Varanasi RT 196: ALOHA-II Theme Fellowship

Fellowship: Theme Party ALOHA – II

5th of July 2014 is a date that shall be written in golden words in the history of VRT 196. One of the most joyous fellowship party ALOHA-II was organized at our Tr. Siddarth Guptas residence by the swimming pool.

All those present were clad up in what I call hawaain sort of printed shirts and women in dresses. The entire atmosphere of the party was Goan sort of theme. There were play toys, soft balls and etc. to play with in the swimming pool.

It was just a matter of few minutes that we all got back to our respective child hood modes and started having fun like absolute carefree. This is the beauty of tabling and such fellowship parties that takes us completely into another world where its all about happiness and bonding.

The swimming pool water was squashed all over, no one cared, because every person present there was enjoying their first playful summer pool-side party.

There were several meticulous details if we see that were taken care of very well by our fellowship convener Tr. Tanay Goenka who arrived several hours prior to the event and as usual rocked the show with perfect theme based decoration.

There were a few non-swimmers too but it was great to see their active involvement in the party and not shying away from the swimming pool.

One of the major vote of thanks goes to Tr. Siddharth Gupta and his wife Shivani for re-hosting ALOHA and their extreme passionate nature in which they welcomed the entire table at their residence.

All in all it was a great party with great people. Cheers to Round Tale India!!



VRT 196

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LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)

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Ludhiana RT 188: School uniforms distributed to under priviledged kids


LRT188 & LLC110 gave away School Uniforms and Shoes to 252 kids of Govt. Middle School, Giaspura on 22nd July, 2014. The kids comprised mainly of girls who were thrilled to receive their new school uniforms and shoes. The event was very meticulously organized by the school authorities who have a new spring in their feet esp. after the inauguration of their New 3 Classroom Block built by ROUND TABLE INDIA in April 2014.

The school has been progressing very fast and promises to be one of the leading Govt schools of Punjab.

LRT188 and LLC110 also encouraged kids to take up tree plantation in their school and their neighborhood.

Tr. Jitesh Jain

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LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)

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Ahmedabad RT 199: Kitchen Garden

11th may 2014

AFRT 199 Chairmen Tr. Vivek Goenka & AFLC 111 Chairperson Cr. Shailja Goenka initiated a new concept for Community Service Activity & under GO GREEN.  They suggested that in today’s time when prices of vegetables are rising so fast it would be a sensible thing to provide a Kitchen Garden to an old age home.

The table & circle liked the concept. It was decided to implement it at Ahmedabad Jeela Samaj Kalyan Sangh, Old Age Home in Odhav area in east Ahmedabad.  Organic Kitchen Garden is a concept in which plants like basil, oregano, green vegetables are able to mature in a healthy manner with minimal input from humans. You just need a layer of soil, add the plant refills, and then the natural elements water & sunlight will do the rest. An Old Age Home is an ideal location for this concept wherein the inmates keep themselves busy and fit with the gardening process using natural manures. It keeps them engaged in taking care of the plants in their spare time & in return it provides them with fresh vegetables & saves on their daily expenses. It is beneficial to them in the long as well as short term.

At present about 200 ft of kitchen garden has been set up which shall benefit the 30 odd inmates of the old age home. The inmates here are from the age of 60 to 99 years old.

On Mother’s Day (May 11, 2014), a group of 30 Tablers, Circlers and Twinklers, reached the old age home to dedicate the facility to them. The facility was inaugurated by the oldest lady there who was 99 year old! It was great interacting with the ladies who seldom have visitors. The fact that we could be with them on Mother’s Day, made it more special. Then we served them breakfast. The event was well covered in leading gujarati daily ‘gujarat samachar’ & in ‘rajasthan patrika’.

LMF Tr Amit Garg,

Secretary & Project Convener, AFRT 199

Kitchen-Garden-1 Kitchen-Garden-2


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LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)

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On 20th july, Siliguri RT 220 tablers were all hypercharged post the morning nonstop community projects. It was time now for some masti and fellowship, and what better way than just laughing and smiling away in the evening. We did a fund raising activity through a Comedy show by  the famous standup comedian Amit Tandon, at Summit Hotel milestone on 20th July 2014.

We had a gathering of more than 250 guests who thoroughly enjoyed the comedy session. There was also a live band and an instrumental show after the comedy show.  All this was followed by a spread of buffet dinner from Summit Hotels which was well appreciated by all.

The event was a huge success and we received lot of compliments from our guests. The commissioner of police Shri Jagmohan was also present who appreciated the efforts of Round Table and wished us all success.

Tr.Dhiraj Golyan

Secretary Siliguri RT220(14-15)

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LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)

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Siliguri RT 220: Health and Eye check up camp & Blood Donation Drive


Friends it was sheer pleasure and pride  to conduct this camp. This was a unique mega health camp done to benefit the men in Khaki. We checked up over 500 policemen, police women and their families. Round Table India was very well appreciated by the police commissioner and the police fraternity at large.

They really appreciated the good work being undertaken by Siliguri Round Table 220. We gave away free medicines to the patients. Much of the medicines were sponsored by Apollo mediscience.

There were a team of specialised doctors including child specialist,  gynaecologist, general physician, surgeon, pulmonologist,dentist and    dermatologist .We were indeed blessed to have a team of doctors working selflessly and dedicated to the    service of people at large. We salute their commitment and devotion.

We had a team of four doctors from Greater Lions eye hospital . They had also come with their multipurpose testing mobile van. They diagnosed around 230 patients and also gave away some free spectacles to a few patients. We could see many people queued up in front of the chamber as the diagnosis of Greater is supposed to be one of the best in the town. Special mention of Tr.Nitin and Tr.Pawan ag for managing the show so well.

Siliguri and North Bengal region is facing an acute shortage of blood. We salute the   efforts of Terai Lions in this endeavour and also the Siliguri Metropolitan Police who readily agreed on doing this camp at this crucial juncture. It was commendable to see the people from the police force to come up with so much of enthusiasm and be a part of this noble cause. Many of our tablers also came forward to donate blood and did so happily as ever.  It was truly a day well spent with great friends.

Tr.Dhiraj Golyan


Siliguri RT220(14-15)

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LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi

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How about ‘em New Member Kits?

Tablers of Round Table India,

Greetings from the Extension Team,

For Round Table India to Grow one of the Primary need of the Hour is Extension.

Both Internal and External Extension are equally important to grow Exponentially

To Grow Exponentially we will need every Area Chairman, Area Extension Conveners, Table Chairmen, Table Extension Conveners and each and Every  Floor Tablers Support…

To Help this we at the Extension Have Revamped the New Meber Kit from immediate Effect.

Heres a Glimpse of the Same.



The Cardboard Box is replaced with this Bag which every New Tabler can carry otherwise also and Publicise Round Table India and what it does..


Each New Member Kit will a Round Table India Induction Certificate Laminated and Framed which a new Tabler Can proudly display in his workplace or Home.


Each New Member Kit will a Round Table India Flag which a new Tabler Can proudly display in his workplace or Home.


The Induction Procedure is Printed and No More a photocopy as in the Earlier case.


We have Introduced A 8GB Flash Pen Drive which will contain the Latest RTI directory and RTI Hand Book along with the RTI Logos, RTI Publicity Videos and RTI Song in Downloadable formats

We have removed the Hard copy of Hand Book and RTI Directory from the New Member Kit


It will also have the Newly Designed Cap along with the Existing Set of New member Pin and the Extension Pin

In Addition to That we will be providing the New Tabler with some Car Stickers and RTI Publicity Brochure for Publicising Round Table India and also some RTI Greeting Cards.


Together Lets Build  A Bigger and Better Round Table India

Thanks and Regards


National Extension Convener

Round Table India


Team Extension 2014-2015

Hamir Sampat  (MKRT 181) | 

Manpreet Raja  (RART 160) | 







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LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)

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To promote the extension of the Association: Area 3 & Area 8


Allahabad RT 192 (Area 8) is looking for prospects in Allahabad for extending a new table. And Area 3 is looking for prospects in the cities of  Aurangabad, Nagpur, Pimpri Chinchwad (Pune), Bandra & Vashi Area in Mumbai. Please help with contact information of prospects who you think will be a great addition to the tabling fraternity.

For Allahabad, forward information to:

For Area 3, forward information to:


LMF Tr Sai Madhukar Rathi (RT 213)

National Blog Committee Member





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