2 classrooms FTE project by Calcutta Central Round Table 38 (CCRT38) and Kolkata Victorian Round Table 227 (KVRT227)

Subject: Inauguration of Jagatdal Chasma-I-Rahmat High School 2 classrooms.

Venue: Jagatdal, West Bengal.

Date: 29th June, 2019

Jagatdal Chasma-I-Rahmat High School (School) needed the 2 classrooms to
accommodate more students from the local area.

Calcutta Central Round Table 38 (CCRT38) and Kolkata Victorian Round Table 227 (KVRT227) took the initiative to build the required 2 classrooms and also finished it in record time starting from 23.5.19 and finishing inauguration on 29.6.19. The total area constructed was 1050 sq ft. Around 150 children will be benefited from this project. The total cost of the project has come out to Rs.12.06 lakhs.

As we understand, even after 65 years of independence, millions of Indian children have never, ever been to school due to poverty in our Country. Since the year 1996, Round Table India (RTI) started adopting projects, across the country, aimed at providing quality school infrastructure, and then in 1998 this project was formalised and thus born the National Project of RTI- “Freedom Through Education (FTE)”. In pursuit of educating underprivileged children RTI’s focus on infrastructure building is aimed at promoting education for posterity.

For CCRT38 and KVRT227, the School’s 2 classroom project was identified based on the fact that the oldest in the area and there were no good schools nearby.

From CCRT38, Chairman Tr.Amit Soni, Tr.Aditya Shroff, Tr.Aditya Poddar, Tr.Nishant Shaw, Tr.Dewki Khaitan were present at the inauguration. Parents of Tr. Rahul Saraiwala were also present.

From, KVRT227, Chairman Tr. Ayush Beriwala and IPC Tr.Prahlad Kedia were present. From Nationals, National Project Convenor Tr. Hussain Mustafa, National Fund Raising Convenor Tr. Vaibhav Sachdev. From Area 4, Area
Chairman Tr. Manish Lakhotia were also present.

With loads of thanks and appreciation the school headmaster, teachers, students and locals greeted us whole-heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children was a beautiful sight. Now more children can study and get a direction in their lives.

CCRT38 and KVRT 227 also did community service projects in the school by
distributing school bags to the children, GoGreen project by planting trees in the School’s park. Further, we also installed a water cooler at the School.

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