Inauguration for our Toilet Block by KERT 63

It was a star studded inauguration for our Toilet Block and other amenities project at Uttarpara Union Girls High School at 2.00 pm on 26th Nov 2017.
KERT 63 expresses sincere thanks to the dignitaries Tr.Dhruv Dalmia (National Vice-President), Tr. Vivek Dalmia (Area 4 Chairman), Tr. Manish Lakhotia. (Area 4 Vice-Chairman), Tr. Amit Agarwal (Area 4 Project Convenor) who joined us on a Sunday to attend the inauguration and motivate us to do better. A very warm and feel good reception was accorded to them from the Principal, Trustee, Teachers and the students of the school. It is truly an honour to have had them all at our inauguration.
Facilities provided include :
4 urinals
3 toilets
1 Sanitary Pad Vending Machine
Water Purifier
2 swings & basketball facilities
Lives touched : 800
It has been a good learning experience for us and we look forward to keep doing better in the future also with the active support of the Area & our fellow tablers.

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