Salem Metro Acme RT 175 & LC 91 build 3 classrooms

3 classrooms built by Salem Metro Acme RT 175 and LC 91 @ Champion Nursery and Primary School.

On 12 March 2016, we at Salem Metro Acme Round Table 175 and Salem Metro Acme Ladies Circle 91 inaugurated 3 New Classrooms at Champion Nursery and Primary School.

Champion Nursery and Primary School is a private school started in 2015. The school is located at Chekkadipatty Village approximately 50 Kms from Salem and provides free education to orphan and semi orphan children. The school collects only government prescribed fees from rural and tribal students. The school’s only aim is to offer quality education for the benefit of the orphan and rural students.

The objective of the project was to build 3 classrooms which is expected to significantly increase school attendance and improve the quality of education benefitting approximately 100 schoolchildren by creating smart learning environments. The impact of this on the community will be that the students have better environment for them when they are studying which will motivate them to come to school and excel in their curriculum.

The project is done with contribution from Champion Nursery and Primary School, SMART 175, SMALC 91, RTIF and RTIT.

The Inauguration and handover ceremony was held on 12.03.2016 in the presence of TR.Suman Voora (National President, RTI), CR.Veda Bestin (National Secretary, LC), TR.Chirag Vora (Chairman, AREA 7 RTI), CR.Minal Shroff (Chairperson, AREA 7 LC), TR.Subbu Sundaresan (Vice Chairman, AREA 7 RTI), TR. Amol Sancheti (AST, AREA 7 RTI), Tablers, 41rs, HTs, Circlers & Twinklers in the school premises.

There was a small program arranged by the students, later the students were given stationary kits, tea, and snacks were distributed to all present.

With Best Regards,
LMF Tr.Ketan Kumar
Project Convenor – SMART 175
41rs Co-Ordinator – Area 7, RTI

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