Govt senior secondary school Aakera doongar Inaguration


Projects are the fundamental pillars of tabling in Round Table India and its therefore something which is very close to our hearts as a Tabler. It’s a work in which the whole table puts something or the other and the best part is it’s selfless work which makes it even more fulfilling to see the outcome.It gives us a felling of pride and fulfillment on the day of inauguration of an FTE Project .And that day was today where we Jaipur Royals RT 215 at Govt senior secondary school Aakera doongar built 3 classroom block along with a computer room with 25 computers.

It was our privilege to have both NPC Tr Moriya Philip and NT Tr Akshay Duggar on this auspicious occasion to inaugurate the project . Also AC Tr Abhinav .APC Tr Varun AVC Tr Vinamr and tablers from different tables of Jaipur were present to make the occasion even grander. A small ceremony was kept with started with Saraswati wandana by the School choir followed by lamp lighting at the School temple . Welcome address was given by  chairman Tr Ingit Knadelwal . Which was followed by motivational speeches for the children from all the dignitaries on the Dias.
After which everyone proceeded to the cutting of ribbon ceremony on the classroom gate and Business meet was called in the newly constructed classroom. Everyone was impressed by the quality of work.

it impacts over 5000 students over a period of 10 Years.

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