A one-of-a-kind Social – Aami Bangali | Kolkata Knights Round Table 293

A one-of-a-kind Social – Aami Bangali!

End of the first quarter was approaching and we at Kolkata Knights Round Table 293 wanted to end it with a big bang and celebration. We organized a social on 22nd Sept 2019 – and like always, we wanted to do something different. Durga Puja was around the corner and we decided to do a social based on the Durga Puja theme.

Preparations took over 2 weeks and we wanted to cover all aspects of Bengal – dressing, food, décor, games, puja, etc. We name our social, Aami Bengali (I am Bengali) and focus was to uplift the tradition, culture, and heritage of Bengal. Dress code of the evening was the traditional Bengali outfit that included dhoti and kurta for men and red-bordered traditional white saree for the ladies. Not only the adults but even kids and babies were dressed according to theme. It was a complete family affair!

Themed games and events made everyone more than happy. The dhunchi dance in front of Ma Durga’s idol was the main attraction of the night. All couples took part in this amusing dance with prizes being awarded to the top 3 couples. People danced their heart out to enjoy the mood of the night


Another exciting part of the event was the déjà vu wedding where everyone got married to the same partner once again! It was a chance for everyone to renew their wedding vows and celebrate the auspicious event. A pandit was around chanting the mantras and all this added more fun to the overall event.


At the end of the event, the happy faces and cheerful laughter of the guests said that our efforts did not go in vain. It was a fun-filled Bengali family social!



National President’s visit to Chikmagalur Round Table 164

On September 17th 2019, It was our honour to receive our Round Table National President Tr. Piyush Daga, and to be inspired by his ambitions & goals for tabling.


A Short Nature Trip to Begin With


It is our Chairman Tr. Nishchit’s dream to make every tabler who visits us to enjoy the amazing place we live in, that is Chikmagalur. Nestled among the hills of western ghats, Chikmagalur is the source of 5 great rivers, some amazing wildlife & also the location of Mullayanagiri, the highest peak of Karnataka. It is a much treasured lung space, in the fast changing, city loving world. As soon as Piyush & our Area Chairman Tr. Vinod Pinto arrived, we took them to Mullayanagiri, the crown jewel of our town. The valley views from the top of Mullyanagiri are breath taking. The monsoon climate only makes this place all the more beautiful with clouds covering these hills like a snow-white blanket. After spending some time atop the hill, it was already sundown and time to get back. Piyush later reiterated, that it was an amazing experience to have been on top of the mountain.





Back to Civilization


It was sundown by the time we reached Chikmagalur Golf club, the venue for the evening feast, where the rest of the tablers awaited to greet the guest of honour for the day. Greetings were quickly exchanged. And We all retired to the meeting hall.

Meeting Called to Order


We held a table meet wherein we discussed many key areas where we can improve tabling.

National President Tr. Piyush Daga in his address to the floor urged all tablers to participate in AEx, NEx, AAGMs & NAGMs more actively. He briefly explained the table national initiative, ‘Flight of Fantasy’ and encouraged our table to contribute and participate in this amazing initiative. He enlightened us as to how ‘Employ India’ is fast becoming a major pillar of round table initiatives along with ‘Freedom Through Education’ and again encouraged us to create projects & events around this initiative. To conclude he also informed us that Treasurers Online Module (TOM) is already live on the net & we should start utilizing the same. He thanked us for being an excellent host & concluded his speech.

Area Chairman Tr. Vinod Pinto acknowledged that he is attending his first Meeting with CRT164 & was very happy to be here. He appreciated how tabling has evolved over the period of time & conveners are always coming up with some new ideas. He announced that the 2nd AEx will be held in Hubli in November with Hubli area as well. At the end he thanked for the Chikmagalur Tablers gracious hospitality.

Area Secretary Tr. Vinay & SMART266 Chairman Tr. Rakesh also spoke on the occasion, congratulated us on the great work we from CRT164 are doing, and wished us best of luck in the future.


Chairman Tr. Nishchit addressed the visiting guests including the guest of honour Tr. Piyush Daga and thanked them on behalf of the entire tabling fraternity of Chikmagalur Roundtable 164 for gracing us with their presence & enlightening us with the current on goings of tabling.


It was agreed to defer all other routine business to the following meeting to make time for the much anticipated fellowship event.









The meeting was followed by an evening of some great friendship & camaraderie. The tablers were joined by their spouses for the fellowship. It was an electrifying night with some foot thumping upbeat music. The fellowship went on well into the night. It was a night to remember with lots of great interactions & laughs.



Tr. Devanandan K V


CRT 164

White Cane Day Blind Walk | 15th OCT 19 | Guntur Round Table 86

It’s truly a privilege & honour to support the noble cause for the betterment of visually impaired children in joining hands with them and walking the mile… the atmosphere was just ecstatic with the active participation, cheering of the kids… the team of the RT86 have been up from the morning assisting and organizing the event to make it  eventful.

White cane rally and its association with Guntur Round Table have been very productive over the years in spreading the message and creating awareness of the harmful effects in using plastic. The event had been graced by the GLC39, Samarthanam Trust, GRT86 team and the stars of the show are truly the active participation of 400 visually paired children and their energetic performance.


Tr. Surendra Sriram

Community Service convener 2019-20

Blog Convener 2019-20

Guntur Round Table RT86

Indoor Planetarium Show for 1300 FTE School Students in Jaipur | JAIPUR ROYALS ROUND TABLE 215

Indoor Planetarium Show for 1300 FTE School Students

  • Show done at 4 FTE Schools
  • Over a period of 5 Days.
  • Impacting 1300 Students

In our 4th Business Meet of Jaipur Royals RT 215 for the Year, the whole table was having a discussion about how can we provide the student at our FTE School more value & learning?


We have provided the students with excellent infrastructure, how do we give them an unforgettable experience. Amongst the various discussions, an activity clearly stood out. Once the activity was described to the floor, we could clearly see, all the faced were lit up. We had found an activity with a lasting impression.

An Indoor Planetarium show for our FTE School Students. The children would not have to take leave from the school, would not have to leave the premises. They could experience a planetarium, in their own campus


We pitched the idea to our sponsors and they were more than happy to join hands with us for this novel activity. So with the help of Dynamic Cables, JRRT 215 organized an indoor planetarium show for our FTE School


It was an amazing experience for students, who had never known about the wonders that exist above and beyond our blue skies.

We can proudly say that we have inspired all 1300 students who saw the show and we would not be surprised to see if the fire ignited by us, results in some of them being future astronauts for India and making the whole community proud

Tr. Ashish Porwal

Secretary – Jaipur Royals RT 215 (2019-20)

Area XII

Round Table India




VRT 77 took part in a community service initiative where we distributed 85 school bags and shoes to all the children of one of our FTE schools , Karasa Muncipal school . The kids were overjoyed by the gesture and thanked us repeatedly. The happiness on their faces spoke volumes which made us feel very content . We had good numbers , about 10 of us in attendance . We also distributed biscuits and interacted with the kids .

They were so happy by the end of it and at the end of the day that’s what counts . Special mention to Tr . Inder and Nehal for sponsoring the bags and the shoes and a shout to all the tablers who made it and another special mention to our AVC Tr . Ashish too for being there for the event . Another good deed done to start off our day .



This planting event was among our most popular with roughly 10 participants each at 41 police stations located in Erode district, Tamil Nadu and 1000 tree saplings planted in a single day within an hour.

The energy of the event’s participants was undeniable. Erode District Honourable SP. C. Sakthi Ganesh along with Erode Spice RT 211 inaugurated the plantation at Erode SP office and done simultaneously at all stations of Erode district and in the remembrance of this occasion permanent board was fixed in all stations with our RTI & ESRT logo.

The police troop and local people were so excited to breathe new life into a section of their locality. We gathered to begin our event. It was heart-warming to see how passionate they were and the knowledge they had about the importance of trees.

It was the energy passion and the warmth of our Honourable SP Sakthi Ganesh made this planting event a huge success.


Thank you.

Yours In Tabling

LMF. Tr. M. Selva Kumar

Erode Spice RT – 211

FLIGHT OF FANTASY | Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158, Madras Metro RT 95 & Madras LC 70


Organised by Rajapalayam Sivakasi RT 158, Madras Metro RT 95 & Madras LC 70

As early as 3.30 am on 25th of September 2019,  20 Kids of N.P.S.P.A.R Rathinavilas School, Sivakasi woke up to start their Journey to Madurai to board their first ever Flight experience to Chennai.

The excitement level was at the peak. We had provided a Sling bag with RTI Logo and a few Snacks, Packed Home Cooked Breakfast and basic necessities for their Travel in the Aircraft. They departed from school at 4.30 am along with their HM from the primary school and the HM from the secondary school & reached the Madurai International Airport where they were welcomed by the Manager of the Madurai Airport.

He gave the kids a Safety Briefing and also explained the different areas in the airport and he was beside us helping at every stage of the process till boarding the Aircraft. We also took a Photo just before boarding the Aircraft along with the Airport Manager. We boarded the aircraft which was a Bombardier Q400 Rotary Blade Aircraft. The Kids were Happy, and looking at their bright and happy faces made us even more happy. We were Airbourne and the kids were so surprised to see the world from above and from inside an aircraft. The captain during his briefing personally welcomed all the kids on their Maiden Flight Journey and also spoke about Round table India. On landing in Chennai the whole crew and the Captain stood with us in front of the aircraft for a photo.

We all had reached the Airport and the kids were stunned to see the number of Planes parked at the airport as this was the first time they had seen so many aircrafts form such a close distance. We were welcomed by the Tablers of 95 & Circlers of 70 just outside the Arrival hall and also we had about 20 + Reporters and media Journalists waiting to get the glimpse of the Kids coming out of the Airport for the 1st time. The Press had taken interviews of a lot of students asking them about their 1st time experience and also interviewed the Chairman of 95 Tr. Vijay and Project Convenor of RSRT 158 Tr. Ashish Bardia. After all the press coverage we left for VGP Universal Kingdom in a coach & had some Snacks on the way. We took the children to the Snow World at the VGP universal Kingdom and the kids had experienced Snow and such cold temperature for the First time. They Enjoyed a lot playing and sliding and throwing Snow Balls…. Then we had arranged for their Lunch which the Kids loved and in no time they were done with their lunch because they wanted to explore the whole of VGP Kingdom.

Later on they proceeded to the Newly built Aquarium which is an Underwater Tunnel Aquarium. The kids loved the wide varirty of fishes that they had to offer and to some up a few Black Tail Sharks, Octopus, Clown Fish and many other salt water and fresh water fishes. After the breath taking visit from the underwater tunnel we has a few minutes to rest before we started our journey back to the Airport. We reached the Airport to find that the Aircraft by which we were travelling has been changed to a Boeing 737 Jet. The kids were so excited to hear the news and they felt proud that they would be experiencing two different kinds of Aircrafts in this trip. We landed in Madurai to be greeted by the Ladies, Sq.legs and Tablers of RSRT and a huge Press waiting to get the glimpse of the Kids who said that the aeroplane experience had taken away all the tiredness and they were very enthusiastic to share the experience with their Parents. We had arranged dinner for the Kids at the Canteen Area of the Madurai Airport and then they proceeded towards Sivakasi. The Parents were eagerly waiting for the Kids to return. A few parents came an hour before the given time to hear the kids speak out their Dream experience of the FLIGHT of FANTASY.



FREEDOM DRIVE – An infinity road to Fellowship! (An initiative by Varanasi Elite Round Table 278)

FREEDOM DRIVE – an infinity road to Fellowship! (An initiative by Varanasi Elite Round Table 278)


Freedom Drive is an infinity road to Fellowship. It is one of those initiatives that demand you to come out of comfort zone and meet new roads and people. It is one of those things that opens new horizon for a tabler to exchange new ideas and create lifetime bonding with tablers from other cities.

Another beautiful feather to Freedom Drive is ‘Friendship Basket’. Tablers from table which initiates Freedom Drive contributes their hard earned merchandise, pins and other belongings they collected in recent years. These goodies are arranged in a basket which is being exchanged with goodies when we visit tablers from other cities. All exchanges are auctioned and money collected is used in various FTE and Community Service activities. It is a great gesture by tablers to part from their earned things and contributes to our society.

On that note, we would like to share our experience of FREEDOM DRIVE.

Date Initiated: 18.09.2019

Tablers: Tr Vivek Mittal, Tr Shishir Nagar

Day 1 Route: Varanasi – Sitapur – Lucknow

Day 2 Route: Lucknow – Kanpur – Varanasi


Day 1:

06.30 am: Tr Vivek Mittal & Tr Shishir Nagar Freedom Drive started from Vinayak Plaza, Maldhaiya. Drive was launched by Tr Deepak Maheshwari, Tr Varun Mundra & Tr Aakash Deep. Friendship Basket was filled by Tr Abhishek Pathak, Tr Shishir Nagar, Tr Vivek Mittal, Tr Varun Mundra & Tr Vivek Mittal. They had a fun trip to Sitapur with lots of interaction and munching.

03:30 pm: Freedom Drive halted on outskirts of Sitapur where Tr Yugesh Sethia welcomed us with a rose and chocolates. A signature welcome that Yugesh does!

04:00 pm: Freedom Drive reached Sitapur and we were greeted by all Sitapur tablers. We all united at a hotel of a tabler and we were welcomed over sumptuous snacks. Sitapur Round Table 318 is famous for being amazing host and we had a chance to experience that. We were greeted with many customised gifts, merchandise and a goodies basket. And we also exchanged pins with each other, a token to remember our Fellowship for lifetime.

07:00 pm: Our Freedom Drive reached Lucknow. We were welcomed by 3 Tables at Golf Club. Special thanks to Area Chairman, Tr Suyash SN Kapur and Area Felcon Convener anf also National Twinning Convener, Tr Aviral Jain for joining in and making it more special. We interacted, exchanged goodies from Friendship Basket and had a gala time together. But they say when you are in Lucknow fellowship does not end on low notes.  – Tablers from SRT 318 also joined in.


Day 2

09:00 am: Early morning Area Vice Chairma, Tr Khushal Bhargava who could not join us last evening hijacked us from Hotel and took us to Sharmas’ for delicious Samosas, Butter Bun and tea. Tr Yogesh Mulwani from LMRT 255 also joined in. We enjoyed our early morning interactions and also exchanged goodies from Friendship Basket.

10:00 am: It is a small world. In hotel we happened to meet Tr Siddharth Goel from SRT 298 (Shahjahanpur). We enjoyed our short time with him and his 1 year old daughter.

02:00 pm: We reached to Kanpur. And we were already been asked by our National Past President, Tr Dhruv Dalmia to visit his home. We enjoyed our interaction at his beautiful home. We also exchanged goodies from Friendship Basket. It is always so nice to get back to most humbled person.

03:00 pm: We met tablers from KCRT 111 at Cawnpore Club. Special thanks to Tr Taran Grover, AST, Tr Parampreet, Area Felcon, Tr Suyash Malhotra for taking out time and meeting us. Thus making our Freedom Drive a lot more special. We had fun time over choices of mocktails and delicious lunch. We also exchanged goodies from Friendship Basket.

05:00 pm: They say when you are in Kanpur, you cannot go out of city without meeting Tr Rishabh Jain, Area Past Chairman. We met at his office and exchanged lot of ideas about our forthcoming International event, Divine Cruise. We also revived our memories from YOLO era. It is always great to come back to him and interact.

06:30 pm: We started our journey back to Varanasi with some beautiful memories created. On our way back home we exchanged our experiences of first Freedom Drive.

12:30 pm: We ended our Freedom Drive at Tr Shishir Nagar’s home with a promise to make next Freedom Drive even more grand covering whole of Area VIII and beyond.

We believe one transforms a lot during the course of Freedom Drive. You break all shackle of your comfort zone, you exchange ideas and gain lifetime friends. All in all, you meet a better version of yourself. Let us all pledge to do it once in our tabling career and let us meet a changed person of you.



LMF Tr Vivek Mittal

LMF Tr Shishir Nagar

Varanasi Elite Round Table 278