Pateshwari Primary School upgraded by Siliguri Ace RT 232

Pateshwari Primary School lacked some of the basic amenities that a school should have before RTI and SART 232 took up the school.

Following were the amenities which was added to the school:

  1. 51 colourful benches
  2. Partition wall between classrooms
  3. Renovation of Toilet Block
  4. Painting of Interiors & Exterior of the School Block
  5. New Tube Lights & Fan fitted in the classrooms.

The school was inaugurated by Tr. Suman Voora & Tr. Manpreet Singh Raja on the 23rd of November 2015 with tablers and circlers present across Area 14 and Nationals.

More than 120 children now have proper benches and a good atmosphere to study.

Tr. Nitesh Periwal | Project Convener
Siliguri Ace RT 232

Calicut LC 69 and Calicut RT 69 inaugurate nursery section @ Chevayur AUP School

New Nursery Section Inaugurated at Chevayur AUP school, Chevayur, Kozhikode by Calicut Ladies Circle 69 and Calicut Round Table 69.

The “CUPS Nursery”, a nursery section for kindergarten classes, at the Chevayur AUP school in Kozhikode was successfully inaugurated on June 25, 2016. The project was undertaken and successfully completed by Calicut Ladies Circle 69 and Calicut Round Table 69, utilising RTIF FTE Assist grant and donor funds.

Chevayur UP School, situated in the heart of Chevayur town has always been the frontrunner in uplifting the education in the area. The School was founded in 1910 as a ‘Pallikoodam’. It caters to students from economically backward families, who have no other means to acquire quality primary and secondary education. Until June 2016, the school had no kindergarten classes and no financial means to start the same.

CLC 69 and CRT 69, with the help of donor funds and FTE assist grant, refurbished an existing dilapidated structure at the school and made two nursery classrooms. Member of Parliament Mr. M. K. Raghavan inaugurated the nursery section on June 25, 2016. The classrooms, which have a total capacity of 50 students, were also provided state of the art furniture as part of the project.

Recent research shows that children are most influenced by experiences in the first six years of their lives. Subsequently, providing quality care and education to kindergarten children becomes an essential requirement. The nursery section now provides education and mentoring for kindergartners from the most needy sections of society, who otherwise would have had no opportunity to attend school or be exposed to reading, learning and constructive play.

Digest: Projects by Cochin Backwaters RT 131

Project : St.Mary’s School, Narakkal

A new initiative for CBRT 131 took us to St.Mary’s School, Narakkal. As part of an FTE assist program, we custom made furniture for 2 smart classrooms that they were in need of. Apart from furniture, which benefited 48 students, the flooring (tiles matte finish), lights and electrical work were all undertaken by CBRT 131.

MLA Mr. Sharma was kind enough to inaugurate the Smart Classrooms on January 17th, 2017. The children have started using the new facility and are no doubt enjoying the experience.

Girideepthi Tribal Hostel, Perumbavoor

As part of RTI Week, CBRT131  visited the Girideepthi Tribal Hostel in Perumbavoor. Tablers, ladies and twinklers were in good numbers and shared in the joy.

We donated 200 kgs of rice, cassaroles, a dinner set and kitchen utensils to the hostel kitchen. This was much appreciated. Apart from this, a DVD player, executive chairs and 70 notebooks were presented to the children too. A dental camp along with distribution of dental kits followed.

A year on year CBRT 131 Go Green initiative at the hostel, continued even this year. A total of 15 fruit trees were planted in the campus. Trees planted included Blueberry, Pomegranate, Gooseberry, Guava, Mango and Tamarind.

In keeping with the upcoming holiday season, CBRT 131 also donated a Christmas tree so the kids could have fun decorating it during the Christmas season.

Santhawanam Orphanage, Kalamassery

Santhawanam Orphange is one place that is dear to the hearts of many tablers of CBRT 131. We make it a point to visit every RTI week and also at least one time during the remainder of the tabling year. This RTI Week saw tablers, ladies and twinklers serve all the residents of the orphanage a yummy breakfast of Appam and Chicken stew. Everyone from CBRT 131 joined in as well.

CBRT 131 presented the orphanage with a brand new Sony Sound System, a DVD Player, a water purifier, a grinder, 12 beds and pillows. The kids were also given dental kits which included tooth brushes and paste. Sports Equipment which included shuttle rackets, footballs etc. were also given to the kids.

The children of the orphanage also performed some dances that were prepared especially for us. It was very special.

Once the festivities for the day were done, the children got a special treat and a movie was screened on a projector making it the perfect end to a wonderful day!

Raksha Special School

Taare Zameen Par, an RTI National Initiative, is one RTI Week event that we do year on year. A colouring and drawing contest for special children is organized at Raksha Special school. Over 70 children participated and they were all very enthusiastic about it too. The smiles on their faces said it all.

Tablers, ladies and twinklers later distributed food packets which had biscuits, chocolates and chips. Chairman Tr.Alex handed over certificates. Every single child was awarded a certificate and receiving the certificates gave them such a sense of pride.

Govt. LP School, South Chitoor

CBRT 131’s sponsor school the Government LP School at Chitoor had an eventful childrens day this year. Apart from the usual school uniform distribution and awarding of scholarships to 20 students, they had a lot more in store.

The school was presented with the World Cup football, plastic chairs, 2 computer tables and 2 executive chairs. Not forgetting the teachers, they were presented with electric lunch boxes. As part of the Read India Inititive, the school library was presented with books too. A small dental camped followed and all the children got dental kits comprising of tooth brushes and paste.

A sumptuous lunch of biriyani and fruit salad with ice cream was served and all the children and staff were delighted.

The highlight of the event was the playground, which got a complete face-lift. The playground revamp made the children’s day and seeing the smiles on their faces made ours.

Twinklers Secret Santa

Santhawanam Orphange is one place that is dear to the hearts of many tablers of CBRT 131. This Christmas season, we at CBRT 131 celebrated with a difference. Primarily a twinkler activity, every twinkler was given a name of a child who stays at the orphanage. With a fixed budget in mind, they were given the task of getting a Christmas present for their new Christmas friend.  Since the age was also mentioned in the list, the twinklers had to make the presents personal too.

On Christmas eve, all the presents were delivered to the children by some of the tablers, ladies and twinklers in preson. The sheer joy on the faces of the kids, knowing that the present was bought specially with them in mind was truly priceless.

We are going to try and make this an annual CBRT 131 tradition.

CBRT 131 Publicity

Publicity was definitely the name of the game when it came to CBRT 131. The Round Table India Movement got maximum coverage in such a short span of time.

Publicity activities included 5 Hoardings at very prominent locations across Cochin city, table tent cards installed at premium retail outlets and hotels and newspaper coverage in 5 leading regional and English dailies.

No publicity is complete without and online presence and 131 definitely took this seriously. A special cover page was made with the Round Table India visuals and at the same time every tabler and lady of 131 changed their cover page to the said image. The Facebook home screen was bombarded with images of different people changing their cover page to the same image. This definitely raised the visibility of Round Table India.

Tirupur RT 116 inaugurate Classrooms & Toilet Block

Tirupur RT 116 inaugurated new classrooms and toilet blocks at Rakkiapalayam Government School, Tirupur under the “Freedom Through Education” initiave.

The classrooms were inauguarted by Area 7 Chairman Tr. Chirag Vora and Area 7 Chairperson Cr. Minal Shroff. The students welcomed the tablers and circlers with much joy and fanfare.

The new block will benefit scores of children and it was a proud moment for TRT 116 to handover the same to the school management.

Tr. Jenarthanan Sundharraju,
Secretary, Tirupur RT 116

350 children of Chandkhed benefit from school inauguration by Poona Mid Town RT 65

Poona Mid-Town Round Table No.65 and Ladies Circle No.53 inaugurate the 1st phase of Chandkhed School at  Chandkhed Village on 10th Dec, 2016.

Pune, 10th Dec, 2016

Continuing the focus of PMRT-65 and PMLC-53 on the Round Table motto ‘ Freedom through education’ they inaugurated their 3rd school in that area.

Past school structure was in shambles and collapsing. Every monsoon the old structure was sinking thus making it life threatening for the children.

On 10th December the school was inaugurated by Area 15 Chairman Abhishek More and Table 65 Chairman Rahul Hatkar. The new school will accommodate 350 children and immediately benefit 200 children. It will have 8 classrooms, 2 toilet blocks and 1 kitchen (serving mid day meals). Phase 1 which was inaugurated has 5 classrooms.

PMRT 65 tablers and PMLC 53 Circlers distributed RTI school bags to 350 children. They have already donated shoes and books in past few months.

Tr. Nitin Bellara,
Poona Mid Town RT 65

Fellowship: Wedding fun @ Goa / Ahmedabad RT 40

Goa Fellowship

Mere Yaar ki Shaadi hai!!!

It was the wedding of a Tabler Priyam Patel from ART- 40 on 27th November, 2016. Tr. Ankit Parikh, Tr. Ankit Agarwal, Tr. Akshit Marwah and Tr. Ankit Mangal went for the wedding in Goa on 25th November, 2016.

25th November, 2016:

On that day evening, the host had arranged for English wedding where he Bride and Groom exchanges the rings and celebrated the evening with its perfect couple dance. The Bride and the Groom looked very nice together. We had a gala dinner in the evening in complete English style.

26th November, 2016:

In the morning, they had made beautiful arrangement for the Mehendi Function. The ambiance and décor near the beach was perfect for our entertainment. There were games and fun zones near the food courts. All the guest were casually dressed for the function. We had an amazing time near the beach.

On the same day evening, we had Sangeet Function followed by musical night by famous Bollywood Singer Badshah. We have seen some amazing performances of the family members of Priyam and Panna. Bollywood singer gave us a rocking and Splendid time. We also got chance to click selfies with him.

27th November, 2016:

It was the wedding day. We all dressed up in traditional for Baraat. We had danced on Gujarati Garba and bollywood songs during Baraat. The wedding rituals, décor, food, music was just perfect.

God bless the newly weded couple Priyam and Panna.

We wish them a happy married life.

Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman – ART 40

RTI School Maintenance Camp by Ahmedabad RT 40

RTI School Maintenance Camp

ART 40 and ALC 64 in association with Handy Services had organized a free school Maintenance Camp for FTE Round Table schools on 25th and 26thNovember, 2016. We have identified 6 schools in Ahmedabad where we have decided to execute this camp.

The beauty of this camp is that Handy Services will provide free material and labour for all electrical, carpentry and plumbing work at these schools. It is very important that we take care of our schools post construction. Also, generally the schools after becoming operational do require such maintenance on yearly basis so that its functioning is smooth. We had immediately agreed with the idea proposed by Handy Services and had effectively implemented the same in Round Table Schools.

Handy Services had involved 45 technicians for undertaking these jobs at various schools for these 2 days. The school trustees were extremely happy and satisfied as we have undertaken this unique project for the very first time in all the schools simultaneously.

We also got good publicity from media who covered our event very nicely. The said project was covered by DNA and Ahmedabad Mirror (leading English newspaper in the city). We are happy to share that Ahmedabad Mirror have given us 1 full page coverage for this unique activity done by us.

Proud to be a Tabler.
Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman – ART 40