Health Check Up & Medicine Donationon “World Senior Citizen Day” By HART 153.

We must find time to stop
& thank the people who made a difference
in our lives…. – John F. Kennedy

August 8, 2017 is celebrated as ‘World Senior Citizen Day’. Most of us pray for a
long life that is healthy and free of disability or disease. But with the aging, our
body becomes weak and loses the taut muscles. We see seniors every day whose
health is being impacted by such issues as multiple medications and illnesses.
However, it is not necessary to spend the retirement days in bed or hospital.Hubli
Accent Round Table 153 & Hubli Accent Ladies Circle 149 conducted Health Check
up at “Vincent De Paul” Home for the Aged, Bhavani Nagar, Hubli for 25 inmates.
The Health Check was conducted by LMF Tr. Dr Pramod Hiremath and Sq leg.
Sachin Revankar. Blood check up, Blood pressure check, Orthopaedic Check and
general check up was taken up by the Doctor Duo.

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1) Medicines were donated to all the inmates at the time of the check up.

2) 2 Numbers of Sugar Check Meter & pedicure kits were Donated.3) Fruits and
Biscuits were distributed to all the Inmates.The project commenced on 8th of
August 2017 in the presence Area Chairman Elect, Area X, GLMF Tr. Sachin Shah
2017-18, Chairman LMF Tr. Sachin Shenoy, Chairperson Cr. Nisha Shah, HT Rajesh
Bhandari, Mentor Bryan D’souza, Tablers & Circlers were present for the project.
Project Courtesy:LMF Tr. Dr Pramod Hiremath Sq Leg. Sachin RevankarLMF Tr.
Tushar Kavalekar

Report By:
LMF Tr. Tushar Kavalekar
IT & Blog/ Projects (Non-FTE) Convenor
AREA X, RT INDIA 2017-18

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