Jai Bharat School gets a classroom, desks and uniforms from Hubli Central RT 142

HCRT-142 and HCLC-71 completed building a Classroom at Jai Bharath School in Old Hubli and was inaugurated by Tr. Mahendra Yadav Area Chairman Area-X 2016-2017, Tr. Sachin Shah AVC Area-X 2016-2017 and Cr. Divya Shetty IPAC Area-X 2016-2017.

We also donated 10 desks and 70 Uniforms to the students of this school

Tr. Alok Ankalikar
Chairman HCRT-142

Inter-table Garba Fellowship @ Surat

Garba Night socials and after garba fellowship on 9th oct

It was the 9th of October and National President RTI and LCIndia Tr.Manpreet Raja and Cr.Prachi Agarwal were in town.Gujarat,Navratri and the presence of Nations Presidents….the atmosphere couldn’t get any better.

It was super duper festive atmosphere and we tables and circles of Surat gathered at Star Galaxy club house to play Garba and bond with one another.

Everyone was dressed up in traditional Gujarati attire…Colourfull chaniya cholis,dupattas,kediyos and dandiya sticks.The evening started with Ambe maa’s aarti which the entire family performed together.

The decorations with matkis and flowers brought the event to life.

We all danced to the tunes of the DJ and had fun playing garba around the Ambe maa’s murti.

Everyone enjoyed bonding and dancing with Manpreet Raja and Prachi Agarwal and they too enjoyed the Gujarati festival in Gujarat.

Everyone relished the south Indian and punjabi cuisine with kulfi and rabdi for desserts.

The evening was fun filled and the night was exciting and full of energy as nobody wanted to go back home.

Party continued at Tr.Mukund residence with NP after garba social where few tablers played poker also. Fellowship was on till 5 in the morning..

A memorable fellowship in the presence of National Presidents indeed.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani
Surat RT 135

Fellowship: Weekend Fun @ Surat RT 135

The SRT 135 and SLC 72 family decided to throw a farewell party for Tr.Abhinav and Prospective Veena.

As they were shifting to Gwalior,from Surat permanently and were associated with the family for a long time,we all decided to remember all those memories and prepared a photo scrapbook for them which had pictures of Abhinav and Veena with SRT and SLC family and each one of us penned down our feelings and wishes for them.

It was a very touchy evening.

The theme of the party was Red and Black and our table and circle also conducted the award distribution of the awards received at the Bangalore NAGM.

We enjoyed desserts at the Crysttal Palace restaurant.It was an evening to remember.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Surat RT 135

Fellowship: Surat RT 135 / Ganpati Darshan

Ganpati Darshan & Fellowship @ Has#tag Cafe

It was the festival of Ganpati and Ganpati had not just entered the town and our houses,but also our hearts.

The SRT 135 and SLC 72 family gathered at Tr.Ashish and Cr.Nisha’s residence to worship the eco friendly tree Ganpati.

This Ganpati was special as it was made with mud and clay with seeds inside and so it was a future tree.

It feels great to see how being a tabler or a circler makes you so conscious and responsible towards the environment.

We all did the mangal aarti together and delicious prasad was relishes by all. Twinklers enjoyed a lot.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Surat RT 135

Dusshera Celebrations @ Gandhidham RT 254

Dussehra ( Ravan Dahan)
Day celebrated as win of good over evil.

Grt 254 continues celebrating festival fellowship  mode after Janamasthami, Navratri and now its turn for Dussehra.

A lot of ideas came in our last meeting to celebrate this festival but our chairman Tr Rohit took the initiative to celebrate it by making a handmade Ravan and bursting  this at his home rather than going to some ground to see Ravan Dahan. Rohit & Bhavna used almost entire day in the making of Ravan. Ravan was filled with huge quantity of crackers but they are filled in such a way that it will not hurt any one at the time of bursting. 7 Tablers families participated in this event at Rohit’s place. Ravan was ready for getting some hits. First some boxing punches from kids after that selfies and flash lights of camera.

Amidst voices of Jai Shri Ram, our brave  twinker Yuvraj lighted fire in Ravan statue and brought end of Ravana. Just a message given to all twinklers if you will follow right path you will be on top of any evil in life.

After that everyone burst crackers with kids. After enjoying cracker show all tablers with  their families left to hotel Kandla inn for dinner. After dinner everyone went to there house by taking a memorable Dusshera celebration in mind and thanking  Round table for giving us bunch of excellent friends.

Tr. Saurabh Bansal
Gandhidham RT 254

Hospet RT 231 have fun at “Picnic on Pedals”

Not just the right tabling, but a chirping relationship with all the Tablers form a Healthy Wealthy Table. For a healthy Table, our Sports Convener Tr.Syed Ammar introduced the smartest idea of Cycling – PICNIC ON PEDALS which was kick started on Sep 11. Munirabad – A splendid green destination surrounded by waters of Tungabhadra was a hot favorite for all. It is almost 12 kms from Hospet. Tablers safely secured with helmets, started at 6:30 AM to have a thrilling experience with their multi speed cycles. As they moved on, the glow of joy was at its brightest as cycling always boosts health. With a breakfast at the end of 80 minute perfect cycling, Tablers were bubbling in joy.

Riding bicycles will not only benefit the Tabler, but the Table as a whole. Along with the performance of the Table & health of a Tabler will be enhanced. 


Tr. Manjunath P M
IT & Blog Convener
Hospet RT 231

“Velocipede” / Fellowship @ Hubli Knights RT 178

“Velocipede” Fellowship

The transition from night owls to early birds was a deceptively easy one. From the stable that produced Nocturnal, rode in another thoroughbred – VELOCIPEDE – the breakfast savaari – an early morning fellowship.

Phones started buzzing at 6am and everybody assembled at 7.30 am. We went to a scenic spot, the highest point in the city of hubli – Budanagudda.
Area chairman Tr. Mahendra Yadav, battling a sore throat still managed to cycle his way up to the peak along with me. Many came on bikes. Tr. Arun caused a sensation with the fun Honda bike which was an instant hit with everyone wanting a ride on it. Special efforts made by our table Chairman Tr. Ankesh in arranging yummy breakfast.

Breakfast, fun, family bonding, mimicry by Cr. Vijetha, a fun sergeants act & strengthening of familial bonds, and getting a stark reminder on the need to save mother earth so that the next generations can enjoy the scenery and greenery.

It was an action packed event, a runaway hit, with an instant demand for more of such fellowships. Everybody had a connect to nature, rediscovering bonds of kinship with mother earth. Kids didn’t want to go back; the journey down was as fun as the journey going up.

A circler’s family connection at the temple – Cr Deepa’s dad was instrumental in getting the temple at the hilltop constructed.

And yes, before signing off, we are going to have an encore soon for those who missed it & for those who want to go again asap. And that, my friends, is worth all the efforts made by all of us at HKRT 178 & HKLC 143.

Yours in Tabling
LMF Tr. Basanagouda Shivalli
Fellowship Convener 2016-17
HKRT 178