Friend Of a Round Tabler


What is FORT? Who can become a FORT? Why FORT? What are the benefits of FORT? – These are the questions a lot of you will be having in your minds.


Let us try to answer them.

FORT is a Simple TOOL which can be used by a Tabler, Any Tabler (irrespective of the fact whether he is old or new, whether he knows much about tabling or not) to Raise Funds for the Projects done by his Table.

FORT gives a Reason to the Tabler to go and approach an individual or a corporate or another association and ask for Funds for the Projects done by his Table.

We must have heard these questions time and again – “How do I approach someone and ask for money for the projects being done by my Table? Will it look nice? Will he give me the money? What will I tell him? How much should I ask him for? What can Round Table give to him in return? Etc… Etc…”

FORT is the answer to all the above questions.

FORT will give a common pitch to all the Tablers, which they can make to anyone, they want to, for asking for funds for their projects.

Click More Details for more on FORT or contact the National FORT Convenor, Tr.Gopal Chopra at


The PACE meet happened at Golconda Resorts, Hyderabad on the July 12th & 13th. It was an ideal platform for the Incoming Team to bond together and to get to know each other. Tr.Gautham Rao made all neccessary arrangements at Hyderabad.

Check the Pace meet in the album….

Know your Incoming President


This a self introduction of our new president

  • My name is: Ajay Handa  
  • I am (profession or nature of business): Into the business of Transportation & Hospitality  
  • I live in (city): Hubli, Karnataka  
  • I belong to Table: Hubli Round Table – 37  
  • I have been in Tabling since: 1997   
  • I like: Mixing Cocktails  
  • I dislike: Waking up early in the morning / Giving speeches.  
  • I love: To make people laugh  
  • I hate: To be alone  
  • I admire: People who have the courage to follow their heart & intution  
  • I would: Go the extra mile to help someone in need  
  • I would not: Intentionally hurt a friend  
  • My passion is: My dream project…  
  • In my spare time, (outside of Tabling) I enjoy: Golf  
  • For me, Tabling is: An instant passport to Friendship  
  • I think that Tabling could be an even better experience if: We kept our Egos out of it  
  • A quick idea to improve friendship among Tablers is: Home hosting visiting tablers

All time high

This year the the Supply House Sale has been tremendous, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the Convenor, Tr.Satish Jupiter. The sale has touched


Congrats to the convenor and his team who has made this possible. Click Signing off to read the mail from the outgoing convenor.

The Friendship Team

The new Friendship Team is raring to go under the charming president Ajay Handa. The new team will take over at Change over Banquet on July 14th at Vijiyawada. The COB is hosted by VRT 68 and the convenors of the event are Tr.Benil (RT) and Cr.Teena (LC).

To download the list of the Team members, click NEX.

Operation Tsunami

Operation Tsunami – Rehabilitation Initiative of RTI.

We, with a lot of pride , have drawn the curtains to one of the biggest operation in the recent times undertaken by Round Table India. Over 120 schools being built in a stretch of over 900 kilometers is a no mean task, over the last Two and Half Years. ! We helped bring cheer and happiness to over 20000 children in this Tsunami Coast !

The First Commerative Ceremony was held on 26th of June 07 at Hotel Park Sheraton, Chennai. The ceremony was graced by His Excellency, Mr.Surjit Singh Barnala, The Governor of Tamilnadu.


Tr.Sakthivel Raja, National Convenor, Operation Tsunami 2004-06

JPRT 171 – ground breaking ceremony for 18 class room block


Ground Breaking Ceremony of JPRT Block at Rajkiya Uchh Prathmik Vidyalaya, Parasuramdwara, Amer Road, Jaipur was held on 22nd April 2007 at 4.00 PM in the presence of  the National President, Round Table India, Tr. Shivkumar Easwaran  & Area V Chairman, Tr. Rajeev.


the Proposed 18 class room block to be built in 3 phases

For more on the School project and Jaipur Pink City Round Table 171 check thier blog at JPRT 171

Inauguration of Mumbai Mirror RT

The historic inauguration of the Mumbai Table was on Saturday 21 April in Mumbai.

Historic as it took 34 years & 2 great Tablers to make it happen. During my visit to Area 3 last year for the reorganization , I had a dream, I wanted a new table in Mumbai. Area chairman,Vishal & Jassy (the super man) have made it possible.

I proud to inform you all that Mumbai Mirror Round Table was inaugurated with 15 Fantastic tablers, with over 7 prospective’s in the pipe line.

Congratulation to Poona RT 182 for sponsoring this new baby.

I like to place in record my sincere appreciation to

  • Jassy for making this dream come true. THANK YOU JASSY PROUD OF YOU
  • Vishal, AC this is leadership at its best
  • Tablers of Area 3 for attending the inauguration in large numbers
  • Ajay, Vp
  • Gopal, AC 6
  • Himu, Nst (Elect)
  • Salil, National extension convenor
  • Girish, Past president
  • Paresh, National HT Paresh

for adding colour to this historic event.

Regards Let us “Challenge the Limits” & take RTI to the next level.

Tr.Shivkumar Eashwaran, National President, Round Table India