Hara Bhara Ludhiana Go green initiative by Ludhiana Invincible RT 202

Size matters and when you have more than 100+ citizens participating in a Plantation drive, the sight is just amazing.
Round Table India 202 executed “Hara Bhara Ludhiana” a unique GO GREEN initiative where Round Table India works with various citizen associations and societies to increase awareness about the environment and plant trees with twinklers. The event was held on 22nd Oct, 5 pm, Gurdev Nagar Park, Ludhiana. Its time to undone the pollution. Its time to teach our kids their responsibility towards mother earth.
Guest of Honor: Sh. Bhupinder Singh Bhinda (Counselor) and Gurdev Nagar Citizen Association.
Along with Round Table India families, the event was also attended by Counselor Bhupinder Singh Bhinda, Sardara Singh Johal Chancellor, Central University, Mrs Anita Darshi PCS Zonal Commissioner MC Ludhiana, Mool Chanda Kumra President Gurdev Nagar Association, and other prominent citizens of Ludhiana. Children were asked to plant trees with the name of the person planting the tree to create a sense of responsibility between the kids and help them learn the value of planting trees in our environment. 8 types of trees were planted.A big turnout as you can see from the citizens and media as well.
Kudos to Try Manish Kapoor for such a brilliant job on this.

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