“Active Citizen Awareness Program”By Hubli Accent Round Table(Project Cum LAPD)

 Hubli Accent Round Table 153 in association with CMCA Hubli, conducted an awareness program on Active Citizenship to the children of BVK Girls School, Lingaraj Nagar Hubli.In this Awareness program we showed a movie to 130 students and 8 Staff members to make them realize and educate them about the basic responsibilities of a citizen towards our Nation. Basic points which were covered,1) Why it is necessary to vote.2) We should take active part in questioning our local authorities for our basic amenities if not provided.3) Taking good care and retaining the government properties by not

   mis-using them.              

4) Keeping our Nation Clean.5) To promote education to their friends who are not going to school. Many other Points were also covered. After the Movie session a question Answer Module was taken. Sweets were distributed to everyone.


We firmly believe that creating awareness by holding such sessions for the children at their Schools will certainly help in the growth of our Nation & in making them a Responsible Citizen. The project commenced on 1st of August 2017 in the presence of Area Chairman Elect, Area X GLMF Tr. Sachin Shah 2017-18, Chairman LMF Tr. Sachin Shenoy, HT Rajesh Bhandari, Tablers, Circlers & Twinklers were present.  

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