Coimbatore City RT 31 reconstruct a damaged roof at Govt. School , Kanuvai

SARIS Grant project at Panchayat Union Primary School, Kempanaickenpalayam – Executed by CCRT #31 & CCLC #16

We, Coimbatore City Round Table – # 31 and Coimbatore City Ladies Circle #16 have jointly completed the ROOF RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT at Government School, Kanuvai, Coimbatore District. The project involves complete reconstruction of a damaged roof in the school with a . The Project was inaugurated on 08.09.2015. The Project was funded by

  1. Round Table India Foundation,
  2. Round Table India Trust – FTE Assist Program
  3. Coimbatore City Ladies Circle #16
  4. Coimbatore City Round Table #31
  5. RK Photo Centre
  6. Premier Mills Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore

The project was inaugurated by SHRI K. MARUTHACHALAM, Chairman, RK Photo Centre. The School, GOVERNMENT SCHOOL KANUVAI, is setup especially for the children from the neighboring villages. In any year they have a total of approximately 100 to 150 students.

Tablers Shankar, Sathish, Manoj, and Senthil, and Circlers Gayathiri, Shakthi, and Brindha were present during the inauguration.

With Best Regards,
Balakumar Krishnamurthi
Coimbatore City Round Table – 31

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