Knights in Khakhi  is a publicity initiative by Round Table India . An event done by various tabling centers across India but started in Vizag by VRT77 only until recently in 2016 . This year marked our 4th edition of the event on 12th September 2019  where  we felicitated and honored the unsung heros – our brave police force  who make our city safe by making it crime free . About 25 deserving policemen were selected by the Police commissioner from various departments and they were honored and felicitated in an awards ceremony for all their achievements . Another objective of this event is to bridge the gap between the police and the general public and to deepen the personal connect betwen the police and the society at large and recognizing their efforts.

The police personnel were extremely happy with this gesture . We had the presence of important dignitaries at this event and also had the presence of our Area Chairman , Tr . Umesh Padia , our Area Vice Chairman Tr . Ashish Sonthalia and our National Vice President Tr . Akshay Dugar   and also the cheif guest , Deputy Commissioner of Police  Mr . B . Uday Bhaskar spoke a few words and gave away awards as well  .  Our sponsors had also given away awards .

Presentations depicting the work done by RTI were also played and the DCP appreciated RTI for conducting such an event .  The event was conducted by MC  Satya .  Before the event started , we planned a small game of Tambola involving the policemen and their families with Reena and Kamna calling out the numbers on the stage .  All in all a fantastic event . Special mention to our sponsors Razmataaz , The Park Hotel , Sweet India , Vaibhav Jewelers , SM Energy , Fluentgrid , JK Logistics , Quick Heal and Chelkani Atchuta Rao Trust .  Kudos to the efforst of everyone involved . Tr . Naveen Perla , Tr. Sritej  , our Chair man Tr . Vidhan and all the tablers who helped out to make sure this event was a grand success . The event was attended by about 200 people and there was widespread coverage in both electronic and print media .


Corridors of Wisdom – JODHPUR ROUND TABLE 273

 RTI Corridors of Wisdom

– Initiative by Jodhpur Round Table 273

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Round Table India is working towards transforming the education sector of the city by building classrooms in government schools and making them equipped with furniture, green boards, fans and toilets. It has till date built 17 classrooms and 10 toilets in Jodhpur impacting lives of many children.


Talking about ARTC foundation, it’s doing wonders by transforming and painting the city, making the city more lively and interesting. It’s rightly said “pen is mightier than a sword”, giving messages by painting the city walls is a unique and different initiative.

This weekend Round Table India (RTI) and ARTC Foundation have come together on a single platform launching an initiative as ‘Corridors of Wisdom’ in one of the government schools in Shastri Nagar. The initiative is taken to create an awareness among general public about government schools and the facilities they lack. Round Table India has taken the initiative to renovate the complete old school block and ARTC Foundation will be adding colours to it by painting the walls of the school. All the paintings will be related to current affairs and current environmental problems giving a vision and message to the school children.

People from different sectors of the city volunteered for the very initiative. In four days the volunteers transformed the whole school &  made 26 wall arts.

Let’s keep inspiring and be the change we wish to see

News Coverage of the initiative in the leading newspapers of Jodhpur

– Round Table India, Jodhpur 273

Back to school – Teacher’s Day Celebration – Calcutta South Round Table 17

‘Being on time is a wonderful thing’, a tagline which has resonated with all Indians over the last 10 years. But I do not agree, ‘Walking in time is the most wonderful thing’ in a person’s life. It brings back all the wonderful memories that one keeps adding over the course of his life. And when the moment comes to relive them, it fills up a person’s heart with emotions, a joyous feeling.


It was with this sense of déjà vu that the tablers of CSRT17 felt when we visited 2 of the FTE schools, Sarda Round Table Shishu Vidyapith (2004) and Hotar Marjada Jatiya Vidyalaya (2010), built by us on the occasion of Teacher’s day. We had planned to do a small community service activity on this occasion and distributed over 500 food packets to all the children. The smiling faces and wishes we received from them cannot be expressed in words and it left us with a sense of contentment. The schools that we had built had flourished the seed that was sown more than 15 years back had grown into a tree with fruits. We could not have desired for more.

This year the community service Theme of Rt17 is ‘Back to School’. Each month we will visit one of our old schools and help them in any way possible to sustain and grow our mission, impart education to all.

One-Click-Pan-India Online Platform for RTI FTE Schools – Jodhpur Round Table 273 ( Area 12 )

One-Click-Pan-India Online Platform for RTI FTE Schools

Initiative of JRT 273 (Area 12)

This Platform was presented at Area 12 AGM (in Pushkar). Link to Presentation –    

Round Table India has been putting in colossal efforts to build FTE (Freedom through Education) blocks across the country. Till date, RTI as an organization has built ~7000 classrooms in ~2400 schools across the nation, and is growing at a phenomenal rate of 24% over the past 10 years. One of the major reasons for this enormous success is the tireless efforts many of us are putting in to bring on-board donors who have helped RTI generously with funds throughout the course of our journey.


How can we tablers bring in more donors and funds?


For FTE Program to continue at this strong pace over the next decade, RTI will need more funds and donors than ever. As Floor Tablers, and being directly involved in 8 FTE/FTA projects over last 4 years in the Jodhpur chapter of RTI (JRT 273), we felt a burning need for a good ‘show-all’ platform which can be used to exhibit all this amazing work RTI has been doing over the years; a platform with an easy to navigate interface, that can be immensely helpful in showcasing all projects being done by tables across India. Any tabler would be able to use this web platform to search and showcase any projects that have been done by his table, to his clients and social network with greater simplicity.

Impressive Donor Reporting

Donor Reporting is getting crucial more than ever with CSR norms getting stricter by the day. This platform would be a single-point solution for the aforesaid. Anyone with login credentials can generate reports with defined search criteria and can submit it to their donors with super ease.

Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Option for every school within the Platform

There is an option to integrate interactive 360° Virtual Tours for every school in this Platform. This would let viewers check out built infrastructure – interiors and exteriors, in an interactive 3D manner as if they were themselves present on the premises. One can also embed relevant text and videos, impact statement, donor information, RTI Branding, and image gallery within these Virtual Tours.


Jodhpur Round Table 273 has already completed 360° shoot of all FTE Projects they managed have to build in last 3 years. One can check out few of those schools in 360° here.


360° Virtual Tours for schools built by JRT 273 have proven to be an excellent tool in gaining more visibility for our table as well as for Round Table India’s FTE program.


 Tablers’ Details Integrated within the Platform

Attached to each project, there is an option to display names of all tablers and their business-houses’ details on this platform. This feature imparts a sense of ownership and would let tablers demonstrate THE CONNECT they have with Round Table India.




We believe that with this Platform’s help every tabler will have what is needed to get more donors on-board for his table/area. This can turn out to be a silver-bullet while interacting/communicating with prospective donors while trying to bring them on-board for future projects. We also believe that this Platform will provide tremendous ammunition to publicize RTI’s work, and will help Round Table India garner fantastic goodwill.


Area 12 is trying to bring all FTE Projects built during last 3 years (and in future) on this Platform. This would help our Area immensely in getting more funds and donors, and would enable us in enhancing our donor reporting standards.

This Platform has been built by – a company of 3 Tablers from Jodhpur Round Table 273

(LMF Tr. Sourabh Baheti, LMF Tr. Aditya Mundra, LMF Tr. Mridul Somani)

Teachers Day Celebration at Guwahati FTE school by GUWAHATI CITY ROUND TABLE 239




On 5th September, 2019 Guwahati City Round Table 239 along with Guwahati City Ladies Circle 159 celebrated Teachers Day with the teachers of our FTE school at Ganeshpara, Guwahati. Teachers were gifted with momentos and we had cake cutting followed by refreshments.

Teachers were delighted for the gesture. The students of the school were also gifted Round Table branded copy books, in acknowledgement of World Literacy Day. This school was a single classroom FTE done by GCRT 239, running for last 6 years.



The fellowship team put on their fitness hats and turned us all into athletes motivating us to wake up at 0600 hrs to give our bodies a jump start just like the way we jump start a broken down vehicle . It was the calling of the hoops ( the game of basketball ) .The game began with a practice session with the coach helping us in limbering up , we took a few lay ups also . We were 4 a side in each team with a tabler’s wife starting for one of the teams . We played half court , 4 on 4 !! It was a friendly game with no one counting a win or a loss !! The game went on for about 45 mins to an hour after which our fellowship convenor Tr . Siddharth fell flat on the floor . It was gruesome ! lol ! The last he played was during his college days . Its been a while since he hit the court .

Our Secretary Teja never played the game before but was supervised under good ball players in his team and the coach . In fact he made a couple of baskets as well .

Rohit who was the tallest in his team stood like a pillar and stopped all the lay ups and 3 pointers .

Our chairman Tr .Vidhan who is an  example of weight loss was a great  example and maneuvered all of us during the game . He also made sure everyone reached the court on time .

We had breakfast at Sid and Sweena’s place . There was semia upma and Satu which was a dessert . We ate a good meal and it was a good way to start off the day .


Jointly Compiled by :


Tr . Arihant and Tr. Shashank



After a fun filled basketball fellowship , Volleyball was next on the cards . This time it was on a Sunday which improved the attendance . The weather was overcast which was an added bonus for us to go and play for longer hours . This could only be possible because of our Secretary Tr . Teja  and Divya  who gave us entry into their college court and made arrangements for a net and linings on the court and also refreshments . The teams were  Vidhan , Arihant , Rohit Bajaj , Umesh and Vinay on one side and Shaad , Teja , Inder , Naveen and Gurvansh on the other . . It was a fair team on both sides with  captain Teja and captain Vidhan choosing the players in their team.

There were ladies who accompanied us . We also had twinkler Ishir , Chairman Vidhan’s son who was present amongst us . The ladies took a stroll around the college as we begun the games.

We started at 4:30 PM with the first game , 25 points a set , 5 on each court .  The contest  was so close it could have been  anyone’s game but chairman’s team won  the set of three with the score  2-1!!!

There were comedy errors taken lightly by all tablers though the game got intense.

There were a few good smashes and lifts . The dip service and floating service of a couple of tablers was difficult to counter which gave them a clean point in their favour. One of the longest rallies  that went on was for 10 -12 seconds which gave a much needed boost to all the new players in the team .

All in all it was a lot of fun there was a lot of laughter during the game and both teams showed coordination and the spirit to finish all three games at a go.

There were few tablers who were new to the game . Special mention to Tr . Vinay who played like the Hulk smashing the ball everywhere.  Luckily , the ball survived the onslaught of Tr . Vinay. The play went on till the lights dimmed and then everyone dispersed.


Jointly compiled by :

Tr. Arihant and Tr . Shashank


Distribution of Umbrellas to the elderly – Nagpur Spirit Round Table 258

Because All Human Life Is Sacred…!
Round Table India an organization working to provide infrastructure to underprivileged children through its mission Freedom Through Education and other social causes. Recently, through its local Chapter Nagpur Spirit Round Table 258 Donated 100 Umbrellas in an old Age home  on 25th August 2019 to the resident of Matru Seva Sangh Panchvati Vruddha Ashram, Umrer road Nagpur.
You don’t have to have a lot of money to make a charitable donations; any effort makes a huge difference to someone who’s in need. If you want to give back to society in the biggest way possible.
Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
The elderly in the Matru Seva Sangh Panchvati Vruddha Ashram  were “thrilled and very thankful” for the Umbrella.
We had a lovely time interacting with the old aged. They were very happy by our presence and our small token of help.
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
It’s heart breaking to imagine what those poor souls might feel when they are asked to leave their own home where they’ve spent their entire lives.
Umbrella  distribution was  done by the office bearers of Nagpur Spirit Round Table 258 in the presence of Chairman Tr Dheeraj Agrawal, Vice Chairman Tr Pratik Kedia, Secretary  Tr Utsav Agrawal along with Tr Sohail Rana and Tr Priyank Diwanka.
Nagpur Spirit Round Table 258
Distribution of Umbrella

2 Bhoomi Pujans & 1 Inauguration in a single day – Jaipur Royals Round Table 215

How 22nd Aug Became A Historic Day for JRRT 215.

After completing 4 Successful fundraisers in past 7 Months and raising funds in excess of 25.5 Lacs, JRRT 215 decided that it’s time utilize the funds raised for a good cause.

We visited about 6 recommended and needy schools to zero down on the school which had the best prospects for attracting more students to join, if the infrastructure is upgraded. Post multiple visits, we decided to go with not 1 but 2 school. As both of them were in dire shape and could use all the help provided.

Our project convener Tr. Aditya Jaipuria worked tirelessly to get the projects approved as soon as the grants were open, will the documents collected and forms filled. Such is speed and zeal towards the movement, 0ur project was the first FTE project to be approved in the current tabling year.

The D Day was decided 22nd August and JRRT 215 was going for the rare feat of Bhoomi Pujan of 2 Projects:

  • Building 4 New Classrooms, Renovating 4 existing classrooms, furniture’s for the classrooms and swings for the children at Govt Sr. Secondary School Byothawala.
  • Building 4 New Classrooms, Renovating 4 existing classrooms, furniture’s for the classrooms and swings for the children at Govt Sr. Secondary School Neemera .

Cherry on the top was the Inauguration of Toilet Blocks, Cemented Court and Office Block along with distribution of School Dresses and Shoes at FTE School Beria- Harnathpura.

There was frantic activity in the table with the planning and carrying out the execution on the D day. Teams were divided by our Chairman Tr. Dr. Shashank Nath Singh. 2 separate teams were to start with the Bhoomi Pujan’s at both school’s simultaneously, while one team would take the visiting guests, Area Chairman Tr. Nandesh Sancheti, Area Vice Chairman Tr. Vijay Johar to both locations and then to the Inauguration.

It all felt worth it when we could see the hope in the eyes of children and parents at the Bhoomi Pujan sites; we received heartfelt gratitude from the village elders and the parents. The children were also very vocal with their promises of doing wonders in studies, now that they would have much better facilities for education in the near future. It is with interactions like these, when we feel what a big difference Round Table India is making through its Freedom Through Education initiative.


No one said it, but we would see it written across the faces of all the Tablers present at the school.

Ashish Porwal

Secretary – Jaipur Royals RT 215 (2019-20)

Area XII

Round Table India