Salem RT 28 @ Area 7 AAGM

Salem Round Table 28 Fellowship at the Area 7 AGM – EPIC INDEED!!!

This Area AGM of Area 7 was named EPIC! And it truly was. The Area AGM was hosted by Tirupur 117 and Ladies Circle 44. For Salem Round Table this Area AGM was special in many ways.  Firstly it was at Tirupur the last Area 7 Chairman from Salem Round Table 28 gave up his Chairmanship and this was the very 1st AGM that the Incoming Area 7 Chairman Tr. Subbu attended. It was indeed an honour to be part of this Area 7 AGM where you fellow tabler takes up the prestigious post of Area Chairman. I can confidently say that not many tablers would experience this.

It started with the house party hosted by the 41ers at Tr. Manoj’s residence. I must say that I was wonderstruck with the arrangements. Simple and Elegant is the best way to describe the décor. The food was fantastic and the 13 of us that attended had a fantastic time.

The next morning Tr. Velkrishna who played host to all of us prepared a breakfast which was fit for a king. For many of us who are not used to having Non Veg during our Breakfast this was a different experience and a real treat.  We then went to the Hotel Poppy’s where the AGM was schedule to happen. After attending the workshop we attended the well organized AGM and finally after Lunch it was time for the Change of Jewel.

The Outgoing Chairman gave his Speech and Outgoing AST Amol a power packed Presentation. The Incoming Area Chairman gave his speech and then released the PIN and Flag. The Theme for the year “BORN TO WIN” was communicated by a motivational video of all the World’s greats.  The full Moon party at Tr. Ankur’s Farmhouse will not be forgotten for a long time. It had a breakfast counter to cater to the late nighters.

We attended the 1ST AEX the following morning and then after a superb brunch with a live band we returned to Salem with many memories of yet another fantastic Area AGM of Area 7. It was EPIC Indeed!

Kamalesh P
Chairman – SRT 28 (2016 – 2017)


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