Ahmedabad Extension

Dear Tablers, Greetings to you from your National Board !!We are pleased to inform you the efforts being taken to extend a new Table at Ahemdabad.We need your help in identifying friends and contacts who you think would be keen on joining the upcoming Table.Please forward your references to :-Tr. Satyaurat P Arya (ART 40)
Mobile: 0 98250-05161

Tr. Rajeev Kejriwal (AHRT 193)
Mobile:- 0 94260-11585

Every effort is being made to ensure that the opening of the New Table at Ahmedabad fructifies at the very earliest. Looking forward to hearing from you and your support in making this possible…With ‘A Touch of Friendship’
Jaspreet Singh Kohli
National Convenor Extension (07-08)
Mobile – 0 98220 90445
Email –

The year gone by

The year of all round happenings at HKRT # 178 can be seen in the slide show.

This post is the first contribution by a Tabler directly for the RT India Blog. Thanks Tr.Anand Vikamshi, IPC of Hubli Knights RT # 178 for the contribution.

156 X 156

156156a.jpgMysore Amity RT # 156 celebrates it’s 156th meet on Aug 4th. The Table was chartered in 2001, sponsored by Mysore RT # 21. It is proud moment and let’s wish them the best on this grand occassion.156156a.jpg156156a.jpg


click picture to see invite

Area AGMs Schedule 2007

The schedule of the Area AGMs are

Area 1

Sep 8 & 9


Area 2

Sep 8 & 9


Area 3

Aug 17, 18 & 19


Area 4

Aug 11 & 12


Area 5

Sep 7, 8 & 9


Area 6

Aug 10 & 11


Area 7

Aug 25 & 26


Area 8

Aug 18 & 19


Area 9

Sep 1 & 2


Area 10

Aug 25 & 26


Final NEX Meet

President Tr.Shiv’s final NEX meet was held at Vijiawada on the July 14th preceding the COB. Congratulations, ‘SHIVSONICS‘ for a wonderful year. They sure have Challenged the Limits‘ in all thier pursuits. 

Moments from the meet can be seen below…


Friend Of a Round Tabler


What is FORT? Who can become a FORT? Why FORT? What are the benefits of FORT? – These are the questions a lot of you will be having in your minds.


Let us try to answer them.

FORT is a Simple TOOL which can be used by a Tabler, Any Tabler (irrespective of the fact whether he is old or new, whether he knows much about tabling or not) to Raise Funds for the Projects done by his Table.

FORT gives a Reason to the Tabler to go and approach an individual or a corporate or another association and ask for Funds for the Projects done by his Table.

We must have heard these questions time and again – “How do I approach someone and ask for money for the projects being done by my Table? Will it look nice? Will he give me the money? What will I tell him? How much should I ask him for? What can Round Table give to him in return? Etc… Etc…”

FORT is the answer to all the above questions.

FORT will give a common pitch to all the Tablers, which they can make to anyone, they want to, for asking for funds for their projects.

Click More Details for more on FORT or contact the National FORT Convenor, Tr.Gopal Chopra at gopal@nettigritty.com