go out shopping for groceries.

Anuj Bedi
PURT 144
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Report of Sankranti Social @ PURT 144

Sankranti Social

As Sankranti comes up in January all the mood get to kite flying and what better way to kite flying with the family and friends were the whole family of 144 was present.

The mood was set by Ratnesh & Dhara who took a lot of effort for getting the decorations done at the venue. Smallest to the Smallest details were taken care of. There were kites Manja and all the necessary things required for kite flying.

Thy well planned e whole flow of the social was very planned where they had integrated kite flying with healthy eating starters which further extended into awesome games which h=all of us had not played after school like dog & the bone, birdie dance.

To further add to the color there was typical maharashtrian food for dinner. Everybody had been smacking their fingers for the lovely food.

Ratnesh & Dhara went a step further where they gave everybody a small return gift that had a lovely kite with a thank you message and lovely sweets to eat.

Hats off to all the efforts taken by them…….

Anuj Bedi
PURT 144
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