1Lakh Sanitary Pad distribution & HRD session by Poona Round Table 15 to the lesser Privileged Girls.

Distribution of ONE LAKH Sanitary Pads and LAPD/Workshop on Menstrual Health and Hygiene
In Phase One of this huge endeavor Poona RT15* distributed around 40000 Sanitary Pads to students of Samata Vidyalaya and Adarsh Vidya Mandir.
An LAPD/Workshop was organised for 510 students wherein a video clip on menstrual health and hygiene was shown to them. At first the students were apprehensive and embarrassed to ask questions, but our volunteers made them feel comfortable and answered all their queries and cleared a lot of myths. Later we  distributed flyers which had do’s and don’ts about this topic that is otherwise considered a taboo. We gave each girl student a year’s supply of Sanitary Pads. 
The event was flagged off by *Round Table India National Secretary Tr. Akshay Duggar* in presence of the School Trust, *Area XV Vice Chairman Tr Kapil Shah*,  *Area XV NON FTE Project  convener Tr Ali Kachwalla*, PRT15 Chairman Tr Promeet Sood  and members of PRT 15.

  National Leadership Conclave by Round Table India

National Leadership Conclave – Exilerate 2018 – 19 Bangalore

This is a very niche training and development courses that Round Table India has every year. It is a 3 day program where we invest in the future of Round Table India. Selected participants from all over the country from Round Table India and Ladies Circle India are invited for this program. This year we have had the presence of tablers from RT Nepal, RT Srilanka and RT Singapore also.
The lead facilitators for the program Himanshu GuptaChirag Sethi andNarender Agarwal left no stone unturned to truly exilerate the participants. 45 days of hardwork for those 3 days of investment in the future. A truly commendable job gentlemen. Special thanks to NVP Piyush Daga for being a guiding force and pillar of support all along.
Impeccable organiaing by the hosts, Area 6. Chairman Area 6 Dheeraj Bajaj, AVC Rajesh Raghunandan and AST Angadd Km were on their toes round the clock. Right from the time we landed till we left, these guys were there making sure there were no hiccups. Can’t thank you guys enough for your support and hardwork.
A big thanks to Vinay AgarwalShyamasis Lenka and Miss Aashta and Disha for the smashing creatives for exilerate.
Any such program needs that x factor. The guests speaker Charu Sharma and Ian Faria were simply amazing. A huge thanks to both of you to come over and share your experiences and guide us.
An event is only a sucess if there is whole hearted participation. All the 40 participants were there with all their heart and soul. I am sure each and every one of you is going to be a huge asset for your organisations and will take back a lot for tabling and life from these 3 days.

Udaipur United Round Table 234 celebrates Independence day with Lesser Privileged Children

This year Udaipur United Round Table 234 decided to celebrate Independence day in a different  style.  The thought was to liberate the kids from the clings of fake black magic tricks played by local Babas.

Ours is a land of mystics and gurus, Swamis and saintsIndia is a country enraptured with religious beings, where stories of miracles seem almost ordinary. Tales of divine intervention float out of local villages, yogis who can lie in roaring fires, healers who can cure the sick with a single touch, Sufi shrines that ward off bad spirits, and Hindu holy men who live for decades without a single drop of water or crumb of food.

But are these miracles truly blessings from a higher being, or simply an elaborate magic trick to attract fame and followers?

If we could free the kids from the mental captivity which has been a part of their upbringing, it would be true freedom.

Table Chairman Sourabh Jain invited the famed magician “Jadugar Karan” to the FTE School at Badi.

After the flag hosting and fabulous cultural programme done by school students the Magician was invited to the stage. The word Magic already had the kids enthralled and intrigued. They were sitting in silence waiting for magician to show them some out of the world things. The magician took the stage and played a few tricks popularly done by the Babas everywhere. Kids were amazed and they simply loved it. Then he explained how these and many other tricks are done by the magicians and other so called saints and how they fool people. He also explained in detail that how one should go beyond just what they are made to see and ask a “How” or “why”.

The programmed turned out to be a great success and was well received by everyone. The tablers felicitated Magician Karan and thanked him for his visit.

Is freedom just limited to physical freedom? A drive to free from every kind of slavery is an utmost need of today. Answer in our opinion is correct education.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

Belgaum Royals Round Table 205 conducts workshop on Inspiring ways of Effective Parenting

Belgaum Royals RT205 completed it’s first LAPD session for the year today “Inspiring ways of effective parenting”. A good turnout on a Sunday morning for a 2.5 hrs session
17 tablers
16 spouses of tablers
28 non tablers
Total 61 heads were enlightened on the topic with some very good takeaways on different phases of a child’s development and responsibilities  of parents during these stages of willing, feeling and thinking.
Session was followed by sumptuous lunch arranged @ Hotel Native.

Poona Round Table 15 organised SELF DEFENSE Workshop for 650 Girls

Poona Round Table 15 organised an LAPD on Self Defence by Seema Sawant (International medallist in Asian Marshal Art Kurash/Judo) for all the girls at Anandrao Baburao Tupe Patil Pragati Vidyalaya.
They were approx 650 girls present for the LAPD.
They were taught various techniques on self defense based on Taekwondo, Judo and Karate. The girls were paired with one another and made to practice the techniques under the supervision of the coaches.It was a great learning experience for all the girl.
Chairman Tr. Promeet Sood, IPC Tr. Devesh Jatia and Treasurer Tr. Kirtti Ruia gave Ms Seema Sawant and her team a certificate and token of appreciation.
With the positive response we got from the students we plan on organizing this event in other schools too.

Calcutta South Round Table 17 Twinklers celebrate Friendships Day by making Seed balls and Playing Games

As part of the National Go Green initiative, 13 of our twinklers, armed with soil and seeds, got down to business and made some seedballs for a fun and evening. There was mud, there were seeds and there was tons of laughter and fun everywhere. The kids did a phenomenal job of making the seedballs – assisted by the tablers and circlers. This event was followed by games for twinklers and fellowship for the parents.

Round Table India Conducts a Personality Development Session for their Members in Nagpur to rekindles the pride of being a Tabler

Charter Chairman of Ludhiana Round Table 188 and Round Table India’s National Facilitator Narender Agarwal was in Nagpur to conduct a Leadership and Personality Development Event aptly titled “A Proud Tabler”.

A man with calm and composed yet authoritative voice had the Tablers of Nagpur city listen to him with rapt attention. Unlike other seminars and meetings where the speaker delivers a speech or is busy in trying to impart knowledge, Narender Agarwal had an interactive session with the Tablers involving every Tabler in the session.

Most of the Tablers of Nagpur city claimed that the session of this Leadership and Personality Development Conclave was definitely very beneficial and enjoyable at the same time.

National Vice President of Round Table India LMF Tabler Piyush Daga, Area III Chairman Tabler Aditya Jhunjhunwala and Area Honorary Tabler Sharad Agrawal played a pivotal role in ensuring that the two-hour session was beneficial to all Tablers in the city.

While talking with the members of the press, Facilitator Narender Agarwal said that this Leadership and Personality Development Events are organized with the sole objective of Developing Leadership, Personality and Professionalism of its own members. Narendra Agrawal said that a number of similar programs are organized at City, State, National and International Levels from time to time.

Since the Tablers who were attending this conclave ‘A Proud Tabler’, included new, old and prospective Tablers, comprehensive details, aims and objects of Round Table India was explained. Concepts of how every Tabler can contribute effectively towards better functioning of the Tables were discussed and explained in this conclave. It was also explained how Round Table provides a platform from which every proud Tabler can be benefited.

Facilitator Narender Agarwal told News Alcove that every Tabler is unique and brings with him certain innate and certain acquired skills, acumen, expertise and knowledge of his own business or occupation. Effectively channelizing these skills and expertise to work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization is all this Leadership and Personality Development Conclave is all about.

Apart from the Tablers of Nagpur Round Table 83, Nagpur Spirits Round Tanle 258 and Nagpur Tigers Round Table 299, Visiting Tabler Pinank Doshi from Mumbai also participated in this Leadership and Personality Development Program.

Pune United Round Table 144 conducts NON FTE and HRD Session on Learning Science Through Experiments

At the onset of this writeup, Poona United Round Table 144 would like to thank Cooper Standard and its team to arrange for a great learning experience for kids of one of our FTE school’s in Pune in Sone Sanghvi on 24th August 2018. 

It was really the first time that these children were exposed to learning science through experimentation covering all fields of science from Chemistry to Physics in a 2 hour long exciting session.

From Litmus Paper tests to creating fake snow using baking soda to learning about parallel and series electrical circuits by doing it with their own hands, it was a superb exercise for them. The children also made their own Flag hoisting stands keeping in sync with the theme of the month. Five experiments were conducted covering all three branches of science.

This event not only created an eagerness among children towards applied science but also reconnected our Tablers with some cherished memories of their school from childhood. We do hope that this small event can lit up hunger towards science in some of these kids who may go on to become renowned scientists for India and the world.

Lakshya – Area XI – TEXT

Text 2018 Report

The Planning and the Momentum of the Text, 2018 which was proposed to be conducted in Mount Abu on 23rdand 24thof June, 2018 was set by the Incoming Area Chairman Ankit Agarwal atleast one month back. The Text Program was named as Lakshya and regularly the flyers and the invites were floated on the E-Groups by the Incoming Area Chairman, Text Convener and the Area LAPD Convener.

Before the actual day, the total number of registrations received were 41. The Lead Trainers, Past President Vineet Parikh and Past Area Chairman, Area XI, Prakash Udeshi were all set for giving us a good learning over 2 days on the various modules designed for the text.

On 23/06/2018, the teams from Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Gandhidham and Jamnagar have left from their centres to reach Mount Abu. Within the journey, all the respective centres had fun and masti and they have reached to the Text Venue around 12 pm.

Thereafter, we started the sessions by lighting of the lamp. The introduction of chairmen and secretaries were done by making the chairmen’s remove their t-shirt and making the secretaries blindfolded and then recognize their respective chairmen. This was the fun loving exercise which were enjoyed by all the chairmen and secretaries on a type of Ice Breaker to create a bond between them. Thereafter, Incoming Area Chairman T.r Ankit Agrawal had introduced all the Chairmen, Secretaries and the Conveners of the 10thArea Board of Area 11. He played a wonderful video of his board members which was applauded by all.

Thereafter, he has shown a motivational video as to why the name of the event was Lakshya. The said video was highly appreciated by all of them. The ultimate objective of the Tabling Year 18-19 was to RISE UPand also aim, inspire and achieve to the desired Tabling Goals. Thereafter, we have organized an introductory games wherein introduction amongst the participants were done by undertaking the activity called Jungle Circus. The debrief of this activity was that Jungle is your home table and Circus is on Area or National. You will enjoy in your own Jungle but when you will go to the circus you will meet different types of people and you can also find and make them friends for life.

At 03:30, we had a break for lunch and thereafter we gathered for a group photo wearing the Text T-shirts. The Team Building Exercise cum Energiser was then conducted by Area LAPD Convener Tr. Swaraj Lahoty. Then the whole team were gathered back to the main hall where an important facet called Public Speaking were discussed with all the Chairmen so that they can smoothly communicate the thoughts loud and clear in front of the whole floor. Few Chairmen were nervous while speaking but slowly and gradually they have gained confidence. 

Thereafter, the Trainer Sq. Leg Prakash Udayshree had conducted hot seat / mock meeting with the Chairmen and Secretaries discussing the Real Table Problems and Practical Case Laws of the situation which can come up during their Chairmanship. 

After the Tea break at 7 pm, National LAPD Convener T.r Moriya Philip had conducted project module giving clarity over important aspects of the grants and donations given by the Round Table India Trust and Round Table India Foundation available to all the tables doing school projects during Tabling Year 2018-19.

The Fellowship started at 9 o’clock in the evening and where the music, jokes, songs, laugh, masti continued till 3 am in the morning.

After the breakfast, the Trainers have discussed the Secretary’s Module with the Incoming Secretaries of the Area and the Session was concluded at 11 am. The Incoming Area Chairman Tr. Ankit Agrawal had given vote of thanks and presented gifts as a token of love and affection to all the Trainers. Overall, the Lakshya of creating a Team Bonding and Setting-up a gear for the next year was achieved.

Thanks & Regards.

Yours in Tabling,

T.r Ankit Parikh,


Area – XI,

Round Table India.