Bombay Round Table 2 donates Benches to school for Lesser Privileged

BRT2 has had a strong history with this School. Over a period of 7 years, this is the third association with the school. In the last 3 phases we have built 16 classrooms covering an outlay of 12000 sqft.
Mr. Pratap Gaikwad is the principal and a trustee of the school. A very educated person and a very responsible person to work with. P&G wanted to do an employee engagement programme at any of the RTI FTE schools. NPC Hussain and AC Aditya Jhunjhunwala approached us and the table along with school immediately identified the project.
The school wanted a retention wall for the playground and also benches. Working out the budget and other logistics we decided to take up a project with 175 length of retention wall and 75 benches. About 40-50 employees of P&G visited the school and physically worked for the entire day to help in
construction of the wall. Once they finished with the works day subsequently we finished the work with contractors and procured benches.
We thank P&G, NPC Hussain and AC Aditya Jhunjhuwala for their support and guidance.

Project Highlights
• Name: Balnandanvan Nisarg Shala
• Location: Dahanu, Palghar
• Project Outlay: Retention Wall and 75 Benches
• Total Cost: Rs.6,00,000/- Approx
• Total Duration: 2 months
• RTI Funds : Rs.5,50,000/-
• Table Funds: Rs.50,000/-
• Students benefitted: 470

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