FTE assist Project by Bombay Round Table No. 2

BRT2 completed one more project the year 2016-17. This is the third project of the year and this school
is about 80kms from Mumbai.
ZP High School, Abje is located in Wada with about 170 children out of which 90 were girls. In spite of
that there was no toilet block.
Also basic infrastructure like playground and drinking water facility was absent.
Thus BRT2 took up this project under COKE SMS and built a separate toilet block for boys and girls,
playground and drinking water facility.
Even though the school was far away from city, due to the great need to of school we decided to take up
the project and completed.
Area Chairman Mana Soni was present for the inauguration of the school.
The school organized a beautiful programme at the inauguration.