4 Classroom FTE Project by Kolkata Round Tables 17 & 293 along with Kolkata Ladies Circle 27 & 147

4 Classrooms with G+2 foundation and Toilet Block Inaugurated at Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Kanchdiha, West Medinipur, West Bengal, West Medinipur,

Subject:  Inauguration of Saraswati Sishu Mandir of 4 Classroom & Toilet Block

Venue: West Medinipur, West Bengal.

Date:   29th June 2019

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”-

As we all know that education is the most powerful tool that no one can steal. I still remember the first visit to the school and when the students were told that instead of learning in the hut they will now get to go to school in a pukka building . The smiles on the cute faces of children said it all. The vibrations attracted us to make a proper building so that students can study properly.

With the help of an old lady who is an IIT pass out, donated her land for the kids so that they can study and make name for our country. With her help and blessing we started this Greenfield project and looking at the need and future we started the construction. The foundation was done so that we can add two floors in the future.

Around 211 Kms from Kolkata a two and half hour drive from the city we found the school .We did  4 classrooms and a toilet block for the Students at present. The total constructed area is 3205 Sqft at an outlay of 36 Lacs. Currently there are 192 Students Studying but with the building now in place it will grow from the next sessions which happens to be in Jananuary 2020.The school authorities expect minimum growth of 75-100 Students .

The school is located at a very remote village and in the vicinity of around 4 Kms there is no school. The school takes the initiative of bringing the students from there nearby homes in tempo and dropping them too.

With loads of thanks and appreciation the locals greeted us whole heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children were a beautiful sight. Now more children can study and get a direction in their lives.

National Project Convenor Tr. Hussain Mustafa, Area 4 Chairman Tr. Manish Lakhotia, Area 4 Project Convenor Tr. Tushar Agarwal  & Tr.Abhishek Agarwal along with Tablers From RT 293 were present. We had this project jointly done with The Ladies Circle India Circlers from CCLC 27 and KKLC 147 were also there to grace the occasion

We also did a community service by distributing school bags to 192 students which was taken from Regalia.

A one month Ration was also distributed to 150 people to the local village Aadi vaasis.