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The tablers of Delhi Round table 5 after conducting their AGM on 4th July , went to seek blessings of the elders of Old Age Home in Faridabad which DRT5 had been managing every year . They saw that the elders , most of them who were suffering from chronic or incurable diseases and were left to nothing and been thrown out of their own homes by their family members were washing clothes on the ground.

They did not had washing machines and they badly needed it as it was naturally difficult for them to sit on the floor.

The tablers of DRT5 unanimously agreed for donation of much needed washing machines to the Old Age Home . When we went to give them a surprise with the washing machines, they were all in Joy ..!!

The smiles on their faces were simply priceless.!! We did get return gifts in the form of “Jeetay Raho !! Khush Raho !!” by all of them . Chairman Tr. Tarang Krishna , Tr. Ashish Gupta, Tr. Kushal Agarwal and HT Arun Begani also clicked photographs with them and the elders gave many poses.

The same was widely covered by all the prominent newspapers of Delhi- NCR.



Shoes Distribution at School – UURT 234

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It was observed that most of the children of the School did not have

shoes. They attended school barefoot.

 It was then proposed and approved by UURT 234 members to provide

School shoes to each and every student of the school.

 Project Convener Tr. Puneet Taya procured the shoes and executed the

project on time

 Tablers Distributed School Shoes To Children.


Tr Salil Dhaddha UURT 234

Reported by

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16



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We celebrated Eid at Tr. Hussain Mustafa’s Home on 18th May 2015

 Every Year UURT celebrates Eid together with family and kids.

 After 30 days of Fasting, Eid becomes an imminent Celebration Day

 This year too on the auspicious occasion UURT made sure that the Eid

becomes a sweet fellowship event.

 Sheer-Khurma & Keema Samosas are Eid special delicacies that were served

 Tr. Hussain Mustafa invited all Tablers at his home for a small get together.


Tr Salil Dhaddha UURT 234

Reported by

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16


39th AGM- ART 40

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Fri-24th July 2015, we kick started our weekend as we headed to Ramada, Udaipur for our Table AGM followed with 2 nights full of entertainment.

Magic of the splendid journey began from Ahmedabad. Tabler’s along with circlers and twinklers all drove down to Udaipur where in the Hotel staff made sure we experienced delightful imagination becoming a reality over the next 48 hours. The entire expedition had been thoroughly planned.

As promised for a rocking night during our Table AGM, It was a Mughal-e-Azam Night with some Sufi & Ghazal for the evening where in everyone were dressed ethnically along with the Sufi caps.

The bliss of sufi music with the taste of amazing ghazal was further be an icing on the cake. Our senses were soothing with the soulful sound of Sufi music and Ghazal.

Next day, we had our 39th AGM combines with 1st AGM of Gandhidham Round Table 254, where in the meeting was called to order, all agenda’s covered, annual report to awards to retirement to change over Banquet. Tr. Ankit Agarwal from ART 40 & Tr. Saurabh Bansal GRT 254 took over as this year Chairmanship.

Post AGM, later in the night we had ‘Round Table Talent show’ where in participants showcased their talent. It was mesmerizing to see the hidden talent. The event was followed with a DJ night.

Next day morning, we had a pool party where in we took a dip in the pool & Relaxed, unwinded and were completely rejuvenated!

Our weekend would not have got any better than this.


Tr Ankit Agarwal


Reported by

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16


ART40 – Vision wheel Exercise


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Chairman elect Tr. Ankit Agarwal & Secretary elect Tr. Ankit Parikh attended the Text module of Area XI conducted by trainer Tr. Romel Bhog. Prior to training, we were given the vision wheel form, which needed to be filled amongst the tablers that was duly filled and submitted.

When the analysis was done on the data, results were quite surprising as no one knew the importance of vision wheel and the tablers filled it for the sake of it.

Chairman elect Tr. Ankit Agarwal decided to do the same module with the floor tablers of Art 40 and explain them the importance of Vision wheel which would help the table find out what the majority wants and in which facet do we need to improvise on.

We took the help of none other than Tr. Vineet Parikh, RTI Past president to conduct the similar program. He was more than happy to do it.  It was indeed a great experience and an eye opener for the tablers who attended the program. The tablers got an insight about various facets and importance of each.

This exercise helped the table chairman & secretary to plan things accordingly.


Tr. Ankit Agarwal

Chairman, ART 40


Chai pe charcha fellowship – ART 40

ART 40 members got together on a Saturday evening for some fellowship. This time it was chai pe charcha at Chai Nashta cafe. table HT’s, square legs also joined us for the fellowship.

‘chai pe charcha’ was aimed at improving the connect with the tablers over a cup of tea and we surely need more of these in coming months.

A very well spent evening with friends.

Tr. Ankit Agarlwal

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Reported by

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16

ART 40 & ALC 64 – Dance with specially abled people

New tabling year and it starts with a freshers party as it happens every where. ART 40 and ALC 64 organised an event one of its kind. Dance party with disabled, handicapped and blind people was organised at Blind People Association on Sat, Jul 4 in association with Swabhimaan group.

Approx 600 people participated and were thrilled to dance on the tunes of live DJ playing popular songs.

Members of our table held the hands of disabled and danced with them. This brought smile on loads of faces.

Later the food packets were distributed to all the participants.

The event was covered by leading English and Hindi news daily DNA and Rajasthan Patrika. Limca book of records team was also present for the event. They will verify across globe and announce if it could be a record on its own.


Ankit Agarwal
Chairman, ART 40: 2015-16

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Reported by

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16


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