Surat RT 135 go on a Jungle Adventure

“Jungle me Mangal”


On the 31st December morning 5:30 am, Surat LC 72 and Surat RT 135,Tablers, Circlers and twinklers, along with past circlers and 41’ers gathered  at a common meeting point to board the bus for a surprise venue.

The fellowship started that very moment. We all enjoyed masala chai. Everyone was so enthusiastic. It was dark and the roads were silent, but our group was enthusiastic to witness never ending fun.

The bus started and everyone began chit chatting and sharing plethora  of dry snacks. From mysore pak to patra to thepla..the list is unending.

We stopped for breakfast and continued the journey after that. It was Antakshari time…Boys vs Girls and it was a beautiful musical journey where time just flew.


We had finally arrived at NATVENTURE  camp site in d middle of a jungle kind of a place. As we arrived, the place had a very fresh and positive vibe. Greenery all around, and no mobile signals!!

We enjoyed simple yet super delicious and healthy lunch together. It was now time to head to the rooms.


As we proceeded towards the rooms we found that all the girls had to stay in a common room together and all the guys had a similar arrangement.

The room was huge and we had numerous bunker beds.

Everyone immediately remembered their hostel life and school trips. Childhood visited everyone’s thoughts.


We all got fresh and there were various physical activities waiting for us. We were divided in teams and the activities included …crossing the Burma bridge and Flying Fox.

Each and every person participated very actively in all the activities with full team spirit. Then we did the hurdle crossing together and accomplished each task successfully.

It was evening and everyone refreshed themselves with tea, coffee and snacks.


It was the last evening of 2016. And everyone got ready to rock and roll.We enjoyed watching the THABA dance performed by the local people .

Then the DJ took over and we all danced around the bon fire till the clock struck 12. It was midnight and under a star studded sky we hugged each other and wished for the new year to bring along loads of love and happiness.

Everyone enjoyed dinner and it was time to bond and chit chat after the party was over.

MORNING !!! ….Another lovely day awaits you…

It was 7:30 am in the morning and everyone was spotted enjoying the morning tea in their pyjamas.

After we had breakfast we were again divided in teams and we did the treasure hunt challenge.

It was a fantastic game with people hunting for clues,running around in the entire area from left to right.


Another unforgettable activity was making a raft with bamboo sticks and tube tyres and and tying it all  together with jute ropes and carrying it all the way to the river , on shoulders and sailing it in the river.

The amount of fun we had while making the boat and then sailing it,cannot be measured. The children and adults,everyone had fun swimming in the river and sailing.

Now it was time for some amazing rain dance with the music playing loud.

After that we all had a bath and enjoyed super yummy lunch.


It was now time to pack up and gather for tea. Soon after the tea break,we sat in the bus to head back home.

The fun didn’t end here!!

We played housie and chit chatted all the way. The bus was full of noise and laughter. In spite of doing so many activities, nobody was tired.

We then stopped at the highway for dinner and headed home laughing, eating, singing and making merry…taking back loads of good moments and the memory of a new year,we will remember our entire life!!!

LMF Tr.Deepak Kherajani
SRT-135, Chairman 2016-17 (Be Smart To Win)

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