Unique 2 Classroom FTE Project by Mysore Elite Round Table 256 & Mysore Elite Ladies Circle 141

Date: 29th May 2019.

Venue: Government Primary School, Madahalli, Mysore District.

Area – Area 13.

It’s an immense please to announce the first joint project of FTE CLASSROOM BLOCK from Mysore Elite Round Table 256 & Mysore Elite Ladies Circle 141.

A special applause to our contractor V2SPACE Co., Mysore for the turnkey project of this classroom block starting from the design till the completion of the physical block at Madahalli Village, Mysore District. Mr. Sharath Gowda, Chairman of Mysore Elite Round Table is the owner of the company, V2SPACE.

The bus structure acts as one of the most iconic structure which encourages 75 students at Madahalli Village to study and also this structure aims positively to attract more students to join this Government Primary School and build a better India.

We thank our sponsors “Krishna Farms” to support this initiative. We also thank RTI Assist, RTIT, RTIF for supporting us with the timely funds towards this initiative. We also thank the National Project convener Mr. Ajmal and Area Project Convener Mr. C.V Mahesh for guiding us with the documentary process.

The total cost of this project was Rs. 9,00,000 ( Nine Lakh Rupees Only.)

We invited and were graced by the National Board and Area Board of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India.

  1. National President Ladies Circle Namrata Shenoy,
  2. National Project Convener Ajmal,
  3. Area 13 Secretary Ravi Kumar,
  4. Area 13 Project Convener Mahesh,
  5. Area 13 Chairperson Sangeetha,

Tablers and Circlers At Project:

LMF Tr. Pavan Shroff

LMF Tr. Prem

LMF Tr. Gowtham

LMF Tr. Jai Prakash Chopra

LMF Tr. Arjun

LMF Tr. Sharath

LMF Tr. Dinesh

LMF Tr. Suresh

Cr. Bindhu

Cr. Priyanka Ravi

Cr. Jayanthi

Other Tablers at the Project:

GLMF Tr. Mayur Shah

Tr. Vinay (SMART 166, Area 13)

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