“Coca Cola Project” at Gondalpara Shastri Hindi High School by Kolkata Victorians RT 227

Health, sanitation, safe drinking water and clean air is the need of the hour for all mankind. Because of our carefree attitude towards mother earth we are forgetting to what mess we are putting ourselves and our future generation into. If we don’t take immediate actions, natural calamities and unknown diseases will slowly start to wipe us and make us history like dinosaurs


Apart from the RTI motto of “Freedom Through Education” we the Victorians keep the
above facets in mind. Nurturing the underpriviledged in villages by building better
infrastructure for schools we also make sure that the institution educates the importance of the above threats to the children.

Coca Cola collaborated with us in spearheading this cause by giving us generously a grant allotment to the tune of Rs 2,50,000. We used this fund by adding Rs 3,52,923 (total Rs 6,02,923) from our own Table fund to construct toilets, playground (badminton court), and water filter for the children in the above mentioned school. Keeping the environment in mind the Go Green Project was also initiated by us by planting saplings in the ground of the school.
This project witnessed National Dignitories like National Secretary Tr. Piyush Daga, Area
Chairman Tr. Vivek Dalmia, and fellow tablers from AREA 4. We thank all of them to make our project successful and specially the Coke Company.
Ankit Budhia
Blog and Non Fte convenor – KVRT 227.

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