Poona Round Table 15 joins hands with Indian Army for Kerala Flood Relief

We at Poona RT15 are happy to announce that we have taken the help of the Indian Army to transport all the relief material to the flood affected areas in Kerala.
Two Truck loads  (Approx 3.5-4Tons) of relief items worth approx Rs 6- 6.50 lakhs* such as sanitary pads(Nos 17000), Mother’s Recipe Ready to Cook food packets(250kgs), food grains (approx 800kgs Dal, Rice, Pulses), cooking oil, toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, biscuits, diapers, medicines, milk powder, mineral water(1500 liters) and steel utensils(Nos 350) were sent to the Southern Command in Pune.
It was a pleasure to have Area XV Chairman Tr Darshan Kabra who along with PRT 15 Chairman Tr Promeet Sood and PRT15  IPC Tr Devesh Jatia flagged off the trucks to the Southern Command.
We would like to thank the students of Vivero International Pre-School and D.A.V. Public School for their collection drive. We are grateful to 41ers Club 112 who donated generously towards this cause.
A big shout out to all those who donated wholeheartedly as this would not have been possible without your help.
Great efforts have been put in by Shruti Jatia, Garima Ruia, Tr. Kirtti Ruia, AVC Area XV Tr Kapil Shah, IPC Devesh Jatia, Hitesh Kering and NHT Abhishek More to get this Project on the road.

Round Table India – Area 13 sends Relief Material for Coorg Flood Victims.

Round table India – Area 13 conducted a massive relief operations for Flood victims in Coorg. Puthari FPO, is one of the relief camps recognised by DC of Coorg to look after the relief works in Virajpet which is one of the 3 taluk of Coorg.

What they do– relief materials are stocked in Puthari FPO. Volunteers have identified nearly 100 places were people are stuck or lost their homes. They ration out materials for 3-4 days depending on no of people and requirement. As most places are inaccessible they have to take materials in smaller vehicles.Relief operation is looked by Bhandari sir, special officer, Indian army and it was an honor to meet him personally and chairman & Directors of Puthari FPO.

Vehicles- canter (from bangalore , area 6)

Bolero camper & bolero.

Cost- relief material worth around 3 lakhs

Materials- rice, dal, sugar, salt, milk , water, blankets and many more.

Future requirements – they will let us know. We willingly stepped ahead to rebuild schools which were affected due to flood. They look forward for our collaboration with NABARD.

Special Thanks To:

Tr. Dheeraj Bajaj, Chairman, Area 6

Tr. Angad, AST, Area 6

Krushi Agro, and all Tablers & people who have contributed for this.

Initiated by Tablers of Area 13, RTI

Supported by Tablers of Area 6, RTI

Tablers At Project:

Tr. Mahesh C.V, Area project convener

Tr. Jai Prakash Chopra, project convener, MERT 256

Tr. Ravi Kumar, AST, Area 13

Assam Flood relief – RTI Kicks in to action spearheaded by Area 14


This image launched tables across India to action ! Leadership was showcased at every area level and table level.

Tr Manish Golyan, AC Area 14 , WhatsApped on the National Groups on the dire situation of flood affected areas; quickly sprung in to action and gave a clearly defined ask in the National groups. The programme was to distribute relief kits at a cost of Rs 1000 / kit. Tables and tablers started pouring in funds and the tablers of Area 14 swung in to action.

National President, Tr Suman Voora sent out an appeal across India stating :

“Tablers of Area 14 are spearheading a direct contact program where the flood relief material will be sourced and distributed to the affected people in Tinsukia, Dibrugarh and Kaziranga regions during this weekend.

Lets all join hands together and help the people in need. I request you to spread the word and contribute towards this cause. Your smallest contribution will make a big difference.”

As I write this blog, the following photos of the relief programme have reached us.

I for India – God Bless RTI and the tablers who are working effortlessly to the betterment of humanity

Proud to be a tabler,

GLMF Tr.  Mohan Kannanthodath, 

Ernakulam Roundtable 214

National Blog Committee Member, 2015-16

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