SuryaJyoti – Solar Power Plant

Suryajyothi scheme was introduced this year by the NP Tr Manpreet Singh Raja. The scheme had a grant of Rs 1 Lakh from RTIT under FTE – Assist Scheme and rest was to be borne by the respective tables. RTI, based on survey of their schools decided that a 2KW Solar plant would be sufficient for their FTE Schools.

CM Tr Vikas Bhootra took this opportunity and committed MART 100 to take up this project and make the school self-reliant in terms of power ensure that schools wean away from the conventional power, which are highly polluting. This was a small step from MART 100 towards greener future.

MART 100’s FTE school Panchayat Union Primary School at Mannivakkam was chosen for the same and we were 2nd table nationally and 1st Table in area 2 to inaugurate the solar project during the RTI week on 16th November, 2016.

The inauguration was attended by the Area Chairman  Tr Akshay Dugar,  CM Tr Vikas Bhootra,  Treasurer Tr Shravan Fomra alongwith the principal Jancy Rani and other local representative from the panchayat union The 2KW solar power plant has been operational for over 6 months now, without any issue. The school is paying nothing for electricity used till date.