#Go Green

September @ 45

Do you know what the prime cause of water wastage is?

Running water while brushing teeth. This is so far the most common habit that people have, leading to wastage of water. Just imagine. Of all the possible reasons, this takes the first rank. Why this is horrific because there is a very simple to avoid it. You definitely don’t need water while you are brushing your teeth. Just wet the toothbrush and turn off the tap. And once you are done brushing you can open it to wash and rinse your mouth and the toothbrush. Brushing is a daily activity that no-one skips doing and if every-one develops the habit of never leaving the tap running then a lot of water can be conserved. Similar school of thought applies for leaving the water running while doing the dishes or while shaving. Research shows that an individual can save up to 20 gallons of water if he shuts the tap when he brushes and just opens it to rinse. 20 gallons. Again I will say 20 gallons.

Many of us use water thoughtlessly. We feel that water is as abundant as the air we breathe and a free swig is available almost anywhere. But fresh water is already a precious commodity in many parts of the world, and as it grows rarer and consequently dearer its true value needs to be realized. It is believed that until water shortages impact more of us directly it is likely that this liquid resource will continue to be poorly managed. However it does not have to be like this. Simple changes in our habits can go a long way. As the cliché goes ‘every drop counts’ and even if a handful of us who are educated or rather well-educated cannot put in our drop than what is the meaning of our being.

This is to request you to join in and do something about it. Let each of us pledge that we will shut the water tap while we brush, that we will shut the water tap while we shave, that we will shut the water tap while we do the dishes. Let us pledge this with sincerity because this is something so simple yet worth so much more. In monetary terms each one of us values 20 gallons – 20 gallons a day. We can 20 gallons worth of difference. Multiply this with our strength nationwide, we can save almost ~100,000 gallons of water each day. Do you know what this figure means? This figure means water for 10 families for one whole month – TEN. (It is believed that the average water need of a family is ~10000 gallons a month.)

Requesting each Tabler to pledge and change their habits.

#Going Green couldn’t have been simpler.


Requesting you to save water,

Yours in Tabling,

LMF Tr. Bharat Agarwal

Bareilly Round Table 45

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