Blood Donation Drive By RTI

#Blood Donation

According to WHO Data, India faces a massive shortage of blood units.

The above statement perplexed me because research reports (medical) show that it is healthy to donate blood as it allows your body to generate new blood. Moreover blood donors have a lower risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Given these statements and the human need to live longer, the scenario should have been opposite and hence my confusion.

Therefore I decided to do a survey to erase my confusion. I organized qualitative interviews at my place of work and at the offices of some of my friends. Sample (N=15) was random and aged between 23 and 35 and the premise of the questionnaire was why doesn’t one donate blood more occasionally. Results highlighted two reasons: lack of knowledge regarding the benefits of blood donation and perceived unhygienic conditions at blood donation camps/ areas.

Now, this information turned my confusion into irritation because the shortage situation was the result of a knowledge barrier.

So after much thought and discussion BRT 45 planned a solution: Education and Blood Donation Camps and therefore, every year BRT 45 organizes a Blood Donation Camp in association with SRMS Group.

Blood Donation (Tr.Nikhil)

Given that there are 300 Tables and the assumed estimate that 26 volunteers other than Tablers will turn up for donation, RTI can help generate approximately 150,000 blood units at the minimum [300 * (26+24)].



Yours in Tabling,

Tr. Bharat Agarwal

Bareilly Round Table 45

Blood Donation (Tr.Ashish).jpg

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