Toilet Block constructed by Nellore RT 259 @ BVSMC Girls High School, Nellore

Nellore Round Table 259 -Girls Toilet Block

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

NRT 259 under the chairmanship of their charter chairman Tr Vivek Konda decided together to build a toilet block at BVSMC Girls High School, Nawabpet, Nellore. The existing toilet block was in shambles, so the tablers of NRT 259 decided that building a new toilet block in their charter year would be good beginning to projects in RTI.

We had approached the headmistress and she readily agreed to co-operate and got us all the clearances to start the project.

We submitted our proposal for a cost of Rs.1,75,000/- for the 2 classrooms.  The project grant was given from RTIF for Rs.75,000/- and Rs.50,000 from the RTIT FTE Assist Swacch Bharat.

The table had a major donor to support this project, Mr Gunturu Nagamani. Our hearfelt thanks to him for coming forward and supporting the project

The project was handled by project convener Tr Sudhakar Reddy.

The building was completed in 2 months and inaugurated on 27/06/16 in the presence of Past Area Chairman,Tr Inder Singh, Past Area Chairperson Cr Sophie Khandelwal and Past APC Tr Apoorva Modi, Tr Kishore Reddy Aka DOC of RT 123. It was well attended by tablers and circlers of NRT 259.


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