Fellowship event by Vizag Round Table 77

Tr .Sandeep’s 40th Birthday Bash

Our very own Tr . Sandeep Chowdary achieved a milestone in tabling terms . It was his 40th birthdayon the 26th March 2019 and needless to say we had to celebrate . He’s had quite a storied career in tabling so far with many feathers in his cap . Those who have seen him in tabling from the very beginning are well aware of his accomplishments .   We happened to have our business meeting on that day and being his special day , he generously came forward to host it .

  This was by far one of those meetings where we had the most fun . It was fun because it was a house meeting and we also had a good turn out . House meetings have always been fun because the atmosphere is quite relaxed and chilled out and also because of warmth that you feel in the presence of a fellow tabler’s home .  We had the presence of our 41ers from club 169 also at this meeting .

 The meeting had many highlights apart from discussions on the regular agenda .  There was a LAPD session conducted by Sq.Leg Aanand Khara which mainly focused on games and  activities . The session opened with a number game wherein tablers would call out numbers at random and if any of the tablers call out the same number at the same time , then the game would restart . This game was mainly about clarity , leadership and direction …. We had to restart the game quite often . The next game was a commonality test where tablers were asked to write down a list of all their favourites and the objective of the game was to guess the name of the tabler based on the list of his favourite things (drink ,food , music , TV Show , relative , colour , pastime , hobby etc )  alternatively tablers would be asked what is so and so’s favourite drink , food , music , TV show etc and we would have to guess what was written on the paper it is based on how well we know the tabler

This was an eye opener for us as many of us would think we know friends well but when we play games like this we realize that we need to know them better and in turn we learn something new about them

After this fun game we had  41er Aanand  and 41er Deepak  conduct a team  building activity called JOIN .  We were divided into teams  where we would be given instructions like “8 ARMS , 7 knees , 1 Rs.5 coin , 1 credit card , one doctor”and as a team we had to be quick  and alert in putting all this together and when we were done . We had to say JOIN . The fun part is to see everyone trying to be the team to finish first and the chaos that ensues (haha) . These three LAPD activities were a major highlight and it was so much fun and we look forward to more such activities during our meetings in the future .

 Another major highlight was the Sargenting act . Tr .Vidhan was the sargent assisted by Sq. Leg Shrawan Somani and Tr. Adarsh Joshi / The act  centered around the birthday boy Tr . Sandeep Chowdary where tablers were asked questions by Sq. Leg Shrawan Somani  about Sandeep and his tabling career .   The act was well conducted . 

We had LMF recognitions handed out to Tr. Gurvansh by Sq. Leg Dharminder Singh Anand ( Novi Bhai ) , Tr. Pradyumna by Sq.leg Kiran cheruku , Tr Sritej by 41er Deepak Menda, Tr . Dr . Varun by 41er Aanand Khara  and Tr . Shaad by 41er Dr . Rakesh .  Tr . Shashank was recognized with a  Star Performer Pin by Chairman Tr . Inder and he was pinned by 41er Aanand khara . 


All in all , the meeting went off really well mainly due to active participation of all tablers  . It was meeting full of laughter and a lot of fun .  Twinklers Hardik and Dhruv also actively took part in the games and activities .

 After we closed the meeting we had the cake cutting for Sandeep followed by a sumptuous  meal with delicious dishes which were relished by everyone . A big Thank you to Tr . Sandeep and Sangeeta for hosting us . Looking forward to more fun filled meetings .

Bhoomipujan of 7th FTE project By Nagpur Round Table 83

Bhoomipujan of 7th project of Round Table India by RT 83 Performed in Nagpur
Philanthropy is not a one-time effort. It is a sustained continuous on-going process. Nagpur Round Table 83 has just proved to be truly philanthropists by their sustained efforts in achieving their main objectives. In continuation of their efforts to construct more classrooms for the less privileged children, A Bhoomipujan for the construction of a New Wing at ‘Jivan Shikshan Vidyalaya’ run by the Uday Shikshan Sanstha at Untakhana, Nagpur was performed by Area III Chairman GLMF Tr. Aditya Jhunjhunwala and Area III Vice Chairman Tr. Prateek Pitalia on the 24th of March 2019. Many tablers of Nagpur Round Table 83 had taken out time from their busy schedule to be present on the occasion.
Nagpur Round Table 83 has upheld Round Table India’s initiative of reaching education to the poor and needy. Nagpur Round Table has been in existence for past many years. Year on year by doing charity events and projects they work for their common goal of Round Table India – Freedom Through Education and under which NRT 83 has till date made 7 schools and many other small and big social work which benefited the society in million other ways. Round Table India has tied up with Bajaj Auto Limited and has taken up the mandate of building infrastructure for schools that provide education to the needy and poor across the country.
After identifying this school with its need for a better infrastructure, Nagpur Round Table 83 had built 10 classrooms in the existing school. They have now decided to build two additional classrooms and toilet block for the school. Uday Shikshan Sanstha is an organization that has been involved in the noble work since 1959 here in Untkhana.
Round Table India has been making school in India from the year 1997 onwards and has made more than 6189 class rooms till date in 2588 projects at an outlay of 244.65 Crores which in-turn has benefitted more than 6 million children in perusing their education.
While speaking to Nagpur Today, Aditya Jhunjhunwala said that Nagpur Round Table 83 has grown tremendously. Almost every year they have come up with a new project.
Present Chairman of Nagpur Round Table 83 LMF Tr. Ritesh Saraf said that they have taken up the noble initiative of building infrastructure for those schools which are imparting education to the poor and needy and are in dire need of finances to build more classrooms. According to Ritesh Saraf, their initiative that started in 2000 has kept growing steadily and has added 4-5 classrooms every year.
The tablers who were present on the occasion include Kapil Hirani, Rahul Agarwala, Sandeep Soni, Pankaj Tapadiya, Nilay Verma, Piyush Daga, Nishant Yaduka, Vedant Agrawal

Slain Pulwana Troopers from Bengal honored by Kolkata Evergreen Round Table 63

Project Name : Bhavanjali -Donation for Pulwama attack families of Martyrs.

Location: The silver spring club

Total Cost : 300000

No. of People Impacted : 2

Project Details Families of the martys from West Bengal in the Pulwama attack were present on 5th March at 6PM @ The Spring Club.

Contribution to them was directly done by giving Cheques in favour of –

1) BANAMALA SANTRA (Widow mother of Shaheed Bablu Santra)

2) MAMTA BISWAS (Mother of Shaheed Sudip Biswas)

All fund was directly handed over to the families of Martyrs by the initiative of our Tr.Piyush Agarwal through his portal http://cashlessbazar.com/bhavanjali

Almost 1000+ Guest were Present  and Guest of Honour  Sri Raveendra ji IPS,IGP,WBS,CRPF gave us insight about how CRPF works throughout country and there contribution in each segment was eye opener for all of us


1st School Bhoomipoojan by Solapur Highflyers Round Table 309

SHRT 309’s 1st FTE Bhumi Poojan
_They say the firsts in life hold a special importance_. Indeed true.
On 31st March 2019,SHRT 309 took their first step towards building a school block and adding to the contribution of what Round Table India is known for.
SHRT 309 did its first Bhumi Poojan for a FTE Block at Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Warkari Shikshan Sanstha,Thire,Solapur,a one of a kind musical gurukul for kids.The project is basically involved in making a classroom for the students,who besides their learning at school,will have a place to learn musical instruments ! An added advantage would be the classroom serving not just as their coaching room but also as a shelter for their daily living !!
Before the Bhoomi Poojan, the students gave a welcoming performance of ‘Pakawaj’, a musical instrument for all those who were present for the event.
Besides the taluka head,we also had the presence of Tr.Darshan Kabra(Chairman Area XV),Tr. Ashish Dhole(AST Area XV) and Tr.Prakash Shah(Area XV Project Convener) and tablers from STCRT 150 and SART 187 for the event.
Area Chairman Tr. Darshan Kabra gave Tr.Hrishikesh Nagaokar an Area Super Star Pin for identifying this school and he also gave Tr. Rohan Gala(309 Project CONVENER) a Area Super Star Pin for his dedication towards this FTE project.

Calcutta Midtown Round Table no 113 sponsor free dialysis for 80 patients

“In yet another community service, Calcutta Midtown ROund Table 113 sponsored free dialysis for about 80 patients at Kolkata Swasthya Sankalp, 12 Kyd Street on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of April 2019. Cost of the community service project was INR 60000 /-
Tr Saurav Danwar & Tr Deepak Agarwal visited Kolkata Swasthya Sankalp and monitored the same.”

Flight of Fantasy by Guwahati City Round Table 239, Siliguri Tigers Round Table 274 and Guwahati City Ladies Circle 159

FLIGHT OF FANTASY Siliguri to Guwahati to Siliguri
Round Table India and Ladies circle india in association with Color Mate, through a joint initiative by Guwahati City Round Table 239, Siliguri Tigers Round Table 274 and Guwahati City Ladies Circle 159, have put a smile on the faces of 15 kids from less privileged background by turning their dreams of flying in an aeroplane into reality.
These 15 children were brought from one of the RT constructed  schools of Siliguri, along with two teachers were taken for a round trip from Bagdogra to Guwahati. The kids had a great outing in Guwahati for a day, the Alfresco Grand River Cruise was one of a kind and best experience for the kids.
Together let’s make some dreams come true..